Fatboy Slim / Better Living Through Chemistry / 20th anniversary deluxe


2CD and double coloured vinyl

Next month, Norman Cook alter ego Fatboy Slim‘s debut album, Better Living Through Chemistry, will be reissued exactly 20 years after its original 1996 release.

The long-player (which got its title from a variation of American conglomerate Du Pont’s advertising slogan, “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry”) was issued on independent dance label Skint Records and of course was the precursor to the even bigger follow-up album You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby (issued in 1998).

This new two-CD deluxe edition offers a whole disc of bonus tracks including “recordings from the Fatboy vaults that have never been released before”, the two bonus tracks (Michael Jackson and Next To Nothing) included on the original US release and Japanese extra track Es Paradis. Sleeve notes come courtesy of Skint label founder Damian Harris.

A double LP edition will also be issued pressed on yellow vinyl to mark the 20th anniversary. Both versions are released on 23 September 2016.



Better Living Through Chemistry 2CD Deluxe Edition

Disc: 1
1. Song for Lindy
2. Santa Cruz (Extended)
3. Going Out of My Head
4. The Weekend Starts Here
5. Everybody Needs A 303
6. Give The Po’Man A Break
7. 10th and Crenshaw
8. First Down
9. Punk to Funk
10. The Sound of Milwaukee

Disc: 2
1. Michael Jackson
2. Next to Nothing
3. Everybody Loves a Carnival
4. Es Paradis
5. First Down the Disco
6. Sunset 303
7. Neal Cassady Starts Here
8. It’s a Dream
9. Knuf of Knup
10. Big Beat Souffle
11. Everybody Loves a Filter
12. Weekend Bonus Beats
13. Crenshaw Siren Beats


Side 1
1. Song for Lindy
2. 10th and Crenshaw
3. Give The Po’Man A Break

Side 2
1. Going Out of My Head
2. Everybody Needs A 303
3. First Down

Side 3
1. The Weekend Starts Here
2. The Sound of Milwaukee

Side: 4
1. Santa Cruz (Extended)
2. Punk to Funk
3. Crenshaw Siren Beats

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Simon F

Still have my 1996 vinyl original plus all the 12″ singles so no need to shell out for this. As for the bonus CD most of it is made up of B-side from the various 12″ singles of that period;
Disc: 2
1. Michael Jackson (B-side to Going Out Of My Head SKINT 19)
2. Next to Nothing (as above SKINT 19)
3. Everybody Loves a Carnival (B-side to Everybody Needs a 303 SKINT 31)
4. Es Paradis (as above SKINT 31)
5. First Down the Disco
6. Sunset 303
7. Neal Cassady Starts Here (B -side to Santa Cruz SKINT 1)
8. It’s a Dream
9. Knuf of Knup (B-side to Punk To Funk SKINT 12)
10. Big Beat Souffle (as above (SKINT 12)
11. Everybody Loves a Filter (B-side SKINT 31)
12. Weekend Bonus Beats (B-side SKINT 1)
13. Crenshaw Siren Beats


I think I’ll pick this up, I prefer BLTC to You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby which outside of the singles isn’t that great.

Reissues of Norman Cook’s other projects would be welcome. Beats International, Freak Power and Pizzaman mainly and maybe Mighty Dub Katz as well.


Too bad there are no remixes on this. Could have easily been a 3 cd set.

Robert Fitzpatrick

who is going to be able to play a floppy disc ? I wish he would get with the times and release this on cd ! lol! it had to be said

Julian Bashford

Good news. I really REALLY hope this signals the possibility that the rest of Norman’s back catalogue can come out in special editions – particularly BOTH of the Beats International fantastic albums and Freakpower’s outstanding two albums.


Ps. any info on remastering? The original sounded a little fluffy.


Excellent! Looking forward to this.