Elvis Costello & The Imposters return with a new album, ‘Look Now’

Elvis Costello & The Imposters (the latter being two-thirds of The Attractions: Steve Nieve, Pete Thomas and Davey Faragher on bass) have recorded a new album Look Now which will be released in October on Concord Music.

The album is Costello’s first since 2013’s Wise Up Ghost and the musician and songwriter had this to say about it: “I knew if we could make an album with the scope of ‘Imperial Bedroom’ and some of the beauty and emotion of ‘Painted From Memory’, we would really have something.

Painted From Memory is the sublime album Elvis Costello made with Burt Bacharach back in 1998 and two songs – Don’t Look Now and Photographs Can Lie – from the new album are co-written with the American songwriter (now 90), who also plays piano on both of those songs. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter boasts another notable collaborator – it was written with Carole King.

Look Now was co-produced by Elvis and Sebastian Krys and while the standard album is 12 tracks, deluxe 2CD and 2LP vinyl editions add four bonus songs.

There are seemingly endless bundles and variations – including very expensive signed items – direct from Costello’s official store (all shipped from USA only) but the main CD and vinyl editions are covered below.

Look Now will be issued on 12 October 2018

Compare prices and pre-order

Elvis Costello The Imposters

look now - 2CD deluxe


Compare prices and pre-order

Elvis Costello The Imposters

look now - 2LP vinyl deluxe


Compare prices and pre-order

Elvis Costello The Imposters

look now - standard CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Elvis Costello The Imposters

look now - standard vinyl LP


Look Now CD 

1. Under Lime
2. Don’t Look Now
3. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
4. Stripping Paper
5. Unwanted Number
6. I Let The Sun Go Down
7. Mr. & Mrs. Hush
8. Photographs Can Lie
9. Dishonor The Stars
10. Suspect My Tears
11. Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?
12. He’s Given Me Things

Deluxe 2CD adds these tracks:

Isabelle In Tears
Adieu Paris (L’Envie Des Étoiles)
The Final Mrs. Curtain
You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way

Look Now vinyl LP

Side A

  1. Under Lime
  2. Don’t Look Now
  3. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
  4. Stripping Paper
  5. Unwanted Number
  6. I Let The Sun Go Down

Side B

  1. Mr & Mrs. Hush
  2. Photographs Can Lie
  3. Dishonor The Stars
  4. Suspect My Tears
  5. Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?
  6. He’s Given Me Things

Deluxe 2LP vinyl

Side 1

1. Under Lime
2. Don’t Look Now
3. Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter
4. Stripping Paper

Side 2

1. Unwanted Number
2. I Let The Sun Go Down
3. Mr. & Mrs. Hush
4. Photographs Can Lie

Side 3

1. Dishonor The Stars
2. Suspect My Tears
3. Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?
4. He’s Given Me Things

Side 4

1. Isabelle In Tears
2. Adieu Paris (L’Envie Des Etoiles)
3. The Final Mrs. Curtain
4. You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way

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[…] no word of an album (Costello’s last was 2018’s excellent Look Now) although he does tell us via his website to “look out for the next instalment of this story […]


Thank you, Paul, for bringing this album back to my attention with today’s 7″ box deal! This record is absolutely awesome.


Great Album. Ugly cover. I bought the Japanese pressing which has the 4 Deluxe tracks on the same cd.

Wayne klein

Green the color of money(at least in the U.S.), EC is no different than other musicians trying to pad their accounts during s time when music sales are down. You’ve got to make money somehow particularly after a life changing illness.

I don’t hold this against EC myself (he protested one of his own boxed sets he didn’t “authorize” which I still find hard to believe—I think he was discouraging people from buying because there was a fairly big uproar at the time. EC is human after all).

I won’t buy any of the Super deluxe editions myself but I do agree with others who want a signed CD or LP(s) that a simpler selection would be preferred perhaps a priced mix and match bundle. This reminds me of the McCartney and Pink Floyd sets—lots of extra stuff that fans wouldn’t want (I’d rather have McCartney, for example, sign his deluxe boxed sets rather than get replicas of paper materials from his archive) or the marbles, etc.,that same with theFloyd sets, etc. I think more fans want the music, a nice book and signatures rather than all of the rest of the stuff that adds unnecessary padding and cost.

Seeking fan approval would be more helpful with these sets. The one question I didn’t get a straight answer to when I met EC some years back at Amoeba was what happened with the Spinning Songbook set. He just asked if I bought, when I said no, he responded good but did ask if I had purchased the other less expensive edition and what I thought of the performances. I did state that the mastering sucked but we didn’t revisit how that came to be. I’m sure someone at EC’s management came up with this. Perhaps it will be his last original recording given how poorly making new albums pays off.

Either way the cover reminded me how much I missed Barney Bubbles fun sometimes garish covers. This ain’t Barney Bubbles (not even close) but it’s also designed to be repulively garish as a contrast I guess to the music inside. All the green stuff? What are we celebrating St. Paddy’s day late? Lol. I will buy the deluxe music but not the deluxe editions.

At least Costello SIGNS some of these as opposed to other artists.

Neil Jones

Elvis Costello has recorded a new studio album with the imperious Imposters. Happy days are here again. I love the cover…nice and garish, ala Blood & Chocolate and Imperial Bedroom. Good to see It’s getting up peoples noses and shaking things up a bit. As far as the bundles go, it’s only marketing. When Armed Forces came out in 1979 it was promoted with jackets, medals and even whistles! And what about the stunts Stiff pulled to sell a record? Nothing’s changed. If you don’t want new socks and bobble hat, don’t buy them. Get well soon EC and Gawd bless ya!


Can’t believe what there asking for socks,hats patches shocking prices,all I wanted was a signed cd,


Hey Paul

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. And I think this Elvis release has finally pushed me over the edge….

Since this is one of the most universally revered sites for all things deluxe physical media/music related, and this site also has the eyes and ears of the some label execs…

Perhaps we should create a poll, or simply a post where we all can reply, to detail what we do and don’t want in our deluxe edition choices.

For me personally, I’m not a vinyl guy. But the inclusion of the vinyl in my deluxe edition packages doesn’t get me sideways as it does other members here, (even though I understand the frustration).

Excuse my language…. But you know what does get me sideways?

This shit right here:

Wool and cotton Look Now Oxford pennant. Made in the USA
– Wisco Elvis Costello green/white heavyweight knit cap with pom – 100% Acrylic Yarn custom deluxe rib cuff; Made in Milwaukee
– Look Now neon green or white tee shirt (your choice), Comfort Colors brand, ten color design
– Enamel pin set: two, 2” pins on custom 3”x 4” Look Now backing card.
– Socks from Custom Sock Club: made in North Carolina
– Look Now night light – your choice
– Turntable mat
– Look Now 3”x3” woven patch

I don’t want any of that crap. But I DO want a signed Elvis album and/or CD. He’s one of my musical heroes. I just don’t want a damned hat/pendant/night light/scarf/patch/socks/marble set etc…..

It’s demeaning and it has nothing to do with the music. I can’t imagine anyone wanting any of that. (OK perhaps the T-shirt).

So why can’t we create a universally accepted standard of what most of us want in these bundles.

Signed vs. unsigned. Great.
Vinyl vs. no vinyl Great.

You still need extra pap to shill the rubes? Sure. How about a nice making of the album booklet? You know? Like the ones for the interviews you created for Roxy Music and Flowers in the Dirt? Simple. Classy. Elegant. Those could be the catalyst for where the signatures are placed too. Want a signed booklet? $XX dollars more. No problem.

But most importantly – this extra stuff would be USEFUL and RELEVANT.

Sorry – I’m a bit ticked off. I know the argument. I didn’t HAVE to spend $170 U.S. for the signed bundle. Nobody forced me to. I get it.

But the love of Pete, I wanted one. I literally, just didn’t want ANYTHING else that came with it. It’s literally all trash. How low could the price have been without all the extra junk?

Since maybe a lot of people here aren’t EC fans, this post is more directed at the general music buyers who still support physical media. If this resonates at all with you Paul, I’d love to see a more generalized post about it so we can all comment.

Thanks. (Rant over for now)… ;)


Thanks Paul. That’s most welcome news.

As always – thanks for all you do…


I’m glad to know Elvis Costello’s health has improved, and that he’s recorded a new set of songs. But, if I buy this CD, I will be compelled to make my own jewel-case-size cover artwork to replace the repugnant album cover selected by Mr. MacManus. I’m a longtime fan of Elvis Costello, but the “Look Now” cover will sabotage the enjoyment of this new release.


Pre-ordered the colored vinyl. Thx for the heads up on this!

andrew R

He has form on cover art work, Blood and chocolate? imperial bedroom? Spike ?
His best covers were done with the late Barney Bubbles . It has been a long time
since any of EC’s cover art was “showable”


Leaving aside the ephemera, I saw EC in Edinburgh before he had to cancel part of his tour. He was on absolutely magnificent form. He played 2 of the songs on the bonus disc Adieu Paris and You Shouldn’t Look Ar Me That Way both of which I would not consider throwaway filler, but curiously nothing from the main album itself. I would certainly recommend the bonus disc for these tracks alone There was also the live debut of If You Love Me and reference to a forthcoming stage musical with music by EC. Musically he’s in a great place.


Comparing the prices of all these packages, what really sticks out to me is the impression that Elvis seems to charge a lot for his autograph, as the difference in price between signed and unsigned packages is quite steep.
I’ve loved him for decades but his name scribbled on an album is not worth that much to me, especially since I have autographed items by well-known musicians who did not demand such extra payment.

The most recent signed CD I got is the new Jennifer Warnes album, which came from Newbury Comics and did not cost a single cent more than the unsigned CD.
Same with Edie Brickell. Suzanne Vega only took a few dollars for her autograph compared to an unsigned CD. The signed pledgemusic items by Judy Collins and the recent album she did with Stephen Stills were both moderately priced as well.

Elvis may overestimate his value a bit. A big star in the US apparently, but in Europe not so much… I had tickets for two concerts here in Germany (Painted from Memory and North-Tours) and both were canceled due to a lack of ticket sales in my area, other concerts took place, though some were moved to smaller venues.
But I’m glad he’s alive and well, – big ego and all. The last one I really enjoyed was National Ransom.


The knit cap is straight out of South Park!


I’m guessing he painted the cover himself. Saves money that way.


Well, I like the artwork. I suspect it may be the work of the little hands of concrete, Eammon Singer himself; if not, it’s certainly in that vein

Gary Eckerson

Should have called it “Look Away!” This might be the worst album art in his entire catalog. LOL! But the preview songs sounds really good. I’m in for the 2CD. Mission accomplished…

Mister Stick

The most important things are that Elvis has apparently dodged a cancer bullet, and the music is strong: the two pre-release tracks sound fabulous. The cover? Seen much, much worse (it beats another frowning photo of the Liverpudlian). Can’t imagine that iffy artwork would keep EC fans from buying his latest, presuming the work is up to the usual par. Also, you have to guess that “cheating the hangman” will spur Elvis into more frequent releases for a while, starting here.

What’s disconcerting, though, is the old 1990s trick of punching the fan for another $10 (US) for a second disc with just four songs, all of which are presumably (and by ‘presumably’, I mean ‘certainly’) a notch down from the others, even fully forgettable. What’s worse is how another fine and important artist is now serving up a Happy Meal version of a new record, weighted-down with non-musical and non-collectible collectibles, instead of letting the music stand up and walk all on its own.

But once I wiped my tears, then I could see the light, and I discovered Elvis’s wicked little scheme…

Remember when, a few years back, Elvis shooed everyone away from one of his releases? It was a Super Deluxe version of his Spinning Songbook live album, terrifyingly priced, stuffed with periphery, and apparently created without his input. Rather that smile for that particular camera, Elvis encouraged everyone to buy a new Louis Armstrong set instead. Hmmm…. Could this new deluxe edition be another one of those bait-and-switches-on-behalf-of-greater-culture on EC’s part? Ah-HA! Sure enough, if we check the ‘Zons, we find that a set called ‘Louis Armstrong 100 Songs’ hit the streets just one week ago. It’s 4 discs for 15 bucks – leaving you lots of green to buy socks of colors other than green.

Paul, here’s your chance to be part of the conspiracy: How about cutting out the middle-clicks and adding the Louis Link to this page? Elvis will be so proud.


in 10 years time the super deluxe re-issue will be struggling for what they throw in with the special packages –


Back in the days, major record labels were accused of ripping off artists and fans sided with the artists because revenue sharing between record companies and artists was unfair for the latter. Nowadays, big names like Elvis Costello have their own web site (and companies) and they rip off their fans with inflated concert ticket prices, overpriced merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc.) and now they package albums (cd or lp) with a t-shirt, a bag, they call it an “exceptionnal bundle” or “limited edition bundle” and they charge $170 for it !!!

I know artists aren’t necessarely entirely to blame because they usually partner with a promoter like LiveNation for concerts and they don’t manage their web site and shop directly but prices are getting ridiculous. I wanted to buy a ticket for Elvis Costello’s gig in Paris two years ago and prices started at €57 (horrible seats) and up to €95. You couldn’t get a good seat for less than €75.

I guess artists now make more money with live shows / merchandising / streaming than physical music products (cd or vinyl).

Gary Hunter

This has to be a wind up……….. Is he seriously including packages with socks and bobby hats???

This is all getting really stupid now.

Glen Buchanan

I have to agree the cover art is revolting- you’d think his wife would’ve put the brakes on that. But I still long for the days of This Year’s Model when Elvis was a force to be reckoned with- both on record and better yet- live!

elliott buckingham

ive never got into anything he has done since armed forces I did like 3 from spike though


Just pleased that arguably the best songwriter this country has produced since Lennon and McCartney is still around to promote the album after what sounded like a very serious recent health scare. Looking forward to this very much.

Giles Roditi

But the ‘ seemingly endless bundles and variations’ don’t have the choice of 2xCD + Embroidered Premium Cap + Patch that I would have gone for. In fact none of the signed versions come with the cap which can only be bought with a download or mug – now what on earth am I to do ?! ; )

The Golden Age Of _ _ _ _ _ _ ` _

I can`t wait for the remastered/remixed versions to be released next Easter.

Seriously good news for Costello fans apart from that shipping from the US bit.

Dave Richards

What the heck’s wrong with graphic artists today? Or is their absence the problem? Half of the cover is beautiful, the other half offends every cell in my body. I guess no one will see it in the “racks” anymore, so who care, but still… yuch.

Greg Orr

Not forgetting
green double vinyl on elviscostello.com
and a deluxe signed test pressing package on ec.com that is now sold-out for $290usd


Good to have a new one from the mighty EC – it’s about time.
Not sure about that cover, I reckon it’s a bit yuck. Art is subjective though, and I suppose it will stand out on the racks.
The bundles on the Costello site are ridiculous – it’s the 2XCD for me, hopefully it will drop a few quid before release.


Love his work and songs with Bacharach and King will be superb! Horrifying album cover though!!


Great news. But man, look at that cover. WTF.

Tony Orwell

just checked the prices for the bundles, Wow, looks like the Greed wagon has rolled into town again, i would hate to think Elvis himself had anything to do with the pricing on these items!


Remember The Return of the Spectacular Spinning Song Book? How much was that? £150? £200?

And yes the cover does look like the artist died half way through before a soap powder packet designer took over.


Paul – Do you know yet whether the LP comes with a download code? Thanks. And I love the site. Read it every day.


“There are seemingly endless bundles and variations – including very expensive signed items”

And socks… I remember in the ninties when artists used to try and fill CDs with as many tracks as possible. They still do it but put half a dozen of the songs on a second “bonus” disc and add at least a fiver on the price.


The long drought is over (in more ways than one). Welcome back Mr McManus.


seems more about socks, hats and t shirts than the music


That’s not seriously the album cover is it?