Elvis Presley / Moody Blue 40th anniversary clear blue vinyl LP

Sony are to issue a limited edition coloured vinyl pressing of Elvis Presley‘s last studio album, Moody Blue.

Issued in July 1977, just a month before The King‘s death, Moody Blue was the 24th studio album of Elvis’ career and featured a mix of studio and live recordings. The single Way Down was issued from the album and was in the charts when Elvis died on 16 August of that year. It went to number one in the UK for five weeks.

This 40th anniversary edition of the album will be pressed on “clear blue vinyl”. It’s released on 24 November 2017.

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Presley, Elvis

Moody Blue - clear blue vinyl LP


1. Unchained Melody (Live)
2 If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (Live)
3 Little Darlin’ (Live)
4 He’ll Have to Go
5 Let Me Be There
6 Way Down
7 Pledging My Love
8 Moody Blue
9 She Thinks I Still Care
10 It’s Easy for You

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First Snower

Is this an U.S. pressing or is this one made in Europe?

Geoff Kavanagh

I have an original coloured vinyl issue for sale if anyone is interested…


The blue one shows up in New Zealand in $4 bins all the time.


This is a weird reissue to me. It’s not a hard album to get on blue vinyl now, since a majority of them were pressed on blue here in the states. I know there are other colors of it floating around but they are very rare and expensive. Why not white, or yellow. Either of those would have made more sense.


Yes, the original was on clear blue vinyl (other word for transparant), the recent Friday Music pressing was also on clear blue vinyl, it would have been nice to press another color for a change, like solid blue or marbeled blue or splatter blue (could go on and on)


It was originally released on blue vinyl back in 1977.


Yes, but was it CLEAR blue vinyl? That is important! :) (Don’t get me wrong I’d probably get both, eh!)

Peter Piazza

I’ve just had a look at my original blue vinyl pressing from 1977. If “clear” means transparent, then the area of the lead out groove is “clear,” but the area occupied by the music groove is only translucent. Can someone (I don’t think it will be myself) provide a description of the 40th anniversary edition when it is released?


True. The first pressing was blue vinyl. The subsequent black vinyl pressing is actually the rare one, because after Elvis’ death all future pressings were also done in blue.

“Moody Blue” is one of my favorite Elvis singles. I know I am in the minority, but the post-movie period is my favorite Elvis era.


Hey Scott just wondering, is it all the black wax pressing in the States and the ones from Canada pressed in black that are rare?????

Tony Orwell

a Transparent Blue vinyl has been done on the us issue so it will be interesting to see where this stands next to the original


I’m no rocket scientist admittedly, but wouldn’t blue vinyl have been a better idea?

Tony Orwell

and the money train just keeps a rolling


and the barrel just keeps getting scraped


Thanks Paul!


Not sure that’s ‘irony’ rather than coincidence…lets ask Alanis…


I love that Tim. As far as this release, I hope the color is a very light blue rather than a navy.


Ironic that this comes right after you announce the Moody Blues reissue….