Exclusive: Ultravox / Extended: newly remastered 12-inch versions collected

Ultravox / Extended

2CD • 4LP vinyl • Remastered • Analogue cut vinyl

SDE can bring you the exclusive news that November will see the release of Extended, a brand new Ultravox collection that brings together classic 12-inch remixes.

The band was of course originally fronted by John Foxx but a new label (Chrysalis), a new frontman (Midge Ure) and a new decade (the 1980s) delivered commercial success and it’s this era that Extended focuses on.

Two-CD and 4LP vinyl sets feature 20 tracks, including ‘rare and hard-to-find’ mixes of classic singles like ‘All Stood Still’, ‘Reap The Wild Wind’, ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’, and ‘Love’s Great Adventure’

This set features both the 10 minute ‘Special Re-Mix’ of ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ and the US Extended Remix (which runs to 7.44). There are four versions of ‘One Small Day‘ and Extended ends with a trio of 2012 Blank & Jones remixes of Brilliant. Those particular mixes haven’t been issued on vinyl before.

All audio has been newly remastered and the vinyl has been cut “from the original analog production masters” by Alchemy Mastering (the Blank & Jones mixes are from digital).

This set is available as a 2CD edition (eight-panel digi-pak) or a 4LP vinyl box, which four records in a rigid board slipcase. Both share the same track listing (see details with timings, below) The official Ultravox online store offers a free bonus seven-inch single with the 4LP package (this features two edits of two of the Blank & Jones mixes) and there are plenty of bundles (including two T-shirt designs), although no signed editions.

Extended will be released on 16 November 2018. For now, it appears to be exclusive to the official Ultravox store, but SDE will keep an eye on availability, for you.

Official Store highlights

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Extended 2CD edition


Compare prices and pre-order


Extended 4LP vinyl box


Extended: 2CD edition

CD 1:

1. All Stood Still (Extended Version) [05:04]
2. I Never Wanted To Begin (Extended Version) [06:19]
3. Reap The Wild Wind (Extended Version) [04:45]
4. We Came To Dance (Extended Version) [07:58]
5. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix) [07:50]
6. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix Extra) [08:31]
7. White China (Special Re-Mix) [08:24]
8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix) [10:02]
9. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (US Extended Re-Mix)* [07:44]
10. One Small Day (US Club Version)* [07:48]

CD 2:

11. Lament (Extended Version) [08:02]
12. Heart of The Country (Special Re-Mix) [11:03]
13. Love’s Great Adventure (Extended Version) [05:40]
14. One Small Day (Final Mix) [07:45]
15. Serenade (Special Re-Mix) [06:03]
16. Same Old Story (Extended Version) [06:58]
17. All Fall Down (Extended Version) [07:40]
18. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Extended Remix)** [07:02]
19. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Club Mix)** [06:33]
20. Brilliant (Blank & Jones US Club Mix)** [06:49]

* = First time being released outside North America.
** = First time being released on vinyl.

Extended: 4LP vinyl edition

Side 1:

1. All Stood Still (Extended Version)
2. I Never Wanted To Begin (Extended Version)
3. Reap The Wild Wind (Extended Version)

Side 2:

4. We Came To Dance (Extended Version)
5. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix)
6. One Small Day (Special Re-Mix Extra)

Side 3:

7. White China (Special Re-Mix)
8. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Special Re-Mix)

Side 4:

9. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (US Extended Re-Mix)*
10. One Small Day (US Club Version)*

Side 5:

11. Lament (Extended Version)
12. Heart of The Country (Special Re-Mix)

Side 6:

13. Love’s Great Adventure (Extended Version)
14. One Small Day (Final Mix)
15. Serenade (Special Re-Mix)

Side 7:

16. Same Old Story (Extended Version)
17. All Fall Down (Extended Version)

Side 8:

18. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Extended Remix)**
19. Brilliant (Blank & Jones Club Mix)**
20. Brilliant (Blank & Jones US Club Mix)**

* = First time being released outside North America.
** = First time being released on vinyl.

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Gary Smith

Shame there isn’t a rewarking of “The Voice” as that is my favourite single of theirs.

Kevin Henry

I have a CD collection of 12″ remixes titled Extended released in 1998 on EMI Gold. It contains ten tracks all of which appear on the new collection. I’ll be calling into HMV to buy the new album though.


This will be on my shopping list.


Hi Philip, the classic compilation CD “The Collection” is in print and available for a really good price (in Canada too, i just checked Amazon.ca). This was first released on vinyl and features 14 classic tracks sung by Midge Ure. Another good compilation and currently available in Canada stated as “Used-Very Good” is “The Very Best Of Ultravox” featuring 19 tracks and a DVD with the Video Clips from the 80s. If you’re interested in the band history then there’s the “The Island Albums”- box in print featuring the first four albums from the band with John Foxx as lead singer and musically less synths and more guitars. The companion release to that box, “The Albums 1980-2012”, including the albums where Ure was the lead singer, however really is out of print and currently goes for silly money, but worth putting on your wishlist (I’d recommend buying it if you’re able to get one for CAD 70 or less).

Phillip Fogel

Thanks Klaus. I wanted more then the 14 track CD. The Very Best of Ultravox goes for $148 new ouch! I think it’s the same tracklist, minus the DVD that I got on Itunes. I’d love a Midge Ure compilation. I did pick up Midge Ure Live 2016 CD at the show and I got to meet Midge and Paul got my pics and a few items signed :)


this release is really welcome.

now one question any chance of ever seeing any Ultravox album in High Res?

Phillip Fogel

I have tickets to see Midge Ure and Paul Young next week in Vancouver. Being a huge Paul Young fan and not really knowing Ultravox I had to hunt their stuff stuff, it was so hard to find either in stores or online. They don’t seem to have a good Greatest Hits or compilation that is still in print, one 2 CD compilation doesn’t even have Dancing With Tears In My Eyes. I had to settle for an ITunes compilation, and I hate buying digital music. The good part I’ve discovered brand new music I’ve never heard before, this could be interesting.

John 79

Excellent release,I’m glad they have finally made a physical release of the Brilliant Blank&Jones remixes,They probably don’t belong on this collection / release but I’m glad they have been released anyway,I’ve bought both the CD & Vinyl sets,it’s a pity that there isn’t any signed editions


No ‘Vienna’?


There was no extended version of ‘Vienna’ or early early tracks, apart from All Stood Still.

Otherwise a nice set, some I haven’t heard but like most, I can do without the (not-so) Brilliant remixes, but at least their at the end ;)

At least it’s better than another best of compilation….

Mike the Fish

No 12″ version of Vienna.

Mike the Fish

By that I mean, there was no 12″ mix of Vienna.

Mary Mungo

Maybe Blank & Jones could do what they did with Frankie Goes To Hollywood and create new 12″ extended versions using only original tracks.


Not included:
1- heart of the country (instrumental)
2-man of two worlds (extended)

It’s much more interesting than Blank & Jones remixes which belongs to Ultravox return and shuold NOT be here!!!!!

Let’s wait for another compilation or ask for the band change the track. I’m tired of wasting my money uselessly!!!!!


There has never been an extended version of MAN OF TWO WORLD to my knowledge, only an instrumental was released on the Love’s Great Adventure 12” flipside. But as mentioned before, the Blank & Jones remixes are anything but brilliant, very dull and to miss out at least. Some lost treasures from the vaults, could get me interested, the current tracklist offers nothing any Ultravox hasn’t already several times. The Set Movements tape had some WHITE CHINA instrumental on, unfortunately spoken all over that, yet unreleased as of today.

Alone With Strangers

‘Heart Of The Country (Instrumental)’ is not extended and so doesn’t belong on this release. However, it was included on the deluxe 2LP version of ‘Lament’ that was issued last year via Pledge.

And as Rob says, there was no extended version of ‘Man Of Two Worlds’.

Not sure why you say the Brilliant era tracks should not be there since they are a) extended & b) part of the band’s history.

carsten hansen

the blank & jones mixes are the main reason for me to get this one

because they were only released as download in Germany and the benelux


Just a tip for those wanting those BJ mixes:
As the 6 track EP “Brilliant” has been released as lossless tracks in CD quality on qobuz dot com (in a few European countries like e.g. Ireland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands) one could buy those and make their own CD (Single).

Dejan Dozic

I’ve ordered these 2 CD’s even though I got complete set of So80’s of Blank & Jones and the Ultravox amongst other of their artist editions of the so80’s series.
Blank & Jones brings out the best in music from the 80’s and even their ZTT compilation is already legendary, which I got all the F.G.T.H & Propaganda released tracks. (Yes, I am a fan of both).
I still wait them to release so80s 12 a.s.o. Their work behind their releases are breathtaking.
So ordering these 2CD releases was just a must to me. I even got some obscure releases of Ultravox from older Japanese editions of compilations. What do you do if you just love the 80s

Daniel ( from Berlin )

it seems like a very good expanded collection. all the 12” mixes that i have in my collection were here compiled. ( only “heart of the country” instr. version missed )
for me it is not so good to put 3 new “blank&jones” remixes on that compilation.
i would prefer 3 “work in progress” versions of songs like “hymn” “white china” and “love’s grat adventure instead. for me the best ultravox songs ever.
so i hope they will release more “work in progress” versions in the future.
sadly the complete 7:58 version of “we came to dance” is not used.
p.s. i think the “special mix” of “white china” was a master tape edit.
because 4 rough cuts are on the 12” mix:
( 1:50 min., 3:55 min., 6:07 min. & 7:07 min. ). if anyone want, check this out

Alone With Strangers

The ‘complete’ 7:58 version of WCTD is on it: the tracklisting shown is incorrect.

As for the WIP versions, they wouldn’t really fit with a compilation called ‘Extended’, really.

Also not sure what you mean by a ‘master tape edit’: the extended white China is as much a remix as any of the other remixes

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hello “alone with strangers”: take 10 minutes and listen to the “special mix” of “white china” – and if you listen really carefully you’ll know what i mean with “rough cuts” and “edits”.
generally i’m not a fan of mixing 80’s original mixes with new mixes – and i’m sure that ultravox have also some other ( unreleased at that time ) mixes in the vaults… like you can see with yazoo now: an unreleased “more dub” by francois kevorkian
of “situation ’90” was released this week. after almost 30 years.
all the remixers made more mixes as we really know.
have anyone an information about the recently found
12” mix of duran duran’s “a view to a kill” ? is that planned for an official release ?

Michael Leek

BTW Paul, Midge played guitar for Thin Lizzy briefly, reminds me – you were going to put their box set up for sale…

Todd R

On that note, Mr. Ure and Paul Young are doing USA dates this summer, and at the end of the Cleveland Music Box show, they both came out and did “The Boys Are Back In Town” – with Paul saying it was appropriate for the night – of course as Mr. Ure’s short stint with Lizzy began in CLE at the late 1970s WORLD SERIES OF ROCK shows.

Michael Leek

Amazing – thanks Paul, £70 for the full bundle (LP and CD) is great.
Still have the 12” remixes from The Collection vinyl.
Can’t wait for this one



there are 4 mixes of ‘one small day’ not three.

also, it’s easy enough to reprogram the tracks so you don’t hear
all the mixes in a row.

some of these mixes were originally cd or digital only, so
songs like ‘white china (special remix)’ are going on vinyl
for the first time… i still have no idea if the band remixed
that track or not, anyone know who did. it’s never been
mentioned in any of the many re-releases of lament.
maybe the 2018 remaster says who is credited with it.

there was a razormaid mix of it, but it was just re-edited.

anyways, good to see this coming out, but should have came with
a limited 12 inch instead of a 7 inch.

also, should have been called extended collection, as all of these
were not on 12 inch.



one more track that was left off:
All In One Day (Unedited Version) 5:08

from the 12 inch. which might not fit the criteria
but still not available. unless its the same as the
album version.


Alone With Strangers

All In One Day on 12″ is the same as the LP mix, negativeone.

And White China was remixed by the band & John Hudson, I believe.

Craig Hedges

Why on earth was ‘I never wanted to begin’ only a B-side??? If you’re only a casual fan I recommend listen to this track which was the B-side of ‘The thin wall’ also ‘Passionate Reply’, the B-side of Vienna.


A few others from that era were also good enough to be A-sides… ‘Paths and Angles’ (love that “The lost camera” coda) and ‘Waiting’.

Dave H

Hi Paul,
Sorry to ruin your thunder but Blank & Jones put out one of their special 12″ collection CD’s featuring Ultravox.

After the release they finally managed to get hold of the US remixes of ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” and “One Small Day” so they issued these on the excellent So80s 8 and 9.

So these two mixes have been available outside of the US since 2014. I wouldn’t be surprised if these mixes were found because of Blank & Jones.

Simon Musselle

The Blank & Jones releases of the US Dancing & One Small Day were sourced from vinyl recordings and are generally recognised as being poor masters.

I believe these new versions have not been sourced from the B&J releases.

The B&J remixes have never been released on any physical format.

Dave H

I found the source of my information which is actually from the SDE thread for So80s 9, according to Piet Blank (see below) they were from the masters.

Reply piet blank says:
January 9, 2015 at 12:20
yes, the US Club Mix of “One Small Day” is the mix which was done by Francois Kevorkian back in 1984 for this US 12″ Single: http://www.discogs.com/Ultravox-Dancing-With-Tears-In-My-Eyes-Special-Extended-Mix/release/4541886 originally we requested the a side mix (by steve thompson “dancing with tears…”) and the b-side for our so8os artists edition with emi back in 2011.


but emi usa could not find them at the time. one year later it was found in the new york archive and we transfered both mixes from the masters. the a side is featured on so8os8 by the way…. to our knowledge it is on cd for the first time.

piet blank

yes, that is correct!

piet blank

wow…i did not see that coming…great that our remixes for ultravox are part of this brilliant collection…we feel very honored…the story behind the three mixes is this: we were asked by label and band to do remixes after we met several times while working on the so8os artist edition. of course we agreed and were VERY happy. we wanted to do a classic extended version like they were done in the 80s…using the original parts only and doing some editing and extending…chris cross wanted mixes with the sound which we produced at the time for our club sets (2012). so after the extended mix we did the club mixes… of course these mixes were for clubs in 2012..please keep that in mind when listening…
now back to the comment above: i can confirm that both mixes US Dancing and One Small Day were sourced from the original master tapes. we originally wanted them for the so8os ultravox artist edition but nobody was able to find them at the time (2010). but after a year or so we got the transfers from the US archive as the request was still in their system. so we decided to release them on the so8os compilations. NO VINYL RIPS! i would really like to know who spreads such stories ….

Daniel ( from Berlin )

hello piet, it’s sad that they don’t ask you for using the “extended mix” of “brilliant” – that it as far as i know previously unreleased. it would be fit better to the 80’s mixes. have you ask for the unreleased “a view to a kill” extended remix by duran duran for a forhcoming “soso80’s” compilation ? that would be a real treasure on “soso80’s”.

Dave H

Isn’t it funny that there’s been so many recent colour vinyl releases to tempt the vinyl collector and here’s a band that back in the day released all their 7″ singles in limited clear vinyls.

Rather than issuing the record on clear vinyl as a throwback to the 80’s, the vinyl edition is on black vinyl.


12 of the tracks are on the 2CD deluxe editions of their albums. As for the extended tracks that were non-singles or b-sides and the Blank & Jones updated remixes I have no interest in these. I was hoping it would all be remixes and extended versions never released on CD before such as the 3 tracks “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” (US Extended Re-Mix) [07:44] / “One Small Day” (US Club Version) and the one I do have on original vinyl “Love’s Great Adventure” (Extended Version)” [05:40]. I will not be purchasing this 2CD set just to get these 3 tracks.


I am only a casual fan of Ultravox , but this is a fantastic collection for somebody like me who has a keen interest for 1980s period 12inch versions. A great release and dare I say it, should Depeche Mode have followed this idea instead for their upcoming remastered 12 inch box sets that are far more expensive!


I have the ‘Extended’ cd already and as much as I welcome a new Ultravox album and will probably buy it, I do wish they had spread the tracks that have more than one remix out a bit more. I always play my Cd’s straight through and never skip so I may find listening to 18 continuous minutes of ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ and 21 continuous minutes of ‘Brilliant’, a little hard going.


you were even almost 1 hour quicker than the Extreme Voice Official Ultravox.org.uk newletter!

It´s always great to get news about Ultravox.
What about a BluRay of Return to Eden or the 2nd tour in 2012? (…)


How limited is limited ?


Oh, so it looks like if you pre-order you get digital downloads of the 2 tracks off the limited 7″ single.


Anyone else surprised and perhaps dismayed that they missed the chance to do a clear vinyl set? All of that era’s 7″ singles were on clear vinyl, and from “Hymn” onwards, the 12″ singles were too. Shame!

Adam Shaw

I’m sure I’ve got a 12” extended version of The Thin Wall and surprised it’s not in here .


The 12″ was merely the LP version, the 7″ being an edit.

J S Allan

Great collection, but i think at least one of the US mixes have been issued before – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (US Extended Re-Mix) is on Blank & Jones’ So80s Volume 8


Is the full Extended Version of We Came To Dance available on CD? It was about 7min 57sec on the original 12 inch and The Collection extra disc.

Alone With Strangers

The We Came To Dance was only available on the clear vinyl version of the 12″. The black vinyl 12″ worldwide only included the 7:37 version. I believe this Extended release includes the 7:58 version on both CD & LP.

gary clarke

Little difference in these two versions, the longer We Came To Dance just has a long fade that is all.

Rob Kirby

The original pressing, I think only on the initial 12″ clear vinyl of We Came to Dance, accidentally used a rejected remix, hence the slightly shorter running time. If you listen closely there’s a glitch (I forget at which time point now) somewhere in the middle.

Richard Dowling

On the analogue masters subject it states production master than original.
Cutting engineers depending on the era ran an eq’d copy of the cutting settings as the lacquers were being cut to 1/4″ and later umatic tape which was then titled a vinyl production master.


Thanks for the explanation.

Mike the Fish

I think the vinyl should have been re-sequenced to avoid the near 24 minute run time of one of the sides.

Steven Robertson

Im all over this. Ordered the bundle.

gary clarke

Good idea, and cheap enough. Four versions of One Small Day.
Incidentally, the original extended CD of remixes is still out there second hand for £6 or so, nice EMI Gold package too…


At last we get the Keorkian remix of One Small Day and Barbaero remix of Dancing in Tears on cd as the band didn’t include them as they weren’t agreed to by the band. I’ve never heard the Blanc and Jones of Brilliant but have been told they are awful. I am a completist so will have to get the CDs. Not vinyl as I have all of them, including the US remixes on the original 12” vinyl anyway.


Very happy about the news but sad about the availability. I use to buy CDs in stores still. I’m 54 and my teen was in the 80’s with all that synth pop bands happening all around. All that magic atmosphere in the air. Ultravox/ Duran Duran/ Fears for Fears/ Thompson Twins/ Talk Talk/ Thomas Dolby/ Alphaville/ OMD… just to mention some. I hope they change their minds about availability, I’d love to buy it in a shop. In a world full of too much technology I appreciate the simpliest things of life still.


I am afraid its a non-coming-back world….

wesley mc dowell

don,t be so sure Enrico ! Remember cd was meant to have put paid to vinyl.Things can sometimes return to source.

Steven Roberts

OK, I’ll ask the obvious question – is it safe to assume that none of these 12″ mixes are from vinyl rips?

Chris Squires

oh and to go on yesterdays conversation about Test pressings…. All Sold out…. must be working as an idea then.

Marcel Rijs

Only thing missing is an extended version of ‘Vienna’. Now that would be wonderful. Anyway, as someone who only collects CD’s and 7″ singles, I hope that combination will be available somehow as well…!


Never was an extended version of Vienna released..


And that isn’t the LP version?


@ rough-diamond: it says ‘full lenght version’, not extended version. This is the album version, which was slightly edited for the 7″.

Iain McDermott

Nice looking package. A good deal of these remixes, as fabulous as they are, are readily available on the CD reissues. Vinyl box looking like a bit of a treat though.

Marcel Rijs

Only thing missing is an extended version of ‘Vienna’. Now that would be wonderful. Anyway, as someone who only collects CD’s and 7″ singles, I hope that combination will be available somehow as well.


There isn’t an extended mix of Vienna only the album version (which was on the 12”) and the 7” edit.


You forgot about the vienna 92 remix, which is a new version at : 4:35
and the goodnight vienna remix which is 7:31.
these are not from the 2nd incarnation of the band though.


Chris Squires

The double version of “The Collection” from 1984 is one of my favourite original pieces of vinyl. So this is lovely. I have said before this type of thing on 3/4LP is excellent, a round up of all the key era remixes / extended versions and Ultravox remixes are exactly what I want from a (n eighties) remix. You can actually tell what the song is, it has an extended start, the song kicks in, maybe extra chorus or some small change in the middle and an extended outro. Perfect. It all got messy in the 90s with the remixer thinking they were more important than the song. The original song should always rule the remix and not the other way around.
I am in like Flynn.

elliott buckingham

buying for the only 12″ mix I haven’t got on the last deluxe reissues the American mix of dancing


Excellent stuff.