Embrace vinyl reissues

Hit-packed Embrace albums reissued on 180g vinyl

British band Embrace‘s two albums released on the Independiente label in the ‘noughties’ – Out of Nothing and This New Day – will be reissued on vinyl  in October.

Out Of Nothing topped the album charts in 2004 and features the singles ‘Gravity’ (no. 7), ‘Ashes’ (no. 11) and ‘Looking As You Are’ (no. 11). Reversing what often happens, Craft Recordings are reissuing the album as a single LP (cut at Metropolis Studio) even though the original was actually at 2LP set. The new edition comes with a download code.

This New Day was released two years later in 2006, and like its predecessor also reached number one in the album charts. It features number two hit ‘Nature’s Law’, the biggest single of the band’s career. At this point, Embrace recorded ‘World at Your Feet’, England’s official World Cup song for 2006 and its success  – it was a no. 3 hit – resulted in the song being added to a CD+DVD version of the album that was reissued in the summer of that year – only three months after the original. However, there was never a vinyl version featuring that song, so the 2020 reissue doesn’t feature it either! Like Out of Nothing, this is also cut at Metropolis, pressed on 180g vinyl and comes with a download code.

Out of Nothing and This New Day are reissued on 30 October 2020, via Craft Recordings. The very next day (31 October), Embrace will play an exclusive one-time-only online live performance of ‘Out Of Nothing’ in full. Tickets are available here. To tie in with this an exclusive coloured vinyl version of Out of Nothing is available via the official store (there is no coloured vinyl edition of This New Day).

Out Of Nothing

A1 Ashes 4:20
A2 Gravity 4:39
A3 Someday 5:38
A4 Looking As You Are 4:04
A5 Wish ‘Em All Away 3:58

B1 Keeping 4:31
B2 Spell It Out 4:53
B3 A Glorious Day 3:51
B4 Near Life 5:46
B5 Out Of Nothing

This New Day

A1 No Use Crying 3:44
A2 Natures Law 4:09
A3 Target 4:30
A4 Sainted 4:20
A5 I Cannot Come Down 4:15

B1 Celebrate 3:34
B2 Exploding Machines 5:21
B3 Even Smaller Stones 4:31
B4 The End Is Near 4:40
B5 This New Day


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There has been a horrible lack of CD deluxe edition reissues with this band. Tons of B-sides and rarities and no way to get it all on a nice CD package.


I think Out of Nothing is a great album, but it is one of the worst sounding CDs I’ve ever heard. It’s like listening to your stereo with wet cotton wool in your ears. Not interested in a vinyl copy, but a remixed and remastered CD would be great.

Wayne C

These are one of the most underrated bands I can think of, their first three albums were re released last year and I for one was grateful of that. Of course I’ll be getting these two as well, Out of Nothing for me is the stronger of the two. If you want to hear a superb album that you may not have ever heard listen to “The Good Will Out”, saw them perform it from beginning to end a year or so ago and it was fantastic.

Steven Lowe

Very underrated, a band with proper big stadium anthems. They have currently set up a monthly subscription website offering new music every month plus discounts on all merch.


Ah ‘Gravity’ the acceptable face of Coldplay – what a brilliant song. It has such a great groove and some beautiful piano. One of the most under rated songs from the last 20 years.


I have to to admit to quite liking the Coldplay version, but it’s a total dirge in comparison to the ‘cover’, innit…


Had to laugh when I realized that Embrace is the name of the band. My first thought was that “embrace vinyl reissues” was a directive!

Derek Langsford

Me too, having never having heard of them. I was already thinking about a retort to the directive when I realized. A lot of “Britpop” passed me by in the 90s and 00s (working too hard, raising kids) and living in the USA!