Evan Dando / Baby I’m Bored reissue

A month after issuing a limited double black vinyl book edition of Baby I’m Bored, Fire Records will reissue Evan Dando‘s first – and so far only – solo studio album as a two-CD deluxe edition and a double yellow vinyl package.

The two-CD deluxe delivers an expanded version of the 2003 album with some panache – the discs tucked comfortably within a hardcover book edition, which includes a 24-pages of text and photos (see image, below).

The new 2LP vinyl set may not quite match the previous book version, but at least offers two coloured vinyl records housed in printed inners, which slot into a single sleeve. This comes with a download card.

‘Shots Is Fired’ from Baby I’m Bored

Dando is in the UK this week to support the reissue and will play four shows across the country, starting at London’s Scala on Wednesday.

Baby I’m Bored is reissued on 2 June 2017.

Disc 1

  • 01. Repeat
  • 02. My Idea
  • 03. Rancho Santa Fe
  • 04. Waking Up
  • 05. Hard Drive
  • 06. Shots Is Fired
  • 07. It Looks Like You
  • 08. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without
  • 09. Why Do You Do This To Yourself?
  • 10. All My Life
  • 11. Stop My Head
  • 12. In The Grass All Wine Colored

Disc 2

  • 01. Shots Is Fired (Alternative Version)
  • 02. I Wanna Be Your Mamma Again (Cover – B-Side from ‘Stop My Head’ Single)
  • 03. Tongue Tied (B-Side from ‘Stop My Head’ Single)
  • 04. Whoops
  • 05. Sucker Punch
  • 06. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without (Alternative Version)
  • 07. Au Bord De La Seine (B-Side From ‘Stop My Head’)
  • 08. Rancho Santa Fe (Alternative Version)
  • 09. Walk In The Woods With Lionel Richie
  • 10. Rudy With A Flashlight (Evan Dando)
  • 11. Hannah & Gabi (Live Version – B-Side to ‘It Looks Like You’ Single)
  • 12. The Same Thing You Thought Hard About Is The Same Part I Can Live Without (Live Version B-Side to ‘It Looks Like You’ Single)

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Fire did release the ‘Hotel Sessions’, an album of ‘Come On Feel The Lemonheads’ (an excellent album) demos a few years ago. Not heard it but apparently it’s more or less unlistenable.


Mr Lee

Hotel Sessions is beautiful laid back record. I definitely recommend checking it out as well as the Fan Club CD. I love the Baby I’m Bored reissue by the way. I’d love to see the Car Button Cloth reissued in deluxe format on CD with perhaps a DVD of live, TV, session material. Just my two cents. Thanks for this great site by the way!


Ahh, my mistake, Edsel did the Atlantic ones which looked great but had zero unreleased material, no 89 Peel session etc and Fire did the early Taang ones which had the unreleased stuff but seriously flimsy packaging, this looks a vast improvement on those at least.
I wonder if all the guest appearance by the likes of Belinsa Carlisle, Rick James etc on Come On Feel are the reason Edsel couldn’t licence it, they couldn’t clear the Purple Parrallegram track with Noel Gallagher for Car Button either it seems


It’s a nice little album but mostly just pre released material on the 2nd disc sadly like Fire’s reissues of Lovey and Carbutton Cloth.
Seems strange that Come On Feel The Lemonheads has been ignored completely so far given it’s probably their biggest seller, I assume it’s a label issue or something though sure they were all on Atlantic at the time?


No there are 5 previously unheard and unreleased tracks on here, recovered from the original tapes, as well as extensive new liner notes

Fire did not reissue Lovey or Car Button Cloth.


Is the alternate version of ‘Shots Is Fired’ the one previously credited as ‘Shots Is Fired (with Liv)?

Iain McCarthy

I agree with Richard about ‘Come on Feel The Lemonheads’…..a great album and it was a shame that it didn’t get a re-issue along with the other Atlantic albums. I was told it was rights issue that Edsel had with Atlantic, but i am not sure why only that album was affected.

Iain McCarthy

It is true that most of the extra material has been previously released, but it is great that ‘Whoops’ is getting a release on CD as it was only on the b-side to a vinyl single previously. Great song!


This story prompted me to listen to the album for the first time in years… lovely. Dando’s a bit like a ’90s (90’s?) Nilsson. Sometimes all over the shop but usually charming and occasionally great. Think this might be his most consistent collection of songs.


(Oh, and if you’re going to the Scala, a little review would be most welcome!)

Paul E.

“It’s About Time” – oh wait, that’s the Lemonheads!


Let’s not get started on Fire and their sketchy contracts. Just ask Jarvis or The Pastels.


30 years ago and nothing to do with the people who currently run/own the label

Eamonn Mulvey

Fire Records?! As in that indie label that held back Pulp’s career? Blimey, didn’t know they signed Dando.