Elton John / Songs From The West Coast available on 2LP vinyl separately

Elton John announced a partnership with Burberry last October and an expensive vinyl box was duly issued, sold exclusively in-store and online by the luxury brand.

The one real ‘carrot’ for fans – who otherwise rolled their eyes at the £225 box set, which was “flecked with gold glitter” – was the inclusion of a two-LP vinyl edition of John’s 2001 album Songs From The West CoastThe reason was simple, it was the only place to find this album on vinyl, until now…

Next month Universal will issue the album as an individual offering and thus Elton John fans will now be able to pick this up for around a tenth of the price of the box set.

The album was produced by Patrick Leonard (who at that point had already worked with Madonna, Bryan Ferry and Roger Waters, to name a few) and was generally well-received by critics, regarding it as a welcome return to the singer-songwriter’s ‘classic’ sound.

The first single, I Want Love, benefitted from a fabulous video starring Robert Downey Jnr (who was on the cusp of rebooting his career) and the promo (directed by Sam Taylor-Wood) undoubtedly helped the song hit the top ten hit in the UK and Canada although Elton would have been disappointed with its performance in the US, where it stalled outside the Billboard Hot 100.

Songs From The West Coast will be issued on double vinyl on 14 April 2017.

  1. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  2. Dark Diamond
  3. Look Ma, No Hands
  4. American Triangle
  5. Original Sin
  6. Birds
  7. I Want Love
  8. The Wasteland
  9. Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes
  10. Love Her Like Me
  11. Mansfield
  12. This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore

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Thanks for the video. I had never seen this but the song & film are very good


I noticed today listed on Amazon.ca a bunch of EJ vinyl reissues: Madman Across the Water, Captain Fantastic, Elton John. April 28th release date. So perhaps this is a trend. Don’t know much about them (remasters, etc).

Mic Smith

The latest uncut music guide is on Genesis which indicates to me that someone like Elton may soon get the same treatment. The problem the editors of Uncut have is a lot of legacy artists didn’t give interviews to NME or MM for most of the 80s so they have no material to reprint. Plus the contemporary reviews of albums from that decade were on the whole uncomplimentary. That makes uneasy reading in a magazine hailed as a tribute. Still I would definitely get an EJ special music guide just to see a career wide retrospective of his albums.

O(+> Peter B

When promoting this album in an interview on Australian television (I think it was on Rove, but I’m not 100% sure) he said that this album was influenced by the Heartbreaker album by Ryan Adams.


I never was a fan of Elton John, all that pomp, I thought it was ridiculous. The music wasn`t too bad but never became a presence in my collection. Then I was dragged to a concert while on holiday somewhere in Spain and the guy wasn`t too bad no daft costumes just a great rendition of his music. I`d read around that time that `Songs From The West Coast` was a good album and I`d heard a couple of tracks which I thought were quite good not knowing E.T. was singing the bloody things. So `SFTWC` was the first E.T. album I bought. I now also have the `Classic` albums plus the albums following `SFTWC` apart from the latest, `Wonderful Crazy Night`, I don`t like the cover! I actually prefer `Songs From The West Coast` through to `The Diving Board`, I think these albums stand up to any run of four albums in E.J.`s discography, however I`m no expert and will defer to the other guys (& guyesses) posting here. The vinyl copy of `SFTWC`? Nope, I`ll give it a miss unless it reduces greatly in price like `The Diving Board` box set which I got for £22!

fratton lad, I think you`ll find that Jethro Tull & XTC have had a number of their albums remastered by the present day musical genius Steven Wilson. Elvis Costello has had a number of his albums remastered and I think some of those albums have had more than one S.E. release. Haven`t Rush and Deep Purple also had a remaster of their discography? Didn`t the Isley Brothers have masssive 23 CD Box Set issued after being remastered (£45ish on Amazon Italy at the present time)? I can highly recommend this box set. The one name that stands out who I don`t think has had his the S.E. treatment is Stevie Wonder now that is a discography that deserves to be featured at this place in a News Feature!


I meant E.J. above not E.T., although at one time the fella seemed to have extra-terrestrial origins!

Paul W

Frattonlad was actually referring to the Uncut Ultimate Music Guides, although there has already been an Elvis Costello one. I am patiently waiting for them to do Elton John, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Joy Divison/New Order, Beastie Boys and, in my dreams, Stephen Duffy. The ‘remastered’ ones they are doing, particularly on artists that have released no new music since the previous guide, are very disappointing. They are twice as thick, but have the same amount of pages and they contain around 90% of the original issue, changing a few of the photos and maybe removing one or two pieces to put a ’30 best songs’ type artical in. That said, I really like the guides, although some of the song ratings are ridiculous. You’d think the editor would overrule a writer who awarded Crazy Love by Van Morrison 3 stars out of 5, for example, particularly as I think the Lennon guide saw some of the tracks from his unfinished music albums getting 3 stars.


Aha, that explains it, apologies to frattonlad for thinking he was mixed up, now where was I?

Simon F

It all depends on what fits inside Uncut’s extremely narrow (and getting more and more limited with each passing day imo) musical landscape. Waste of bloody money if you ask me.


I thought “Love Her Like Me” should have been a big hit.


Dig deep into your pockets all six albums from the Burberry box set being released in April already listed on Amazon USA at $22 £28 in UK £180 for the six a couple of middle of the road recordings included. I would be more of interested in the classic years 70’s releases: Elton John
Tumbleweed Connection, Madman Across the Water, Honky Chateau
Don’t Shoot Me I’m the Piano Player, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Caribou & Captain Fantastic & the Brown Dirt Cowboy that’s 8 titles at a cost of touching £300. The latest batch tweaked by Bob Ludwig so sound quality should be excellent but will they be as good as the original DJM UK pressings I wonder do I collect them once again? It’s expensive being a fan.

Stephen Corbett

Simple answer….no.I have a 1st pressing of Madman(autographed by EJ) and it sounds fabulous


Now that’s great news!

Roel Glas

Oh Elton!. I agree that the album was a return to form but there is so much back catalogue that deserves some special treatment. For example:
Continuation of the 2 cd deluxe editions – where is Madman Across The Water, Honky Chateau & Don’t Shoot Me? Continuation of the SACD series?
A new box set is long overdue – To be continued was excellent but it’s 17 years old!!!!
Speaking of vinyl – where is Elton John, Tumbleweed, Mad Man, Honky Chateau & Don’t Shoot Me. Would love to hear those Paul Buckmaster string arrangements again on vinyl


To be Continued – actually it’s 26 years old AFAIK!


Roel Glas – all of the albums from that Burberry set are released individually on 14th April, so that includes Elton John and Madman…

Paul W

My favourite album of his, and I say this as someone who owns them all. I agree with others above that there are many of his albums that would benefit from Special Editions, as there must be a goldmine of stuff sitting doing nothing. He’s one of those artists who doesn’t really seem to get the recognition he deserves. I am still waiting for Uncut to get round to doing one of their Ultimate Music Guides for him.


An Elton Uncut SE would be an excellent thing Paul W.

Instead of ‘remastered’ editions on the usual suspect (hello Stones, Dylan, Beatles) how about some new ones: Jethro Tull, Elvis Costello, New Order/Joy Division, XTC, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Iron Maiden, Madness, Deep Purple and in my own fantasy world: of Montreal, Pixies, Isley Brothers, Rush…

Jamie C

I don’t get why these albums are sooo expensive. I get the smallish quantities and the superior vinyl quality etc etc but the thick end of £30 for an album that’s made its money many times over is terrible, double or not. Surely if prices were lower they’d sell more….


As much as I enjoy this album I see no need for it in my collection on vinyl. But good on Elton for doing something. I’d love to have Tumbleweed Connection released as 2-tracks per side on 10″ vinyl, with the last side filled out with Sisters of the Cross and Into the Old Man’s Shoes.

Philip Cohen

Elton John’s lengthy career and huge audio & video archives have vast potential for archival activity, yet neither Elton nor Universal Music seems to care. Even for 1-CD expanded editions, one-third of Elton’s albums never received that treatment. The late producer/engineer Gus Dudgeon once said that he felt he would not be within his rights to expand or remaster those albums that he didn’t either produce or engineer….unless producers Chris Thomas or Clive Franks were to give their permission. Apparently, Dudgeon never sought their permission, then,sadly, Dudgeon and his wife were killed in a car crash.
Elton also has many music video clips and concert videos that have never appeared on DVD….but Elton doesn’t seem to care, so this material gathers dust in some tape vault. I’m not particularly fond of Elton’s voice as it is now, but I’d certainly buy archival product(from Elton’s prime) if it were to ever be released.

David Kelly

Yes we need Elton`s back catalogue exploring more thoroughly including a box set covering the Live In Australia 1986 tour, audio and video.


I really liked this EJ album / period. This Train… one of his best singles to my ears.

elliott buckingham

absolutely brilliant album and recorded fully analogue and it sounded amazing on cd looking forward to the vinyl

Ben Williams

Would love this but £28.70 is kinda pricey :-( but much cheaper than that £225 box!