Falco 60: 2CD+DVD deluxe edition

Homecoming Concert on DVD • Some new rarities • Updated cover art

Last year’s Falco 60 compilation, which was issued as on 3CD, 2LP and a double DVD, has recently been reissued as a 2CD+DVD deluxe edition, with updated content and some new-to-CD mixes/edits.

The original release was to mark the Austrian singer-songwriter’s 60th birthday and part of the reason this new deluxe edition exists is because the DVD includes Falco Coming Home – The Tribute Donauinselfest 2017, a tribute concert staged last year under the under the musical and organisational leadership of Falco’s last bandleader Thomas Rabitsch. The original Falco band returned to the stage and various guest stars sang in ‘virtual duet’ with Falco in front of 140,000 people in the glorious sunshine.

The concert represented unfinished business, since back in ’93 Falco and his band performed at the same festival and it was cut short due to lightning strike. This concert performance features Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 surround sound and includes a 30-minute ‘making of’. Bear in mind that this is targeted primarily at an Austrian/Germany audience so there is unlikely to be an English language option or subtitles. Incidentally, there is another separate release that pairs the audio and video from this show (see below).

What is particularly welcome here is that the producers – perhaps having heard fan feedback from last year – have taken the opportunity to update a few selections, so The Sound of Musik is now the ‘rock n soul’ edit as opposed to the single edit on the previous triple-CD package. That mix has never been officially issued on CD, as far as I’m aware. The ‘special radio edit’ of Satellite to Satellite is also included on the new set, another new-to-CD selection. The Brigitte Nielsen duet Body Next To Body is now the 6.30 Extended Rock Mix not just the single version and Vienna Calling updated too – it’s now ‘The New `86 Edit/Mix’ version.

Less welcome perhaps, are five new mixes including the “Motsa’s Dub Revibe” mix of Rock Me Amadeus and a Mousse T. Remix of Der Kommissar.

While eyebrows maybe be raised at this appearing so soon after last year’s set there’s enough on here with the concert and the new selections to earn it a place in the collection of a committed Falco fan. The Falco 60 deluxe edition is out now.

CD 1

1 –Ganz Wien 5:06
2 –Der Kommissar 3:52
3 –Nie Mehr Schule 4:36
4 –Einzelhaft 4:01
5 –Junge Roemer (Single Edit) 4:04
6 –Tut-Ench-Amon (Tutankhamen) 4:30
7 –Ihre Tochter 4:26
8 – No Answer (Hallo Deutschland) 3:37
9 –Falco Nur Mit Dir 4:27
10 –Rock Me Amadeus 3:22
11 –Männer Des Westens – Any Kind Of Land 4:00
12 –Vienna Calling (The New `86 Edit/Mix) 3:59
13 –America 3:56
14 –Munich Girls 4:17
15 –Jeanny 5:50
16 –Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr Danach) 5:28
17 –Emotional 4:53
18 –The Star Of Moon And Sun 5:19

CD 2

1 –Falco The Sound Of Musik (The Rock ‘N’ Soul Edit) 4:35
2 –Falco Les Nouveaux Riches 4:30
3 –Falco with Brigitte Nielsen Body Next To Body (Extended Rock Version) 6:30
4 –Falco Wiener Blut 3:31
5 –Falco Satellite To Satellite (Special Radio Edit) 3:26
6 –Falco Data De Groove (Digital-Analogue Version) 4:00
7 –Falco Titanic 3:36
8 –Falco Monarchy Now (Beat 4 Feet Radio Mix) 3:53
9 –Falco Nachtflug 3:15
10 –Falco Dance Mephisto 3:28
11 –Falco Egoist 3:26
12 –Falco Geld 3:46
13 –Falco Out Of The Dark 3:36
14 –Falco Rock Me Amadeus (Motsa’s Dub Revibe) 3:10
15 –Falco Einzelhaft (Peter Kruder Remix) 7:54
16 –Falco Vienna Calling (Parov Stelar Remix) 2:55
17 –Falco Nie Mehr Schule (Mirac & RayRay Remix) 2:20
18 –Falco Der Kommissar (Mousse T. Remix) 5:04


DVD: Coming Home – The Tribute Donauinselfest 2017

1 –Falco Out Of The Dark (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 2:43
2 –Roman Gregory Wiener Blut (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 3:47
3 –Falco featuring Edita Malovčić Les Nouveaux Riches (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 3:53
4 –Falco featuring Gianna Nannini & Julian Le Play Junge Roemer (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:49
5 –Falco featuring Skero Auf Der Flucht (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:09
6 –Falco, Fettes Brot Der Kommissar (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:06
7 –Falco Ganz Wien (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 5:06
8 –Falco featuring Johannes Krisch & Tarek Leitner Jeanny & Coming Home (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 6:09
9 –Falco featuring Yasmo Männer Des Westens (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:28
10 –Falco featuring Ana Milva Gomes & Drew Sarich The Sound Of Musik (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 5:16
11 –Falco featuring Fettes Brot Vienna Calling (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:24
12 –Falco featuring Roman Gregory Helden Von Heute (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:13
13 –Falco featuring Edita Malovčić Nachtflug (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 3:27
14 –Falco featuring Gianna Nannini It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 5:37
15 –Falco featuring Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria Dance Mephisto (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 3:39
16 –Falco featuring Donauinsel Tribute-Stars Rock Me Amadeus (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 4:40
17 –Falco featuring Donauinsel Tribute-Stars Europa (Donauinsel 2017 Live) 5:47
18 –Various Making Of 30:00

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you can find the original ‘gold mix’ on the deluxe edition of “falco60”, whereas ‘the american edit’ was used on the premium edition of ‘falco60’.

stuart graves

Do you think that Emotional, Wiener Blut and especially Data De Groove will ever be rereleased? I am surprised that Emotional has not been considering its popularity.


i am sure that won’t happen. i talked to warner a few months ago and the interest was simply not there at all… i agree, it would be nice, with a second disc full of all the mixes and all, but as most of these are already available and the CD being an almost dead format by now, i really doubt it.

but: it’s possible that warner might release the original, unremixed 1987 AYA songs at some point in the future. and also re-release “falco live”, the live concert from 1986 in berlin, as the 1999 release dropped a few songs from the setlist and changed the running order. there is hope… :-)

stuart graves

MMmmm I own nearly everything he has done, shall I buy this just for those few edits? are any significantly different?


well, on “falco60″ the following edits/mixes were used:

2017 premium edition:
-rock me amadeus (the american edit) – the US and UK single version
– the sound of musik (the single edit) – gets rid of one verse
– data de groove (human version) – shorter edit
– charisma kommando (radio version) – shorter edit
– verdammt wir leben noch (rough mix) – almost identical to the single version
– egoist (remix) – the remixed single version
– body next to body (extended other mix) – nice alternative mix with lots of brigitte’s moans
– junge roemer (specially remixed 12″ version) – john luongo remixed, the best mix
– urban tropical (extended version) – produced by supermax
– the sound of musik (12″ edit) – edit of the extended rock n soul version
– do it again (shep pettibone 12” remix) – totally different to the album version

2018 deluxe edition:
– junge roemer (single edit) – gets rid of a bit of the guitar solo and intro
– vienna calling (the new 86 mix/edit) – edit of the metternich arrival mix
– the sound of musik (rock n soul edit) – edit of the extended rock n soul version
– body next to body (extended rock version) – long version of the single mix
– satellite to satellite (special radio edit) – like the tv-mix but without the children’s choir
– data de groove (digital-analogue version) – short version, altered vocals
– monarchy now (beat 4 feet radio mix) – nice dance remix

but for me the best thing about the “falco60” release was the inclusion of the cooperation songs:
– welcome to japan (with curt cress)
– genie und partisan (with bolland project)
– metamorphic rocks (with bolland project)
– ec ce machine (with tom lang)

if you are not sure, i guess you can find most of this edits/mixes on youtube.


Where can I get the UK single version of Rock Me Amadeus?


if you mean the edit that was on the UK 7″ back in 1986, you can find ‘the american edit” on the 2CD or 3CD edition of “falco60”:


if you are not sure this is the version you mean, you can listen to ‘the american edit’ here:


Forgive my facetiousness, but how does a dead bloke have a 60th birthday?


one day there will be the, say, 1000th anniversary of your birthday too – you just won’t be able to celebrate it anymore ;-)


You mean I won’t be around to buy Falco 1000? Bummer!


maybe we will live long enough for “falco100” ;-)

Stephen K

I’m excited for the single edits that are new to this re-release! These things are slowly cropping up over multiple releases, but it’s a much better situation than some major bands which continually stuff their “album versions” onto compilation after compilation.


yes, finally there are almost all of falco’s original 80s mixes/edits/versions available digitally.

nothing happened for more than a decade after falco’s death but with the releases of “falco 3 deluxe” (2010), blank&jones’ “so80s falco” (2012), “nachtflug deluxe (2012), “out of the dark (into the light) deluxe” (2012) and with the “falco60” releases (2017/18) we now can enjoy not only most of the 7” versions but also almost all of the 12” extended versions, the dub/instrumental mixes and even some rough mixes of this artist.

i am especially excited that on “falco60″ it was finally possible to get the rights for the shep pettibone US only promo 12” remix of falco’s cover of steely dan’s “do it again”.


The Mousse T. RMX of Der Kommissar is very good!! It would be a nice Maxi CD (15 years ago) – not in this time……


i like most of the 22 new 2017/2018 remixes which can be found on “falco60” and on the “jng rmr” ep releases – especially the ‘mirac&rayray remix’ of “nothin’ sweeter than arabia” (one of many nods to david bowie in falco’s body of work, of course) ;-)


stuart graves

Nothin Sweeter mix is fantastic. You can really hear just how strong Falco’s voice was in this mix.

elliott buckingham

just purchased the der kommisar 10″ never knew it existed


sony also released the original falco 1993 donauinsel concert for the very first time on 2LP vinyl


There are even more rare single edits to be found here: besides the mentioned
The Sound of Musik (The Rock N Soul Edit); never before on CD),
Satellite To Satellite (Special Radio Edit; only on CD on a super rare 1988 Japanese 3″),
Body Next To Body (Extended Rock Version; only on CD on some out 2002 of print Austrian compilation) and
Vienna Calling (The New `86 Edit/Mix; last used on CD some 20 years ago) there also is
Junge Roemer (Single Edit)
Data De Groove (Digital-Analogue Version)
Monarchy Now (Beat 4 Feet Radio Edit)