Emma Bunton / My Happy Place exclusive edition signed CD

Spice Girl Emma Bunton‘s new album My Happy Place is out next month and Amazon in the UK are offering an exclusive SIGNED CD edition.

It’s her fourth solo album and comes a whopping 13 years after 2006’s Life in Mono. My Happy Place mainly consists of covers (just two out of the 10 tracks are original compositions) including The Beatles‘ ‘Here Comes The Sun’, Norah Jones‘ ‘Come Away With Me’ and even a new version of The Spice Girls’ ‘2 Become 1’ which features Robbie Williams.

My Happy Place is released on 12 April 2019.

1. Baby Please Don’t Stop
2. I Wish I Could Have Loved You More
3. Too Many Teardrops
4. I Only Want to Be with You (feat. Will Young)
5. Don’t Call Me Baby
6. You’re All I Need to Get By (feat. Jade Jones)
7. Come Away with Me (feat. Josh Kumra)
8. Emotion
9. 2 Become 1 (feat. Robbie Williams)
10. Here Comes the Sun

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Mark Goring

Nick Love, your post is perfect!


Finally a new album from Emma and how lovely to get it signed! Thanks for posting.

Sid Ceaser

Speaking of “Life in Mono” can I just segue into how amazing the album “Life in Mono” by the band Mono is? I play that album at least once a week and it’s a shame that Mono never went beyond one album.

Anyway, that’s it. I miss that band. Their album is fantastic. I’m glad Emma covered that song back in 2006.

Larry Davis

Hey…I love that Mono album too BUT the song is called “Life In Mono”, the album is not…it’s called “Formica Blues”…I put that and One Dove as amazing but short-lived 1-album mellow moody electronic projects…


Not to my taste but others will love it, I’m saving for the Liberty X 20th anniversary edition of Thinking It Over in three years time. Now, that is proper bubblegum pop!.


I’m sure the naysayers don’t even know her
solo records and they are simply dismissing a ‘Spice Girl’. Her sixties-pop, bossa-nova, samba-infused music is quite good and a pleasant surprise.

She found her sound in this kind of music and I’m glad she’s keeping the retro vibe and not forcing herself to release more commercial material. She’s recording what she likes to sing and being cohesive in her discography. Since I enjoy her other albums and her soft, sweet vocals, I’m looking foward to this one.

Larry Davis

Hey, your comment on how EB’s solo music is caught my interest because I love 60s influenced Brit girlpop and she might be the solo Spice I like best and focus on…I had the Spice Girls hits collection…overall I prefer Girls Aloud, but with the Spices, the only one who’s solo music was my taste was Mel C cuz it was like Britpop…this might be pretty good, so I figured, jump at the signed disc just in case, before it was too late, so I did, and the price same as the Dido, and hey, risk free, if say I don’t like it so much, I can easily sell it, right?? Lotta Spice Girl collectors out there…hope I like it though…

DJ edster

Thanks Paul. I thought I’d misread that at first – “2 cassette bundle” – but then I went to the website and saw it was true! Two cassettes, deluxe cd and a signed photo for 25 quid, what amazing value. But how many photos has she signed? She should have done a signing marathon for Comic Relief, she would have raised milions.


Im glad to see Emma being featured on SDE but it makes me wonder about the total snobbing of Dannii Minogue’s Neon Nights 15th Anniversary last year where it was reissued in several collectable edition. What is SDE’s comment about this?


I just laughed so much. Thank you for the shady shade reply.


But Paul, we are all avid readers of your website and whether you personally like an artist like Danni Minogue or not, could you not provide information on releases from such artists that other readers here actually do like?


I mean, like Emma (who gets dismissed for being Baby Spice), it’s easy to put Dannii in a box and write her off because of her more successful sister Kylie. But Dannii actually really hit the spot with Neon Nights and the album is considered a pop classic. It was everywhere in bars and clubs in 2002/2003.

I’d recommend you check out the Dead or Alive and Madonna approved mash up remixes they included on this vinyl, which made the release worth it even more.

Larry Davis

Re Dannii Minogue, I actually really like her as well…Kylie more but for me, Dannii does not suck…I think I had an anthology with videos at one point, but I forgot what happened to it…and the songs I heard from “Neon Nights” were great, like “Put The Needle On It”, so thanks Shane for the heads up on the 15th anniversary release…but I agree with Paul as well, if he doesn’t like a certain artist like Dannii, he has every right to not mention a new release or reissue, no matter who wants it mentioned…if it were my site, I’d be the same way, only cover things I like and cue my interest, it’s purely subjective… basically, keep other channels open for other information, it’s what I do…as for things not covered, who knows why they were not?? Whether it’s lack of interest, dislike, or no awareness, who knows?? Only Paul does, but I do not bother to ask him why?? Cuz I’d become a wasp to swat and I dont want to morph from a friend to an annoyance…cheers Paul and I get your point of view on this…


Hi Paul,
Could you consider to give the name of the company or label, that releases the album?
Would be usefull infirmation.


It tells you what record label it’s on if you look at the description on Amazon. How hard is it for you to click on the link ?

Larry Davis

Am not a Spice Girl collector…much prefer Girls Aloud (totally serious, much better music, artful bubblegum Britpop)…but Emma is OK, she does resemble Petula, even Duffy…cool on the collectors…BTW, Girls Aloud are the most successful UK gitlgroup of all time, not the Spices…GA are in the Guinness Book of Records, and only they have 20 consecutive Top 10 UK singles, 21 total…the Spices don’t come close, sorry…but respect all around…


Larry, the Spice Girls sold Mammoth quantities of records……way outselling Girls Aloud – sales wise, they are the most successful UK Girl Groups – I also don’t see GA selling out a full stadium tour like the upcoming Spice one

Chris Squires

I always find it amusing how, when anybody tries to “big-up” an artist they are very flexible about what statistics they use. The older a band it tends to be total sales as it was genuinely harder to have a hit single, just because of the way things were “back in the day”. It makes me laugh when a very modern artist will point to their three number one singles, but have only amassed 9 chart weeks and sales of 80,000 units in total. Do you know Harry Styles got to number one on the back of 16,686 sales.
From an independent point of view (i.e. I don’t really care about either band) I would say that if there were no Spice Girls there wouldn’t have been an appetite for anything like Girls Aloud. Musical Legacy? – Spice Girls edge it, but both were of the moment and neither make me tremble at the thought of a reunion.

Either way I must be ill as I always fancied Mel C. and Nicola Walker out of all 10 of them. I know, right.

Chris Squires

Ha, how subliminal, just watching “unforgotten” with Nicola Walker. I do of course mean Nicola Roberts.

Larry Davis

Yeah…Nicola Roberts is a really great artist…her 1 solo album, “Cinderella’s Eyes” is a really creative gem, and she is a very talented songwriter…CE and her work on Cheryl’s latest solo records is really good…that and developing a makeup line for pale-skinned women is really notable too…and yeah, she stands out on the GA catalogue…

Larry Davis

Yes, the Spices may have opened the door but Girls Aloud just made consistently better records, with Xenomania, more diverse and more exciting and innovative…that happens, and are prime examples strewn throughout music history…but Girls Aloud woulda happened with or without the Spices because they came out of reality TV competition “Popstars: the Rivals”, where a boyband & girl group were formed by the public voted on members to be in both, who then competed for the UK Christmas #1 single in 2002, and GA beat out the boys’ group, “One True Voice” with the far superior “Sound Of The Underground”…the biggest way and favour the Spices did for Girls Aloud to succeed was breaking up before 2002, opening up a window and creating a vacuum for a girl group to take over, which they did…it helped that they made better music than the Spices, it didn’t help that they did not get record deals outside the UK & Ireland, briefly Australia…but if there was one in the US or Canada, who knows what would happened?? Bananarama are considered better and bigger than the Spices…in the US, TLC are considered bigger…but the Spices def went quite far on just 2 albums, 1 EP and 2 handfuls of singles…

Larry Davis

Fiona, maybe worldwide sales, but in the UK charts, Girls Aloud are most successful, making the Guinness Book of Records with 20 consecutive Top 10’s, 21 total…I don’t think the Spices even had 21 singles even released!! Also, Girls Aloud sold out at least 3 massive UK arena tours…yes the Spices did well worldwide, but, for me, Girls Aloud just made better music…the Spices were mostly guilty pleasures and rooted in R&B and one song Latin (Spice Up Your Life)…only a handful were actual good bubblegum pop…Wannabe, Say You’ll Be There, Stop…with Girls Aloud, every song (single, album track & B-sides) was an innovative, artful, creative mix of styles, from Britpop, dancepop, Euro, powerpop, punk, Motown, 80s new wave, 60s pop, every one a critically acclaimed & exciting gem, even their covers were cool, not lame…Xenomania are an amazing production team too…their whole catalogue (much bigger than the Spices) is so good, it’s up there with the world’s greatest bands, really…the only other girl group who comes close is not the Spices, but Sugababes, and 3rd, the Saturdays…only the Spices broke worldwide, which says something, how maybe GA, Sugababes and the Saturdays were too English for the world?? Or maybe the Spices were not English enough to be cool??


Hopefully, the cover of ‘I Wish I Could Have Loved You More’ will nudge a few people towards the Candie Payne original (and its underrated parent album).


I like that there is a 2 cassette bundle but unsure if the album will be my thing. On paper the idea of 2 become 1 being a duet with Robbie just sounds wrong.

Scott G

My Happy Place….. Well a rather unfortunate title I would say.
Actually she reminds me of a certain MR Trump’s friend, Stormy Daniels, and this would be the perfect title for her first CD…


More money than brains….I bought one.
Gotta hear “Here Comes the Sun”

David Mcintyre

She reminds me of Petula Clark and I kind of liked her growing up. She does what she does so good luck to her.


All 50 ‘test’ pressings gone at £50 a pop on the official site so there’s some hardcore Emma collectors out there.


I have to agree with the Bunton-defenders here. Moaning about her just makes you look like an insufferable music snob.
There are plenty of bands written about on here that I’ve never even heard of (much less, have any intention of listening to), but if that’s the case, just keep scrolling…
Just because you’re only into reissues of albums with extra 12″ mixes in 5.1 that were released in 1984 and got to no.76 in the charts, doesn’t mean that your taste is any better than a fan of the Spice Girls :’D
Music is art. Art is subjective. Get over it.


You completely contradicted the rest of your post with your final sentence!


How so, RJS?

Nick Love

I get so tired of seeing people complain about what artists are covered on here. I personally couldn’t care less about Emma B but maybe there are many readers here who do and music being an entirely subjective experience I don’t see how we can be so dismissive of certain artists. It’s real easy to just skip the article if you’re not interested.


Slow release week or else Paul took a whack on the head at that concert with his daughter last week ;)


I understand variety is the key on here but with all the other fascinating reissues released every week that don’t get a mention we are focusing on this!?

Chris Squires

A little bit snobby, no? There must be stuff you like that many here might find a little bit meh!
Not a Bunton fan myself but that doesn’t matter a jot. She’s welcome.

Tim Weldon

Emma Bunton? Make it stop…


Still waiting on my Dido signed CD from Amazon which i preordered a while back. As for this no thanks.


Her happy place… hmmm.


I must say – I am enjoying these signed CDs that Amazon are putting out. Personally I’d always take CD over vinyl, and it makes a nice change to see them offering a bonus to the CD collectors out there.
I recently bought the Bryan Adams signed CD, and I’m hoping for more in future.

Not sure I’d plump for this, but I’d be interested in hearing the new version of 2 Become 1. It’s bubblegum pop, but it’s good bubblegum pop :)


Hi Daryl – I bought the signed Bryan Adams CD from Amazon too and was pleasantly surprised that it is quite good. The Amazon signed Rumer CD of Burt Bacharach songs is still favourite.
Suzi Quatro has a new CD coming out later this month, and it should be signed if bought from her website.


I bought the Bryan Adams signed CD as well. And I am very surprised that he signed 2200 CDs! That’s a lot! And yes, the CD is really not bad.

Andrew R

Another great shout…many thanks Paul….although it’s interesting that all these signed bits and pieces are through Amazon…squeezing our Independent record providers…but I am a sucker for signed stuff. I’m compromised.


I saw the the vinyl became available today via Emma’s website. Gatefold, pink vinyl and signed by the lady herself. Limited but ready for pre-order

Dave M

Also a limited edition off 1000 pink vinyl signed and lots of other signed

Gareth Jones

Biggest girl band of all time. Reunion tour this year. And yet the value of a signature is £9.99? …Oh course, some would argue even that was ‘too much’!

andrew R

My happy place would include those bose noise cancelling headphones