Eurythmics vinyl reissues due in 2018

With the band currently nominated as a 2018 inductee in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (you can vote here) today comes the news that Sony will release all eight of Eurythmics RCA studio albums next year…

In The Garden (1981), Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983), Touch (1983), Be Yourself Tonight (1985), Revenge (1986), Savage (1987), We Too Are One (1989) and Peace (1999) are the albums in question, of which the first three are currently slated for release in April next year, Be Yourself Tonight, Revenge and Savage lined up for July and We Too Are One and Peace almost a year away, with an October 2018 release date!

The band have never liked 1984 remix album Touch Dance which is therefore not part of this reissue campaign and despite the social media campaign talking of ‘all’ their studio albums, 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother) is another absentee, presumably because it’s the one album owned by Universal (this anomaly is down to an opportunistic Richard Branson managing to get the rights to issue the soundtrack back in the day). Peace has never been issued on vinyl, so fans might view that is the most exciting aspect of this campaign.

The announcement represents something of a thawing of relations with Sony, with Stewart in the past scathing about their perceived lack of interest in the band and their body of work. Whether this means we might see some proper archival activity – perhaps at the back end of next year – remains to be seen.

To coincide with this announcement ‘DJ Earworm’ has created an officially sanctioned mash-up called Eurythmix.

The vinyl reissues will be out in 2018. Read SDE’s 2016 interview with Dave Stewart.

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It was “Love Is A Stranger” which got me back into playing my vinyl collection again, after coming across the original version on a 12″ remix. The sound was amazing, so warm, rich and sharp, and Annie’s voice on top of it like cut glass. Actually had myself a little pop “moment” there and then. While these are likely to lose out to the Banshees vinyl reissues this year, I hope this “thawing of relations” will finally pave the way for the “Savage” DVD.

Bob Burrows

Weirdly enough on the subject of the 24bit wav downloads, In The Garden and Sweet Dreams are 24bit 96k whereas Touch is only 24bit 44.1k. anybody any ideas why?


This is purely speculation ok but… Dave has complained many times about Sony losing masters. Perhaps it the masters to Touch that he is referring to???


Bought Bundle 1 in store from HMV today and they have 3 exclusive prints you get with the records.

[…] Expanded reissues of two great Cars albums. The bonus tracks (some previously unreleased) feature on the CDs and double vinyl editions, which is something more labels and artists should do (hello, Eurythmics). […]


Eurythmics – 1984 (For The Love of Big Brother) [Legacy LP – ‘RSD First’ 2000 copies]


Here come Annie and Dave again. I will buy vinyls and I will back to 80s. They are Back to the Past, my past.

Phil Fogel

One of my all time favorite groups. They are so underrated. Be Yourself Tonight, Revenge and Savage are 3 of my all time favorite albums. I was hoping they would do a 3CD/DVD set like the Bananarama ones. I’ve been looking for he 1984 soundtrack on CD for years.


How many more posts do we need on here before Dave gets on with the DELUXE EDITIONS?

Wish list 2019:

SWEET DREAMS SDE the weird demos, remixes, concert special? Heaven club, London?
TOUCH SDE to include Touch Dance, Videos, Remixes, Demos
BE YOURSELF TONIGHT – empty the f*ing vault!
REVENGE SDE to include Eurythmics LIVE 1987 on DVD
SAVAGE SDE to include the films, remixes – especially those previously available on vinyl – what about that promo gig they did in paris?
PEACE meh.

AND NEW MUSIC! Those two need to sit down with a synthesizer again. No string quartet anniversary or something. Lennox has helped enough. Time to make some more magic!!!


Ok, one last note here… I got a little excited, and posted about it, only to have possibly changed my mind again. Yesterday I was listening to my own collection of CD’s I had that I ripped the entire Eurythmics catalog from vinyl (including the ‘1984’ album and it has always sounded amazing to me. I’ve always felt that Vinyl was the superior listening experience. And I still feel that way. Analog is the way to go IMO.

Anyways, I decided to compare my Vinyl rips to the 2005 Reissues of the Eurythmics albums that were remastered. Wow. Once again I am really disappointed in the difference. The 2005 Remasters sound way too loud. Over-compressed? Almost muted in sound quality, like listening to it through a cloth… compared to my Vinyl rips the 2005 Remasters sound terrible. This was the conclusion I made years ago. So what happened recently where I changed my mind?

Well, I was listening to the 2005 Remasters over this past weekend and yes I found some redeeming qualities in them, there are subtle details in the sound that obviously sound remastered (in a good way), and honestly they sounded pretty good on my stereo, (small and large speakers) but when I compared the 2005 Remasters to my Vinyl rips, it’s amazing the difference. My Vinyl rips are superior in every way. Confirms why I love the sound of Vinyl.

But I love the convenience of mp3’s, for when I am out walking around.

After listening to the 2005 Remasters and my Vinyl rips yesterday I decided to look up anything about these online and came across this website…


And there it is. Many people complaining about the Eurythmics remasters. And I have to say, I half agree with them. The song ‘When Tomorrow Comes’ on the ‘Ultimate Collection’ CD is Loud and so very overly-compressed, it’s so bad, and now I’m…. back to being heart broken.


I think for now I will stick to my Vinyl rips. Plus I have almost all the extended remixes ripped off vinyl and also the ‘1984’ album. So I’m good.

But would still love a Box set for each album, remastered beautifully, with bonus tracks and all the Extended Remixes, etc… AND the ‘984’ album Remastered with all the extras…

So there is my final verdict. I find the 2005 Remasters are listenable, they really are, but as some have said the original CD releases back in the 80’s may sound better, if you can find older used copies online or in the shops. I am extremely picky about sound quality. And I would say the 2005 Reissues are listenable … until something better comes along.


Ok, so, I’ve gone back and had a close listen to the 2005 Remastered Albums that were reissued years ago, I have the whole Collection, I was disappointed they weren’t able to include the 1984 (Big Brother) album in those Remastered albums but I understand why that was a problem for them to do. Someday let’s hope.

Earlier on this post I commented I was not happy with the 2005 Remasters. Well, I’ve changed my mind.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I went back to listen to those reissues. The sound quality is actually quite good. And I mean everything sounds great. I think what happened was I compared specific tracks to other copies I had and decided the remastered sound was not very good. I was wrong. What I realized was that the sound was actually better than many remasters being released out there. I like the fact that these remasters aren’t super “Tinny” if that makes sense, the sound is not overly “Treble-y” which is good… not sure what the word would be for this, but I found that it’s a great remaster. Everything sounds balanced.

Some remastered music is screwed up by either too much bass added or too much treble, something is either cranked up all the way to the left or the right. These remasters sound just fine, which is a relief. I have avoided listening to these CD’s for years mostly due to my verdict that the sound was not very good. Having changed my mind, I have been on an “Eurythmics-Marathon all weekend, Binge-Listening to all the CD’s these past few days.

What a nice surprise to find these Albums were not a waste of money back when I bought them. I’ve avoided them for the most part the past eleven years (I bought the complete Collection of Remastered CD albums back in 2005 when they were released)

Isn’t it strange how that happens?

I also have the Eurythmics “Ultimate Collection” that was also released back in 2005. And I love how they included single edit versions on that Collection. Although the “1984” era is sorely missing.

I have also been enjoying the Bonus tracks on each album as well. I had actually listened to these CD’s a few times back when I first got them and enjoyed discovering the Bonus tracks, but because I felt the sound quality wasn’t up to snuff I haven’t gone back to listen to them much. I actually have all the Eurythmics albums on Vinyl (Including ‘1984’ on Vinyl and I have ripped them all to CD and mp3, including many Extended Remixes. So I already have my own collection of their albums on CD ripped from Vinyl and they sound excellent) but it’s nice to know these remasters from back in 2005 sound Great. It’s like Christmas happened early over here now that I went back and had a second listen. Hahaha, So thrilled about this.

Now if only Depeche Mode would go back and remaster all their albums PROPERLY with a bonus disc of b-sides and remixes, well that would make my life complete. I am still disappointed by the sound quality of those DM reissues from years ago. They are my favorite band. I wish they would take the time and just do what the Pet Shop Boys are doing, they have done an excellent job on their remasters recently.

Songs to note that I have really been enjoying re-discovering off the Eurythmics 2005 Remastered albums are:

Never Gonna Cry Again [Live] (1982)
Your Time Will Come (1981)
4/4 In Leather [Live] (1982)
Satellite Of Love (1982)
Fame (1983)
Grown Up Girls (1985)
Missionary Man (Single Version) (1986)
Shame [Dance Mix] (1987)
The King And Queen Of America [Dance Remix] (1989)
Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (1989)
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) [Hot Remix] (1991)
Just to name a few….

william mckinley

Still patiently waiting for the Super Deluxes of their albums.


I remember being extremely excited when I first heard ‘Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) on the radio. I honestly thought it was Grace Jones and Annie Lennox doing a song together! I was confused, but knew I loved it instantly. Savage ended up being a favorite for me.

My favorite Eurythmics song? Gosh, that’s a hard one, but judging by the ones I play the most, it might go in this order… top 10:

1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
2. Here Comes The Rain Again
3. Who’s That Girl?
4. Aqua
5. Grown Up Girls
6. Beethoven [I Love To Listen To]
7. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
8. Missionary Man
9. The Last Time
10. I Love You Like A Ball And Chain

After that, it’s hard to choose, but I would add…

No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)
Love Is A Stranger
The Walk
The Miracle Of Love
Sex Crime (1984)
Would I Lie To You?
omg, see? I can’t stop, hahaha, it’s hard to choose.


I think my favorite Eurythmics album is “Touch” quickly followed by Sweet Dreams (are made of this), after that it’s hard to choose… I think Savage is right up there at the top too. Also 1984 is an excellent album. I prefer “Revenge” over “Be Yourself Tonight”.

I’m a sucker for the synth-based early stuff, with Annie’s extra cropped bright orange hair and power suit’s. Those first two albums were a huge influence on my youth and teenage years.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

the megamix shows what great songs eurythmics did in all these years.
but the megamix itself is horror!
p.s. annie lennox seems like a little bit over the top on the “17 again” & “i saved the world”
videos….it lookslike she is on a LSD trip.


Very non-plussed by this!
These albums sold by the bucketload on release and you can buy them on vinyl for peanuts at any record fair. (Apart from ‘Peace’, but meh to that) – don’t see what the need to bring them out on vinyl again is?! (Unless we’re acknowledging that vinyl is a crap format that degrades still further every time you play it ;)

There are still about a dozen B-sides, cassingle and 12″ bonus tracks from Eurythmics that never made it onto CD yet… and there’s surely to god tons of unreleased demos and other recordings in the vaults, and masses of live recordings too, all of which could be used to form 2 or 3-CD reissues of the albums.


Oh and there’s several live and promo videos of theirs that still aren’t available except on VHS or u-matic copies on YouTube!


“vinyl is a crap format that degrades every time you play it” YES! Re-issuing vinyl is just cynical marketing ploy.. more $ for the companies!


I love the Eurythmics but I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with this announcement. There had been some pics/video of Dave and Annie making music together so I was really hoping for a new album and tour… I suppose that it could still happen.

I’d rather see proper deluxe CD reissues of the albums.

I do need to go back and check out the 1984 soundtrack again as I clearly haven’t fully appreciated it judging on the comments above.


I would love to see a Savage box set.
With the Blu Ray DVD video album that they did 4 Savage. And all the remixes that came out with the Savage singles. I have the Savage Vine video but don’t have anything to play it on.
Anyone knows why the eurhythmics haven’t got the deluxe a treatment is a great misfortune for us music lovers


thanks for sharing that with us. I have to say those are great choices. “I love you like a ball and chain” is incredible. And her vocals on that song are incredible. I am still surprised they did not make that a single, did they? Did they make that a single? I thought I saw in Smash Hits magazine once they had the lyrics… and I wonder if it was ever issued as a single. “I love you like a ball and chain” is an amazing song. I also think “You have placed a chill in my heart” is one of their very best as well, that’s also an amazing song. those are both some of my favorites as well. It’s hard to choose.

Mike the Fish

Yes, it’s a stand out on the album, as is that crazy phasey bit near the end of the track

Mike the Fish

I’d love to hear that documentary.


And i find someone else who remembers it! Every year i ask on the Duran forum if anyone has it, to utter silence. Great interview with Annie Nightingale and Nick actually named Rose Arcana on the show.

alan hansen

i was considering whether to post something about “1984,” but i think i’ll pass, as it’s quite redundant and unnecessary.


Paul may I ask what is your favorite Eurythmics song?


Favourite single is still the first I’d heard – Love is a Stranger.

Apologies for the ramble, but seeing Annie pull off her wig in the back of that limo for the video at the age of 12 was one of the key turning points in my life. I’d compare it to the tales told of those seeing Bowie perform ‘Starman’ on TOTP. I had never seen anything like it. I was deeply transfixed and became more than slightly obsessed as teenagers do over pop stars and music.

And for the early-to-mid 1980s, Annie was a genuine, magnificent pop star. But what’s always held fascination is the period between the first two albums.

How did ‘Ann’, the mousy girl from Aberdeen who wrote and sang with her ex on ‘In the Garden’ – a wonderful potpourri of left-field Euro p0p-angst – in the space of just 6-9 months turn into ‘Annie’, a shimmering, confident diva seemingly unafraid to bare her soul to millions of us. Just take a look at her on The Old Grey Whistle Test performing ‘Belinda’ and ‘Never Gonna Cry Again’. Then watch some of the live footage from Heaven nightclub about a year later – the difference still staggers.

Obviously Grace Jones is a heavy influence, but after all these years on, I still don’t have an easy answer.

I pretty much loved all the albums up to ‘We Too Are One’, which still sounds to me like a collection of half-baked demos, songs quickly written to be ready for the next tour. The precise focus of writing and the emotion was absent, bar a couple of tracks. Maybe I’m being harsh, as ‘Savage’ was almost to great to follow.

Here’s hoping for some SDE sets to follow after these somewhat unnecessary reissues.

Annabel Lecter

I also love Take Me To Your Heart, Paul. Plus, the revised version from the Live in Heaven segment of the Sweet Dreams video album offers a great alternate take on the track.

Savage is my favourite album too. I just wish that the Shame video wasn’t blocked on YouTube. It’s the only track we can’t watch.


I like the idea of listening to The Eurythmics (formed, by the way, in Wagga Wagga Australia which I happened to pass through on a train yesterday), but her voice and the production gets v tiresome after three songs. ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘Touch’, ‘1984’, some of ‘Be Yourself Tonight’ & ‘Savage’ are the only albums worth touching and all readily available in good pressing. Annie is a bit po-faced and worthy, but doubt she wrote her sleeve notes; suspect you can blame some eager beaver at 19 Management for penning those! ‘This City Never Sleeps’ is still a total classic, even better when it was used in ’91/2 Weeks’. A career of diminishing returns…

wayne klein

I’d love to see these reissued on CD mastered properly. I have all the original RCA releases and purchased a couple of the reissues and the mastering sucks.


UK price £22 is not great for a single album, some of them on Amazon are £17.10 (Touch was one) but for stuff that’s made it’s money years ago they’re a bit overpriced. Part of me thinks the record companies are starting to take the rise now with some of their pricing for what is just a straight repress usually without any bonuses etc.

Benjamin Adams

No 1984, that’s a bummer. It’s the one I want the most.

Keith Ainsworth

I missed the ‘In The Garden’ period the first time around. Then I saw the Whistle Test performances of Belinda and Never Gonna Cry Again (now on youtube) which intrigued me enough to seek it out. Glad I did, it’s great stuff.


I was not happy with the remastered sound from the 2005 reissues, I thought they sounded very flat, and it’s been a disappointment ever since. I bought all of those but I’ve always wish that they would remaster them properly and really do a really great job. It would be great if they remastered them on CD again. I don’t know Who remastered those reissues but they just don’t sound that great to me. It’s like those 2005 reissues sound like they made Annies vocals crystal clear but the music is very flat, like listening to it through a table cloth.

Mike the Fish

I compared a Stirling (I think) cut of Be Yourself Tonight with the 2005 remaster and thought the remaster sounded fine.

Mike the Fish

… It was cut according to the original mastering credit, and pressed on Germany. Maybe Precision rather than Stirling?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

start eventually with a good ( complete ) DELUXE EDITION of the “sweet dreams” album!
but please with ALL remixes and all b-sides and 12” bonus tracks.
especially “i’ve got an angel” ( dub ) is amazing.
i still can’t believe that they made no 12” mix of “love is a stranger”…. too bad.
but maybe it lays deep in the vaults.


I love “Step on the Beast”, that was another one that never made it onto CD yet… and “Invisible Hands” (which was originally gonna be the album’s title track!) … and all those wierd remixes of “The Walk”

Mike the Fish

Peace doesn’t look like it will divide very well on vinyl. Depending on which mix is used (presuming it’s one or the other and not a combination and/or new mixes or edits) side 2 clocks in at just under or just over 27 minutes. I thought the resequencing might have been to even up the side duration, but there’s not a huge amount in it and the original running order. A 49 minute album is not ideal for single vinyl, but then I guess it wasn’t originally prepared with that in mind.


I totally agree with JPD up above. Super Deluxe Editions to all of their albums. Needless to say to include all the edits, remixes, alternative versions, demos, promo videos, top of the pops, BBC, etc…
Great idea to get die hard fans involved in the process in order to make it as complete as possible !!! Record companies should listen to us before releasing box sets. Sometimes they turn it into something really boring !!!


Having got well into Dave & Ann back with ‘In The Garden’, which I still have, my patience was truly tested with the seemingly endless 12″ version of ‘Right By Your Side’, and I drifted away from them after that.

On the other hand, ‘This Is The House’ 12″ is one of the best records I own.


I truly love this band, wondering if there will be a download code of sorts? Their back catalogue should be explored a little deeper as i wasnt aware of 1984 (born a little later)
Would love cd boxes for all these records.

Dustin Soper

SONY hasn’t issued one of their 2 CD “Essential” titles for Eurythmics at all – and I’m surprised. That could be something interesting – at least have it Eurythmics/Annie Lennox if you can’t find 2 CD’s worth of material for Eurythmics.

Andrew F

The official Eurythmics store is offering three bundles for each stage of the vinyl release campaign, which prices each record at £15 before postage.

I’ve preordered all three bundles and it’s added £11 postage to the total order, making each album £16.38 inclusive of UK delivery.

This is markedly better than the current Amazon UK pre-order price of £21.99 per album.

Mike the Fish

Are you aware that if that’s a single order they won’t post the albums until the last bundle comes out? They’re not staggering postage for single orders, each bundle has to be ordered separately to be posted separately.


It’s a shame In The Garden is ignored when it comes to their greatest hits albums. It’s one of their best. IMO


I think that album is so great because it is so “out there” in terms of what they are best known for. Yes, it has the electronics that they would put to such different effect in a short time, but the general aesthetic of the album is so much more….almost psychedelic? The arrangements and the distortions, the mixes of the songs. It feels like something that straddles 60’s psychedelia, 70s punk, and 80s electro. I’m sure there are probably other albums like it out there in terms of sonics, but I haven’t really found any of them. It may not be a “polished” as what came after, but it really deserves attention and acclaim for the risks that it takes.

Not Available

Has everyone forgotten about the live album, and particularly the acoustic disc?


seemingly they have. Mind you, it was basically rubbish compared to some of the live recordings that must be in the vaults.
The four live tracks from 1981 that ended up on the ‘This is the House’ 12″ are astounding (and outrageously, only two of them ended up on the remastered CD editions).
I also have a couple of wonderful bootlegs from 1982 on very hissy cassettes (one of which is from a licensable BBC In Concert).


I think a 3cd/dvd boxset would’ve been ideal. Like an anthology of sorts with stuff that was left off last time around in 2005. Hopefully this renewed interest in the duo’s rock & roll hall of fame nomination will somehow prompt Sony to get off their ass and let Dave Stewart have control over the back catalogue.


Let’s just hope this is a sign that the attention from the Hall of Fame has helped Sony notice that they have an entire catalog that has been seriously under-served. I would really like a proper re-issue campaign, possibly a box set. Something to make good on the promise of the original re-issue campaign, that started a trickle through the floodgates and then promptly slammed shut.

Martin Power

£22 per release but too rich for me so let’s hope for some deals as if not just pick up and Ex week on from charity shop?

Mike the Fish

I may have to try out the new sequence of Peace with both versions of the CD!

Dustin Soper

Mike- That’s a very interesting thought – which mixes they’ll be using. Same for “We Too Are One” which I think had a different version if I’m not mistaken.

Mike the Fish

Really? Wow, I didn’t know that!

Mike the Fish

I’m interested in Peace on vinyl, but is there any word on which mixes they’re using for it?


Waiting for ” Peace” no interst for the rest.

Chris Squires

Rather like the Phil Collins vinyl they are missing a trick. If these were all made into doubles with a second LP of original remixes, demos and b-sides then I would snap every single one of them up.

Dustin Soper

I’m thrilled with this idea. I wonder if Savage will have the original poster inside of it in this reissue?

Jon J

Whilst it’s welcome to see some activity around Eurythmics’ back catalogue, it’s hard to get excited about these vinyl reissues. As for many 1980s bands, secondhand copies of Eurythmics LPs are fairly easy to find, so apart from ‘Peace’ and, to a lesser extent, ‘In the Garden’, these don’t add much to what’s already out there.

A more comprehensive repackaging of their albums on CD to supersede the incomplete 2005 reissues would be much more welcome (as would finally releasing the superb ‘Savage’ video anthology on DVD). Alternatively, if vinyl is the only way forward, the release of Annie’s earlier solo albums on vinyl would be a more attractive option – ‘Diva’ is hard to find these days and ‘Medusa’ never got a UK release on vinyl.

Eric M.

I may buy these, as I had cassettes and CDs of theirs but hardly any vinyl; HOWEVER, jeeeeez would I much rather see a CD reissue campaign with those missing period remixes. Sigh.

Ken Evans

Saw Annie in concert a few years ago, good show – although, at one point she says “Did I invent the 80’s or what?” hmmm……

Paul, who do you think invented the 80’s, or did anyone?

Michael McA

There is an arrogance about Annie Lennox that is quite unattractive. In the sleeve notes to her ‘Collection’, I’m pretty sure she refers to the songs as ‘classics’ and ‘timeless’ – which is nonsense. Diva was a pretty good album but she’s produced nothing solo to match the inventiveness of Eurythmics. She’s a bloody great singer but IMO Dave was the greater talent.

Think she had probably watched Grace Jones’ ‘One Man Show’ a few times too!

I still play 1984 – even better than Savage.

Nigel D Day

Bowie with the Let’s Dance/Serious Moonlight.

For starters.


I for one am getting sick and tired of all these vinyl reissues. Most of us already have these on vinyl and first edition CDs plus the reissue CDs. Plus a lot of reissue campaigns as with this campaign are missing things. Touch Dance and 1984 are important releases in the Eurythmics back catalogue. It is great that Peace is finally getting a vinyl release.

I would prefer super deluxe cd editions containing all the edits, mixes and versions plus rarirites from each album. 1984 needs to receive the attention it deserves. It is one of my favourite Eurythmics album. Touch Dance can be included in the Touch SDE.

The vhs tapes of Savage and We Too Are One need to be released on DVD too. These could be a part of the SDE.

Savage is my all time favourite Eurythmics albums and it has some amazing single edits and remixes. A SDE would be incredible including a DVD of Savage and the Fanclub 1987 Christmas Flexidisc with I’ve Got A Lover (Back In Japan) Remix.

Record companies need to get fans involved in reissue campaigns. We know what we want and are more likely to part with our cash if these reissues are concise and complete.


Spot on, especially regarding Savage

Chris Gerard

Interesting to note that they have dramatically altered the running order for “Peace” for the upcoming vinyl release. When it was reissued on CD in 2005, they used different mixes for most of the songs. I wonder if this is an attempt to better sequence the album, perhaps the way they originally intended, or just to balance out the vinyl sides lengthwise. It seems they could have done that without so many changes, which leads me to believe it’s an attempt to reseqeunce the album more to their liking. I was actually listening to it last night thinking it is oddly sequenced.



I wish ‘Touch Dance’ was included. I know they don’t like it, but I’m a completeist. And as a remix lover, I’m really quite fond of it. Plus it’s kind of contradictory to say they’re not keen on remixes (according to Wikipedia, Annie felt ‘Touch Dance’ was too much of a commercial product) but promote the reissue campaign wiiiiith (drumroll please)…..a megamix.

Of course I also want ‘1984’ included, but that’s a record company/rights issue, not an ‘I don’t like it’ issue.


Picked up sweet dreams vinyl and Spanish vinyl of revenge for £6 total to replace my damaged copies. Both play brilliantly. I’m sure there’s enough near mint copies of most of their albums floating about without the £22 price tag and my experience of the erasure vinyl reissues left a bad taste in my mouth with this kind of thing. Hope they do a good job with the transfer