Erasure’s ‘From Moscow To Mars’ anthology box available in the USA


Box set news + Vince Clarke interview!

Last year’s Erasure career-spanning box set, From Moscow to Mars was exclusive to PledgeMusic and the band’s Lexer Music store. It sold out on both and hasn’t resurfaced at a sensible price, until now…

The 13-disc anthology is ‘released’ today in America and can be ordered from Amazon USA for £116 or around £92. That’s only a tiny amount more than the original selling price, so if you are interested, then now’s the time to pick one up, since who knows how much stock is available.

Last year SDE spoke to Vince Clarke – you can read the interview below

On the phone from New York, this is what Vince Clarke had to say:

SuperDeluxeEdition: What do you put your Erasure’s longevity down to?

Vince Clarke: Andy and I get on so well. There’s not a lot of egos floating around in the band. It’s just been a right delight and pleasure to have been working with him for this amount of time.

SDE: Have things changed much over the years? You had that incredible run of success with number one albums but inevitably things dip a bit and you no longer have that mainstream appeal you once had. Does that make any difference to how you go about your day job?

VC: It makes no difference to our work or our output. We both still love what we’re doing. We don’t sell as many records, obviously, but we’re still writing songs, and that’s the biggest joy.

SDE: What’s your view on the industry these days? There’s no singles or Top Of The Pops any more. In some ways quite a lot of fun has gone out of it, although I realise that with social media, connecting with your fans is quite a lot easier than it used to be…

VC: Andy and I have been very fortunate, because we’ve been through the times when the music industry was making loads and loads of money, and we benefitted from that. But overall I think the changes are good, really, because it’s made the business of making music more democratic. People can afford the kind of equipment, or do stuff on their computer at home that you wouldn’t have dreamed of, 20 years ago. There’s a lot more people making music, which I think is great.

SDE: But do you miss the concept of a hit single and something going in the top ten and the instant gratification of that?

VC: I don’t know really, because it wasn’t like it happened overnight… the most shocking thing for me actually, was when Top Of The Pops stopped, or people stopped watching it, because I’d been watching that since I was nine – it was just part of your life. And to suddenly see that people weren’t interested in that was quite shocking really, so I was sad to see that go.

SDE: Tell us about the new box set then. How involved have you been and whose idea was it?

VC: Initially it was the idea of our manager, or our ex-manager actually, because BMG own the Mute catalogue now, so Shawn at Mute worked with BMG in coming up with this idea, not to capitalise but because it was 30 years they thought they should do something, you know? And they had all this stuff and they thought the band would be interested in it, so we were involved in making decisions about what went on the different CDs. Also, they found stuff that I can’t even remember, so that was kind of interesting.

SDE: But were you charged with digging around for some demos and some of the unreleased material. Presumably you had that in your possession, did you?

VC: No, no, no. It was all kept by the record company. It was in their vaults. No, I don’t tend to keep anything [laughs]. Except old synths, I’ve got loads of those! [laughs].

SDE: You mentioned how BMG owned the Mute catalogue. Back in 2009 there was a really good reissue of The Innocents and then there was a couple of more reissues The Wonderland and The Circus, a couple of years later. Why didn’t the concept of issuing deluxe editions of the album, continue? Was it down to record company shenanigans?

VC: You know what, I really don’t know. They have sort of done things in dribs and drabs really. There was a time when I think they released two records in surround sound and there was an idea then was that there would be a series of them, but that stopped. I think it’s because Mute’s been through quite a few changes in the last few years and projects get abandoned and restarted.

SDE: But does that frustrate you when there is such chopping and changing and basically your work is passed around and bought and sold?

VC: [pause] Well… I don’t know. I think actually BMG have done a really good job. I mean, I’ve been on an independent label all my life, so was never a fan of huge, big record companies, but I think they’ve done a really great job, in this instance. And the fact that they were working with Mute together on it has made it a lot more credible.

SDE: Who do you think the box is aimed at? It has a bit of everything on it, hit singles, B-sides, remixes etc.

VC: It’s aimed fairly and squarely at our fanbase.

SDE: The rarities disc is obviously very interesting and it has the audition version of Who Needs Love Like That on it. Tell me what you remember of that audition and what you saw in Andy when you were going through that process.

VC: Well, it was a long weekend basically and we had lots of people apply for it – I’d advertised for a singer. So people applied, came to the audition and towards the end of that period, that weekend, Andy came along and he was asked basically to learn two songs in about 10 minutes and then sing them as best he could. That was the idea. He just came up with the best, most soulful interpretations of those two songs. The amazing thing about that story is they found that audition tape! I mean we didn’t keep it [laughs]. Where did that come from?

SDE: Was everyone taped then? Do all the other auditions exist?

VC: I guess so. I knew nothing of this. Maybe it was some tape op at the studio making copies of it, for whatever reason, but I was amazed when that came up.

SDE: So the vocal we hear on that particular track is Andy singing live to the backing music?

VC: Yes, it was. Like I say, he had 10 minutes to learn the track and he had one go at it, and that was it.

SDE: There’s two CDs of remixes in the From Moscow to Mars box set. There are so many Erasure remixes, as I’m sure you are well aware, so how did they get whittled down, because it’s probably a bit of an arduous process listening to lots of remixes…

VC: I think the record company were looking for remixes that weren’t so common, so they weren’t going for the obvious ones, and the decision making for those, was really down to Andy because he’s more into dance music than I am.

SDE: You do some remixing yourself, don’t you? So what makes a good remix?

VC: I don’t know. It’s different for different tracks really. Remixing used to be about making a dance track, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that now. I lot of the remixing I do is for much slower songs that no one is going to dance to, but people like to listen to at home, so…. it’s changed really. It’s just about coming up with something different. A different interpretation of the track.

SDE: Obviously this box set is a big, physical item. Do you think it’s quite important that music still gets released physically?

VC: Well I like physical, and I think the fans do as well. I like sitting on the toilet and reading the credits, you know what I mean.

SDE: And what about the cost. This set is £80. Did you have a view on this being affordable and the label not going to over the top, because there’s only so much money people can afford to spend on music.

VC: Yeah, we weren’t really involved in that decision. It is a lot of money, I agree. But I guess you get bang for your buck.

SDE: Do the record company need your permission to put stuff out? How does that work?

VC: I think if we didn’t want it released, then they wouldn’t release it.

SDE: How are you at looking back? A lot of artists are passionate about what they are doing now, but not necessarily that keen on digging up the past. What are your views on that?

VC: I’m definitely more forward looking. I don’t listen to old records of mine.

SDE: Is there anything you’d like to have included on this set, but couldn’t for whatever reason?

VC: No, I think everything is on there, mate. That’s it!

SDE: Does the end of this year [2016], close the door on the archival releases, at least for a while?

VC: In 2017 we’re moving on to the next Erasure record. There’ll be another box in 20 more years [laughs].


CD 1
1. Who Needs Love Like That?
2. Heavenly Action
3. Oh L’Amour
4. Sometimes
5. It Doesn’t Have to Be
6. Victim of Love
7. The Circus
8. Ship of Fools
9. Chains of Love
10. A Little Respect
11. Stop!
12. Drama!
13. You Surround Me
14. Blue Savannah
15. Star
16. Chorus

CD 2
1. Love to Hate You
2. Am I Right?
3. Breath of Life
4. Take a Chance on Me
5. Always
6. Run to the Sun
7. I Love Saturday
8. Stay with Me
9. Fingers and Thumbs (Cold Summer’s Day)
10. Rock Me Gently
11. In My Arms
12. Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me
13. Rain
14. Freedom
15. Moon and the Sky
16. Solsbury Hill
17. Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

CD 3
1. Breathe
2. Don’t Say You Love Me
3. Here I Go Impossible Again
4. All This Time Still Falling Out of Love
5. Boy
6. I Could Fall in Love with You
7. Sunday Girl
8. Storm in a Teacup
9. Sucker for Love
10. When I Start To (Break It All Down)
11. Be with You
12. Fill Us With Fire
13. Gaudete
14. Make It Wonderful
15. Elevation
16. Reason
17. Sacred

CD 4
1. Fill Us With Fire
2. Save Me Darling
3. Fly Away
4. Here I Go Impossible Again
5. Witch in the Ditch
6. Miracle
7. Siren Song
8. Mad As We Are
9. Boy
10. Joan
11. I Bet You’re Mad At Me
12. Golden Heart
13. A Long Goodbye
14. What Will I Say When You’re Gone?
15. Brother and Sister
16. Whole Lotta Love Run Riot

CD 5
1. Sono Luminus
2. Because You’re So Sweet
3. Love Affair
4. Home
5. Alien
6. Precious
7. Don’t Dance
8. How My Eyes Adore You
9. Boy
10. Blues Away
11. Spiralling
12. Piano Song
13. Tenderest Moments
14. Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime
15. Cry so Easy
16. You’ve Got to Save Me Right Now
17. Weight of the World

CD 6
1. Supernature
2. The Hardest Part
3. When I Needed You
4. She Won’t Be Home
5. Knocking On Your Door
6. Don’t Suppose
7. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
8. Over the Rainbow
9. Waiting for Sex (Full Length)
10. Tenderest Moments
11. March On Down the Line
12. Dreamlike State
13. The Soldier’s Return
14. Heart of Glass
15. Let It Flow
16. Runaround On the Underground
17. Rapture
18. Paradise

CD 7
1. La La La
2. Truly, Madly, Deeply
3. Like Zsa Zsa Zsa Gabor
4. Sweet Sweet Baby
5. True Love Wars
6. Ghost
7. Hi NRG
8. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
9. In the Name of the Heart
10. Die 4 Love
11. Tragic
12. First Contact
13. Love Is Colder Than Death
14. Don’t Say No
15. In the Hall of the Mountain King
16. No G.D.M
17. Take Me On a Highway
18. Tomorrow’s World

CD 8
1. A Little Respect
2. Waiting for the Day
3. Supernature
4. Blue Savannah
5. S.O.S.
6. Love to Hate You
7. Snappy
8. Ship of Fools
9. The Circus
10. Elevation
11. Stay With Me

CD 9
1. Stop!
2. I Could Fall in Love With You
3. Always
4. Blue Savannah
5. Oh L’Amour
6. Chorus
7. Heavenly Action
8. Breath of Life
9. You Surround Me
10. If I Could
11. Rock Me Gently

CD 10
1. Victim of Love – The Circus Tour 1987
2. Knocking On Your Door – The Erasure Show 2005
3. A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot – Tomorrow?s World Tour 2011
4. Joan – The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992
5. Witch in the Ditch – The Innocents Tour 1988
6. I Bet You?re Mad At Me – The Erasure Show 2005
7. Home – The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992
8. Spiralling – The Innocents Tour 1988
9. Sunday Girl – Light at the End of the World Tour 2007
10. Don?t Say Your Love Is Killing Me – An Evening With Erasure 1997
11. Breathe – The Erasure Show 2005
12. Sometimes – The Innocents Tour 1988
13. Tenderest Moments – The Acoustic Tour 2006
14. Ave Maria – The Erasure Show 2005
15. Soldiers Return – The Phantasmagorical Entertainment Tour 1992
16. I Could Fall in Love With You – Light at the End of the World Tour 2007
17. A Little Respect – The Innocents 1988

CD 11
1. Who Needs Love Like That?
2. Blue
3. Piano
4. Waiting for the Day
5. Siempre
6. 2000 Miles
7. Chanson
8. Am I Right?
9. Worlds On Fire
10. Run to the Sun
11. Breath of Life
12. Alien
13. Whole Lotta Love Run Riot
14. Moon and the Sky
15. Untitled
16. Amo Odiarti
17. UK Vibe 3
18. Symphony
19. Reason

CD 12
1. A Little Respect 30 Years of Erasure

Disc: 13
1. DVD – The Wild! Concert

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Tin Soldier

Barnes & Noble in the USA has received stock in some stores (not all – hit and miss). Priced about $135.00.

Paul English

Mine arrived within one week from Amazon USA.

Perfectly packaged. Will be playing it this week.


I was umming and aahing over this because of the price. If it was a ‘general’ release I would have waited for a drop, but as it’s limited unsold stock (exactly how limited, I don’t know) my FOMO got the better of me and I ordered from Rarewaves’ eBay store. I hope it’s the same Rarewaves, not just an eBay imposter.

The postage to Australia was really cheap, I hope that doesn’t bite me on the bum.


well after hesitating for ages cos of the price I took the plunge and ordered it from amazon.usa. Are people who have listened to it pleased with the quality of the recordings?


Which surround sound Erasure releases was VC referring to? The Depeche Mode SACDs from around 12 years ago are among my most treasured musical possessions (experiences, really). Is/was the Erasure catalog getting released on DVD-A, SACD, or Blu-Ray Audio?

Kenneth Tilley

does anyone know if The Wild Tour DVD in here will be available separately ?


Yes it says on Amazon it’s disc 13.


And for those who missed out…

Andy Bell’s Electric Blue, originally released in 2005, is now available as 2017 Deluxe Expanded Edition, from Lexer Music and Pledge Music. This is a limited edition single pressing with great track listing!

CD1 – Electric Blue
Caught In A Spin
Love Oneself (with Claudia Brücken)
I Thought It Was You (with Jake Shears)
Electric Blue
Shaking My Soul
I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Delicious (with Claudia Brücken)
See The Lights Go Out
The Rest Of Our Lives

CD1 – Bonus Tracks
Back Into The Old Routine
Little Girl Lies
Names Change

CD2 – Electric Dub [New continuous mix]
See The Lights Go Out
Electric Blue
Jack Of Clubs
I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Love Oneself

CD2 – Bonus Tracks
Crazy – New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix
I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix
Electric Blue – New 2017 Extended Vocal Mix
Love Oneself – 2017 Extended Version
Crazy – New 2017 Acoustic Version
Crazy – New 2017 Radio Edit

CD3 – Rarities
Jack Of Clubs
Delicious (Andy Solo Version)
Love Oneself (Andy Solo Version)
Crazy (MHC Stateside Remix)
Crazy (Cicada Vocal Remix)
Crazy (Vince Clarke Remix)
Crazy (King Roc Remix)
Crazy (MHC Master Mix)
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (Goetz Extended Remix)
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (Jaded Alliance Remix)
I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (Mr. Do’s Remix)
Electric Blue” (Extended Album Version)


Andy’s auction tracks were previously published on the ‘Buried Treasure II’ CD album. The tracks were “Who Needs Love Like That” and “One Day” which was released back in November 2006. The audition recordings were listed in the Mute archive under “Vince Clarke” rather than “Erasure”.

All the auditions were recorded and were spread over two tapes – a mix of male and female singers. One of the pages of the Total Pop! 40 book has a screengrab of an email I wrote that lists the track number, gender of the singer and which one was Andy (complete with cheesy Photoshop red-ring highlight).


Thank you Paul for the nice Vince Clarke interview!


Not on ebay :)
I ordered from there.

Neil McL

It’s now sold out


It’s still on Amazon (US). It is currently saying shipping in 2-4 weeks through the seller, Rarewaves, but I got the shipped notice today (ordered it on Monday).

Robert Lett

I got it first time round w the signed litho, very sweet set.

Paul English

Ordered, thanks for the heads-up Paul.

There’s a reason why I didn’t order it from Pledge – they charge you straightaway and have the use of your money until the item is ready to ship. I had a feeling that the set would be delayed and also suspected that Pledge’s communication would be poor / silent about such delays. I was right on both counts.

With Amazon, you’re not charged until the item ships. A much better business model.


So glad I waited to get this. I have Amazon Prime, so I don’t have to pay the ridiclious shipping and handling from Pledge. Win, win for me.




do you know if you have to pay custom charges if you buy it from usa amazon?


I wouldn’t risk it unless you are willing to pay at least £30 in import duty tax. I know this from experience because when it happens they put a card through your door and they won’t let you pick up your parcel until you have paid the tax.

Alan Wilson


I just ran through a dummy order and the import fees for this order (assuming you’re sending to the UK), was calculated at £20.49, so total price quoted was £122.95. You would not have to pay anything else on top of that, this was with the cheapest shipping option selected and chosing to pay in GBP.

Alan Wilson


Amazon USA automatically calculates your VAT and other charges at the checkout stage for your country, so you do pay it, but it’s all upfront and saves you paying any additional courrier charges at the point of delivery.

Chris Squires

As an aside:

Thanks SDE SuperWidget. Abba Arrival 2LP for £14.99 delivered. Brilliant.

Louis Jones


Lee Carson

These are what was left over from the Pledge campaign. There will be no more. They are only shipping from Amazon USA due to an admin mess up according to the Erasure Newsletter

Tin Soldier

I’m interested in knowing if the retail-distributed boxes ship with that custom title/hype sticker that only some of the Lexer/Pledge boxes went out with. (Mine came unadorned)


Another great interview. Thank you so much. I met Andy and Vince on their last US tour (I even had Vince sign a Depeche cd for me :-)
Keep up the great work, -best music website!

Rune T

Great interview! Always nice to see artists pointing out the possibilities that are available for artists , new and old, today – and not just moan about not making loads of money anymore.

Mark Reed

Look like it’s selling several sets a minute thanks to your tweet – hope you get something back from them!


I was on the fence at the time but decided to buy it partially because it was a limited edition. It always feels special to have something that others don’t and furthermore, if you ever wanted to get rid of it, it would be an easy sell. So I’m not too excited this shows up on Amazon in an apparent additional print. They said at the time that the printing of this box was limited to only a thousand or so. On Pledge, you can even see the number of available box sets dwindling as time wwent on. So I guess they (record company?) were lying? Not cool.

Stevie B

Oh come on, they’ve made something more widely available for fans who might not have had easy access to it before, and all you can do is whinge!!!! Well done to them, and everyone, including record companies, are allowed to re-think and give fans what they want. It also means that people who try and re-sell their copies will be less likely to rip off genuine fans.


It was all explained by Richard (who is doing the Erasure website and newsletter) in the Erasure newsletter last week (17/03/2017). Quote:
Since the beginning of the year I’ve had lots of people asking me when the ‘From Moscow To Mars’ boxset will be made available again and I am delighted to say that it will be released on the general market next Friday (March 24th) and while most of the stock will be going through Amazon it will also be available from some independent record shops. That’s the good news, and if you’re in North America then there’s no bad news. If however you are outside the US and still want to purchase a boxset then I’m afraid you will need to do that via Amazon USA (or from another North American retailer) as unfortunately all the remaining stock has been shipped to the US. This was not the original plan, we did expect a decent proportion of the stock to be distributed elsewhere but sadly, for terribly dull administrative reasons, that hasn’t happened… :-(”

So, this was some kind of “accident” and not planned. No need to slag off the record company. I guess only some guy made a mistake, and I guess he was told off for that.


Much appreciated Andy. Thanks for the info.


I ordered it and then cancelled, but they’ve dispatched it anyway and it seems I’ve not been charged. Happy days!

claudio oliveira

…why not from amazon uk???????????????????????????

Gareth Pugh

From their official e-newsletter of last week:

‘while most of the stock will be going through Amazon it will also be available from some independent record shops. That’s the good news, and if you’re in North America then there’s no bad news. If however you are outside the US and still want to purchase a boxset then I’m afraid you will need to do that via Amazon USA (or from another North American retailer) as unfortunately all the remaining stock has been shipped to the US. This was not the original plan, we did expect a decent proportion of the stock to be distributed elsewhere but sadly, for terribly dull administrative reasons, that hasn’t happened… :-( ‘ (content: Erasure Information Service).


While it is probably a moot point, just to answer the question: yes the original release was shipped to the US. At incredible speed! I got the notice that it was being shipped from Germany, and it was on my front porch the next day. I live in a pretty rural area, so I had expected it to take at least a week or two.