Elmer Bernstein / Ghostbusters: original score 2LP coloured vinyl

Newly remixed • Unreleased tracks • Coloured 2LP vinyl and CD

Sony Music Classical are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Ivan Reitman 1984 blockbuster film Ghostbusters by issuing a new 2LP coloured vinyl edition of Elmer Bernstein’s original score with new artwork and unheard audio.

The collection features music from the film, newly mixed and remastered from the score’s original multi-tracks, as well as new artwork, commentary from Elmer Bernstein’s son, Peter, and four previously unreleased tracks.

Of the 35th anniversary edition, Peter Bernstein says, “As one of the original orchestrators on Ghostbusters, it has been very satisfying and also very moving to work on this soundtrack release 35 years down the road. It is a great movie with great music and we had a whole lot of fun creating it. I am very pleased to see it released in its original form.

Oscar winning Elmer Bernstein was a giant in the world of film music composing over 150 soundtracks to many iconic movies such as The Man With The Golden Arm, The Magnificent Seven, To Kill A Mockingbird and The Great Escape.

This new version of the score does feature Ray Parker Jnr’s pop hit ‘Ghostbusters’, as well as four previously unreleased tracks/cues. The double vinyl is pressed on a clear/green vinyl and will also be available on CD. These should sound tremendous given they have been freshly remixed from the multi-tracks.

This expanded and remixed original motion picture score of Ghostbusters will be released on 19 July 2019. Once acquired, this vinyl should be filed next to 2014’s ‘Stay Puft’ white 12-inch and the RSD glow-in-the-dark single from the same year!

Side 1
1. Ghostbusters Theme
2. Library
3. Venkman
4. Hello
5. The Best One in Your Row
6. Get Her!
7. Plan
8. Dana’s Theme

Side 2
1. Fridge and Sign
2. Attack
3. Client
4. Dana’s Apartment
5. Same Problem
6. We Got One
7. Zuul Part 1
8. Meeting 1
9. I Respect You
10. Who Brought the Dog

Side 3
1. Zuul Part 2
2. Steel Drum
3. Cross Rip
4. News
5. Judgment Day
6. Mistake
7. Halls
8. Ballroom
9. Trap
10. Meeting 2

Side 4
1. Earthquake
2. Stairwell
3. Gozer
4. Let’s Go
5. We’re Going to Save the World
6. Mr. Stay Puft
7. Final Battle
8. Finish
9. Zuul (Album Version)

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I received the CD and it does not feature Ray Parker Jnr’s ‘Ghostbusters’. Tracks 20, 24, 25 (Introduction) and 34 are indeed previously unreleased but some tracks from the 2006
Varèse Sarabande release are missing.
As you can read here, there are other things to complain about this new version : https://www.discogs.com/Elmer-Bernstein-Ghostbusters-Original-Motion-Picture-Score/release/13731333

Neil Kelly

No mixes of RPJ’s hit?

James Barker

I got the original CD score a few years back on a very limited print. It is an amazing piece of work! Pre-ordered the remastered new version straight away on CD again, can’t wait to hear it all over again! Keep Bustin’


I stopped reading after “does feature Ray Parker Jnr’s pop hit ‘Ghostbusters’” and started ordering. ;)


Has anyone noticed how 35 is suddenly an acceptable anniversary for everything? When in the past did anyone mark 35 years? It’s just the latest marketing ploy to continually re-dress old meat every 5 calendar years.

Wayne Klein

That’s because most of the fans are still alive ;)


They should’ve made it slime colored. Missed opportunity.

Charlie Waffles


Is the same tracks appearing on one single cd?

Also, do not forget Huey discussed the lawsuit on Behind the Music and Parker did very well, too.

Some settlements cannot be discussed.

Jim Ellison

Not big fan of soundtracks in general, but at £20 for double, it’s a bargain


…and once acquired file it next to Huey Lewis’ I Want A New Drug. Sorry, I’m just feeling ratty……

Sid Ceaser

One of my favorite scores and so happy that it’s coming into regular availability!

Just pre-ordered the cd and the vinyl. Loooooooove this.


Looks nice, and a reasonable price for once.



Andrew Robinson

There is no Kewl any more, there is only Zuul.

Sid Ceaser

Comment of the thread. Bravo.