Erasure / Wild 2CD deluxe

Remastered • Bonus disc of remixes • 30th anniversary release

Erasure / Wild 2CD deluxe

Erasure‘s 1989 album Wild! will be reissued as a two-CD deluxe edition at the end of March.

Wild! was the second in a series of four consecutive albums that got to number one in the UK chart and delivered four top 20 singles in Britain, including two top five hits (‘Drama!’ and ‘Blue Savannah’).

For this reissue, the album is re-mastered and comes with a bonus disc of remixes. These include five unreleased tracks including a brand new remix by Richard Norris, a recently discovered unreleased mix of ‘How Many Times?’ and more.

It’s packaged in hardcover book format (a bit like The Innocents was back in 2009) with rare images and photos along with new sleeve notes.

The Wild! deluxe edition is released on 29 March 2019.

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Wild! 2CD deluxe


CD 1
1. Piano Song (Instrumental) [2019 – Remaster]
2. Blue Savannah (2019 – Remaster)
3. Drama! (2019 – Remaster)
4. How Many Times? (2019 – Remaster)
5. Star (2019 – Remaster)
6. La Gloria (2019 – Remaster)
7. You Surround Me (2019 – Remaster)
8. Brother and Sister (2019 – Remaster)
9. 2000 Miles (2019 – Remaster)
10. Crown of Thorns (2019 – Remaster)
11. Piano Song (2019 – Remaster)

CD 2
1. Sweet Sweet Baby (The Moo-Moo Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
2. Drama! (Richard Norris Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
3. Blue Savannah (Mark Saunders 12″ Remix) [2019 – Remaster]
4. Piano Song (Live At The London Arena) [2019 – Remaster]
5. Runaround On the Underground (Remix) [2019 – Remaster]
6. How Many Times? (Alternative Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
7. Supernature (Daniel Miller & Phil Legg Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
8. Star (Soul Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
9. No G.D.M. (Unfinished Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
10. Drama! (Act 2) [2019 – Remaster]
11. Brother and Sister (Live At The London Arena) [2019 – Remaster]
12. Dreamlike State (7″ Acappella Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
13. You Surround Me (Gareth Jones Mix) [2019 – Remaster]
14. 91 Steps (6 Pianos Mix) [2019 – Remaster]

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Hey Paul, did you hear about the Chorus re-issue?

Neil Kelly

What a backwards step this was when announced early in the year. I own all the other ‘Deluxes’ but not this. Shame on those buying it thus encouraging poor ‘Deluxes’ to continue.
As all the fans know and stated the content is dreadful and a huge step backwards.
With this anniversary looming and no new version of ‘Wild!’ since release, ‘Moscow to Mars’ should’ve had a different DVD which was (and still would be, as nothing since) unreleased to the format. All B sides, single mixes and remixes should’ve been included.
Disc one should have been filled i’m no expert right now but maybe with those single mixes and b sides.
Disc 2 remixes.
Disc 3 remixes continued i guess followed by rarities / the new mix.
Furthermore including a few live tracks is adding insult to injury especially so as scattered. Include the whole concert! How much does a CD cost in 2019? 5p? We’d all have paid more. 15 quid for an extra disc most of which we already have? Wow


Has nobody noticed that that the first four seconds of Drama! are tacked on at the end of Blue Savannah ?

Alec Flynn

Just as was the case with the original 1989 cd. I can’t hear any difference – what remastering?


Yes, next to no difference, other than the first 4 or so seconds of ‘Drama’ being at the end of ‘Blue Savannah’ and the last second of ‘La Gloria’ being at the beginning of ‘You Surround Me’.

Given the lack of noticeable remastering and this, I actually prefer the original CD over the ‘remaster’.


Just received the Wild – Deluxe 30th Anniversary Edition (frankly not a super_deluxe_edition and sadly not including one of the badges set located randomly by Lexermusic )

Once BMG/Mute included the Wild Tour DVD as a part of the Moscow To Mars Box, this release lost a lot of interest unless they had packed the second CD with a lot of demos, new remixes, alternative versions like the interesting “How many times” or even the complete audio of the live recording instead of the easily accesible bunch of old remixes. CD1 could’ve been easily completed with all the B-sides since the album barely last about 45 mins!

Nevertheless I ordered my copy because this and Chorus are my favourite Erasure albums! (And I’m a completist…) .
Great art by MeCompany and Pierre et Gilles by the way!


Will this be available on the US Amazon site.? I can’t use the UK website.

denver williams

I loved the “WILD ALBUM” when it was originally released and still do. There s some great tracks on there.


I wonder what a poor release this ist for this No1 album when others which sold (in comparison) poorly get a 3cd or more release including everything from this era. I’m really disappointed about it. Where is their best 12″ Drama (Krucial)?


When the first cd is just the original album (let me guess, so that it looks just like original – even though the whole purpose of this edition is to make different), the second includes unnecessary new remix and instead vintaga mixes are left out i see this as a questionable choice. I have no in a highlights-only expanded edition. Pass


Me personally I would not buy it why? Just because the album re edition is too easy, I’m new that I do not expect the reheated. At the moment a lot of bands come out new editions but they are purely commercial, and the playlist is hardly attractive. I pass my way and more if there was an album to remaster, I would not have chosen this one but I say I say I say, their best album for me.


Excited to see these reissues going again finally. Agree that the live DVD should have been held out for this release vs the box set given that the other reissues have all had DVDs so far. As far as not having all the b-sides or remixes this is no different than the prior reissues. Would have been nice to get other unreleased content vs the live audio from the live DVD/VHS. Hear they are working on the Chorus reissue which I am more excited for especially to hear that album remastered.


Every word on this superlame rerelease is almost a word too much…
Absolutely wasted opportunity – should have at least be a 3cd+dvd release.

Mark Pugh

I will buy this (it’s been on order since day 1) but it’s no secret it’s ny least fav album,but this is my least fav reissue. A missed opportunity and the worst thing is all of the new reissues don’t match up,it’s a poor excuse from the record label (whoever owns the rights it’s a minefield) it’s just the fans getting the shirt end of the stick yet again …… scrap it all,start again and put some effort into getting the content right and the packaging right …… make it right give the fans what they want.

Alec Flynn

100% agree

Tyronne Mayadunne

I 100% agree with Steven Robert’s comment.


So I take it you missed out on the “From Moscow To Mars” boxed set then, Neil? What you termed extortionate I would call exclusive and for one am glad it isn’t being replicated here for that very reason. This reissue is not going to set the world on fire (as it is missing too many things) but I actually love the new/unreleased offerings from it. The great Olivia Newton-John reference in the alternative take of “How Many Times?” (that was a highlight during the “Wild!” tour) is quite prominent on this version, and then how exciting to hear the previously unreleased “Acapella” version of “Dreamlike State” will soon be. I adore the Jesus and Mary Chain guested ‘mob’ vocals on “Drama!” and back when this was first released, it provided such a nice glimpse of the album to come (experimental and intriguing) and remains a favourite of mine. This is priced decently, and I hope to get one of the enamel badges with my order from Lexer Music!


It shouldn’t have been in that box in the first place. It should have been kept for this release to make it worthwhile buying considering the vast amount of stuff they could have put on it.

mino gagliardi

Were all remastrered tracks in this box ?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

what a poor compilation! all erasure album re-releases were bad until now. i cannot believe that there are no more unreleased alternate mixes. no chance for purchasing “wild!” or leaving any
positive comment. a 3 or 4 cd compilation would be interesting. but this ? no thanks!


a disappointment Blue Savanha has like 7 remixes and only include 1 of Mark’s missing remixes of Pettibone …. a disappointment


Idiotic decision to put that Wild live DVD in that extortionate box set when they should have included it on this even more so when you consider the first 3 albums had them.

Steven Roberts

I don’t see the point of a half-arsed release like this – either give us ALL the b-sides and remixes or don’t bother.

It might be argued that Erasure are leaving stuff ‘in the can’ for a 40th anniversary edition – but let’s be honest, with each year that passes the audience for such a product can only decrease (bummer, I know, but that’s life).

Ergo, the time to produce a truly comprehensive celebration of this album is NOW.

Oh, and if they really want to tempt in other buyers beyond the core fans, they might want to consider including a 5.1 blu-ray of the album and b-sides while they’re at it. If the record label are worried about keeping costs down, they need only look to the XTC CD/BD reissues for an example of a VERY affordable and EXTREMELY well received campaign.

Just sayin’ :)

John 79

Well said,I totally agree Steven.

Neil Kelly



Seems like the jury is in – this needs to be rethought if it’s going to achieve any kind of positive impact.

Gary Hunter

I’m a big Erasure fan but this release is far from appealing, various mixes are missing, looks like it has been cobbled together with very little effort, i’m not a fan of live tracks being included in the middle of a disc either, they have missed a big opportunity with this release.

Martin Brettell

Ive hot this album and play it sometimes a great album by Andy and Vince

Dean O

This was NOT my favourite Erasure album. …thank dog for b -sides….when I heard Supernature…..I Knew….the band was still in touch The Spanish influence was only temporary. Runaround……amazing; No GDM…..fantastic; 91 steps…..beautiful!!!…the album as a whole was a big let-down for me personally….had a few wines and blew a couple of Klipsch tweeters just not on N-Joi and Eon………..of course I’ll buy it, it’s ERASURE…..but I truly do await………ChoruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuSsssssssss.

Dean O

I’ve a wet spot in my pants,/waited sooooo long./craving Chorus….and Exorers deluxe…..Lorelie extended…..

Dean O

1st Grass: Supernature dance club and mix that may exist along/w Tin Tin cool Drum cover Kiss Me/Hold It funky/fly life is good Britannia connection found home on Mossy Lake Grass (again) Mrs. Bone Devo Everything’s Good, OMd

Dean O

Erasure b-sides hit home…….album: not so great. B-sides ride my ride home/have faith that Vince holds reign. We stand in heavy fog ruminescent of quirky/elektro b-sides and realize there is/puff at ghome/Kraftwerk/N-Joi

What? Me, Worry?



I’d have some of what he’s on if it wasn’t illegal!


i nice bargain release from erasure.

still worth getting.

unless they do a super deluxe, you won’t ever be getting
all the remixes, and there were tons of them.


Wayne Olsen

I am not the biggest Erasure fan, but this album is amazing.


I love this album, it was rarely out of my walkman in 89/90. I’ll buy this.

Duncan Day

YAY ! Bank managers going to be happy


You Surround Me Gareth Jones Remix? Why not the Mark Saunders Remix? That’s the best version of this song or simply both of them on it.


The SDE that I made on my own of this years ago is miles better.
Why bother if the product that you are going to offer is this underwhelming?


Hi Tim will u post the tracklist of your version to see how good it could have been please?


No demos or unreleased songs? Bah. I love this album but I will keep my old CD. Remixes just make me want to hear the original song and there isn’t enough live material to make me need this.


I was totally up for this, and then I saw the track listing. Yes, some nice content, but there could have been so much more. Including all the 12″ mixes and b-sides is surely a base requirement for something like this? Ah well, I still have my original singles.

Shauny P

I take it you haven’t heard of the EBX Singles series? The Wild! era 12” mixes all appear on EBX3.

Tyronne Mayadunne

Absolutely love this album but overwhelmingly underwhelmed by this release. They could have easily created a super deluxe of this album with a lot more content!

Tyler Williams

What … no B-sides from the era?


Tyler, six b-sides are present on Disc 2 (I think that just leaves Paradise missing) but they’re all in remixed form. I think I’d prefer the originals. Are these remixes from the time or modern ones?

Gareth Pugh

Mostly from the time Alan, in those days a lot of Mute artists including DM and Nitzer Ebb would also do 12″ remixes of the key B-Side track to a single. The Richard Norris Mix of Drama! is a new 2018 commission for this set, I believe, and the alt mix of How Many Times? is from the original sessions. I’ve never minded the original but this version is actually (IMHO) a much richer and better track.

I must admit, like some others on here, I would happily have paid a lot more for a lot more content, (Erasure being one of my favourite bands), but whilst this doesn’t have much unreleased material, it is very keenly priced at least.