Fans report issues with Soft Cell box

Some fans encountering playback problems with DVD

Soft Cell‘s new 10-disc box set Keychains and Snowstorms includes a DVD with a wealth of content, including promo videos and TV performances. Unfortunately, some fans are reporting playback issues with this element of the deluxe set.

Messages from fans have been left on this site, on the Soft Cell Facebook page and via other social channels and the issue appears to be with two specific sections: the ‘Non-Stop Exotic Video Show’ and the BBC TV appearances. Fans report ‘sporadic’ playback issues, ‘juddering’, non-playback or the disc being very machine sensitive (i.e. works on PS3 or blu-ray, but not DVD player).

SDE has raised this with UMC. The label are aware and are currently looking into it. We will update you when there is further news. In the meantime, if you are experiencing any kind of issues with the DVD in your set, do leave a comment below, since the scale of the problem may influence any possible disc replacement programme.

Keychains and Snowstorms is out now.

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Soft Cell

Keychains and Snowstorms 9CD+DVD box set


Disc 1 : The Phonogram 12″ Hits 1981-1984

  1. Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go 8.57
  2. Bedsitter 7.52
  3. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 8.56
  4. Torch 8.29
  5. What 6.10
  6. Where The Heart Is 9.46
  7. Numbers 9.49
  8. Soul Inside 11.12
  9. Down In The Subway 7.50

Disc 2 : The Phonogram B Sides 1981-1984

  1. Tainted Dub/Where Did Our Love Go? 8.51
  2. Facility Girls (12″ Version) 7.17
  3. Fun City 7.33
  4. Insecure Me (12″ Version) 8.16
  5. So (12″ Version) 8.44
  6. It’s A Mug’s Game (12″ Version) 8.11
  7. Barriers (12″ Version) 7.10
  8. You Only Live Twice (12″ Version) 6.58
  9. Her Imagination 5.20
  10. 007 Theme 3.27
  11. Disease & Desire 4.04
  12. Born To Lose 2.55

Disc 3 : New Extended & Reworked Mixes

  1. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Dave Ball Lateral Mix) 7.08
  2. Youth (Dave Ball Wasted On The Young Mix) 5.41
  3. Secret Life (Extended Mix) 5.17
  4. Chips On My Shoulder (Extended Mix) 6.14
  5. Facility Girls (2018 Mix) 7.43
  6. Heat (Alternative Version) 6.04
  7. Kitchen Sink Drama (Extended Mix)
  8. The Art Of Falling Apart (Extended Mix) 8.47
  9. Martin (Hallowe’en Mix) 6.14
  10. Barriers (Dave Ball Broken Down Angels Mix) 7.09
  11. Meet Murder, My Angel (Extended Mix) 6.00
  12. Slave To This (Life Of Existence Mix)

Disc 4 : Rarities, Alternative Versions and Curios

  1. The Girl With The Patent Leather Face (Original Version) 4.57
  2. A Man Could Get Lost (Daniel Miller Vocal Edit)
  3. Memorabilia (Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing Version) 5.21
  4. Forever The Same (Unreleased Extended Version) 10.58
  5. Heat (US 7″ Version) 4.01
  6. Loving You, Hating Me (Special USA Mix) 7.45
  7. Martin 10.13
  8. Hendrix Medley (Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Voodoo Chile) 10.22
  9. Numbers (7″ DJ Version) 4.26
  10. Down In The Subway (7″ Remix Version) 4.21
  11. L’Esqualita (7″ Version) 4.22
  12. Soul Inside (Demo) 5.21
  13. So (Dave Ball Demo Outtake) 3.16

Disc 5 : The Early Years 1978-81

  1. Memorabilia (Original Daniel Miller Mix)
  2. Persuasion (Original Daniel Miller Mix)
  3. Metro MRX (Flexipop Version)
  4. A Man Could Get Lost (Daniel Miller Demo)
  5. The Girl With The Patent Leather Face (Demo)
  6. Tainted Love (Demo)
  7. Bedsitter (Demo)
  8. Potential (From Mutant Moments EP)
  9. L.O.V.E Feelings (From Mutant Moments EP)
  10. Metro MRX (From Mutant Moments EP)
  11. Frustration (From Mutant Moments EP)
  12. Red Tape, Sticky Tape (Demo – Previously Unreleased)
  13. Martin (Original 1980 Demo)
  14. Paranoid (Black Sabbath Cover)
  15. Science Fiction Stories (Demo)
  16. Bleak Is My Favourite Cliché (Demo)
  17. Cleaning Fanatic (Demo)
  18. Mix (Demo)
  19. A Man Could Get Lost (Original Version)
  20. Walking Make Up Counter (Live at Leeds Polytechnic, December 1979)
  21. Occupational Hazard (Live at Leeds Polytechnic, December 1979)
  22. Persuasion (Live at Leeds Polytechnic, December 1979)
  23. Dave’s Theme (Previously Unreleased Demo)

Disc 6 : In Session / Reunion / Cruelty Without Beauty

  1. Entertain Me (Richard Skinner Radio 1 Session)
  2. Seedy Films (Richard Skinner Radio 1 Session)
  3. Chips On My Shoulder (Richard Skinner BBC Radio 1 Session)
  4. Youth (BBC Whistle Test)
  5. Sex Dwarf (BBC Whistle Test)
  6. Soul Inside (David Jensen BBC Radio 1 Session)
  7. Where Was Your Heart (When You Needed It Most) (David Jensen BBC Radio 1 Session)
  8. God Shaped Hole (Remix)
  9. Divided Soul (Hooker Mix)
  10. Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
  11. Monoculture – Dave Ball Extended Mix
  12. The Night
  13. Darker Times
  14. Last Chance
  15. Together Alone
  16. Caligula Syndrome
  17. Desperate

Disc 7 : Non-Stop Euphoric Dubbing (Continuous Mix) & Remixes

  1. Barriers (Dave Ball Broken Down Angels Dub)
  2. Numbers (Extended Dub)
  3. Youth (Dave Ball Wasted On The Youth Dub)
  4. Where The Heart Is (Marcus Lancaster Dub)
  5. Seedy Films (Richard X Dub)
  6. L.O.V.E Feelings (Demo)
  7. L’Esqualita (Dub)
  8. Loving You, Hating Me (Dub)
  9. Baby Doll (Dub)
  10. Facility Girls (2018 Mix Dub)
  11. Little Rough Rhinestone (Solvent Dub Mix)
  12. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Dave Ball Lateral Dub)
  13. Bedsitter (Erasure Remix)
  14. Where The Heart Is (The Grid Remix : 2018 Re-Edit)
  15. So (The Grid Remix)

Disc 8 : Live in Los Angeles, 83 Part 1

  1. Mr Self Destruct
  2. Soul Inside
  3. Forever The Same
  4. Insecure Me
  5. L’Esqualita
  6. Loving You, Hating Me
  7. Torch
  8. Youth
  9. Disease & Desire
  10. Where Was Your Heart
  11. Baby Doll
  12. Martin
  13. The Art Of Falling Apart

Disc 9 : Live In Los Angeles, 83 (Part 2) plus other live recordings

  1. Hey Joe/Purple Haze
  2. Memorablilia
  3. Heat
  4. Ghost Rider (with Clint Ruin)
  5. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
  6. Live at Hammersmith Palais, 84 (Fan Recording)
  7. Numbers (Live) 5.29
  8. It’s A Mug’s Game (Live) 8.12
  9. The Best Way To Kill (Live) 5.20
  10. Down In The Subway (Live) 4.01
  11. UK Tour, Live in 2003
  12. Barriers (Live) 5.29
  13. Tainted Love Where Did Our Love Go? (Live) 9.00
  14. Sex Dwarf (Live) 6.17
  15. Surrender (To A Stranger) (Live) 4.22

Disc 10 : DVD (NTSC all regions):

Entertain Me + Bedsitter + Frustration + Torch + Seedy Films + Secret Life + Tainted Love + Youth + Memorabilia + Sex Dwarf + What + Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Where The Heart Is + Soul Inside + Down In The Subway + Monoculture

(Two Appearances)
Chips On My Shoulder + Say Hello, Wave Goodbye + Bedsitter + Heat + Numbers

Youth + Sex Dwarf

Tainted Love + Bedsitter + Torch + What + Where The Heart Is + Soul Inside + The Night (TOTP2 2003) + Torch (TOTP2 2002) + Tainted Love (Top Of The Pops Reunion 2001)

Where The Heart Is + The Art Of Falling Apart + Martin

Soul Inside + Ghost Rider (with Clint Ruin)

Down In The Subway

LOVE Feelings + Frustration + Metro MRX + Seedy Films + The Girl With The Patent Leather Face + Chips On My Shoulder + Tainted Love + Bedsitter + A Man Could Get Lost + Memorabilia


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My copy has marks on the individual sleeves where there the discs are placed. Looks like whoever handled the discs has a strong grip on pressed too hard into the card.

Phil Cohen

I’m not a avid Soft Cell fans, though I like some of their early songs. I’ve got the 3-CD set of their 12″ singles and a DVD of “Non-Stop Exotic Video show”, but this is a good place to mention that there is an increasing problem with multi-disc boxed sets where the discs are packed into tight-fitting pockets. Inevitably, you’re going to get some of the discs in damaged condition. Usually, the discs will play,but not always.
The record companies, packaging designers and pressing plant personel are overconfident as to how much disc damage most players can ignore (I’m using high quality Oppo Blu-ray players, such as BDP-83,BDP-105D & UDP-205, plus other players by Sony & JVC.
I recently encountered problem with Disc damage on anoher Universal Music product, the 6-CD + 2-DVD set “The Moody Blues-The Polydor Years”, in which 1 CD & the two DVD’s had an assortment of scratches, scuffs and (unremoveable) stains. The CD and one of the DVD’s played normally, but alas, the documentary “the Other Side of Red Rocks” had problems; a stain, a small spot, which causes a loud digital error noise and momentary picture break-up. This program was what I was buying the set for. I already had most of the material in the boxed set. I guess that amazon.co.uk would have paid my postal costs to send the set back, but a replacement may well have been worse. I was able to make a somewhat better copy on my computer. The digital error noise is still there, but without the picture break-up. It’s too bad that there’s no way for a consumer to actually contact Universal Music. The defect is in a song that is exclusive to “The Other side of Red Rocks”(I.E. not included in the box’s other DVD “a Night at Red Rocks”
People spend substantial money for Deluxe boxed sets, and we deserve to get the discs in good condition. Or at least,discs that will play normally. Other boxed sets where I encountered disc damage (though the discs were fully playable) included Esoteric’s “Barclay James Harvest”(debut album) 3-CD + DVD set(3 out of 4 discs damaged), and Sony’s “Alan Parsons Project-Eye In The Sky” CD/L.P./ Blu-ray set (the damage is to one of the CD’s) and Warner’s “Jethro Tull-Heavy Horses” CD/DVD set (the damage was on one of the DVD’s , though it played O.K.,and a replacement was no better.)

Denis O'Brien

Lot of errors for me too-playing on Sony dvd and bluray payers


Only problem here seems to be the original BBC version of “Tainted Love”, it’s freezing two times for a second and then permanent, so that I have to stop the playback. So far all other DVD tracks seem to play fine.

Steve Pafford

Is the banned Sex Dwarf hidden somewhere?

[…] Music have issued a statement to Soft Cell fans who are having playback issues with the DVD from their Keychains and Snowstorms box set. SDE highlighted this issue on Tuesday, […]


It’s a “packing issue” apparently.

Mark Leach

Hi thanks for the heads up,mine wouldn’t play either so just emailed Universal to see if they honour replacement in a timely manner. Shame really we go through this regularly, had same problem with Simple Minds Super deluxe

velocity ghost

DVD not recognised on my Sony Blu-ray player – just grinds away for a while then says ‘disk not recognised’. Such a shame as otherwise the box set is very well done. Hope Universal will sort out a replacement.

Ralph S.

Three different DVD Players, two bluray Players, three different PCs – DVD is either not recognized or not playing or freezing. Every 2,99 Euro DVD works better than this Thing.
Will there be a replacement?

Andrew W

DVD crashes, plus issues with the audio on disc 3 (I’ve yet to listen to the rest).
Frus-tra-tion indeed!


I’ve noticed a few comments regarding the cds themselves not playing a track or skipping a track. This may have something to do with a few of the discs breaking the red book cd specification and having a running time of well over 80 minutes. Some CD players (especially older) will struggle with this. If it doesn’t have “Compact Disc digital audio” anywhere on the cd or packaging then there’s a chance it might not play!

Gary C

Another entry in the deluxe Hall of Shame. Some of these box sets, although very well thought and put together, always seem to have a glitch or two.
It’s hard not to sympathise with buyers, harder still not to feel very annoyed as problems like the above seem to be ignored over time.
Let’s hope we get better quality control from The Beatles in November

Jan V

Alas. The dvd crashes in my new Sony dvd/blu-ray player too during the live concert. I hope for a replacement disc.

DJ Control

I can get some parts of the DVD to work by selecting individual tracks rather than play all. This is a real pain in the u know what as the program returns to the menu after each vid. Yet another dodgy DVD from Universal.


I also have received the set and am experiencing playback issues. The disc simply won’t load whatsoever. I really hope the label is willing to send replacements. I’d hate to have to return it for a refund to Amazon UK.

stephen gilmour

any news on how to get a replacement Paul??

Paul Wood

Just adding my two-penneth – early BBC TOTP segments won’t play on my Panasonic Blu-Ray player, and it stops working if I try to FFWD anything else. Strangely it worked on my Mac using macOS, but not in Windows 10 (boot camp) on the same hardware (using VLC player). I also tried it in an old Sony DVD player and it worked much better there too – but there were buffering-type problems and it was slow to play, with some discolouration.


Like many people, my DVD won’t play at all. The DVD player won’t even recognize it exists. Really disappointed as this was a major selling point for the boxset.


BBC section won’t play on mine either.


Despite the complaints, I’m looking forward to receiving mine – it’s yet to ship from Amazon. I’m sure a replacement program will be undertaken and maybe they could chuck in the two new tracks on a CD when they’re sending out the discs. That would go some way to make up for the inconvenience. I was digging out my old SC CDs in anticipation and found “Soft Cell at the BBC” – something I’d completely forgotten about. I was surprised to see it had a lot of tracks not included in this set (it has 5 x R.Skinner tracks, 3 x D.Jenson tracks and the OGWT pair), not that the new set is declaring itself to be definitive. Nevertheless, I’ll be keeping my old CDs.

Regarding some of the comments, it does point to an authoring problem and I have read that the “Young Guns” documentary was dropped. Is this confirmed? Could it be that its last minute excision was the cause of a hasty re-authoring? As someone else pointed out, NTSC is the usual format for music DVDs for widest global compatibility. Inclusion of PAL segments in blu-rays can cause these kinds of problems of half-working discs in places like the US but since this DVD is all NTSC, I’m inclined to think it’s the menu or indexing at fault. Philip says the colours are distorted but that might be either a critique of the NSEVS VHS origins or a problem with the DVD player settings not configured to output NTSC as NTSC (if the TV is recent) or NTSC to convert to PAL if the TV is old. If anyone has viewed the NSEVS segment, can they confirm this edition restores the cut sequences that didn’t make the last DVD issue (eg. p****d again comment by Marc). Shame the Sex Dwarf video wasn’t appended but I’m happy enough the original p-take version remains as an accurate facsimile of the original tape. The full video was (still?) on YouTube but as said before, it’s not controversial any more and more likely it’s omitted out of embarrassment or red tape/rights issues.

Eleanor Morgan

Promos didn’t play on disc 10 DVD and 4 things didn’t work on disc 10 The old grey whistle test on live was that other but the non stop Erotic video show did the Xmas one did but the Leeds amnesia froze while watching mutant moments couldn’t play the rest of that disc ghostrider and other track played DVD no TOTPS at all sorry I’ve repeated this that’s it on the last disc DVD the 4 issues are the no 10 disc last one love with the amnesia gig Leeds sadly one other issues is disc or track 7 not sure skipped one track only audio either light blue or pink I’ll have to see which track isn’t playing thsnks.

Alex Soares

My dvd works fine until towards the end of the Amnesia gig, it refuses to play the BBC videos, but plays the others fine. When the picture freezes the only way to stop it is by unplugging it from the power. Tried on a 4 year Panasonic blue disc player and my home PC.

Eleanor Morgan

Ok the very last DVD the Leeds amnesia gig Leeds 1981 started then as it came to mutant moments sure it’s the third song froze I could play the rest of that sadly.
Or the Oxford Road show or the TOTPS appearances Live of course not working properly.
And one tracks skips I’ll find out I know it’s disc no.7 not sure if it’s the pink one or light blue audio CD those are my issues the rest is fine.
It seems to play on Samsung bog standard DVD player is the device I used to try mine on but was quite upset this had happened let me know when there would be a replace and I’ll get back to which disco audio wise it slipped the travel on it other those issues the rest play fine and I do love the covers are stunning.

Lisa Riese

I’ve tried disc 10 and it doesn’t play at all, I’ve tried
Several DVD players and Xbox but unfortunately nothing.
A would appreciate a replacement and the box set was a lot for many fans.
Thank you x

Matt Young

Hello, just went through the boxset and the problems I am having on the DVD are the promo videos will not play nor the BBC Sessions or any of the other content. The Non Stop Erotic Video Show plays fine. I have tried it on all of my Blu-Ray Players and my PC, and still the same problems. Lets hope they get this worked out.

Stuart Pritchard

Mines all over the place,if I wanted a dvd this bad I would have bought a bootleg!! Let’s hope they pull their finger out and sort it out!!


Yup, same here, DVD doesn’t play correctly. Poor quality control. Will have to see if Universal put this right, which they need to.

Mark Farmer

Mine freezing during the live gig and the menu plays up. Very poor


I have the same issue as the others. My DVD player will not play the BBC part of the DVD.


Tried out my Soft Cell DVD and it played fine on my cheap £20 DVD machine.DVD players are notoriously temperamental,rejecting some and playing others for no logical reason whatsoever.Some of you might just have one of those cursed machines that play some DVD’s and not others.I have one of those,which I rarely use now as I never know whether it will work or not.The irony I have is my cheap DVD machine plays DVD’s better than the more expensive one I have.The best way to work out whether you have a dud DVD disc(rather than a dud DVD player) is to find a way to try it on several different machines as see whether they all fail to play it properly.

John 79

Unfortunately my Soft Cell DVD won’t play/ read on any of my players, im really really disappointed.


Having Problems here too!!!
BBC Portion is NOT playable. Can`t navigate anything then!!!
So far. Record Company SOLVE this Problems!!!!!!!
THX Paul giving this Issues a Forum!!!!!!

Paul Wood

The Early BBC TOTP performances don’t play on my Panasonic Blu-Ray player. If I try to FFWD it causes the player to hang and it has to then be powered off and on again. It makes a horrible clunking noise too and on some other videos it glitches like watching on a slow internet connection. It worked better and played the BBC material on another DVD player (not Blu-Ray) – but colour was a bit washed and still had some buffering issues, but didn’t crash. Seems to be an NTSC/Blu-Ray compatibility issue perhaps?

Josh Higgins

Yes, I have problems with the DVD too.

Rare Glam

Still not played my DVD yet, I almost don’t want to until there’s some official noise from UMC about replacements. My brother had the same issues with it though, it would not play at all on his DVD player but works on his Blu-ray player except for the BBC stuff. I wonder if it’s a coding error for the BBC?

I am waiting with a mixture of anticpation and treperdation for the upcoming Bobbie Gentry set also on Universal, hoping it might be glitch free unllike PIL and Soft Cell. The Dead or Alive set was on Edsel I think, they seemed to have dealt with that quite efficiently. I hope Universal do as well – if they want to keep consumer confidence that is.

It all feels like a rush to keep up with deadlines and production dates, maybe more speed and less haste etc and definitely make some time for quality control listening before rushing to production.

Neil Gibbs

Won’t play . Judders , poor colour , feeezes . Not impressed


I have the same problems. Love the boxed set, just saddened by this one DVD.


I am having problems with the DVD too… my DVD player dosen’t read it.

Chris powley

Dvd wont play on any of my players


Dvd distorted colour, unwatchable

Grant R

Yes, unfortunately I am having problems with the DVD too, in the same areas as stated by others. Such a shame after so long waiting for this fabulous box set.

Fantastic site though Paul – check everyday for the next great release. Keep up the brilliant work.

Lesley Lewis

Tried several times to get the dvd to work. It sticks most of the time as though its jammed.

Bill Thornton

Thanks to SDE, I now know I’m not the only one.with issues.The DVD freezes on the BBC content and then it doesn’t want to eject from blu ray playe!. But the BBC portion will play on my Japanese international DVD player. Go figure.

Please keep us posted

Thanks Paul


Mine won’t play the BBC section on my blu ray player or my desktop. I’m not going to go up in the loft and seek out any old DVD players or external DVD players just in case they work better.

I’ve jumped around the other sections and haven’t had a similar complete breakdown but I haven’t watched everything from beginning to end so I’m not going to discount there being any other errors.


Similar problems to others in my Sony Blu-ray player. No longer have a standalone DVD player.

It just froze on me and did not want to read the disk. Had to pull the plug out, leave for a few minutes and plug in again and finally let me eject the disk without trying to get disk to auto play again. Needs to be replaced.

Barrie Birch

Problem with DVD freezing

Andrew Loveland

My DVD refuses to play in any of our DVD players but will play on my laptop but this is only sometimes, it comes up no disc.

It’s as shame this is happening to everyone as it’s a great box set overall just hope they will send us replacements

Sheldon Emberly

Was hoping I wasn’t going to have any issues playing my DVD on my Sony Blu-ray player but alas, I experienced the same issues as many others have noted. The Non-Stop Exotic videos played fine and so did a large portion of Live at the Amnesia Club. When I try to access the BBC content, the disc just makes a loud clunking noise and nothing loads. Difficult to stop the disc once this happens and it takes what seems like forever for the machine to power down when you turn off the power. I was able to view some of the Channel 4 videos and the bonus promo videos. I have tried to load the disc into my Macbook but it keeps ejecting it and won’t even load it.

Very disappointing to experience these issues. I debated and debated purchasing this set and finally decided to splurge and buy it only to find the DVD is faulty. I am hoping Universal will do the right thing and offer us a replacement DVD once the problem has been rectified. And
hopefully we don’t have to send the entire box set back to get the replacement.

Lloyd Ramsey

I was asked did my dvd work when I received my boxset Saturday. I private messaged Soft Cell HQ who insisted the dvds were checked and that they were all NTSC compatable with all dvd players and that I should try another player. The PC was the same, playing only parts of the disc on 5K Player! There must be a replacement or some explanation that it’s Blu-ray only! They’ll be selling these at the O2 Merchandise Desk with thousands in circulation that are rendered useless. All the cds are perfect, it’s just that icing on the cake dvd. I hope they get the live show dvds right next may.


The official Soft Cell web page states it’s being investigated with Universal and they’ll get back to fans with these issues.


The picture froze on some of the videos, sound dropped off for a couple of seconds on one video and the proper sex dwarf video is not even on it. Not amused being treated like a middle-aged under 18 year old.
Played the dvd on my bluray player. Haven’t checked the BBC stuff yet.


Just a question, why was the Canadian mix of Tainted dub/where did our love go vocal missed off & the bog standard dub mix of both put in it’s place? And will this be rectified at all?

Jean Banaix

The DVD doesn’t play on any DVD player !
Quite a shame for such a huge amount of money…
May we expect a DVD replacement ?
Thank you !


My home DVD player doesn’t play the BBC section.
Using a Laptop on the same BBC section it skips tracks and got the message Damage Surface.
I really do hope Universal can help us replacing the defected dvd.