Fatboy Slim / You’ve Come A Long Way Baby 20th anniversary reissue

No bonus audio • ‘Meal Deal’ deluxe set delivered in pizza box

BMG will issue a 20th anniversary edition of Fatboy Slim‘s 1998 album You’ve Come A Long Way Baby as in March.

The album was a big success when it was released (reaching number one) and delivered four UK top ten hits: The Rockafeller Skank, Gangster Tripping, Praise You, and Right Here, Right Now.

Unlike the two-CD 10th anniversary edition of 2008, and even though these are being described as ‘deluxe’ editions, this reissues delivers no bonus audio at all, with BMG repackaging it as one of their ‘art of the album’ reissues with new sleeve notes (by Ralph Moore).

It will be available as a single casebound book CD edition, a 2LP vinyl package (which includes a six-page 12-inch booklet and an art card of the album cover) and a special ‘meal deal’ combo set which includes the CD, the 2LP vinyl and an XXL T-shirt in a pizza-style box set. The latter is exclusive to the Official Fatboy Slim Shop (as is the standard CD right now).

There’s no mention at all about remastering (not that it really needs it) and to be honest it’s all rather underwhelming; having a T-shirt in a pizza box that is probably not going to fit you (“in authentic Fatboy XXL size”) just about says it all, really.

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby will be reissued as a 20th anniversary edition on 16 March 2018.

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Fatboy Slim

You've Come A Long Way Baby - 2LP vinyl


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fatboy slim

You've Come A Long Way Baby - 2008 2CD deluxe


CD track listing

01. Right Here Right Now
02. Rockafeller Skank
03. Fucking in Heaven
04. Gangster Trippin
05. Build It Up, Tear It Down
06. Kalifornia
07. Soul Surfing
08. You’re Not from Brighton
09. Praise You
10. Love Island
11. Acid 8000

2LP vinyl track listing

A1. Right Here Right Now
A2. Rockafeller Skank
A3. Fucking in Heaven

B1. Gangster Trippin
B2. Build It Up, Tear It Down
B3. Kalifornia

C1. Soul Surfing
C2. You’re Not from Brighton
C3. Praise You

D1. Love Island
D2. Acid 8000

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Andrew B

What no pizza in the box, no deal


Pizza box sold out

eric Slangen

What a useless rerelease.

Mo Lester

Considering how great some of the videos to this LP are it really was a must to have dvd/blu ray in a deluxe edition….
Not a waste of space pizza box for and extra £20….


Wow, a T-Shirt and Pizza Box, just what I always wanted to go with all my other CDs and Vinyl – NOT! Thank goodness I bought the 2CD Set a few years back as much better than this bundle of tripe being called a deluxe edition.


Pizza box… things are really getting out of control in this reissue/repackage dark age. I miss the 90s!

Martin Power

Perfect chance for an SDE of this classic – But what a ‘meh’ release. Not for me shame really


As the cover says, why try harder? Or at all?!


Seriously… What on earth is the point of this reissue? Do they expect it to sell? Would it have been so difficult to round up tracks that were previously released across different formats? Here’s hoping the label takes a loss and learns a lesson.

Mark Phillips

What the hell, Norman? What a load of carp.

It could’ve easily been a 2cd plus DVD package. There’s really no excuse for this rubbish.


A load of Crap as well. LOL


Wow, what a snooz-fest reissue. Why not do a 2cd/dvd re-issue with the 2cd being the same as the now out of print 2cd and offer up a 5.1 mix on dvd or blu-ray. That album would sound awesome in surround sound.

Astounding how some of these reissues so miss the mark. I finally played the a-ha Unplugged blu-rays and they are not even surround sound!!! Same with the George Michael Listen Without Prejudice 3cd/dvd. No surround sound. So I’m not talking about the already criminally missing 5.1 regular album mix but the stuff that is on the blu-rays and dvd is in stereo as opposed to multichannel!! So disappointing.

Craig Hedges

Save money and pick up one off the hundreds of copies of this album at poundland or your nearest charity shop


Your Canadian link in the widget is going to the 2008 CD.


Wait, I see that was intentional now. Ooops.

Chopdog and Jules - One and the Same

Why won’t they do a full decent deluxe release of the two Beats International albums in 1990 and 1991 I think. They are long overdue a good wash down, and all the extras and mixes.

Particularly as their fun second album had a disastrous CD mastering glitch on it….

I asked the label. They said ‘maybe sometime but not now’. Are they waiting for the anniversaries?

Paul Saunders

Im sure that this underwhelming package is marketing for marketing sake.
Who will be the first reissue deluxe package to offer less than the original format ?
There is plenty of second hand vinyl out there to extend and excite the collector this really does look tired .

Auntie Sabrina

Bloody hell, twenty years have flown by…

Richey Estcourt

Plenty of fun at the time, but it’s a dated album. I daresay Moby will want to hawk his Play album again next year.

Either way, I’m not buying this.


I enjoyed some of this album at the time, especially the Camille Yarborough sampling ‘Praise You’ and its accompanying video but I think it’s an album of its time. One for the box collectors!

Tom M

Looks like this deluxe edition went on a diet. You could always stick a broom under the shirt and use it for a tent.


You had me at “no bonus audio”. I’m gonna pass, then.

Stan Butler

A pizza box. Good grief! That will look great on the shelf.


How can they call this “deluxe”?
Do they think the public are stupid? (that’s a rhetorical question).

Mark S

2,000 copies on sky blue with coffee splatter coloured vinyl from “Vinyl Me Please” subscription club.

Andrew M

Unfortunately this is probably the first ever recorded instance of a release where I’ve thought “Finally, a shirt that would fit me” :(

Mark H

I feel your pain man!