Eminem / The Real Slim Shady LP / expanded reissue due in December

An expanded 20th anniversary edition of Eminem‘s The Slim Shady LP will be issued on CD and vinyl in December.

The album was originally issued in February 1999 and went on sell 18m copies worldwide, making Eminem a star at the same time.

The new expanded edition is available as a 3LP vinyl set or a 2CD deluxe edition. Bonus content on the bonus discs includes rarities, acapellas, freestyles, and instrumentals. These are added to the bonus discs.

The Slim Shady will be reissued on 13 December 2019.

The Slim Shady LP triple vinyl expanded edition

LP 1

Side A
1 Public Service Announcement
2 My Name Is
3 Guilty Conscience
4 Brain Damage
5 Paul
6 If I Had

Side B
1 ’97 Bonnie & Clyde
2 Bitch
3 Role Model
4 Lounge
5 My Fault

LP 2

Side C
1 Ken Kaniff
2 Cum On Everybody
3 Rock Bottom
4 Just Don’t Give A Fuck

Side D
1 Soap
2 As The World Turns
3 I’m Shady
4 Bad Meets Evil
5 Still Don’t Give A Fuck

LP 3

Side E
1 Hazardous Youth (A Cappella Version)
2 Get You Mad
3 Greg (A Cappella Version)
4 Bad Guys Always Die (From The Wild Wild West Soundtrack)
5 Guilty Conscience (Radio Version)
6 Guilty Conscience (Instrumental)

Side F
1 Guilty Conscience (A Cappella, Edited)
2 My Name Is (Instrumental)
3 Just Don’t Give A Fuck (A Cappella)
4 Just Don’t Give A Fuck (Instrumental)

The Slim Shady LP 
2CD expanded edition

CD 1
1. Public Service Announcement
2. My Name Is
3. Guilty Conscience
4. Brain Damage
5. Paul
6. If I Had
7. ’97 Bonnie & Clyde
8. Bitch
9. Role Model
10. Lounge
11. My Fault
12. Ken Kaniff
13. Cum On Everybody
14. Rock Bottom
15. Just Don’t Give A
16. Soap
17. As The World Turns
18. I’m Shady
19. Bad Meets Evil
20. Still Don’t Give A Fuck

Disc: 2
1. Hazardous Youth (A Cappella Version)
2. Get You Mad
3. Greg (A Cappella Version)
4. Bad Guys Always Die (From The Wild Wild West Soundtrack)
5. Guilty Conscience (Radio Version)
6. Guilty Conscience (Instrumental)
7. Guilty Conscience (A Cappella, Edited)
8. My Name Is (Instrumental)
9. Just Don’t Give A Fuck (A Cappella)
10. Just Don’t Give A Fuck (Instrumental)

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Johnny Spasm

Loved the mash up of Real Slim Shady & Back in Black. Would love it if that was in this package. Oh well.

Tim Abbott

Seem to remember the version of Guilty Conscience used in the video was different to the version on the CD – wonder if that’s the Radio Version? My memory tells me that it was much better.

Peter Muscutt

Yes there was a different version used for radio play with a different chorus as I remember it. Obviously it was pretty heavily censored as well!

Kev G

Nice to see expanded rap albums, last ones I purchased were the Beastie Boys albums a few years back (still shame ‘To The 5 Boroughs’ was never covered).
Had to do a double take on this release though as cover art and few instrumentals aside it’s not to dissimilar to the Special Edition CD version I remember picking up in Our Price back in the day.

Brian Stanley

Somewhat disappointed with the bonuses.
The first three songs were also on the second disc that was re-released with the original album in 2001. There’s one song from a movie soundtrack easily found in cutout bins and I’d expect the a capella and instrumental versions are just separate elements from the released versions.
Nothing worth upgrading for me this time.


Great news this must be the first rap artist mentioned on SDE?

O(+> Peter B

And De La Soul, Eric B & Rakim, DJ Shadow…


Not a lot of people know Chas n’ Dave appear on this album! Originally playing as session musicians for Labi Siffre on the track ‘I got the’ from the 1975 album ‘Remember my song’, Dr. Dre geniously sampled their break (around 2:10 on the 2006 remaster) and repurposed it for the Eminem album. I’m not a huge Eminem fan, but was lucky enough to see the awesome Chas and Dave before Chas’s recent very sad demise. Listening to that track also gave me a new appreciation for Labi Siffre, who’d previously only popped up on my radar because of ‘So Strong’. I had no idea he had a hinterland stretching back to 1970.

Peter Muscutt

Shame Chas ‘n’ Dave never did a cover of My Name Is – I’d have loved to have heard a Cockney version! Amazing…

Gary Russell

2CD instantly bought. Excellent.


Nice! A friend burned me a copy of this BITD and I’ve enjoyed it over the years. Had it on my list to buy for awhile but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. My interest in hip hop is superficial, but I always found Eminem’s style clever. I like the “dumb humor”, I like the darkness he shows at times, I like his flow. I’m in on this.

Peter Muscutt

Is that some sort of print or poster included with the reissue, Paul?

Not usually a fan of rap, but I remember really liking this album when it came out in 1999 – although I did buy the ‘censored’ CD at the time from Woolworths by mistake that was frankly, unlistenable due to the silences edited in to cover all the profanity and questionable content…I took it back and asked for the uncensored version! Just for the memories, I’ll probably pick up the vinyl of this.

I take it no Amazon UK price as yet?


What I don’t understand is: why ‘The Rolling Stones – Bridges To Buenos Aires’ didn’t get a post, but this did.

Nick Love

Probably because Paul Sinclair runs this site, not GARBAGE. Feel free to put in the massive amount of time it takes to run your own music release news and review site where you can curate whatever the hell releases you want.

So sick of seeing these “Why is this on here but not that” posts.

PS I own every Rolling Stones studio release and every studio album by Mick, Keith and Mick Taylor and couldn’t give two farts about Bridges to Buenos Aires. Hard pass.