Erasure / Chorus 3CD deluxe edition

Erasure‘s fifth studio album Chorus will be reissued as a three-CD deluxe edition next month.

The 1991 long-player reached number one in the UK album charts and features the hit singles ‘Chorus’, ‘Love to Hate You’, ‘Am I Right?’ and ‘Breath of Life’.

The audio has been remastered and this triple-disc set features two additional CDs; the first contains B-sides, remixes and rarities while the second bonus disc is a live CD from the Phantasmagorical Entertainment tour.

This is packaged as a hardcover ‘casebound’ book edition and is branded as BMG’s occasional ‘Art of the Album’ series.

This Chorus deluxe edition is released on 14 February 2020.

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Erasure / Chorus 3CD deluxe edition

CD1 – Original Album (Remastered)

  1. Chorus
  2. Waiting For The Day
  3. Joan
  4. Breath Of Life
  5. Am I Right
  6. Love To Hate You
  7. Turns The Love To Anger
  8. Siren Song
  9. Perfect Stranger
  10. Home

CD2 – B-Sides, Remixes & Rarities

  1. Over The Rainbow – Originally appears on the single ‘Chorus’
  2. Turns The Love To Anger (Vince Clarke Remix) – New Remix
  3. Perfect Stranger (KROQ Mellow Version) – Taken from the ‘KROQ Sessions’
  4. Waiting For Sex (Full Length) – Taken from the single ‘Am I Right?’
  5. Love To Hate You (Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Mix) – New Remix
  6. Twilight – Originally appears on the 2006 EIS release ‘Buried Treasure II’
  7. Let It Flow – Originally appears on the single ‘Am I Right?’
  8. Chorus (Fishes In The Sea) (Ben Grosse Remix) – U.S Promo
  9. Siren Song (Alternative Lyrics) – Originally appears on the 2006 EIS release ‘Buried Treasure II’
  10. Breath Of Life (Divine Inspiration Mix) – Remixed by Phil Kelsey. Originally appears on the single ‘Breathe Of Life’
  11. Love to Hate You (KROQ Blunder Version) – Taken from the ‘KROQ Sessions’
  12. La La La – Originally appears on the single ‘Love To Hate You’
  13. Mirror To Your Soul – Originally appears on the 2006 EIS release ‘Buried Treasure II’
  14. Waiting For The Day (Demo Version) – Originally appears on the box set ‘From Moscow To Mars’
  15. Perfect Stranger (Acoustic) – Originally appears on the single ‘Am I Right?’
  16. Am I Right? (Glen Nicholls Extended 12″ Mix) – New Remix
  17. Home (Minute Taker Remix) – New Remix

CD3 – Chorus Live at Manchester Apollo, 1992

  1. Chorus
  2. Waiting For The Day
  3. Joan
  4. Breath Of Life
  5. Am I Right
  6. Love To Hate You
  7. Turns The Love To Anger
  8. Siren Song
  9. Perfect Stranger
  10. Home

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Neil Kelly

Big fan and i’ve now got this set but hold on a minute… What do you mean ‘From KROQ sessions’? Is that a previous release of some sort?

Gaz Arnott

Does anyone know the exact reason as to why there were no Limited Edition 12″ vinyl or CD single releases for either of the first two single releases off the album in “Chorus” & “Love To Hate You” and yet there was a Limited Edition release for the 3rd single release of “Am I Right?” I had always thought it had something to do with the UK charts changing the limit on how many physical releases qualified for the singles chart but yet the limited format returned for the 3rd single off the album? Was the Phil Harding remix of “Love To Hate You” likely to be the Limited Edition 12” single remix release maybe? Using the same theory was there a remix of ‘Chorus’ that could have qualified as the Limited Edition 12” remix release? I’d be interested to know your thoughts guys :)


What happened with ‘Snappy’ , ‘B3″ , “Vitamin C’. These songs are not included in the set.

[…] more inclined to shrug this off if they’d paid £13 for it (same price as the recent Erasure Chorus 3CD set for example) but when Universal Music are asking more than three times that amount for the same […]

Mark Reed

Not even *most* of the Apollo show?

When will artists learn?

I’m not buying paper or packaging. I’m buying music. I’m being asked here to spend £17 to get 5 or so previously unheard remixes. No Sale.

At least the other 2CD+DVD versions had VHS only material making its debut on DVD. And “Moscow To Mars” has a DVD debut and several CD’s of unheard material.


Erasure Wrinkle Remover

What a funky, alternative, deluxe edition Winter 2020 is turning out to be…..bring it on.

Wonderland is my fave Erasure album – I just love the dark, depeche, wind up toy, Mute vibe it has – I don’t hear a boy band. Chorus is my second fave ….but what a great time for these guys. A lot of really quirky/techy Euro click clack was going on at the time…LFO, Orbital, Kraftwerk, N-Joi…big room sounding/heavy low end that would probably vibrate the wrinkles off my face at this point…..it made you want to dance…and this material fit right in.

The pluses of this set are the inclusion of Waiting for Sex, Let It Flow, the EIS material, new remixes of songs that didn’t have remixes, Love to Hate You/KROQ (?), other versions of Perfect Stranger – I love that song – there’s a lot of stuff here I’ve never heard or only in low form audio. You can’t have everything….I hoped Snappy would be on it.

I haven’t bought any of the big sets and in Canada I don’t have access to download remastered files of the singles or anything very interesting; not even Amazon.UK…..Itunes doesn’t have anything even close….it can be a wasteland…nor do I have Buried Treasure making this really a big deal.

They could release an e.p.’s collection at this point with Cracker’s Int’l before and Abbaesque after it…and include the I Love Saturday ep, etc. – just a thought.


AND….I’ve noticed the sound is really poor on my Mute/USA cd singles/ep’s : Chorus/Love/Breathe…..wouldn’t mind hearing all of this cleaner…..You know I can’t help but wonder: I’m 55 now and most of the audience for old OMD/Erasure, etc. is around the same age…..why would a record company hold off on this material considering that most of the audience for this is going to be dead in the next 15 or so years….:????

Mark Pugh

I think you’ll find the FMTM boxset had a few discs of unheard material (exclusive to this boxset I think was the term used when selling them) and now a few years later those exclusive CDs are now up as digital downloads on iTunes. Devaluing the boxsets.
The artists can’t be blamed for this as it’s all down to the owners of the material which is (at the moment) BMG. It’s business the6 want a return on their investment. As fans we want perfect reissues,everyone would buy them if they were perfect releases,just ask the fans and listen to us. But the sad reality is,why give us what we want when they can still do that but drip fed over multiple releases.

Seth Green

Your loss — it’s great!

Rich P

Love this album – I won an e-head teddy at the bingo in Manchester. It’s in the loft somewhere!

Daniel ( from Berlin )

very disappointing cd-set !!!!!
i will not forget to send everyone here “happy new year” greetings from berlin in germany.
especially to you paul. thanks for ths great website !


Sadly continuing the trend… was already disappointed with ‘Wild’ and this offer to me isn’t any better. Plus, the livedisc seems to be simply the audio from ‘The tank, the swan and the balloon’ dvd just arranged in the same order as the studio album and omitting the rest of the gig. Quite pointless.


It would have been a fantastic opportunity to include the Phil Harding remix of “Love To Hate You”. There’s a low quality video of someone playing the metal acetate of it on YouTube and even THAT sounds better than some of the modern remixes that have “graced” certain Erasure releases of late. (“Blue Savannah” (Little Boots Remix)- I’m talking about you!) Other missed tracks are the US commissioned “Third Remixes” of “Chorus” that ultimately didn’t get released, the foreign language recordings of “Love To Hate You”, and the 7″ edits on the “Am I Right EP” that still have not been released outside of the original 7″ release. A DVD of promo videos & TV appearances (as found on previous reissues) would have been more welcome than a heavily edited concert set, in my opinion. BUT, there’s always things that get overlooked with these kinds of projects- intentionally or accidentally- so I look forward to what IS there and hope some of what I mentioned above will find it’s way to a release eventually.

Chris Hardtke

Still have my Phantasmagorical ticket stub, AND my bingo cards!


Yep, “B3”, missing from this reissue and Moscow to Mars box. I just don’t get it. Enough of the live stuff, too.


Really looking forward to this as this is my favorite Erasure album. The singles are great but I also love the album tracks especially the last four songs. Was really happy they included the KROQ mixes which had only been available on cassette. Also nice that they included the US Promo-only mix of Chorus. That is a great remix. Their ‘official store’, Lexer music is/was offering a bonus pack of 4 classic Chorus postcards for the first 2,000 pre-orders. Not sure if those are still available.

Gareth Pugh

Glenn, as of Friday 10th Lexer were down to the last 170 of the 2000 postcard sets. The Erasure Info Service’s weekly Friday e-mail basically advised buyers to not hang about much longer if they wanted to qualify for one.


Disappointing! This is my fav Erasure’s CD and this reissue miss a lot o things…

Gareth Pugh

This raises an interesting question about different *kinds* of expanded reissues. Or at least, different marketing strategies behind different campaigns. Some expanded deluxe sets aim to try and gather together absolutely everything in every version that ever saw commercial release around a particular album and its singles – plus some stuff that wasn’t released at the time from the vaults. Those tend to be what die-hard fans of artists want the most, natch. (And as I have said, whilst i think the Wild! and Chorus reissues have been very reasonably priced for what you do get, i would have been prepared to pay a lot more for a lot more). But there are other reissues that seem to be designed to try and offer a bit of a richer deeper experience around the album itself, but not necessarily set itself the intention of having ‘everything’. That’s what I get the impression BMG’s ‘Art of the Album’ series (of which these last 2 Erasure reissues now come under the wider umbrella of) – showcasing rather than complete compiling


I find the Erasure reissues really good. As someone else said below they largely avoid duplicating remixes that are spread over their various releases. So if you buy the “Always” 3cd anthology, the “Moscow To Mars” box and the individual reissues, there is little overlap. A win/win as it increases sales and fans are happy. I have the EBX boxes, then your overlap is bigger of course but even with those, there are plenty of new versions on this release. They even commissioned 3 new remixes which I am assuming are in the same style (so no 2020 production) as the other remixes. I really hoped that the Hot Tracks remix of “I Love To Hate You” would be on here. It uses a sample of I Will Survive in a brilliant way. It’s a fantastic remix. But reissues usually don’t include Hot Tracks remixes so no surprise there. I will get this release for sure! Here is that brilliant Hot Tracks remix:


But why LCDSTUMM95? That cat. no. was used on the original limited edition box with art prints as I remember. This one should be XLCDSTUMM95.

David Carter

I was at that Manchester Apollo gig , sad that the complete setlist couldn’t have been included (minus the bingo interlude)


Nice to see the Erasure Pet Shop fan rivalry is still alive and well after 35 years. We do this all the time…Get over it…

Happy 2020 everybody!

Mark Pugh

I hope to God this remaster is as good as the Wild! Reissue,the previous reissues I struggle to hear any difference (I know shoot me) but Wild! Is my least fav album (shocking to most I know) but I really did enjoy that new fresher remaster. If this one is as good as Wild! Then this arguably one of Erasure’s finest moments (of which are many) then this will be supreme.


Funny, with me it is the exact opposite. The Wild remaster sounds absolutely identical to the original to me. I definitely hope this is not true for the Chorus remaster.

Gareth Pugh

Nope, I’d agree with you Mark. No Erasure studio album is less than ‘good’ and the least good is, at least, good. But for me, Wild! and Cowboy (now, that IS me committing fan sacrilege but I really thought they were on autopilot and in danger of tipping into self parody) bump along the bottom of my personal poll

Mark Pugh

Hello Mr Pugh,Wild! As I’ve said on many occasions is to me like a compilation CD,it doesn’t flow like all the others,it seems fragmented. The singles are superb except one (sorry Star,as a single nah,as a live track it’s top notch) but on the whole it doesn’t gel for me.


I missed out on the mars box set and it cost a fortune so I would have liked to have seen more added to this reissue despite songs being included on Moscow to Mars. The box set is also out of print and not everyone is into digital or Spotify. Hopefully someday there will be a remix album of misc tracks and new versions? Matt pop -and Cahill plus Pete Hammond, passengerz, and 7th heaven and Metro remixes? Better yet Dave aude as he’d throw down along with georgio Mororder some killer mixes for erasure.

Gareth Pugh

Curt, Over The Rainbow is on there? I couldn’t see them leaving that off – for years it got voted in fan polls as their best-ever B-side. Personally, I think there are better ones, but it is a massive fan favourite. Vitamin C’s reputation, on the other hand….


I was hoping to see here the Spanish and Italian versions of “Love To Hate You”, the Frank De Wolf promo remixes of this song as well. What about “Snappy”? “Over The Rainbow”? “Vitamin C”, “B3”? etc.

There’s enough material for a 4rth and even 5th CD…

Paul English

Looks great – especially CD2. A lot won’t agree but I like the Erasure reissues – they’re not complete but the tracks they do pick complement the main album very well. I have the EBX sets already.

Fraser Mummery

Waiting For Sex (full length) version is easily available on digital format. Very dissapointed that the 7″ EP version is STILL only available on vinyl.


Such a great album, every track! Saw them live during this tour in LA @ The Wiltern. I typically dont like latter-day remixes, but Im hopeful about these!!
Happy 2020 everyone!!!

Ant in NZ

The new Glen Nicholls remix of Am I Right is a surprising (and very welcome) return to a more traditional 12″ mix which retains the original elements of the song and extends the song sufficiently without becoming tedious whilst retaining the basic melodic structure.
I hope this is a renaissance of sorts to the style of remixes I grew up with in the 80s!
I cannot stand the (so-called) “modern” remixes done by tone-deaf lack talents playing with Garage Band and standard plug-ins on their iPad … some of whom seem to not understand what “key” the original song was in! Remixes these days are of no interest to me. Back in the day I would have bought all the formats (7″s, 12″s, promos etc) for DM, PSB, Erasure, New Order and the like to get all mixes. Now the remixes are of little interest to me.


Disappointed it’s missing the Paul dakeyne remix’s of love to hate you and vitamin c

Gareth Pugh

I recall an interview in their long defunct fan club mag with their A&R guy of the time saying he hated those, especially the Love to Hate You 12” mix. So the story went, he was waiting in on a Sunday night for the master tape of that LTHY mix to arrive by courier bike – it was due to go the cutting plant the next day, and was really close to the wire timing wise – and when it arrived he was very upset (to the point of tears IIRC!) because he thought, artistically, it was poor. He said ideally he would have had it scrapped and started again but by that point there was no time left to recommission a different mix. The Vitamin C one was a big improvement on the 7” edit, though. The original Vitamin C ran for 10 minutes and this 12”
remix uses a very different and much more interesting segment from later in the track, the 7” was from the first three minutes or so and was really just a rather minimalist build-up!


PS- Unlike the new PSB album, This looks really good so I’ll buy it.

Mark Nolan

Well I think you should buy it, especially given this was, in 1991, the last time Erasure’s sound evolved, PSB on the other hand have made their Berlin album which you have only heard the weak parts of. I doubt Erasure will be supporting this release with an arena tour this year…


There was a brilliant Moby mix of “Chorus” on one of the CD singles at the time I used to love. Wonder why it’s not here?

Gareth Pugh

Eric, that’s the Vegan Mix. It last appeared on 2015’s 3-disc deluxe of their ‘Always’ 30th Anniversary compilation – I notice they’ve largely avoided duplicating remixes that appeared on that and on 2016’s From Moscow to Mars box on this Chorus set.


Thanks Gareth. I’ve checked my collection & it was originally on the “Am I right” Ltd CD single. Also had a great mix of “Love to hate you”.


You mean vegan mix?