Eric Clapton & B.B. King / Riding with the King 20th anniversary reissue

Remastered • Bonus tracks • Limited coloured vinyl

Eric Clapton / Riding With The King 20th anniversary edition

Eric Clapton & B.B. King‘s album from 2000, Riding With The King, will be reissued next month to mark its 20th anniversary.

The 12-track album of all-new studio recordings of blues classics and contemporary songs. has been remastered from the original tapes (by Bob Ludwig) and is expanded, featuring two unreleased bonus tracks (recorded during the original sessions). Original co-producer Simon Climie rose to the occasion and produced and mixed these two additional numbers especially for this reissue.

The album features contributions from musicians such as Andy Fairweather Low, Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Susannah and Wendy Melvoin, and Jim Keltner. Arif Mardin contributed string arrangements and orchestration to two tracks.

The new 14-track version is presented on 2LP black vinyl and CD, although a limited blue vinyl edition is also available (we are stocking at the SDE shop).

Riding With The King is reissued on 26 June 2020.

1.      Riding with the King
2.      Ten Long Years
3.      Key To The Highway
4.      Marry You
5.      Three O’Clock Blues
6.      Help The Poor
7.      I Wanna Be
8.      Worried Life Blues
9.      Days of Old
10.   When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer
11.   Hold On I’m Coming
12.   Come Rain Or Come Shine 

20th Anniversary Bonus Tracks:

13.   Rollin’ and Tumblin’
14.   Let Me Love You Baby

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Ryan M

Wonder if Let Me Love You Baby is the same as Let Me Love You as released on the Riding With The King CD single from Japan?


I think it’s a redundant re-issue. Two new songs is a little bit too little. Most of the fans have already the 12 songs cd in their possession. There are a “1001” unissued songs in the vaults. Why not filled up a second cd with 10 unissued songs? An too easy release to earn extra money!


I’ll buy it if it sounds better than the original CD, which is much too loud… the problem that everything Climie-produced suffers from.

Of course, it will not fix the awful flaws of having such a potentially great combination of artists ruined by useless drum programming…

Neil Wilkes

Redundant isn’t the word I would use, as yet again we see another crappy modern vinyl reissue (this whole 180/200g pressing thing is pure snake oil, as I have yet to find a modern pressing with the same S/N ratios as old 1970’s vinyl, back when the cutting engineers like George ‘Porky’ Peckham (remember ‘A Porky Prime Cut’?) knew what they were doing. Modern vinyl simply does not sound close to as good as the old ones did – and yes, I have compared directly with new pressings using so-called “audiophile vinyl” – a true oxymoron if ever I heard one) against original ones (using recycled vinyl as the main labels always saved the virgin vinyl for classical titles) and the originals are always, always better.

Mike Zlotnicki

My DVD-A is enough for me.

James Pigg

Disappointing that the 5.1 mix of this album that was released originally isn’t being made available again for this anniversary edition.


Maybe they release it in the 25th anniversary super deluxe edition…

Neil Wilkes

As a DTS if you are very, very lucky.


The price comparison box says the CD in Canada is available to order but when I go there, the “Audio CD” box is empty [has a hyphen].


They are calling it a “deluxe edition” when it has 2 extra tracks more than the original release.
If they really wanted a “deluxe” release, add the DVD audio or upgrade that to BR audio


I know i’m gonna dig this

fisher seikotsi

is there a hip-hop version?


Nice one with the “…rose to the occasion” bit


Wonder if EC still has his Enoch poster up on his wall?


Great album, although 2 bonus tracks is not enough for me to buy this again. If you issue a deluxe edition, at least make it a 2cd. Didn’t they do a little jammin’ together in the studio, and aren’t there any alternate versions, etc?
Glad Simon Climie is still active in the music industry. Everything he did I liked. Paul, Climie Fisher needs a box set like you did for Curiosity Killed The Cat. Both released 2 albums with plenty of Remixes, single versions, etc.


Ah but you can revel in the fact that it was a job very well done!


It was a great box set but you do realise the track numbering was wrong on Cd 1 right?


Edsel came out with reissues of both Climie Fisher albums in 2009. Everything…Plus and Coming In For The Kill…Plus have 7 bonus tracks each. How much is left in the well?


I guarantee that it won’t sound better than the Audio Fidelity SACD. That release was “un-brickwalled”.

Chris Squires

“Simon Climie rose to the occasion”

I expect you’ll be fishing for compliments after that corker…..


‘Everything’ about this is wrong.

Paul Mac

If only there were something that changes everything…..


I’d heard he’d moved into the gravel business, with his brother.