Eighth Wonder / Fearless 2LP red vinyl

Limited, numbered edition • red vinyl • bonus remixes on second LP

British pop band Eighth Wonder‘s brief time in the spotlight is remembered with a deluxe coloured vinyl edition of their 1988 album Fearless.

Patsy Kensit fronted the band that enjoyed early success in Italy and Japan and then across Europe with the single I’m Not Scared, which was written by the Pet Shop Boys and produced by the duo with Phil Harding.

This double vinyl package from Demon Records is a limited, numbered set and is presented in gatefold packaging on heavyweight red vinyl. The second LP features bonus remixes, including the disco mix of I’m Not Scared.

This Fearless 2LP red vinyl set will be released on 29 June 2018.


Side A
A1: Cross My Heart
A2: When The Phone Stops Ringing
A3: Baby Baby
A4: Will You Remember
A5: Wild Love

Side B
B1: I’m Not Scared
B2: Use Me
B3: Anything At All
B4: My Baby’s Hearthbeat
B5: The Dress

Bonus LP

Side C
C1: I’m Not Scared (Disco Mix)
C2: Baby Baby (Dance Mix)
C3: Will You Remember (Extended Mix)
C4: Having It All (Extended Remix)

Side D
D1: Cross My Heart (Dance Mix)
D2: Use Me (Remix)
D3: When The Phone Stops Ringing (Extended Remix)
D4: Stay With Me (Extended)

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steven pickup

OH NOEZ!! This edition seems to be missing the ‘Take these dogs aways from me’ mix! DRAT!


Cross my heart was first released by Tracie Spencer, then Eighth Wonder & Martika.

Rich P

Will appeal to PSB fans due to I’m not scared, but other than that I don’t see the point. I wonder how many are being produced?


It is the only reason I bought the 12″ when it came out back in the 80s. Never got round to buying this as the other singles did not really appeal to me!


As someone who (confession time) bought the cassette at the time of the original release I too have to admit I thought the remainder of the album was pretty disappointing / insipid in comparison to the lead single.

I don’t want to get into one of those “why is this forgettable piece of pop history getting this treatment when bands X, Y and Z that *I* rate much more highly are still languishing in obscurity” arguments, but I’d be interested to know the rationale behind this release…

Fernando Grund Guzmán

I had this album on vinyl. I heard only the singles the rest is bored and bad songs.
Cross my heart were written for Martika but someone else clever of Sony decided that this group made a cover of it.

David Carter

Massive PSB fan and although I only actually know Im Not Scared (which is a great track) I have pre ordered


Love this album. Pure lightweight, frothy pop that admittedly sounds a bit dated now but it’s deliciously fun and flirtatious all the same. Odd that they’ve left off J’ai Pas Peur – the French version of I’m Not Scared – but it’s nice to have the 12″ mixes in one place.


Weird release. The Pet Shop Boys song “I’m Not scared” is excellent but the rest is mediocre or plain bad. I bought the Remix Anthology issued on Cherry Pop. I like 80’s pop remixes so I figured how bad could it be. It was really bad. The songs are just not good. There are no hooks whatsoever, except for the aforementioned “I’m Not scared”. Anyway, any release is a good release so I’m sure this album will find its buyers.

Paul Spurgeon

As a massive PSB fan I’ve pre-ordered.
Price is now £24.50 which is respectable.


Long overdue. Said nobody ever. Its not a bad album in itself but doesnt need this.


Thank you I love EIGHTH WONDER! I had the original vinyl but lost it.