Fan power! Pre-orders open for the 3CD edition of Yazoo’s ‘Four Pieces’

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Yazoo / Three Pieces 3CD edition

You spoke, they listened. BMG and Yazoo responded to the minor furore about the lack of a CD edition of the forthcoming Four Pieces release and quickly moved to ensure that this package (which includes remastered albums, remixes and unreleased BBC sessions) would be available on CD.

So Four Pieces becomes Three Pieces for the 3CD set, but fear not, the content is the same. The three remastered CDs come in a hardback ‘mediabook’ format, with a 32 page booklet containing lyrics and photos.

You can pre-order this CD version from the official store, where you’ll also find some CD bundles, as well as the various vinyl editions. Update 31/8: It’s now on Amazon, too.

Four Pieces/Three Pieces is released on 2 November 2018.

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Three Pieces


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Four Pieces [VINYL]


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The classic debut album including Only You, Don’t Go, Goodbye 70’s and Winter Kills.

1. Don’t Go
2. Too Pieces
3. Bad Connection
4. I Before E Except After C
5. Midnight
6. In My Room
7. Only You
8. Goodbye 70’s
9. Tuesday
10. Winter Kills
11. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I)


The No 1 UK Album featuring Nobody’s Diary, Ode To Boy, Mr Blue and Walk Away From Love.

1. Nobody’s Diary
2. Softly Over
3. Sweet Thing
4. Mr. Blue
5. Good Times
6. Walk Away From Love
7. Ode To Boy
8. Unmarked
9. Anyone
10. Happy People
11. And On


Classic, extended and rare remixes by Richard X, Todd Terry and Youth, plus the 2017 Orchestral mix of ‘Only You’ and a brand new remix of ‘Winter Kills’ by Minute Taker.

The John Peel and David Jensen BBC Radio One sessions exclusively remastered and available on vinyl for the first time. Includes Don’t Go, Situation, Too Pieces and Winter Kills.

1. Nobody’s Diary – Extended Version
2. Situation – Richard X Remix
3. Don’t Go – Remix
4. Only You – Orchestral Mix
5. Situation – The Aggressive Attitude Mix (Youth)
6. Don’t Go – Tee’s TNT Radio Mix (Toddy Terry)
7. State Farm – Madhouse Mix Edit
8. Winter Kills – Minute Taker Remix*
9. Don’t Go [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
10. Midnight [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
11. In My Room [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
12. Winter Kills [John Peel BBC Session, June 1982]*
13. Bring Your Love Down (Didn’t I) [David Jensen BBC Session, September 1982]
14. In My Room [David Jensen BBC Session, Sept 1982]
15. Situation [David Jensen BBC Session, Sept 1982]*
16. Too Pieces [David Jensen BBC Session, Sept 1982]*

*Previously unreleased.

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Ordered this from Amazon recently, and found that disc 3 has issues. The ink from the label side is very visible from the playing side, and the last track won’t play on a CD player. Reluctantly sent it back for a refund. Anyone know if a second pressing of this set resolved this? Thanks.


Great interview from Classic Pop Magazine with Yazoo for this reissue:



hmm. Anyone else having quality issues with these discs? My set arrived today, and my computer drive is having trouble with disc 3, reporting errors on tracks 10-16. I haven’t checked it in other players/drives, but I expect the computer drive to be the most exacting.

Also, a little surprised they didn’t see fit to include the versions of Situation & State Farm that featured on the North America versions of the albums.


Yep, listened on a real CD Player. No audible issues experienced. But those things are made to cover up any issues, as if people value their listening experience above knowing that there are problems with their discs…

If there’s no general report of issues, I’ll assume it’s my gear or a one-off problem.


two units buy it in amazon , and in both the cd number 3 was wrong :-(


Thanks to you and us SDE fans – the 3CD edition arrived today!


Which Situation – The Aggressive Attitude Mix (Youth)??
this (never released on cd)
or this?


I wish this was more comprehensive. Some remixes are here, including some new ones, but a lot aren’t. Most of their studio tracks are here, but several are missing. It seems that anyone buying this on cd would only be buying if for the 3rd cd anyway?


Well done all. The power of SDE!

just had a quick look at the official store. One question- what is it with bands / artists and tote bags?!
I have never seen one being used. What is the point? Just some toot to fill space? Bit like Bez then?


Just ordered. Can’t wait for 2nd of November, two months from today :-(


Ordered on Amazon, thanks Paul and Mute!


Thanks for the heads up Paul! Just placed an order for this and the Cocteau Twins Treasure Hiding.


Would rather the second half of the third disc as a cheap mini album, rather than having to buy two albums I already own and eome modern remixes that aren’t worth having.


Wait wait wait – yet another classic album that I had no idea my US copy was adulterated from the UK original? And I found out after 36 years? Ordering Three Pieces just became a no-brainer.

Worst thing is, I’ll probably decide I like the US version better, just like Rio (US v3, not v4), Mange Tout, Kings of the Wild Frontier, and Meet the Beatles. :o

I should check if I actually peeled the “Yaz” sticker off my LP to reveal the original “Yazoo” printing, or just thought about it…

Don S

Ordered. Was going to anyway but want to send a message that CDs are NOT dead and such reports are grossly inaccurate.


I’ll hold off until the reel-to-reel version comes out, which I’m preemptively naming Seven Pieces!

Steven Roberts

Personally, I’m holding off for the ‘One Piece’ blu-ray :)


This comment made my year.


Ordered, thank you SDE

David mci tyre

Now I’ll order it. Awesome


Now on Amazon for pre order at the staggeringly reasonable price of £16!!!


Good news, however it is curious that this CD version has become available so quickly after the SDE fan feedback? Was it already in the works?

P Vollmer

Ordered !


can we now start a campaign on shoddy vinyl pressings and an increase in quality control? Recent half-speed pressing of Japan’s ‘Gentlemen Take Polaroids’ was really disappointing. Why spend all that time on half-speeding music to then put it on out on crap vinyl pressing, with bumps and pops etc. Total farce. When it does work, it sounds amazing.


Power to the people! Lets just hope people put their money where their mouth is or the joke will be on us!!


Totally agree! -Just ordered mine!


Sadly this just goes to show how badly people who love vinyl (like myself) are getting ripped off £75 for the vinyl, £20 for same content on cd, how can this be justified.


Market research. ;-))

Derek Langsford

The price is most likely based on the cost of production and the expected number of units they will sell. Considering the vinyl was likely mastered from 96kHz/24 bit digital masters, the costs to transfer and produce 4 vinyl LPs in a a large format book, are likely far higher than 3 CDs in a small format book, that may sell ten times the number of vinyl sets. Vinyl often sells for £20 or more per LP, so how is £75 for 4 LPs in a large book format unjustified?

LPs used to be cheaper than CDs when vinyl dominated, but after 30 years of CD production and virtually no vinyl, producing small runs of vinyl now is very expensive versus CD.


I see the CD version is now available even cheaper on Amazon

Wayne Olsen

I guess we all need to order it. I did!


. . . Well, where the hell’s the cassette version, then?!

Martyn Alner

I’ll wait for the Wax Cylinder version – the campaign starts here! :)

José María Portero García

Congratulations tm all the people of SDE . The power of the music people.
Josevaty Spain

Daniel ( from Berlin )

that’s great! our comments were not for nothing.
but for me a little bit too fast ( especially the 32 page booklet ) for never planned as such.
maybe they had planned to release the 3CD version a half year later and after the fan reactions
they release is it now earlier. i hope future releases will including alternate studio versions.
i’m absolute sure that there was not only one daniel miller try to create
great tracks like “i before e…” and “in my room”. anyway, for now: that’s great!


nice cover

Robert Lett

It’s nice to get such a quick response to all the feedback. I definitely want this now


I want this. I already have the albums and box set from a few years back, but the 3rd disc looks interesting.

Eric M.

Wonderful— US $25.99 is an incredibly fair price for the CD version and certainly more economical than tracking down ‘In Your Room’ on the secondhand market. They have done a good thing.

Steven Roberts

Great news for those that wanted this on CD…but as an owner of the In Your Room boxset from 2008 (10 years? Already?) I would have personally preferred to see a ‘Yazoo at the BBC’ set that rounded up session/in concert material.

2028, maybe?


I think the Reconnected would have made a great extra for a 4 CD set?


Looks like this CD version is called Three Pieces judging by the picture above!