Eluvium / Life Through Bombardment Vol 2 / signed vinyl box set


Lose yourself in the beautiful soundscapes of Eluvium (aka American ambient recording artist Matthew Cooper) with the studiously packaged second instalment of Life Through Bombardment, featuring almost all Eluvium recordings since volume one.

The first Life Through Bombardment came out in 2009, bringing together just about every Eluvium recording released up to that point in a stylish limited edition set. Volume Two coming soon via the Temporary Residence label continues the story with another super deluxe edition strictly limited to just 1,000 copies. The seven black vinyl records are packaged like pages in a large (14” x 12” x 1”) linen-bound hardcover book with gold embossed print along the spine and an affixed art print by longtime Eluvium collaborator Jeannie Lynn Paske. It’s the first time these recordings have been released on vinyl, and within the book each LP has it’s own sleeve with new original artwork by Paske and a die-cut hole at the back to view the record’s centre-label.

You’ll find a pocket mounted to the book’s inside front cover containing a library card that is numbered and personally signed and dated by Matthew Cooper, Jeannie Lynn Paske (artist), and Jeremy deVine (Temporary Residence). The back of the card also has a code for a digital download of all material on the records and more (see below). And like any self-respecting, well-thumbed old library book, there is a loose page that will fall out in the form of a fold-out poster.

So much for the geek chic presentation, the music on the vinyl runs the gamut from the 2010 album Similes (with an extra disc of B-sides and remixes) through to Static Nocturne (2010 – divided into two parts for the vinyl format) and Nightmare Ending (2013), plus the rare album Wisdom for Debris (2014) which was originally released in conjunction with artist Paske’s book of the same name).

Some rare tracks, including the fabulously entitled Adolescent Space Adventures Outside The Supermarket, Airtapebreathingheart, Neighboring In Telescopes and the previously unreleased Confessor, are presented on final disc Curious Things.

The only Eluvium recordings from post-Vol. 1 time period that are omitted from this set are previous vinyl-only releases Catalin (2014) and Pedals / Petals (2014), But don’t despair – apparently, these are included in the accompanying MP3 download, which also presents Static Nocturne in one continuous track as per the original CD.

Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 is released on 3 June.


Disc: 1
1. Leaves Eclipse The Night
2. The Motion Makes Me Last
3. In Culmination
4. Weird Creatures
5. Nightmare
6. Making Up Minds
7. Bending Dream
8. Cease To Know

Disc: 2
1. A Life In Tides Less Current
2. Crash Deconstructed
3. Remnant Signals
4. The Motion Makes Me Last (Four Tet Remix)
5. Leaves Eclipse The Night (Nick Zammuto Remix)

Disc: 3
1. Static Nocturne Pt. 1
2. Static Nocturne Pt. 2

Disc: 4
1. Don’t Get Any Closer
2. Warm
3. By The Rails
4. Unknown Variation
5. Caroling
6. Sleeper
7. Evenom Mettle

Disc: 5
1. Chime
2. Rain Gently
3. Impromptu (For The Procession)
4. Covered In Writing
5. Entendre
6. Strange Arrivals
7. Happiness

Disc: 6
1. Wisdom II
2. Wind Book
3. Return To Debris
4. Night Projections

Disc: 7
1. Ogives / Redistributed
2. Confessor
3. Adolescent Space Adventures Outside The Supermarket
4. Space Variations
5. Defibrillator
6. Airtapebreathingheart
7. Cognition Interlace
8. Neighboring In Telescopes

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Mark stack

If anyone is thinking of ordering limited edition vinyl or music from amazon then please don’t. I pre ordered my limited edition vinyl from amazon usa months ahead from release and they didn’t pre order it, didn’t let me know they hadn’t and then didn’t help me out, even though that item is for sale actually on amazon usa 3rd party seller.
It will cost me at least 75 uk pounds extra to order this item then I will have to get it delivered to the USA. I will lose from the refund through the exchange rate too!
Mark Stack

Mark stack

Is it worth buying? Is there any other places to purchase this item as Amazon usa didn’t bother to purchase this item for me, even though I pre ordered it. They didn’t bother to notify me.
Because of their bone idleless I now have to pay 3 times as much from amazon usa 3rd party seller! I will never trust Amazon to order any limited edition vinyl.
They did say they would put it on re stock and give me one day postage on it though!

How the hell is that going to help. Super deluxe recommend amazon but unfortunately I DON’T.
I rec


Not selling so well huh, Temp Res?

I bought it. If you like ambient/acoustic/piano/field this is top notch, and as someone said above, Temporary Residence boxsets are beautiful, everything high quality.

Bruce nicholson

Yes – there are plenty of CDs on amazon if anyone was interested from this snippet.


Do you think that perhaps people who have heard of Eluvium will appreciate this?

As for me, I’ve never heard of Eluvium either but am intrigued by the sound snippet. While I’m not good for the box at this price (clearly for longtime fans), I’ll definitely keep an eye out for more affordable material.

Simon F

Two hundred sovs for someone I’ve never heard of. I think not!

Bruce Nicholson

I already have this boxset – it came out on Temporary Residence a couple of months ago. It is a thing of real beauty – to look at and to listen to. At the moment it is $150 on the Temporary Residence website, but when you factor in the postage which is about £60 its still a tad bit cheaper than Amazon. Temporary Residence really know how to do boxsets – the William Basinki one of The Disintegration Loops [vinyl + CDs + dvd] is the most marvellous thing.

Mark stack

Is it possible to purchase this product from anywhere other than amazon. I pre ordered this item on amazon usa and they didn’t bother to order it. I highly recommend not using Amazon for any pre order limited edition merchandise.
Mark stack

SDE Hall of Fame

You’ve made the point re amazon three times now… but anyway here’s a link > https://store.temporaryresidence.com/collections/shop/eluvium

Mark stack

Thanks Paul, purchased and delivered from temporary residence without delay, and cheaper than amazon. 155 us dollers including postage. :-)