Erasure / World Be Gone

Erasure will release their 17th studio album, World Be Gone, in May.

The album is their first since 2014’s The Violet Flame and follows on from the 30th anniversary celebrations which culminated in last year’s Moscow To Mars box set.

World Be Gone is a ten-track album and has been produced by the band and mixed by Matty Green. It will be available on CD and vinyl (with download code) and if you head over to the Erasure store there’s all sorts of bundles and limited editions (including a cassette version and orange vinyl).

The band will be special guests on Robbie Williams’ 2017 stadium tour this summer and ahead of those dates, Erasure perform three headline shows in: 27 May in Glasgow, 28 May in Manchester and 29 May at The Roundhouse in London.

World Be Gone is released on 19 May 2017.


  1. Love You To The Sky
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For!
  3. World Be Gone
  4. A Bitter Parting
  5. Still It’s Not Over
  6. Take Me Out Of Myself
  7. Sweet Summer Loving
  8. Oh What A World
  9. Lousy Sum Of Nothing
  10. Just A Little Love

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Is it just my copy or is the sound on the orange vinyl more than a bit woolen?


According to poponaut the 2CD edition contains the album + 8 track Love You to the Sky CD (available separately from lexer).


JPC now lists a 2CD edition:

Absolutely agree with arnaud, absolutely gorgeous artwork, and nice “Wild” reference.

J. Johnston

Would much have preferred a deluxe edition of this album as opposed to the ridiculously over-priced Moscow to Mars, which contained so much material we already have. Here’s hoping this album is better than the last two. For my two cents, Tomorrow’s World was particularly weak.

Ronald van Veen

Great cover indeed. Pre-ordered a copy of the CD at Pledge Music, now my name will appear in it. Hopefully there will be a couple of CD-singles too!


Cover is great. Welcome the absence of ltd edition box (missed Violet Flame box and have yet to pick one up). Glad to hear of pending b-sides etc. Looking forward to hearing this.

Gary Hunter

This should be interesting (hopefully!), hope it is similar in sound to their last album, as that was a return to form, after the diabolical “Tomorrow’s World” album, which made the “Loveboat” album sound out of this world!

As someone has mentioned, it is the 3rd studio album out of the last 4 to use the word “World” in the title.

I admit i’m feeling a little nervous about this release


I actually can’t stand this current trend of albums being released in deluxe, Target, iTunes, limited, and so on and so on editions. So this a very welcomed concept from Erasure with this one. I love supporting my acts, but they lose me when I, as a loyal fan, am taken advantage of when a new album’s material is spread over 3 separate releases. Give me a solid album and a few singles with b-sides & mixes and I’m happy.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i think the cover is great!
hopefully the music is like the early days.
i like erasure more with melancholic mood songs
( ship of fools / hallowed ground / crown of thorns / when i needed you…)


i really like this cover

Rob Iles

For those ordering from Pledge – CD edition is £11.21 with UK delivery

A random 500 CD’s will be signed and your name will appear in credits if ordering from Pledge


I actually really like the cover. Ordered the CD from their store to get my name in the credits :)

The last few Erasure albums have been excellent – all in fact since Loveboat. Really looking forward to this one.

John Pettigrew

Hopefully any bonus tracks will make their single packages attractive and who’s to say there won’t be a further tie-in release after the new album comes out?


No B-Sides, remixes or other bonus tracks, I’m not so interested then. Shame. I did buy the Moscow To Mars box. Excellent and very limited. That’s how to do a box.


I get that it’s nice to have bonus tracks, but would the lack of them make the album worth skipping? That seems antithetical to wanting to enjoy their new music… It’s a rare treat when bonus material overshadows the original album anyway.

Re: album cover… I actually like it. Looking back through Erasure’s history, they have a pretty spotty track record when it comes to tacky/terrible artwork (let’s be honest, they’ve had some real eyesores over the years). Interested to see what the music sounds like.

Gareth Pugh

There are singles (with remixes including one by VC himself on the first one, apparently ‘Love You To The Sky’) being planned and Vince Clarke has tweeted there are 2 or 3 B-sides ready to go for this album.


I pre-ordered the album for the album itself. Am I doing it wrong?

Jim Edwards

Very Wild! Andy and Vince producing. Does this mean we might get back to really proper Erasure pop? No pun intended. I hope my excitement pays off.

carsten hansen

No linited edition this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

below are few Words from eis newsletter

For those of you wondering – and as a result of much discussion between Vince, Andy, Mute and everyone involved in the project – we deliberately haven’t offered any sort of deluxe/boxset format this time around. The reason for that is that we’re all very conscious of the various high-priced formats you’ve supported over the last few years, and we wanted to acknowledge that support this time around by making the standard formats as special as possible without increasing the price. So, for example, there is no premium price for having your name included in the credits for example; and no higher price for the signed versions (which are being randomly allocated) and so on…

Nick Preece

Loads of Limited editions of this on PledgeMusic, coloured vinyl, 500 signed…. your name printed on album credits, ordered mine last week


Ok well that’s taste for you,looking forward to hearing it.

Charles K.

They have released some of their best music ever in recent years, really excited for this. The cover art is terrible though, reminds me of Light at the EOW from a few tears back. The music is all that counts though!

John Pettigrew

That cover’s lovely! A lot nicer than The Violet Flame.

And the CD is available for only £9 over at Pledge Music (stuff Amazon).


It’s a very nice sleeve for me – an hommage to Wild! ;) Hope the whole new album will stand this comparision.


i’m totally agree with you


Well the sleeve isn’t that bad… when you take a look at the latest Madonna or Lady gaga’s cover, this one is more than the average ;-) !
I’m surprised to find that for this one, there will not be a limited edition with bonus tracks…


Regarding bonus tracks – Vince has confirmed two or three b-sides ;)

Andrew Edwards

The reason there is no deluxe edition is that Vince and Andy reportedly said that fans put out a lot of money for the box set and wanted affordability with this release for the fans. This was reported on Erasure.com


That sleeve is awful,hope the contents are better.

elliott buckingham

orange vinyl and name in the credits for £20 don’t mind if I do


Is this the third album in the last few years with “World” in the title?

Darren Laity

2011 was last album with world in title