ELO / Out of the Blue 40th anniversary

Just dropped to £21 on Amazon UK!

Sony will release a 40th anniversary double picture disc vinyl edition of ELO‘s Out Of The Blue album in September.

This isn’t something you’ll be buying for audio fidelity, but Shusei Nagaoka’s iconic design work will be highlighted across the four sides of vinyl. This features the same 17 tracks as the standard album.

Out Of The Blue will be reissued on 29 September 2017.

Side 1
1. Turn to Stone
2. It’s Over
3. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
4. Across the Border

Side 2
1. Night in the City
2. Starlight
3. Jungle
4. Believe Me Now
5. Steppin’ Out

Side 3
1. Standin’ in the Rain
2. Big Wheels
3. Summer and Lightning
4. Mr. Blue Sky

Side 4
1. Sweet Is the Night
2. The Whale
3. Birmingham Blues
4. Wild West Hero

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Mine was also ripped and indeed it is a very poorly packaged record so am also sending back. From what I read on reviews elsewhere, most of the covers are split!

Chris Squires

My beautiful Pic Disc arrived on Friday and was promptly sent back to Amazon. A large flat box arrived, with some of amazon’s thick padding paper and the pic disc just slung inside, no outer mailing cover whatsoever, no protection, nothing. Such that the top seams of the plastic cover were both split completely so the sleeves open on two sides top and side.

They offered a refund or a return so I opted for the return for even as a piece of wall-art to never be played £18.70 was a steal. You would struggle to find such an iconic (part of your childhood) set of pictures in any shop (even when Athena was sill going) for under £20 and it is two pictures, not just one.
Beautiful, just a shame that Amazon messed it up with sub-standard packaging.

Rob Caiger

Out of the Blue is released worldwide this Friday (24th November. America was going to be delayed but its now back on track…

Chris Squires

Has been re-scheduled for the 24th November.

The beautiful thing is that the pre-order, when Paul first notified us, has me down at £18.70 but it is now £26.99

£8 saved. Ta. I would be surprised if anyone is buying this to listen to. It is beautiful art, pure and simple. I could barely buy such a beautiful picture for my wall for less so either way it is a winner.


Has this been delayed ? Amazon showing as still not released and no date of when it will be



I think the reissue is not a 180gr version. For me its more a thing for “looking good” but i am not sure that the vinyl sounds good. …….I cant believe that Legacy forgive such a chance.

I can’t wait to get this picture disc. And I’m sure I will be happy holding it in my hands. With or without gatefold sleeve. By the way, most picture discs I know have been released in a clear sleeve, with or without sticker on the sleeve.
And maybe… maybe more picture discs will follow.


I think I broke my fingers removing my wallet at such a speed… take my money now I scream…. I cannot wait! Straight into a frame….

Ziv Barber

Just bought this LP, original UK pressing, from 2nd hand store. 1 euro near mint.
I don’t see why to buy the new releases.


Most people who will buy this will already have this so will not have to play it its a “collectors edition” the first time on picture disc yes some people say what a waste of money but to me it’s a piece of art as well as a brilliant album and for what 20 quid. Bring them all out on picture disc if they’re done well I will buy them

adam shaw

I cancelled my order with Jeffs site and reordered with Amazon n got his last cd for about £3 , bargin !

Matthew Collier

I *almost* thought about buying this. The “almost” is because I don’t have a record deck (and have no plans to get one), so would be for “the art” and display purposes only. That’s a little sad, isn’t it? ;)

I too saw the 40th edition announcement and sped on over here to be disappointed that there was no Hi-Res multichannel remix on BluRay being announced… :(

To those referencing the recent Marillion Misplaced Childhood, the new version in 5.1 is fantastic and really adds to the experience of this classic album. You will love it when your copy arrives, I’m sure! :)

Dave Van Musicmaster

Good price £21 on Amazon UK … I was thinking if it’s over £25 I’d pass on it, but just placed a pre-order now :D

I already have the original black and blue vinyl copies from 1977 – posters intact too :D

One of my favourite all time albums – brings back memories of great times

As with all ELO stuff, the quality of the music stands out

David Regan

Ordered my copy..it £27 pound on Jeff Lynne’s site £27.20 that with P+P…and while I was on Amazon UK got the Legacy CD with bonus tracks for £5.99 with prime and Jeff Lynne’s ELO new album For £3.30 on CD now that was a bargain.


This was my first album when I was 11 years old. I had heard Sweet Talkin’ Woman and Turn to Stone prior, both absolute classics, and the artwork was so cool that I had to buy it. I remember being quite amazed holding it in my hands and listening to the album in rudimentary headphones plugged into a portable record player. Concerto for a Rainy Day was such an experience and still is. Next I got Ole ELO and then got a few proper albums a few years later when I got a little older.

Lynne does not want anything to do with the guys who went on with ELO Part 2. That’s why he only has contact with Richard Tandy from what I’ve seen over the years. That explains the re-recordings more than it explains why we haven’t gotten 5.1.

John Moore

It does look lovely although I will skip on it – would prefer to buy a deluxe edition if that ever happens- would be great to get everyone’s opinion on what they think the best picture discs were released? Would be both fun and interesting to see what everyone is thinking?


I agree, Paul Kent, with today’s pop kids discovering music from the past. I realise it’s no real relevance to the discussion thread here, but I get frustrated at those that were around in a band’s lifetime to deem them unfashionable because they were seen as no longer trendy to like them then suddenly proclaim they have always loved them because it’s now seen to be cool to do so. Anyway…….I will buy any new product from ELO and would also love a high quality version of the album. Now, anyone for Smokie ?!


Ordered at that price on Amazon uk as delivery is free too. Had been going to buy this on vinyl for a while now


I too would love to get 5.1 mixes for just about all of ELO’s catalog titles, but it’s my personal belief that Mr. Lynne will never agree to this. He has been on such a campaign over the past few years to replace original versions with newly recorded versions (as used in commercials and films) that I believe he would only allow multi-channel versions if they were re-recordings. Whether he’s doing this because of prior royalty contracts or just to make more money from new editions than he would from originals, I don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Mr. Lynne simply isn’t interested in revisiting his past work unless he re-records them.

Rob Caiger

No, not all. Jeff’s re-recordings were for a specific purpose and fitted nicely on one album. There’s no interest in re-recording past albums. Any new arrangements / performances of the older songs will be live, in concert. And there’s enough dates coming up to play with…

elliott buckingham

at that price be rude not to order it.

Chris Squires

It seems like many here, this was the first album I owned, bought by my sister for my 12th birthday. So this is a shoo-in for my display shelf.

Agree with many others. If you look at what has been done for Jethro Tull… I think that would be the “Out of the Blueprint” for ELO’s back catalogue. That, or I also like the Queen idea with multiple coloured vinyl. But I think the Tull just shades it.

Although Jeff still has a great voice, and puts other similarly aged superstars to shame, I don’t like the re-recordings that have been made and don’t want that path to be taken for any re-issue program.

Get the originals, dig out all of the demos, edits, the era-correct live / Radio performances, b-sides (not that there are many true b-sides) and turn each and every album into a 3 CD + DVD bookset.

My only worry is that there isn’t enough studio material (i.e. non-live) to make up a multi disc edition.

Rob Caiger

You’re right, there isn’t enough studio material – for the previous anniversary edition on CD, I did compile a 2-CD set but felt it just needed more previously unheard tracks. But out of that exercise came Latitude 88 North, The Quick and the Daft, and the bonus tracks on A New World Record. I was very proud of finding those… The multitracks are “lost” in a way, but never say never… I didn’t think on the 40th anniversary of Out of the Blue I’d see Jeff touring (and enjoying playing live), selling out arenas and releasing a great live album and DVD – and already, some of the 2018 dates are sold out and the rest aren’t far behind… So you never know… there is an on-going catalogue vinyl project in the works, scheduled for 2018. More on that when its ready…


At the momment 30 07 time 12 34 £20.98 amazon uk


I’m just glad to see ELO being appreciated after all this time, having to seemingly rot in the wilderness for thirty years. I held my head high throughout the eighties, nineties and noughties and continue to proclaim them as one of the finest bands from the seventies onwards. It’s now fashionable to like ELO again. So many sheep out there ! I would like a box set along the lines of the Queen Studio Collection and then to perfect this, similar treatment for Supertramp, Barclay James Harvest and the Alan Parsons Project. Excluding Queen, all of these bands have been lost in the system yet in HMV last week, a whole run of one wall featured all of these artists with their back catalogue prominently displayed for the music fans who now have decided that it must be fashionable to listen to these bands once again. I hate to rant, but it does annoy me. Why can’t these music fans stick to their radical choices like Coldplay, Adele and Oasis !!

Paul Kent

Because, Jpa, if we all simply stuck with our “radical choices” sites like SDE would not exist. The mainstream music market is totally and utterly moribund. I used to listen to Tommy Vance do the Top 40 every Sunday and hear a veritable cornucopia of genres. Now it’s just one long, incestuous circle jerk of the same artists “featuring” on each other’s identikit cloud fodder. So, if someone hears Adele singing “Lovesong” and decides to check out The Cure, that’s a good thing, surely?

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool ELO fan. My first single was “Turn To Stone” when I was six years old, my first album “Discovery” when I was eight. I’ve watched them turn from cool to guilty pleasure and back to, now, seemingly cool again. I remained a faithful and loyal apologist, alongside the likes of Grandaddy, James Dean Bradfield, Mark E Smith and Daft Punk. I never wavered. So, if HMV dedicate a wall to the likes of ELO, BJH, APP and Supertramp, shouldn’t we celebrate it? Taking music as my lifestyle choice (and, let’s face it, it IS such for every SDE reader) all stemmed from my love of ELO and all subsequent branches grew from that seed. Let’s be overjoyed that today’s pop kids may be about to follow in our wake!


Regarding surround mixes, it’s obviously far more likely that Jeff Lynne would do a 5.1 mix of the Mr. Blue Sky ‘re-records’ album as the multi-tracks/stems presumably exist as it was only done in 2012.


Looks like a really cheap and tacky cash grab. I can’t understand why people Gert excited for thin nonsense. And the great original art looks rubbish when cropped to a circle, I don’t know why they do that its a stupid idea.


Now £20.98 on Amazon UK!

Ian M

No longer available at Amazon UK

Derek Langsford

Totally agree with Matthew. My Misplaced Childhood should arrive any day.

I have to assume that labels make more money on vinyl than on making Blu-ray discs or deluxe versions? I heard that the 96/24 and 192/24 versions of the ELO albums one can download from various sites is sadly compressed/brickwalled compared to the CDs and vinyl. Out of the Blue would be the choice to test the demand for deluxe ELO albums. As far as I am concerned, no new hi-res no deal.

Cory Eling

Agreed, the latest digital DL Hi-Rez is indeed compressed, sad.
As for 5.1 unless they find the multi-tracks, it’s not going to happen. They went missing some time ago.

Derek Langsford

That is disappointing to hear. I always wondered why itdidn’t get the 5.1 treatment on SACD during SACD’s heyday as they were on the Sony Label then, the joint inventors of the DSD process.. Done right, a 5.1 mix could have been an experience to behold. Hard to believe the multi-tracks of such a successful album could go missing.


I utterly love this album. I actually the 70’s blue vinyl LP of this. Picture discs are a pet fancy of mine, so this is screaming “buy me” to me. but…
I DESPISE picture discs in these thick plastic sleeves. It’s nearly impossible to get them in and out of the plastic. The discs have NO protection, and the corners inevitably end up curling up. They’re FAR better packaged in the cardboard die-cut covers with the thin clear plastic inner sleeves.
That said, I’m thinking about it… ;-)

Matt Piper

Agree with everyone regarding a desirable 5.1 mix (an ‘Out of the Blu-ray’, anyone?) and how wonderful that could be. The Wembley concert is the closest I think we’ve come so far.

Perhaps via SDE (more work for Mr Sinclair… sorry) we could have a more direct dialogue with Record companies about surround mixes or has this been done already? Would they consider commissioning a new mix if enough of us pledged/paid in advance? What about an archival label just for surround sound which could license the rights for limited runs?

Wishful thinking, I know, but there’s a lot of us about… Surround/hi res has really changed the way I listen to and collect my music.

Mark stuart

If it did get some sort of fancy 40th re-release on CD,I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynne re-recorded it,like that best of a few years back.

alan hansen

if you’re gonna do a pic-disc collectible, do it right, like this! now, if only this energy had been spent on the originally planned 2LP set for “Secret Messages” (and 1 or 2cd set of the same).

Stevie B

Yep, saw the headline- got excited, read the details – felt very disappointed. De Luxe versions of both this and A New World Record are long overdue.

Ken Croteau

What a waste of resources. A 5.1 or 180g colored vinyl would be much better options.


I am disappointed that there is not a deluxe version of this album on CD to celebrate this 40th anniversary. This would have been the perfect moment for such release. I agree with Mathew Lauren’s post, that this would be the perfect album for a 5.1 version on Blue Ray.

I Probably have to wait for such a release when this album celebrates its “50th anniversary” !


An item more appropriate to be displayed on a wall than to be actually played. Pity you need a glass wall to show both sides at once!


You just need two sets.


“An item more appropriate to be displayed on a wall than to be actually played. Pity you need a glass wall to show both sides at once!”

“You just need two sets.”

Money says that is very much a point recognized, targeted and banked upon in the marketing meetings on an item like this.

CJ Feeney

for collectors and fans who love to hold the music in their hands,…. but never play it.

It looks lovely, and I love the album dearly , but this is an expensive luxury that I won’t be buying.

Auntie Sabrina

Fantastic price for one of the iconic 70s albums.

Mathew Lauren

Attn: Jeff Lynne
Re: All ELO studio recordings

This studio album amongst the many by ELO are absolute candidates for IMMERSIVE, discrete surround-sound treatment. 6,7 or 8 channel, 7.1 surround via Blu-ray Disc (now) with main vox out of the center channel: “yeah.” “Absolutely!” I logged on just now and saw “ELO 40th…” and I took a breath thinking: “finally!” But alas a pic vinyl disc, only! C’mon Jeff. C’mon Sony. Whatever it takes, please remember the 5.1 audiophile fan. There is a market for surround-sound, studio-rock, music releases / re-releases. Paul Sinclair and this website prove it by turning many onto releases / re-releases in surround all the time! The recent re-release of 1985’s “Misplaced Childhood” by Marillion via 5.1 bluray is a recent example. I revisited this release in surround after 30+ years as I’d forgotten about Marillion despite their vids getting decent exposure in ’85-’86 on MTV. The “Misplcd Chldhd” 5.1 bookset re-release has been a bigger seller than expected as I didn’t receive my copy on the drop date due to overwhelming demand. By the way, it’s amazing in surround. Had it not been for Paul and SDE, I’d still be unaware of THIS offering. I found out about it via SDE.com as there was little if any marketing / advertising anywhere else! SDE.com is an invaluable tool to reach audiophiles esp. surround-sound fanatics / afficionados such as myself. Bottom line: Jeff, Sony et al given the sales of the few recent 5.1 offerings (Tull, Beatles, Marillion & Steven Wilson pre-orders) there IS a market (financial incentive) to remix these classics into a discrete, surround (physical) format especially when the material is handled with reverence and re-mixed into surround “sympathetically” (to quote our favorite maestro).

Heinz Gerd



Yep. If they did a led zep style super deluxe with the audio associated from the release (inc live tracks) on vinyl (with the goodies that came with the original), CD… and a surround version. Throw in a book too.

This picture disc looks great but if you are really into vinyl it’s never going to be a reference disc, let alone played.


Couldn’t agree more! This album screams out for a 5.1 mix, as does all of ELO’s catalog. Plus, Steven Wilson has stated that it would be a dream come true for him to be able to mix this album into 5.1. So Jeff, turn the tapes over to Steven! You won’t be disappointed.


A dream come true for me too if it happens. I have been thinking about this one whenever another title gets the 5.1 treatment.

Fernando B

Absolutely agree with you Mathew. 5.1 enhances specially the work of heavily produced recordings such as ELO. The improvement in productions from Beatles, Toto, Beck, Elton John, are amazing. I’m also a big fan of ELO, someone generated a bootleg 5.1 DTS version of El Dorado and even though you know it’s a trick, it allows to enjoy better the orchestra, the harmonies, Mr. Bevan’s beat, etc. It’s great. I’m saving for the 5.1 version of Sgt. Pepper, APP – Eye in the Sky, Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage, and many other comping up. Now that the tour has given so much $$ is time to invest on real Deluxe 5.1 sets. Regards from Mexico!


I think it’s time to turn ELO albums into deluxe editions (Secret Messages remain single CD still and there’s lots of missing material from the others also) instead of releasing vinyl !!!

adam shaw

Ordered from the Legacy web site £27
Looks so good , had to have it . Do people really play these?


Why buy vinyl just to look at? What a waste of money.


Yep, I agree.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

looks really great!
but i would be happier with “deluxe editions” of “discovery” / “time” /
“secret messages” ( incl. “beatles forever” )
the bonus 3 ( !! ) tracks with a total running time of 4 minutes and 33 seconds ( !! )
on the 2001 re-release of “discovery” were a very bad joke.


Same with the reissue of my all-time favourite TIME. Only 3 tracks? I’d love it to get the proper deluxe treatment…

Joey d'Entremont

This is my favorite album of all time and also this is the first time ever for Out Of The Blue to be issued as a picture disc. I already have my order in but I am somewhat disappointed that this reissue, like the Legacy clear vinyl issue from last year, apparently does not include the pop-up spaceship that came with the original album, nor the poster or sticker for that matter. It seems to me that a reissue of a classic album on vinyl should at least include everything the original album had, if not more. Most people buying this are doing so for it’s collectability and not to actually play it. I already have 5 copies of Out Of The Blue, 2 on CD and 3 on vinyl, but this 40th anniversary edition is a must-have!


Doesn’t look like it has the cover at all! Just the disks in clear plastic sleeves. Also one of my favorite albums, the first album I fell in love with, and one I still adore. What, Joey, you don’t have it on cassette too? Lightweight. It STILL doesn’t feel right to me without “The Whale” at the end of the first side.

Yes, like many other the other people here, I’m gasping for a deluxe edition on CD/5.1. Also, Jeff, just to be controversial, let’s have an Out Of The Blue Naked version with all Tandy’s voicebox work stripped out. Just a thought.


Bit of a cash in novelty but hose discs do shout ‘buy me now…’


Packaging looks a bit sparse, but those discs… drooling already :-)