Essential 10cc / 3CD set

Generous 3CD set at a great price

Essential 10cc / 3CD set

UMC will issue Essential 10cc on their budget Spectrum Music imprint next month. The three-CD set brings together an impression 54 tracks.

10cc scored 11 top ten UK hits in the 1970s and the creative force of the band was famously driven by two internal writing teams: the ‘arty’ and experimental Kevin Godley & Lol Creme and the more poppy and commercial Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart.

Godley and Creme left in 1976 and enjoyed further success as a duo and notably went on to forge a very successful career as promo video directors. Stewart and Gouldman continued, until 1983’s Windows in the Jungle album after which there was something of a hiatus.

There was a brief, but unsuccessful, reunion with Godley and Creme in 1992 (the ...Meanwhile album). That pair didn’t return for the final album, 1995’s Mirror Mirror, which in truth was more like an uneasy fusion of Gouldman and Stewart solo albums.

Essential 10cc will be released on 5 February 2021. The UK price is likely to drop to the usual £5 mark, before release. See the full track listing, below.


  1. I’m Not In Love
  2. Life Is A Minestrone
  3. I’m Mandy Fly Me
  4. The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
  5. Brand New Day
  6. Channel Swimmer
  7. Good News
  8. Une Nuit A Paris (part 1) / The Same Night in Paris (part 2) / Later the Same Night in Paris (part 3)
  9. Get It While You Can
  10. I Wanna Rule The World
  11. Head Room
  12. Lazy Ways
  13. Iceberg
  14. People In Love
  15. Marriage Bureau Rendezvous
  16. Modern Man Blues (live)
  17. I’m So Laid Back I’m Laid Out
  18. Don’t Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste


  1. Dreadlock Holiday
  2. The Things We Do For Love
  3. Wall Street Shuffle (live 1977)
  4. Waterfall (Live 1977)
  5. Ships Don’t Disappear In The Night (Do They?) (live 1977)
  6. You’ve Got A Cold (live 1977)
  7. Life Line
  8. Take These Chains
  9. From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
  10. Last Night
  11. Nothing Can Move Me
  12. It Doesn’t Matter At All
  13. Strange Lover
  14. Welcome To The World
  15. Dressed To Kill
  16. Only Child
  17. I’m Not In Love (Live in London 1982)
  18. Dreadlock Holiday (Live in London 1982)


  1. Good Morning Judge
  2. Art For Art’s Sake
  3. The Power Of Love
  4. You’re Coming Home Again
  5. Run Away
  6. Les Nouveaux Riches
  7. Don’t Ask
  8. Memories
  9. Action Man In Motown Suit
  10. We’ve Heard It All Before
  11. Oomachasaooma (Feel The Love)
  12. Food For Thought
  13. Yes I Am
  14. She Gives Me Pain
  15. Something Special
  16. Welcome To Paradise
  17. Don’t
  18. Lost In Love

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Pete Chilton

Got my copy this week and just started listening to it. 3.17 into I’m Not In Love, it cuts to a different part of the song.

Not sure if it’s a fault or intentional, horrific edit?

Peter Mulholland

Before During After – The Story of 10cc, is a much better set, albeit more expensive

Pete Chilton

Got my copy this week and just started listening to it. 3.17 into I’m Not In Love, it cuts to a different part of the song.
Not sure if it’s a fault or intentional, horrific edit?

Neil Hunt

Pete, it sounds like it has the Edited Single Version. Is the song about 3 minutes 50 instead of the full length 6 minute version? How does the mastering sound generally on the CD? I’m slightly tempted to get it but some Spectrum releases can be a mixed bag when it comes to mastering quality.

Frances B

Neil, I found your comment helpful, as I too thought there was a fault on the ‘I’m Not In Love’ track. It jumps to a different part of the song after 3.18. I took the c.d. back to Tesco’s & got an exchange, only to find it happened again. I wondered if it was an edit as I have the 1997 Mercury Records compilation (The Very Best Of 10cc) 18 tracks on 1 CD, with the 6 minute track. I’m disappointed as it’s a favourite track, but I’m not complaining with 54 tracks at £5.

Peter Mulholland

Before During After – The Story of 10cc, is a much better set, albeit more expensive

Michael Bushell

First live band I ever saw*. It was the How Dare You? tour so still with Godley & Creme. Stupidly, I thought all gigs would be that good -very few have ever surpassed them.

No Old Wild Men or Don’t Hang Up? Shame. I suspect I’ll get it because of the oddities that are in the set, but 10CC deserve so much better. And Bohemian Rhapsody was a rip off of the One Night In Paris suite.

* Strictly speaking the first band I saw were Chas & Dave who were the support act.

Terry Settle

Feel the Benefit (1 and 2) a huge omission


Meanwhile is an underrated (if over-produced) gem of an album – The Stars Didn’t Show (sung by Kev) is gorgeous.

Nice to see Lost in Love included (gem of b side from same time period).

Steven Roberts

Agreed – The Stars Didn’t Show is a cracking song.

BTW- Kevin Godley has a new solo album out:-


Jay G

Yup Best song on the album. Also agree …meanwhile is a severely underrated album.

Jay G

Yup Best song on the album. Also agree …meanwhile is a severely underrated album.

John Miller

Just looks cheap. They deserve better.

David M

It is (incredibly) cheap, really what do you expect for that price?

Steven Roberts

I’d expect Old Wild Men at the very least – it’s their best song!

But, as other have already stated – wrong label.

Gary Smith

Tracks missing should also include “feel the benefit” a classic.


Looks to me like this is 10CC the Phonogram (UMC) years. Misses out the earlier UK/Decca years that had Wall Street Shuffle, Rubber Bullets, Donna, Dean and I etc which is more interesting with Godley and Creme.


Speaking very generally I don’t think these guys gained much traction in the US aside from I’m Not In Love, The Things We Do For Love, and Dreadlock Holiday (of course there are super fans everywhere). Pretty certain I will not buy this item, but it has inspired me to give a listen in Apple Music.

Nigel Day

Essential ? But no Rubber Bullets. Donna Reds In My Bed. Studio Wall Street ?

Still, at that price that’s not bad. Not for me though.

Would love a proper re- release programme of all their albums

Wim Lintsen

They have there moments, but not a 3 cd essential

Chris Squires

Agreed, but you could say that of just about any 1970s / 1980s legacy artist.
Police, Abba, Wings / McCartney, Queen, Jam, Smiths, Genesis, Eagles, Phil Collins, Prince, Bowie, Elton, George Michael etc.

None of these would warrant a 3CD essential set to anybody who just thinks “they have there (sic) moments”.

For every “Don’t stop me now” there is a “Hammer to Fall”, for every “Winner Takes it all” there is a “So Long” and so on.

Once you get past a double LP for nearly all these guys you would struggle to keep everyone happy. And I mean Joe Average, not an above average fan.

Dr Volume

A great 10CC primer would be one of those ‘Original Albums Series’ that Rhino do where you get 5 or 6 classic albums in card sleeves in a slip case for around 10 quid. Maybe the debut album through to ‘Bloody Tourists’ would cover the imperial phase – but as with this compilation licensing from the other label would make that too expensive.

As for why they aren’t more popular – they’re studio boffins and backroom boys who ended up turning into a rock band – but they lacked a strong image like say Roxy Music or a dynamic and exciting stage presence like Freddie. They’re (rightly) compared to Steely Dan but they lack the consistency and easy groove of the latter because they couldn’t resist a crunching gear change or veering into some wild daft Operetta or a skit with comedy accents.
That said the collective work of the foursome is astonishing both as 10cc, solo and in collaboration with others – and while the classic albums are *very* Seventies – their sound, production and (Godley & Creme’s) Video work pretty much invented the 80s didn’t it?

Gareth Jones

You can’t expect these budget compilations to be top notch, but leaving out Rubber Bullets and having two versions of a couple of songs seems insane!

I also hate the way they offer live versions of certain tracks. Live versions are surely for the hardcore fans, not for the casual listener for whom this is aimed at?

I bought a budget 3-CD Punk compilation recently, and all the Ramones tracks were live versions, but all the tracks by everyone else were the studio versions. If a label can’t get the rights to put a studio recording of the Ramones on there, why bother including them at all? The ropey live tracks stick out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, sorry for sounding like a grumpy old man! 3 CDs for around a fiver shouldn’t make you grumble too much, and yet we still do!!

Jay G

Problem is UK Records albums have been notoriously hard to licence. I believe Cherry Red now controls the catalog so I am holding out hope something very wonderful will show up in a couple of years. One can hope no?

Jay G

Problem is UK Records albums have been notoriously hard to licence. I believe Cherry Red now controls the catalog so I am holding out hope something very wonderful will show up in a couple of years. One can hope no?


* Includes 26 tracks NOT on 10cc Collected
* Includes 13 non-album B-sides plus 3 tracks from Ten Out Of 10 (US edition) previously released on the 1996-97 remasters and Tenology
* Track listing almost identical to Spectrum’s 2016 release I’m Not In Love: The Essential 10cc

andrew r

Why no box set for this band . Personally not a big fan
But they have an impressive history and I’m not in love is arguably as important as bohemian rhapsody

John MC cann

Wot makes Bohemian rhapsody important?

andrew r

First chart topper to involve movements or themes in the music . Some have argued that 10cc’s work is a direct influence on it . Plus one of the longest runs at no.1 . Plus it made Queen a global success . I am not a fan of band ( queen) or record but it is an important record you must agree ?


I think you’re way off the mark Andrew r with your comment that Bohemian Rhapsody was the “First chart topper to involve movements or themes in the music .”
For example “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes and Villains” by The Beach Boys both contain movements and themes. “Good Vibrations” has been described as a “pocket symphony” and topped the charts in 1966

Nigel Day

Unless you’re deaf

Stephen Ferrelly

There was a box set called ‘Tenology’ from 2012. Mind you I can understand why folks missed it as it didn’t hang around for long. I think I paid about £40 back then which for 4CDs and a DVD with a nice box and booklet wasn’t bad. It’s silly money now 2nd hand which makes this budget effort even more attractive if you hadn’t got a compilation (although the mussing early tracks are a frustration). I agree about ‘I’m not in Love’. Top 70s anthem!

Craig Hedges

Can anyone advise on the sound quality of this compilation series.
As others have already commented this is really only worth getting for the post split material. Shouldn’t every record collection have copies of ‘Sheet Music’, ‘Original Soundtrack’, and ‘How Dare You’ by law.
If you’re 10cc curious and can spare 6 minutes, sit down, fire up your preferred streaming service or YouTube and listen to ‘Don’t Hang Up’ from the album ‘How Dare You’ .

Chris S

I was excited until I saw the rather randomly inserted live tracks.


Not randomly inserted, Chris. The track list is in chronological order of release. The first live tracks are from the 1977 album Live and Let Live, the others b-sides from 1983. Only Modern Man Blues is out of sequence. Could be the studio version from Deceptive Bends iso the live version, or placed there with the rest of that album.


Reading some of the comments below you would think they were releasing a deluxe edition greatest hits!! It’s 3 CD’s for a fiver!! It’s aimed at casual supermarket shoppers who probably only know “I’m not in love”. Get a grip!! 50 odd tracks for a fiver!!!

The comments about these “Essential “ collections not being comprehensive. The UB40 collection has, to my knowledge, only one top 75 hit missing!!!

John MC cann

I agree for half a reindeer is it really worth their while? how much do Tesco take for selling it!,


Is that version girl by any chance. Because that’s the one l think of when looking at UB40. I bought the 3cd comp. But have most everything by them. It’s the track lm thinking of that’s missing.

Steven Roberts

If they had done this as Disc 1: chronological singles mixes; Disc 2: rarities and/or deep cuts: Disc 3 live (maybe a whole gig of the classic foursome?) then it could REALLY have been the “Essential 10CC”

adam shaw

It does seem strange that every label that has put out a best of or greatest hits by them has been able to contain all the hits .


I wonder if they manage to goof again and include the single version edit of “I’m not in love” as they did on the initial release of Tenology …


Nothing from ‘Sheet Music’ – Wall Street Shuffle only represented by a live version. To me this slapdash collection isn’t far off those 70s CDs where former members of the band re-record the old hits.

Meh (as i believe the kids say).


I picked up the 2cd Greatest Hits…and more, for a fiver a couple of years ago. 33 tracks including the early singles and some pre history.


Oh! What a missed opportunity! I could have made some space in my dedicated ‘Manchester’ section. I’ll stick with my COLLECTED set which also includes solo projects from Godley and Creme, Graham Gouldman and of course Hotlegs, where it all began!

Peter Stevens

Nice but didn’t it come out a year or so ago with a different cover?

Jon stevens

Yes it did. 2016 on spectrum. 53 tracks instead of 54. The glued in plastic tray variety which either makes you feel like you’ll snap the discs as you remove them, or just watch them fall out as you remove it from the shelf. V similar track listing, though not identical.

Chris Squires

As ever the best, IMHO opinion, collection for 10CC is the dutch “Collected” series. It covers all of the important songs as well as Godley and Creme’s hits and a couple of Graham’s solo songs as well as Hotlegs. It goes up to Windows in the Jungle, which is as far (if not further) as you need to go. I saw them twice on the Windows in the Jungle tour and that really should have been it.

If you can stretch to £15 on eBay or £20 on Amazon it is a much better set, I know £5 is tempting as a proposition but missing out the first two brilliant albums whilst including the last two inessential albums is a difficult trade-off to sell as far as quality is concerned.

Curiously the Collected set listed as a Vinyl release that is “coming soon” has been shown as such for about 5 years…. for some reason what looked like a nice 2LP set got canned.

Don Cooper

If it brings new punters to the 10cc table, will serve its purpose.
Sadly, if no liner notes as usual, they will not be guided to the Seventies Masterpiece that is
‘Sheet Music.’
Anyone who appreciates music must hear that album.
(And yes, I know what I did there…)
((Big shout-out for Liam Newton’s indispensible biography 10cc: The Worst Band In The World.))

Jeff D

Why they are not more popular is one of life’s great mysteries.
As an aside, yet another band that would perfect for 5.1 mixes.

John bone

Totally agree. E-mailed the website when the
BBC did a special on the band a while back and
asked if there was any plans for 5.1 mixes.
No plans was the answer :-(
10cc and sheet music are pop music at its very
best. Saw the band at the Glasgow Apollo just
After the Original soundtrack was released.
Still one of the best live gigs I’ve seen.

metal mickey

Certainly an interesting odds & sods collection, not definitive in any way whatsoever, but you can’t argue at that price, and as already been mentioned, a decent “entry level” way into the later albums… I seem to have talked myself into it!

Michel Kempes

Im not in love and Dreadlock holiday 2 times but NO Feel the benefit…?


I was about to post exactly the same thing. That should definitely have been on there – studio or live version – at the expense of some of the tracks that appear twice (I realise it’s pretty long but what a classic and what a closing guitar solo!)


First band I ever got into ‘big time’ .They made some magnificent albums up to Bloody Tourists.
A good looking bargain set…..and as I have nowt of the band on CD will be buying.


Is there a list available of all the ‘Essential’ releases?

Auntie Sabrina
Larry Davis

Interesting tracklisting…not typically hits collection-ey methinks…

William Joyce

Great price for the number of tracks but alas this not a comprehensive essential collection. It excludes their debut album “10cc” and also second album “sheet music”. These contain hits like “Donna”, “Rubber Bullets” and “Wall Street shuffle”. Very much a wasted opportunity


The old foe, rights…


Agreed. Wallstreet Shuffle is an essential hit. Wonder wjy it is not included.

Ben Williams

Those tracks are missing because they were made with a different music label.


They were originally with Jonathan King’s UK Records, but I believe that catalogue is now with PolyGram (which begs the question, why doesn’t PolyGram issue a remastered super deluxe edition of the ’10cc’ and ‘Sheet Music’ in one box?).


UMC ‘Universal’ actually own Polygram and UK Records catalogue. They probably forgot.


Dan – there was a remastered deluxe issue of the first two albums in 2004: 10cc ‎– The Complete UK Recordings. Good quality sound and included the b-sides.


First two albums were on ‘UK Records’, the rest (except for their last two albums) were on ‘Mercury’ so I doubt that they have the rights for ‘1occ’ or ‘Sheet Music’.


Cd 2 track 3 Wall Street shuffle (live)

Paul Taylor

These Essential Collections are quite weird frankly, I’ve had a couple now and they always seem to be missing “essential” tracks!

Tim Abbott

Great band, a genuine lifelong favourite of mine, but I’ve never plucked up the courage to listen to Meanwhile or Mirror Mirror. Maybe this will be a pathway in…

There’s also a good amount of tracks from the much-overlooked Ten Out Of 10 , which is as strong as the Godley/Creme era albums.