Falco / Falco 60: new hits & rarities set


Sony in Germany are to issue Falco 60, a new best of/rarities collection across a number of formats, to celebrate what would have been the 60th birthday of Austrian singer-songwriter Falco, who scored a memorable transatlantic number one back in 1985 with Rock Me Amadeus.

Falco 60 is being issued as a three-CD deluxe set which includes the hits, rarities and four new remixes by contemporary Austrian artists such as Ogris Debris and Parvov Stelar.


A double coloured vinyl set will also be issued which comes pressed on yellow vinyl and if the triple CD seems like overkill, there is a more restrained 2CD edition.

Finally, a double DVD set is also being issued and looks to be packed with interesting content, including TV appearances on ‘Formel Eins’ and ‘Wetten, dass..?’ as well as unseen concert footage.

The American Edit of Rock Me Amadeus is featured on Falco 60

Falco died from injuries sustained in a road accident in the Dominican Republic back in 1998, a few days short of what would have been his 41st birthday (19 February). Falco 60 is issued as close to that day as possible, on 17 February 2017.

Note: this is not being issued in the UK. Pre-order links for all formats below, except for the 2 x DVD set which you can  find on JPC.de.



Falco 60 – 3CD Edition

CD 1
1 Ganz Wien
2 Der Kommissar
3 Helden von heute
4 Maschine brennt
5 Auf der Flucht
6 Zuviel Hitze
7 Junge Roemer
8 Brillantin’ Brutal’
9 Hoch wie nie
10 No Answer
11 Rock Me Amadeus – The American Edit
12 Vienna Calling
13 Männer des Westens – Any Kind of Land
14 America
15 Jeanny
16 Coming Home (Jeanny, Pt. 2, Ein Jahr danach)
17 Les Nouveaux Riches
18 The Sound of Musik – Single Edit

CD 2

1 Emotional
2 The Star of Moon and Sun
3 Body Next to Body
4 Wiener Blut
5 Garbo
6 Tricks
7 Data de Groove – Human Version
8 Charisma Kommando – Radio Version
9 Alles im Liegen
10 Titanic
11 Nachtflug
12 Monarchy Now
13 Verdammt wir leben noch – Rough Mix
14 Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da – Video Mix
15 Naked
16 Push! Push! – Jeo Radio Mix
17 No Time for Revolution
18 Out of the Dark
19 Egoist – Remix


1 Welcome to Japan
2 Genie und Partisan
3 Metamorphic Rocks
4 Ec Ce Machina – Extended Version
5 Flying High – Live
6 Rock Me Amadeus – Live
7 Body Next to Body – Extended Other Version
8 Junge Roemer – Extended Version
9 Urban Tropical – Extended Version
10 The Sound of Musik – 12′ Edit
11 Do It Again – 12′ Remix
12 Der Kommissar – Ogris Debris Remix
13 Der Kommissar – Ynnox Remix
14 America – Milo Mills Remix
15 Vienna Calling – Parov Stelar Remix


Falco 60 – 2LP vinyl edition

LP 1

1 Ganz Wien
2 Der Kommissar
3 Maschine brennt
4 Junge Roemer
5 Hoch wie nie
6 Rock Me Amadeus – The Gold Mix
7 Vienna Calling
8 Jeanny
9 Männer des Westens – Any Kind of Land
10 The Sound of Musik

LP 2

1 Emotional
2 Coming Home (Jeanny, Pt. 2, Ein Jahr danach)
3 Body Next to Body
4 Wiener Blut
5 Data De Groove
6 Titanic
7 Monarchy Now
8 Nachtflug
9 Out of the Dark
10 Egoist – Remix


Falco 60 – 2CD Edition

CD 1
1 Ganz Wien
2 Der Kommissar
3 Helden von heute
4 Maschine brennt
5 Auf der Flucht
6 Zuviel Hitze
7 Junge Roemer
8 Brillantin’ Brutal’
9 Hoch wie nie
10 No Answer
11 Rock Me Amadeus – The American Edit
12 Vienna Calling
13 Männer des Westens – Any Kind of Land
14 America
15 Jeanny
16 Coming Home (Jeanny, Pt. 2, Ein Jahr danach)
17 Les Nouveaux Riches
18 The Sound of Musik – Single Edit

CD 2 
1 Emotional
2 Body Next to Body
3 Wiener Blut
4 Tricks
5 Data de Groove – Human Version
6 Charisma Kommando – Radio Version
7 Alles im Liegen
8 Titanic
9 Nachtflug
10 Monarchy Now
11 Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da – Video Mix
12 Naked
13 No Time for Revolution
14 Out of the Dark
15 Egoist – Remix
16 Der Kommissar – Ogris Debris Remix
17 Der Kommissar – Ynnox Remix
18 America – Milo Mills Remix
19 Vienna Calling – Parov Stelar Remix

Falco 60 – 2 x DVD edition


1 Der Kommissar
2 That Scene (Ganz Wien)
3 Der Kommissar (Zdf Disco 19.4.1982) – Vod
4 Maschine Brennt (Zdf Hitparade 6.9.1982) – Vod
5 Auf der Flucht – Video
6 Helden von heute – Videoclip
7 No Answer
8 Brillantin’ Brutal’
9 Ihre Tochter
10 Hoch wie nie
11 Steuermann
12 Nur mit dir
13 Junge Roemer
14 Kann es Liebe sein
15 Tut-Ench-Amon (Tutankhamen)
16 Kann Es Liebe Sein? (Wetten, Dass..? 15.12.1984) – Vod
17 It’s All over Now, Baby Blue
18 Vienna Calling (Rockpop Music Hall 2.11.1985) – Vod
19 America (Rockpop Music Hall 2.11.1985) – Vod
20 Jeanny (Kaenguru 5.12.1985) – Vod
21 The Sound of Musik – Single Edit
22 Emotional
23 Coming Home (Jeanny, Pt. 2, Ein Jahr danach)
24 Rock Me Amadeus (Peters Popshow 6.12.1986) – Vod
25 Wiener Blut
26 Satellite To Satellite
27 Data De Groove
28 Titanic
29 Dance Mephisto – Remix
30 Nachtflug
31 Ganz Wien
32 Der Kommissar (Wwf-Club 23.4.1982) – Vod
33 Junge Roemer (Formel Eins 21.5.1984) – Vod
34 Interview (Formel Eins 21.5.1984)
35 Nur mit dir – Video
36 Kann Es Liebe Sein? (Wwf-Club 21.12.1984) – Vod
37 Rock Me Amadeus (Zdf Tele-Illustrierte 24.5.1985) – Vod
38 Vienna Calling (Zdf Hitparade 16.10.1985) – Vod
39 The Sound of Musik – Single Edit
40 Titanic
41 Dance Mephisto – Remix
42 Nachtflug
43 Maschine brennt
44 Der Kommissar
45 Nur Mit Dir (Zdf Tele-Illustrierte 29.10.1984) – Vod
46 Rock Me Amadeus
47 Rock Me Amadeus (Hits Des Jahres 30.1.1986) – Vod

1 Rock Me Amadeus
2 Helden von heute
3 Zuviel Hitze
4 Maschine brennt – Video
5 Der Kommissar
6 Auf der Flucht
7 Goldverleihung (Popkrone 1.11.1982)
8 Ganz Wien
9 Helden von heute
10 Junge Roemer – Video
11 Rock Me Amadeus
12 Without You – Demo Version
13 Auf der Flucht
14 Der Kommissar – Extended Version
15 Ganz Wien – Video
16 Rock Me Amadeus
17 Les Nouveaux Riches – Donauinsel Live
18 Junge Roemer – Donauinsel Live
19 Auf der Flucht – Donauinsel Live Video
20 Der Kommissar – Donauinsel Live Video
21 Ganz Wien – Donauinsel Live
Jeanny & Coming Home – Donauinsel Live Video
22 Jeanny
23 Coming Home
24 Männer des Westens – Donauinsel Live
25 The Sound Of Musik – Donauinsel Live Video
26 Titanic – Donauinsel Live Video
27 Vienna Calling – Donauinsel Live Video
28 Nachtflug – Donauinsel Live
29 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Donauinsel Live Video
30 Helden von Heute – Donauinsel Live

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I assume the original (and terrible) video for Der Kommissar is on here, but it looks as though the original Vienna Calling video is sadly missing. Great to see most of the videos from Junge Roemer are listed, but what I would love to see is Die Falco Show finally get a DVD release.


@stuartC73: me too, but the copyright situation is terrible… seems like the whole, uncut show will never see the light of day on DVD… :-(

Chris G

Does anyone know if “Jeanny (English Version, Special Radio Edit),” with the heavy acoustic guitar part, has ever been issued digitally? I’ve been looking for it for ages but all I have is a rip I did from the b-side of the US “Jeanny” single.



the ‘english version, special radio edit’ 4:28 minutes has been released (as a vinyl rip in far from perfect quality) here: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Alle-40-Goed-80s/release/2255729

the ‘english version, extended version’ 8:30 minutes (which is far better and has a longer acoustic part) can be found on various falco compilations.

the ‘english version’ 5:30 is the only version that has not been released on CD so far

elliott buckingham

mine has just been despatched from Italy and amazon uk have sold out at £35 I’m surprised they sold any


Is anyone else struggling to order from the German Amazon site? It seems to be objecting because my credit card isn’t from a German bank…


Hi Danny; I often order from amazon.de and have no problem using non ‘german bank’ cards.


They STILL haven’t found the original “Push! Push!” demo that he used at the Excalibur NYE show. It’s the only Falco track still missing and I hope it’s found one day, it would make a new release even better. The mix by Jeo is good, but that original demo version sounded amazing. Hoping this gets a release in the US as well!


yes, that would be nice indeed!

i tried to find this mix a few years ago, but nobody could help me. neither EMI, nor falco’s then-managemt, nor the songwriter, nor jeo knew anything about it…


Funny, I also reached out to Jeo a while ago and he said he was never given the demo, just the vocal track. I really hope it wasn’t discarded/thrown out on accident, but they found those demos from Wiener Blut in 2009 in a basement so I guess anything is still possible, it just hasn’t turned up yet..


yes, i am sure the original version of “push! push!” still exists somewhere. but i think it must be some person with contacts in the business to locate them. as an outsider, you have no chance.

about the “wiener blut”/”aya” 1988 demos: i am pretty sure all this stories from 2009 are made up. they knew about all the songs they didn’t use back then at least from 1999 onwards, when they remixed “poison” and “que pasa hombre” for inclusion on the “verdammt wir leben noch” album. i am sure they just thought that the other songs were too bad for release (and i think they were right). only in 2009 they released the last songs from this sessions (“the spirit never dies”, “kissing in the kremlin”, “nuovo africano”).


Michael is it true there are leftover songs from the Nachtflug sessions that were never found? Heard that rumor for a while. Also I think you and I used to email a few years ago!


DVD now up for sale at Amazon.de, so cancelled my CD order and ordered both for same postage.

@Paul, you may wish to add link at top of page.


parov stelar remix of “vienna calling” was released today



Although proper DE reissues of his albums from Einzelhaft to Data De Groove would be most appreciated, I am happy with this compilation… as teaser I hope.


yes, deluxe edition of “junge roemer” (sony) and “emotional”, “wiener blut” and “data de groove” (warner) would be nice but the chances are very, very slim… :-(


Too bad that the ’88 single ‘Satellite To Satellite’ is missing again!


that’s cause all the mixes of “satellite to satellite” have been released on CD already: the ‘extended remix version’ on so80s falco and on the 1988 CD single. on this CD single you can also find the ‘tv-mix’ (and, by the way, the here already mentioned ‘canadian/american vesion’ of “rock me amadeus”). a bit harder to find on CD is the ‘special radio edit’, it only on the japanese CD single.


This compilation contains many songs where all versions has been released on CD before…

Dejan Dozic

Isn’t this enough ?

I feel completes the best original 12 inch mixes done by Falco.
This feels not so attractive even if the price tag is low.
But another BOX ?!?
Remaster the albums & put bonus tracks on them like so many others have done.


Rock Me Amadeus (American Edit) is also available here on CD Back to the ’80s (Razor and Tie) – http://amzn.to/2kptlCB (amazon link) – it’s not on Discogs.


After reading this post last night I went shopping around for remixes of Rock Me Amadeus and it seems they have released a 30th anniversary digital album of 6 or so remixes to most of the digital stores. HD Tracks has a 24bit version as well. Good stop gap until they decide to release a CD.


yes, they did:


they only official remix that is missing from this release is the “short salieri version” 4:50 but it’s not a version you will miss too much as it is just a shorter edit of the original salieri version 8:20


Not enough into Falco to buy this – but the DVD looks quite good.


Finally, Do It Again 12″ remix by Shep Pettibone will see its release on CD for the first time.
The duet with Brigitte Nielsen will probably be the other highlight from this CD set…

That’s great ! Note that the So 80’s from Blank & Jones had many more remixes in it a few years ago… (including the dance mix of Body Next To Body)



The Sound Of Musik (12” Edit) is now for the first time on CD.

I have a a question:
The Sound Of Musik (The Rock ‘n’ Soul Edit)” (B-Side of the 7” and 12”)
is released on CD ?


no, the ‘rock n soul edit’ 4:35 was never released on CD


The single-Edit from the sound of music is on the final curtain. As far as I know (and I have a whole shelf of falco cd’s) the rock n soul edit is not on cd relased

Paul Murphy

Morning Paul, don’t know where else to info you, so just a quick note here to say Amazon UK has Pink Floyd ‘Early Years’ at £299.99 on a stand-alone deal this morning.


Hey Paul! The 3 CD set says DVD also on the German site, is it 5 discs? Thanks!!

Billy Dojcak

An error on an Amazon listing? Shocking!


I’m definitely going to order this, but I agree with the ‘thumbs-down’ to the cover. A lot of new/coming releases seem to have appalling design – is 2017 going to be the year of dreadful artwork? It’s as if the record companies are actively trying to put us off buying physical formats!

Mike C.

Very interesting and sad documentary on Netflix.


One of my fondest memories during MTV’s early years.
Also I remember watching ‘Night Flight’ on the USA network and they would
play some oddball videos that MTV wouldn’t- one being Falco’s original ‘Der Kommisar’
which I liked a lot . Although I heard it playing I wasn’t in the room and glanced over, at first I thought it was dan aykroyd doing some godawful video skit but it wasn’t, just Falco and I loved it.

alan hansen

with my favorite Falco track missing, the quasi-hit “munich girls,” i’ll pass… but might be a splendid compilation for others.


i love it that it has many mixes/edits for the first time on CD:
– rock me amadeus (american edit)
– data de groove (human version)
– verdammt wir leben noch (rough mix)
– body next to body (extended other version)
– the sound of musik (12″ edit)
– do it again (shep pettibone 12″ remix)

also like the idea that it includes many cooperations for the first time on a falco release and that there are 4 new mixes.

by the way: the info on track 8 on CD3 is wrong: this is actually the 7:45 specially remixed 12″ version of “junge roemer”.

in my opinion by far the best falco best of/greatest hits compilation. and for a fair price too.

worth the price for me alone because of the inclusion of the shep pettibone remix, which was only released in the usa back then.


The “American Edit” of “Rock Me Amadeus” is already available on this cd:



that’s right, this edit is on a few compilations but in a bad quality, ripped from a 7″ record. let’s say this is the first time this edit is on a CD in a good quality… ;-)


The version on “80’s Explosion” is NOT from vinyl.


how do you know? it sounds awful…


I’m buying it mainly for the Do It Again remix. The American Edit can be found on the compilation CD “80’s Explosion”.


ooopppsss I meant the American Edit of “Rock Me Amadeus”.

elliott buckingham

vinyl is £22.80 delivered to the uk

elliott buckingham

the 2cd and 3cd sets are on amazon uk for pre-order but they aint cheap

Florian M. Kranz

Wow, Piet from “So80s” himself. I was worried he might be jealous seeing this release, and then… coincidence: He’s here.

piet blank

florian, in fact i am very happy about the release. i know it’s been overseen by a real falco expert who also wrote some lines below. he was also with us when we created so8os falco. this time they were able to release even more unreleased stuff. if you take a closer look, this new release focuses on mixes which we haven’t used on so8os. so it’s really extends the variety of available mixes and versions which is a great thing for collectors. it’s a small circle anyway who still care for quality releases, so the least we should do is stand together and support each others work. same with this great site from paul: he does a massive and brilliant job to reach out for the crazy nerdy community that loves collecting physical releases!


Ridiculous cover art…it makes it look like Falco was a split personality male/female or a drag artist/female impersonator…completely the wrong cover art…there’s loads of decent pictures of falco over the years that they could have used…maybe they think it’s clever to mess around with the cover art well to be brutally honest it’s NOT.


Uh… Its Mozart not a drag queen.
Don’t tell me you’ve never seen the video?!

[…] Falco / Falco 60 (multiple […]

piet blank

for those only interested in the 12″ versions: so8os pres. falco. no vinyl rips, only master tape quality.


For quite a while I´m looking for the original UK 7´´ mix of Vienna Calling on cd. It differs from the original German release and in my opinion the UK mix is fantastic. I think it isn´t on this release, isn´t it?


you can find this mix (the new ’86 mix/edit) on the following falco CD releases:

-greatest hits II (1997)
– greatest hits (1999)


many thanks for the information . Will buy greatest hits II.

elliott buckingham

I found the so80s release tracks all over the place in regards to sound quality but nowhere near as bad as the billy idol release with some sounding like bad mp3 rips yet the quality of the ztt was outstanding

Mike the Fish

ZTT was remixed from scratch.


Piet, can you confirm that there is a So80s artist release happening this year? And perhaps So80s 11!!!! Huge fan here.

Larry Davis

Yes I have your so80s falco release and I just love it to bits and pieces…I dig this set too and the cover…looks like a nice companion piece to the so80s release…plus I want the dvd release as well…not sure about the yellow vinyl tho…it doesn’t have everything on the 3cd set…cheers piet

Billy Dojcak

Best Falco compilation ever.


I’ve always been fond of Falco, his unique combination of bombast and drama were never dull.


A bit of an unnecessary release. We already have all the remixes through the So80s release. His best album Einzelhaft has been remastered and Falco 3 which had some good moments has been remastered. There are plenty of well sounding hit compilations.

Billy Dojcak

You are correct.

elliott buckingham

the full length euro version of falco 3 would do me with the full length Amadeus and Vienna not the awful gold mix that seems to be everywhere


Agree about the cover…a shocker.

Simon Evans

I like it too. Colour scheme reminds me of Deutsche Gramophon releases.


In May 1985 ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ went sky high in the German language territories of Europe: Germany, Switzerland and of course Austria. The single contained the original album version. Why this dull flat album mix got so big in these countries is still an enigma to me.

In the beginning of 1986 it really hit other countries in Europe and surprisingly also the US, Canada and Japan. And thank God it got remixed! The US remix and the Canadian remix were combined to a new rock single mix, starting off with the (by now familiar) English voiceover ‘rap’ by DJ’s Boris Granich and Chris Modig from LA. This Canadian/American 1986 Mix (3:59) is in my opinion the best version of ALL mixes made. It combines the best of the US and Canadian remixes. I personally don’t fancy the Salieri remixes, I think they are not very cohesive, somehow they lack a certain flow.

Strangely enough the Canadian/American 1986 Mix never made it to any Falco compilation, nor to any of the different Falco 3 CD-releases. And no, even on this Falco 60 release you won’t find it. Once again a missed opportunity. The Amercian Edit is half that good.


What was the UK mix?


the uk mix was ‘the american version’ 3:10 which can be found on this falco60 complilation


i agree, the canadian/american mix (which by the way you can find in brilliant quality on the digital “30th anniversary” release of “rock me amadeus”) would indeed be the best version.

i say ‘would’ cause it is ruined for me by the awfully messy editing after 3:17 minutes. it’s terrible to listen to this sloppy transition in the editing!

i think that’s the reason why it’s so rarely used.


Never knew that there was a digital lossless 30th anniversary remix package available. Thanks for mentioning it! And yes, if the editing would have been smoothly done, the Canadian/American 1986 mix would be perfect. But you can make your own version with this 30th anniversary bundle (and even extend it a bit on the instrumental part).

Mike the Fish

I disagree. I like the six minute American Edit the best.

Mike the Fish

I disagree with Stefano, that is.

Mike the Fish

At the risk of being pedantic to Michael59, it was The American Edit rather than The American Version. But yeah, 3:10 on the single and elsewhere there was a roughly six minute version also called, IIRC, The American Edit. There’s a special UK DJ promo version as well pressed on 7″.


of course, it’s the EDIT not the VERSION ;-)

you have any info about the UK DJ 7″ promo version? a link to discogs maybe?

these are all mixes of “rock me amadeus” i know of:

Gold Mix a.k.a. Video Mix 3.22 (1985)
Extended Version 7.07 (1985)
Salieri Version 8.21 (1985)
Salieri Version Edit 4.50 (1985) +
Special Radio Salieri Version 3:58 (1985) +
12” American Edit 5:53 (1986)
American Edit 3.10 (1986)
Canadian Version 4.02 (1986)
Canadian/American ’86 Mix 3.59 (1986)
Disconet Extended Edit 11:05 (1986)
Club Remix 6.47 (1991)
Radio Remix 4.30 (1991)
Instrumental Remix 1.29 (1991)
Symphonic Mix 4.52 (2008)
The Falco Biography Mix 8:49 (2010)
Live 1985 Opus & Friends Version 4:02
Live 1985 Version 4:53
Live 1986 Version 6.04
Live 1994 Symphonic DVD Version 4.12


as there is no ‘perfect’ mix of “rock me amadeus” which uses all the gimmicky elements (biography, sax, violins etc.) i made a mix of my own which does not lack the flow but still has all the remix elements ;-)


Mike the Fish

Thanks for the list. Is the Special Can Am Radio Mix on the UK DJ 7″ the same as the Canadian American Mix, or an edit?


you have a link to this uk dj special can/am radio mix?

steve p

Ordered the vinyl from italy … £22.80 inc post to the UK


Body Next to Body is the only interesting thing in this box as it wasn’t on any of Falco’s cd before. The new remixes are not that interesting to me. The cds Emotional & Wiener Blut should be remastered and expanded….


… they could make a “data de groove” remastered and expanded version too (with all the remixes and the rare uncut versions)


Hi Michael,

Curious about the rare uncut versions of Data de Groove you mentioned. Not aware of that – do you know the story behind them?

That was a great album,seems to get a bit lost amidst his other (excellent) work.


i only know that you can find these uncut, longer versions of 4 songs on this german release:


i assume it’s the first (mis-) pressing of the CD but that’s just an idea…

does anybody know more about this?


I’m agree! “Data de groove” is underated.


Body Next To Body (Dance Mix) is available on
Falco Curated By Blank & Jones ‎– So80s (Soeighties) Presents Falco!


3CD came to $23.95 incl shipping to US from Amazon.de. Looks like a very nice set overall.

Gary Hunter

I had no idea he had passed away years ago! I must say the cover is awful!