Everything But The Girl / Amplified Heart 25th anniversary vinyl LP

First time on vinyl • Half-speed mastered

Everything But The Girl‘s 1994 album Amplified Heart is to be released on vinyl for the very first time for its 25th anniversary.

The duo’s seventh studio album features the original version of the single ‘Missing,’ a song that was catapulted into the mainstream (a transatlantic top 5 hit, no less) thanks to Todd Terry’s famous house remix.

The new vinyl edition has been mastered at half-speed mastering engineer Miles Showell, who is the half-speed specialist at Abbey Road Studios, having worked on albums by The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Police to name but a few. Half-speed mastering is designed to more faithfully reproduce the sound of original master tapes (read more, here).

Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn’s own label Buzzin’ Fly Records acquired the rights to the album from Warner Music in 2017, but Warner had lost or disposed of original photography meaning getting a sharp reproduction of the cover image was going to be a challenge. The solution was to source the image from the original photographer – not the exact frame, but a ‘near-identical’ one taken a fraction of a second later! The original back cover and photos in the CD booklet had similar ‘issues’ so a flexible approach has been adopted with Ben finding alternates where necessary.

As you will see from the track listing below, this new vinyl stays true to the original release and does not include the Todd Terry remix which was appended to later CD runs.

Amplified Heart will be issued on 180g half-speed vinyl on 5 July 2019.

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Everything But The Girl

Amplified Heart - half-speed mastered vinyl LP


Side 1

Troubled Mind
I Don’t Understand Anything
Walking To You
Get Me

Side 2

Two Star
We Walk The Same Line
25th December

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Andrew Abley

Arrived this morning and the sound is amazing, clear and transparent. Plus the price , how many others would have a record of this quality at £30.00 plus.
The remaster really makes you appreciated the original version of Missing
Next would be great to see Acoustic album, Covers, Only Living Boy and I didn’t know EP’S on vinyl.


This is awesome. I really hope they do Walking Wounded and Temperamental next. I’m very much a late-period EBTG fan.


It’s on Amazon U.S. but as “currently unavailable.” So it might pop in once they lock in the distribution.



I would like it if we could just market these as “anniversary editions” and not tie numbers to them anymore, as it is reminding me of just how old I am getting. I thought it was bad enough when the albums I was listening to in high school were old enough to be in primary schools, but now they are old enough to vote, rent a car, and drink. Next thing I know, they’ll be retirement age.

Larry Davis

Uh oh regarding Amazon UK not shipping to the US…what happened to me recently may have something to do with it…my Amazon account was hacked twice via Amazon UK…and maybe they are investigating this really bad breach?? I had to get a new debit card twice in 1 week…really scary…from now on, I will get either Amazon gift cards or prepaid Visa cards…or I might be approved for an Amazon credit card…but as with the gift cards, I wonder if I can divide the balance among different Amazon sites?? Some in US, some UK, some France, some Germany?? I don’t want to miss out on deals or exclusives from this…


I just had the same thing happen to me today–tried to order the new Bananarama CD and then someone tried to charge something on my card in Luxembourg. I had to deactivate my card and get a replacement. It seems Amazon.uk has some issues with their system right now.

John Dean-Morton

I’m in the USA, I ordered the vinyl despite the warning that they wouldn’t ship to me. My order was accepted and my card has the usual nominal $1.00 international exchange fee. I’m pretty sure they will be sending this wonderful vinyl to me.


People are talking a lot about the artwork – the only difference I can see is that Ben’s head is in a slightly difference position (I always assumed he was lighting a cigarette or something, but maybe not), am I missing anything else?


I have now read up on it and answered my own question. Apologies for being ignorant.


I agree with Paul on the approach the band have had, i. e.: “I can understand why they want to do an ‘album only’ approach and make *that* as good as they can with half-speed and care taken with images etc.”
It would be the approach I would like Depeche to have with their albums instead of keeping issuing gatefold versions with different inner sleeves, that are ultimately not faithful to the original. I want to buy a “same as the original” Violator without forking out hundreds of pounds on ebay for the 1990 copy.
This will be a good chance to finally listen to this EBTG album which must be really great if all songs are in the Missing style.

Nigel D Day

Bear in mind, the album version of Missing is not like the version that got in the charts.

Songs the same, but the arrangement is quite different


Thank you for the tip Nigel, I was aware of that! Todd Terry was the remixer right? Nice “soft” dancey version, but I do prefer the acoustic/indie works of EBTG… Indeed the road they took after the success of the remix to me was quite shocking.
A bit like Style Council, or ABC with “Up”, or Limahl having his whole second album produced by Giorgio Moroder after the global success of a lousy song like Neverending Story… (kudos to Keith Forsey in any case, a genius for all the great work he’ s done everywhere)


US rights are held by Atlantic, not Warner Music.

So perhaps they only acquired the rights to release this everywhere but in the US?

Larry Davis

Atlantic is part of Warner Music, as is Rhino…the original “Missing” is what I heard first, it’s what got airplay in the US and what got in the charts at first in the US…the Todd Terry remix is what put it over the top…but the original is the definitive version….


This is exciting! There is already an unofficial copy going around eBay with the remix included. I’m so excited this will finally be an official release. This is a top 10 albums of all time for me – takes me back to my college years of 1995….


I hope the new mastering doesn’t turn ‘Amplified Heart’ into ‘Brickwalled Heart’.

I’ll get me coat…


Brilliant album. This was a real going through heartbreak cushion for me at the time…. And is there a better example? This was when I realised they were quite truly something special…

I bought all the Edsel 2 disc versions of all their albums… I found it is dazzling how many times they changed musical styles, never dropping the songwriting baton. Now that is what I call progressive lol. They remain MASSIVELY UNDERATED!

It arguably is a shame that the extras aren’t included as Back at square one, Richard says and Harry Robinson string arrangement for Two Star are all killer material.


Finally this great album will be available (love “Two Star” in particular). Hopefully Walking Wounded and Temperamental next…and glad they didn’t put the remix version on this. That would have totally distorted the record and there are plenty of copies of that mix out there already for those who want it.

David the Canuck

Curiously, the album can be sent to Canada (I just did a test run, it was no problem, and I’m Canadian)…

Mike the Fish

Really like the approach they’ve taken with the artwork. It’s nice to see so much care taken with a release.

Anthony Seattle

Although it states that it won’t deliver to the US, I went and tried it anyway. I have an order confirmation in my email, Give it a try.

Glenn Roger

What’s up with Amazon UK all of a sudden refusing to ship this vinyl to the US. This has NEVER been an issue previously on other artists! If this is going to be the norm then it will def put a dent on some collectors collecting music here in the US. Was this a decision by EBTG or Amazon?
In the past, those of us in the US have either used Amazon or Paul’s Super Deluxe Edition store. Any chance of seeing this in your store Paul?


I see Amazon UK will not ship to the US. Does anyone know what the issue is here? Actually, I have found Amazon UK to be very unreliable as a source for orering items with the majority of orders placed directly from Amazon UK, either being incredibly slow, the items getting damaged or never arriving at all. No real issue with 3rd party sellers, only directly from Amazon UK.


-SG- , if you proceed through the check-out process it should allow you to ship to the US. I just tried and it’s clear… I’ve seen this on a number of non-music items and some are truly blocked where others say they “Do Not Ship to the US” but in fact allow you to. I don’t know if it’s an error on their side or purposeful.


I’ve never had a problem with them. They are often cheaper than US amazon (for certain items) and I have found shipping time to be fairly fast (1 week).


Most listings that initially show up on Amazon UK eventually make it to the other Amazon locations. Given that they just announced it, it may show up on Amazon US and/or Canada within a week or so.

G S Cleere

Not sure if this will help -but do you have an Amazon UK account -seperate from your US? I buy all the time on the UK site and have not had issues – except with a CD supplier who eventually refunded my money…


Perhaps I have just had bad luck, which I oddly find reassuring. I do have an Amazon UK account, but about 80% of the time it is very slow sometimes up to 6 weeks, cancelled orders on “too-good-to-be-true” deals or stuff arriving damaged. I have not had problems with Amazon France, or Germany. My orders from music magpie arrive quicker than directly from Amazon UK. Waiting on a not-so recent order of The Brett Anderson solo albums.
Thank you for letting me know you can actually order this record, because of the problems I have had I tend to avoid ordering from them unless it is unavailable elsewhere. I’d be really surprised if this does not get a wider release. It looks like they went all out here. So cool what they decided to do with the artwork. Now that is the kind of Alternate album artwork I like.


Very disappointed a compact disc version of this glorious album won’t be released simultaneously, as the last time i checked the 2012 Edsel 2-cd version was “missing” on Amazon U.K. and the one remaining sealed copy on Amazon U.S. cost $250.


There are new sealed ones on Discogs and the most expensive is £105…


So… if fans with the necessary funds realized today that their original or SHM-CD of A.H. was painfully incomplete without Harry Robinson’s string arrangement of “Two Star”:
-Amazon U.S. (California) has 1 sealed for 120 pounds, Amazon U.K. has none.
-Discogs (thanks for the reminder) has 2, for 70 pounds (U.K.) and about 111 pounds (Germany) with shipping.
-Music Stack has 0.
For the 2cd version of “Walking Wounded”, Amazon U.K. and U.S. have 0 factory sealed, just 1 “like new” for 58.50 (which would actually ship from Japan) on both sites.
Would be very nice if Buzzin’ Fly/Strange Feeling/Unmade Road can solve for the unnecessary scarcity of Edsel 2cd editions.


Not that I’m here to sicken you or gloat, but I can’t have been the only one to have bought all seven EBTG Edsel double cds for £20 when they were in a sale on Demon’s website? The deal was so good I bought our friends another set as a Christmas present – lucky them. The discs are brilliant.

I’ve got two Christmas presents sorted for this year with the recent deal on the Joni Mitchell 4 X cd Love Has Many Face collection. For the £16 it was priced recently, it’s a beautiful package and sounds amazing. I wish I’d looked closer when the vinyl was on offer.

I hope you enjoy the vinyl release of Amplified Heart.


2 off sealed copies of Walking Wounded on Discogs, too, both 20 quid plus shipping.


Fantastic news. I‘ve been waiting for this.

Shawn C.

Damn. Amazon won’t ship it to the US! Anyone know if there will be a US release? I can order from Buzzin’ Fly direct, but it ends up being $40 after shipping, which is more than I’m willing to spend.


I was especially attached to ‘Eden’ and ‘Love Not Money’ back in the day, and I cherish my mint Japanese pressings of these from the ’80s. After that, it wasn’t a case of diminishing returns, but rather that EBTG started morphing into something else – something bigger, broader, and equally fine. I liked everything they did together and most of what Tracy and Ben have done in their solo careers (including their books).


Love this album but to me it’s a missed opportunity to have added a second LP of B-sides, alternates, live or remixes (and not necessarly the huge Todd Terry one, I mean it’s easy to find on mint 12″…), ok first time on vinyl but still would like to hear if it will sound so superior to the original CD release it was mixed and mastered for…


I’d rather have nice clean alternate cover art than blurry, off-color scans, so good for them.


Heh, just be thankful they aren’t doing a Phil Collins and re-enacting the pose 25 years later :-)


Why does the photographer have another takes of the same pose but not the very one used? Did he have to relinquish rights abd any copies or negative?

Btw well done Warner.


Assume the negative for the one used got sent to record company who have lost it. remember its the pre-historic days of no digital, so only one negative associated with each shot.

Charles K.

I definitely want this and the price is great, really hope their earlier catalog gets a roll out as well. Why Baby The Stars Shine Bright has never received a reissue is a mystery to me, in the top 5 of albums released in the 80’s for me.


Oh GOD I hope this means Walking Wounded is not far behind. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….


Agreed 100%, I’d love Walking Wounded on vinyl.

elliott buckingham

im sure most people didn’t realise when this album came out that they were an 80s band