Fine Young Cannibals / 2CD deluxe sets

Expanded 2CD reissues and coloured vinyl • SDE-exclusive bonus CD single

London Records will issue brand new two-CD deluxe editions of the Fine Young Cannibals two studio albums in December.

The band’s debut single ‘Johnny Come Home’ was a top ten hit in 1985 and the self-titled debut album reached number 11 in the UK charts the same year after further singles were issued, including a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’.

In 1989, Fine Young Cannibals hit the commercial stratosphere, particularly in America, with The Raw & The Cooked. The first two singles ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ and ‘Good Thing’ both were number one singles in the USA and were top ten hits in Britain (and around the world). The band split in 1992 although they did record a new single, ‘The Flame’, for a 1996 best of.

The new London Records 2CD expanded editions go well beyond Edsel’s now out-of-print deluxe editions from 2013, with 29 bonus tracks for the first album (including B-sides, remixes, BBC sessions and more) and 22 extra tracks for The Raw & The Cooked.

The albums have been remastered from original analogue master tapes by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy and as well as the 2CD expanded editions, both will be reissued on coloured vinyl with the debut on red and The Raw & The Cooked on white vinyl.

Orders with the SDE shop come with a FREE Johnny Come Home CD single!

SDE is delighted to offer these reissues for sale on the SDE shop with each CD or vinyl order shipping with a FREE and exclusive limited CD single of ‘Johnny Come Home’. This represents the first time the original 1985 single has been issued on this format and the four-track CD (original artwork on a card sleeve) will offer the single mix, the original extended mix, the second 1985 12-inch remix (later known as ‘That Other Mix’) and a live version. Note that the remix 12-inch isn’t on the expanded two-CD set.

The official Fine Young Cannibals store does not have this limited bonus CD, but does offer each product with a Roland Gift signed print.

The Fine Young Cannibals reissues are released on 18 December 2020 (was 11 December). Order from the SDE shop using this link or the buttons below.

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Fine Young Cannibals

Fine Young Cannibals 2CD deluxe


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Fine Young Cannibals

The Raw & The Cooked 2CD deluxe


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Fine Young Cannibals

Fine Young Cannibals red vinyl LP


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Fine Young Cannibals

The Raw & The Cooked white vinyl LP


Fine Young Cannibals 2CD deluxe


01 Johnny Come Home
02 Couldn’t Care More
03 Don’t Ask Me To Choose
04 Funny How Love Is
05 Suspicious Minds
06 Blue
07 Move To Work
08 On A Promise
09 Time Isn’t Kind
10 Like A Stranger
11 Johnny Come Home (Extended Mix)
12 Suspicious Minds (Extended Mix)
13 Blue (Dance Version)
14 Wade In The Water (“Blue” B-Side)
15 Love For Sale (“Johnny Come Home” B-Side)
16 Motherless Child (“Funny How Love Is” B-Side)
17 Prick Up Your Ears
18 Couldn’t Care More (Annes Mix)
19 Blue (Slow Version)
20 Suspicious Minds (Caught In A Dub)
21 Johnny Come Home (Mousse T Cocktail Mix)


01 Johnny Come Home (Derrick Carter Remix)
02 Suspicious Minds (US Remix)
03 Funny How Love Is (Radio Mix)
04 Johnny Come Home (Mark Moore 12″ Remix)
05 Blue (Live at Town & Country Club BBC Session)
06 Johnny Come Home (Live)
07 Suspicious Minds (Suspicious Mix)
08 Johnny Come Home (John Peel BBC Session)
09 Blue (John Peel BBC Session)
10 Time Isn’t Kind (John Peel BBC Session)
11 Good Times And Bad (Extended Mix)
12 Suspicious Minds (Shakedown Mix)
13 Couldn’t Care More (Janice Long BBC Session)
14 Move To Work (Janice Long BBC Session)
15 Don´t Ask Me To Choose (Janice Long BBC Session)
16 Funny How Love (Janice Long BBC Session)
17 Blue (Demo Long Version)
18 Johnny Come Home Mousse T (Extended Mix)

The Raw & The Cooked 2CD deluxe


01 She Drives Me Crazy
02 Good Thing
03 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be
04 I’m Not Satisfied
05 Tell Me What
06 Don’t Look Back
07 It’s OK (It’s Alright)
08 Don’t Let It Get You Down
09 As Hard As It Is
10 Ever Fallen In Love?
11 You Never Know (“Don’t Look Back” B-Side)
12 Social Security (“Good Thing” B-Side)
13 She Me Crazy (David Z 12″ Remix)
14 Good Thing (Nothing Like The Single Mix)
15 Ever Fallen In Love (Extended Version)
16 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (12” Version)
17 Don’t Look Back (12″ Version)
18 It’s Ok (It’s Alright) (Ploeg Club Mix)


01 She Drives Me Crazy (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
02 I’m Not Satisfied (New York Singing Mix II)
03 She Drives Me Crazy (Seth Troxler ‘Out Of Time’ Remix)
04 Ever Fallen In Love? (The Rare Groove Bootleg)
05 Good Thing (Prince Paul Vocal Percussapella)
06 She Drives Me Crazy (Percusapella)
07 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Demo Version)
08 Don’t Look Back (Youth Remix)
09 As Hard As It Is (Demo Version)
10 Tell Me What (Demo Version)
11 Hold Me (Demo)
12 I’m Not Satisfied (Demo Version)
13 Ever Fallen In Love? (Club Senseless Arthur Baker Remix)
14 Race Track Instrumental

SDE-exclusive Johnny Come Home CD single

01 Johnny Come Home 3.30
02 Johnny Come Home (Extended Mix) 5.40
03 Johnny Come Home (That Other Mix) 5.08*
04 Johnny Come Home (Live)

Fine Young Cannibals red vinyl LP

01 Johnny Come Home
02 Couldn’t Care More
03 Don’t Ask Me To Choose
04 Funny How Love Is
05 Suspicious Minds
06 Blue
07 Move To Work
08 On A Promise
09 Time Isn’t Kind
10 Like A Stranger

The Raw & The Cooked white vinyl LP

01 She Drives Me Crazy
02 Good Thing
03 I’m Not The Man I Used To Be
04 I’m Not Satisfied
05 Tell Me What
06 Don’t Look Back
07 It’s OK (It’s Alright)
08 Don’t Let It Get You Down
09 As Hard As It Is
10 Ever Fallen In Love?


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David McCallum

These two releases are a bit jinxed for me too. (Not ordered through SDE, to be clear.)

I ordered from the UK to my home on US west coast. Following tracking, it took a week to arrive in LA (that’s pretty good) and then sat in LA customs for a bit, and has now arrived two weeks later in New Delhi, India! Very bizarre.

I’m really looking forward to them… eventually.


Utterly disappointed I had to pay 11 EUR customs after being held there for some time and then discovering that one of the CDs has a damage. Fantastic :(


In the US Amazon and importcds.com have a Feb 5 release date for these. Looking forward to receiving them.

They released a digital remix EP last month that is worth checking out (info below). Includes some of the new mixes that were on the CDs plus some extra versions.


Johnny Come Home (Derrick Carter Remix) 7:02
She Drives Me Crazy (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (Club Dub) 6:44
She Drives Me Crazy (Dimitri From Paris Remix) 6:32
She Drives Me Crazy (Dimitri From Paris Remix) (Short Version) 2:57
She Drives Me Crazy (Seth Troxler ‘Out Of Time’ Remix) 10:52
She Drives Me Crazy (Seth Troxler ‘Out of Time’ Dub) 9:48
She Drives Me Crazy (Cerrone Remix) 4:33


Warning: Anorak Post!

The She Drives Me Crazy Percussapella on this disc is not the same one as on the Silas Jr promo 12″. This one sounds more like an unreleased Percussapella along the lines of the Driven Crazy Dub.

It’s a shame the Silas Jr Radio Edit isn’t more widely available. It’s my favorite mix of this song.

Richard Hanson

Thanks Paul! I got mine today,.. from you to me in TEXAS! I can’t wait to see if it sounds as good as the studio mix sounded on the DAT pulled from Paisley Park with David Z at his home after he made the mix! brings back great memories,… thanks for the nice package and single!

Jason Childers

The CDs arrived today! (YAY!)

It seems like a new compilation could be made from the previously-until-then unreleased tracks from “The Finest”, the tracks from “The Flame EP” (minus Trust, which is on “The Finest”), “The Raw and The Remix” (minus tracks 1, 8, and 12), some tracks from TR&TC’s 2013 Deluxe Edition (track 15 from disc 1, plus tracks 1, 4-9, and 11-15 from disc 2), plus “Johnny Come Home (That Other Mix)” (from the 2013 FYC deluxe release). Just to be complete.

[I haven’t seen the tracklist for “The Rare and The Remixed”, so I don’t know if the above covers the complete leftover tracks. Hmmm….”The Rare and The Leftovers”?]

I’m just glad I had ripped my FYC collection before losing it a couple years ago.


The supply of these releases has been a complete clusterf*ck by the record company, my FYC debut album is finally out for delivery today… Apparently, but the Raw and the cooked has been delayed until the end of January, start of February now.


Nonsense. Have both on the shelf here. My pal who bought from SDE had theirs last year.

Jason Childers

Is there any way to check on one’s order, presently? I don’t mind waiting, but I do want to to know that it is coming “soon”, whenever soon happens to be.


Received my bundle today. Looks wonderful, especially the exclusive single. Love it, thanks a lot.


I ordered these from importcds.com and they show a Feb 05, ’21 release date now…

Axel K

Seems like most of you received their order.
Unfortunately not the case for me. As I ordered on the SDE Shop, hope I’ve not been forgotten.

Al Duchaney

I got mine yesterday in the US and am digging hearing every version of Johnny, Minds and Blue.

My wife is questioning how many there are and I reply: not enough!!!!!!
(‘And I’m mad about that…’.)

LOVE the first set and looking forward to the 2nd Album next……….


I did not receive an email but I did reach out to your support desk and they informed me of the stock issue. I had read here that an email was sent out advising of the release date change. Not receiving that email, and not seeing my item shipped after a couple days I reached out.

No worries here. Just letting you know. Looking forward to getting these.


Amazon UK have just cancelled my pre-order from October for the two FYC reissues. Did not give any specific reason for this… Rather annoying.


I have now received my SDE Orders (Both Vinyl + CD Singles) and expertly packed as usual from SDE. My order from FYC Shop has also arrived. The signed print is very nice indeed (A4 Cover pic of the first album SIGNED by Roland, will look great framed). I had ordered the CD’s from Amazon for the autorips (not confirmed on first album yet) but as has been mentioned it seems they have not had their stock yet.
The vinyls look superb and a bonus being in gatefold sleeves. I bought R&TC on vinyl back in the 80s. Played Side 1 but Side 2 would not play as it was warped so I had to return it. WH Smith had no vinyls to exchange it for me but the nice lady said I could exchange it for the CD at no extra charge which I did and still have it. I then popped up to Woolys where their first album was £7.99 on CD so ended up getting them both on CD on the same day.

Best track on FYC for me FUNNY HOW LOVE IS, much better than the single version that was released. Best track on R&TC for me is AS HARD AS IT IS – yes I know it wasn’t a single (about 6 were singles from it) but I just loved it instantly. In fact having heard the demo version on this new reissue I love it even more.

If you have not seen it go catch Roland on youtube on Jools Holland New Years Eve Show from a few years ago doing Good Thing and maybe a few others (Suspicious Minds maybe?)
He’s superb on it.

My only gripe (and I have had this since FYC split up) is that after the band split it was very evident that a third FYC studio album was highly unlikely. I have many fave bands of the 80s but FYC are certainly in my Top 5 if not higher (sometimes top 3) fave bands of the 80s.

Superb albums made even better. Have a FYC Christmas everyone!

Paul S

Received my Vinyl and CD today from SDE, excellent service and well packed many thanks Paul.
Quick one is anyone’s download code from the raw & cooked vinyl not working, the site accepts the code and sends me an email but when you click the link in the email the site says not found and now sites download limit reached but I didn’t get any download


Received my CDs today. Thank you SDE. Not sure why Amazon are now saying 8th January for release day. Obviously they can’t get the stock l would think.


Received mine today, thanks to the SDE shop. It’s funny because both this one and the Rhino 2012 ones are complimentary and there would still be room for a third go at The Raw & The Cooked, due to the large number of digitally unissued mixes from that era. Roll on 2028!


Amazon seem to have been moving release dates about a lot of late, they had the new white stripes greatest hits Cd date moved but it seems to be available elsewhere, same goes for the new Kaleo album which went on sale on the marketplace (Dodax) but had no immediate shipping on amazon


Ordered mine from The Fine Young Cannibals website (aka Townsend Music). Haven’t heard a yay or nay from them, but see it now says January on Amazon.
So I wonder if will be getting anything through the post tomorrow.


Okay, so my order via Townsend Music arrived this morning.
Currently listening and pretending it’s 1985 – my favourite music year as it happens.


I suspect Amazon have put the release date back to 8.1.21 because they have not received their stock of the items yet from their suppliers. Buyers from Amazon ‘might’ get their orders between Christmas and New Year if lucky. Otherwise I suspect it will be January. Although tomorrow emails could be sent out from Amazon saying your delivery date has changed (again), you never know with them.
Has anyone had dispatch emails from the FYC Store yet?
Only dispatch emails I have had is from the more reliable (in these situations) SDE Shop.


Amazon UK have chosen to inform me that these will now be released on 8 January 2021…….is it not possible to have one release date and stick to it instead of this being at least the 4th one…….That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore…..


Is Good Thing (Prince Paul Vocal Percussapella) different from the 1990 12″ remix version please?!


Release date for The Raw & The Cooked 2CD Expanded Edition AND Fine Young Cannibals 2CD Expanded Edition has been changed to 19th December 2020. Not had any messages about the vinyl re-issues. Have you had any update on release date for the vinyls Paul/SDE or are they unchanged? Cheers.

Paul S

Hi Paul
Just seen this, I’ve pre ordered with you but haven’t received an email about the date change.
Is my pre order showing ok?

Paul S

Cheers Paul, not sure what happened with the mail, checked junk and inbox nothing but thanks for confirming.


Sorry it appears I have a typo – Should read 18th December 2020. Vinyls also now confirmed new release date is 18/12/20

Neil Kelly

Ordered. Would’ve liked signed but prefer the CD single!

What i don’t understand is this… If the 4CD’s are newly mastered were the CD single tracks newly mastered together along with all the other tracks too and then deliberately that mix not included to give you the exclusive? I find it all a bit weird without more information. Why couldn’t they just include that mix with the album? No room? To create an exclusive for you? Or another reason altogether? Would’ve been better to give you another kind of exclusive instead i mean how many times are we going to insert a very rare CD to play that one mix especially in a car CD player which is the only way i currently play CD’s. I won’t be risking scratching the CD single…


Buy a player for your home, you will be happy with it.

T Ford

Who plays original CD’s in cars? Rip all the tracks on to a CD-r.

On the other hand, car manufacturers are doing away with CD players and either have a line-in socket or bluetooth connection to connect your mobile or media player to listen to your music.


So it seems there are a few exclusives, a lot of remixes missing from the previous, and still other mixes that aren’t included. Very odd.

Personally, I’m gutted the ‘Mousse T Musica Dub’ of Johnny Come Home isn’t included. I really love that mix, and it’s never been issued on CD :-(


I’m torn between this 5CD set and getting the signed print from Townsend. Am I right in thinking the CD single only has one mix that isn’t on the debut 2 CD set?


You can never have too many versions of ‘Blue’ but five in addition to the original is a joy to behold…..

Juan carlos Puertollano

Maybe someone asked before, but is there any chance of getting the audio from Live at Paramount in a future reissue. My VHS tape won’t last lnng and it is about to retire.

Keith Brittain

I have the 2013 “Raw and the Cooked” 2 disc set, and I was very excited when I saw this release on SDE. But why, oh why, does it not have the 7:27 remix of “She Drives Me Crazy” – this was the A side of the US 12 inch, and is the best version (IMHO). This is a no brainer to include. Not going to buy.


Keith — check Justin Strauss’ SoundCloud page for a high-quality download of the original US 12″ A-side — it was his mix. He also has the Dub he made for the song there.

Matteo Barbieri

Can you giude me in Discogs to which exact version you are referring to?


Excited to see these coming out. Enjoyed the Edsel reissues but great to have remastered versions with additional unreleased tracks.

I had wondered why a major label reissue hadn’t happened for The Raw and the Cooked. Could have been a multi-disc set with all the mixes/b-sides along with the Live at the Paramount and videos compilation DVD content. Hopefully that will still happen someday.

Spiral Scar

Hello, Paul and everyone at SDE.
You’ve got me again! Happily ordered the CD bundle. Thanks for the exclusive. I’m a little disappointed that I don’t see “Pull the Sucker Off” or “I’m Tired of Getting Pushed Around” on either of these sets. Though they seem cut from the same cloth, they are credited to different incarnations of the band. They may be somewhat slight, but somehow they got under my skin. Luckily, I still have my cd-singles and the cd of NOW 11. I have had no luck obtaining the older deluxe editions, so I’m grateful to mop up some rarities with these. And I’ve been frustrated to not find that alternate version of “Blue”, with the trumpet, on any cd until now. That was the version I heard all the time on college radio. I was really surprised that it wasn’t a top 40 hit in the UK. I’m hoping that version is one of the ones featured here.
Perusing SDE on a day off from work, and feeling slightly uneasy because I’m adding more titles to an ever-growing list of things to buy. I really should be putting in some overtime to fund my passion. It didn’t initially appear that 2020 was going to be such a hot year for reissues and deluxe editions, but happily, that turned out differently.
Be well everyone.


Many of the ‘missing’ remixes are missing for a reason. They aren’t that good or necessary.
Or didn’t you learn your lesson from the Dead Or Alive box?


Unfortunately for us Yanks it looks as if these are UK/Europe only at the moment, and I can get a sealed, deadstock LP for about half what the reissue LP would cost with shipping.

Paul MacDonald

US Promo-Only Louil Silas Jr. mixes of She Drives Me Crazy still out there. Someone should do a bonus disc of these and the Justin Strauss mixes!! https://www.discogs.com/Fine-Young-Cannibals-She-Drives-Me-Crazy/release/664553


I couldn’t agree more. It was only their biggest hit, you’d think that would be worth something. :)


Regarding ‘Johnny Come Home’: can anyone tell me if would this be the first SDE release of a CD single ? also, does it state ‘SDE’ anywhere on this single?

Paul’s notes claim the albums have been remastered – have the remixes also been remastered? because i would love to get a remastered version of david z’s 12″ remix of she drives me crazy.

decisions decisions…should i get the SDE package with the exclusive cd single or should i get the one with the roland gift signed print?


I’m not interested in this box set but I am always interested in the cd single. Any chance of a sde box of all exclusive Cd singles? Or can I get the cd single if I buy another unrelated CD or box set? (Sorry to be difficult. In this case I really like Johnny come home but not FYC other output. Same with Mansun).


Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy was the first SDE cd single.

thomas doherty

Are these going to be released in the States as well or U.K. only?


Comparing the tracklisting with the Rhino 2CD sets from 2013 it seems a lot of remixes are missing, aren’t they? I am not a big FYC expert, so maybe just the mix names differ but I think the following remixes are not on the new sets:

Fine Young Cannibals:
– Johnny Come Home (That Other Mix)
– Johnny Comes Home (Johnny Takes A Trip)

The Raw & The Cooked :
-I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Jazzie B and Nellee Hooper Remix)
-I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Jazzie B and Norman Cook Remix)
-I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (Monster Mix)
-I’m Not The Man I Used To Be (12“ Mellow Mix)
-She Drives Me Crazy (The Monie Love Mix)
-Ever Fallen In Live (John Potoker Extended Mix)
-Good Thing (Prince Paul Remix)
-I’m Not Satisfied (Matt Dike 12“ Remix)

Could somebody with more FYC knowledge confirm this?

And are the following remixes new remixes (in the meaning of not being era remixes)?

-She Drives Me Crazy (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
-I’m Not Satisfied (New York Singing Mix II)
-She Drives Me Crazy (Seth Troxler ‘Out Of Time’ Remix)
-Ever Fallen In Love? (The Rare Groove Bootleg)


There are a LOT of mixes missing. I wouldn’t consider this definitive. I would love to see a boxed set of the complete works.

Ever Fallen In Love? (The Rare Groove Bootleg) is not a new mix. It’s from this:

I’m Not Satisfied (New York Singing Mix II) – I think this is a new mix. There is a NY Singing Mix of this song, but I’m not familiar with II. Maybe this is a vintage unreleased mix, or a newer remix.


i would love to see a complete remix release by FYC one day – SDMC alone has so many mixes that are only on vinyl so far…

Dominic L.

This two are era remixes:
-I’m Not Satisfied (New York Singing Mix II)
On IRS US 12″ the “Nicole version”
-Ever Fallen In Love? (The Rare Groove Bootleg)
On the UK 12″ LONXR 121 remix by Arthur Baker
If somebody needs more info on FYC discography I have around 200 different pressing vinyl and cds, I started my collection in the 80’…

Jonathan Riley

If only they would have made these 3 disc editions with everything from the other 2 disc editions included on the 3rd disc, that would have solved everything or most everything
Still am happy that this is coming out and preordered the bundle on the SDE site

Tom m hans

I finally understand now that Justin Strauss is not Ulrich Schnauss ftom the Depeche Mode Little 15 Remix. Everyday I learn something new. Thank you SDE peers.


Raw and the Cooked is a classic – my favorite album from 1989 and has gotten a spin several times per year since then. I picked up the self titled CD a few years later strictly out of curiosity as it didn’t hit here in the US and I’d not heard any of the singles that were hits elsewhere. It’s not bad but I didn’t go back to it after a few listens. I picked up Edsels Raw and Cooked back when it was released, and was waiting and waiting for a vinyl reissue, hopefully colored vinyl, but didn’t think it would happen and bit the bullet only two weeks ago and picked up the 1989 vinyl at Reckless Records in Chicago for $10. Nonetheless my collector instincts are screaming buy all of these but shipping from the SDE site and The FYC Store to US is prohibitive, so I’ll keep checking Amazon US and Ebay. But thanks Paul, without your site I wouldn’t have heard about this!


Phew! Right place at the right time for once. I was browsing my phone on my lunch when this appeared and duly ordered the 5 cd bundle. I had the vinyl version of Raw and the cooked in the ltd edition tin. I lent it to a friend who fell on hard times and very kindly sold it so made do with my Raw and the remix cd until now. Can’t wait to hear the first album.

With the Seeds of love box set, the Talking Heads coloured vinyls and now this, you’re making a dent in my retirement fund Paul. Long may it continue.


Have ordered – thank you Paul – SDE my favorite side!!
To the FYC – like other people say, i miss a lot of US mixes – hope for the 2027 edition…..


This is great news. I was looking to buy both when they first came out but never did. Now, I will be getting more “stuff” the second time around. (I did place an order for the two releases plus the cd single from the SDE site.)

Any chance of “The Raw and Remixed” being re-released? I was unaware of “The Finest” and any additional tracks after Raw and Cooked. FYC basically dropped off the radar here in the states after Raw and Cooked ran its course. So I, like a lot of people, only are aware of the two studio albums. Would like to hear of other “newer” tracks on other future releases from FYC. (if there is more..)


One of a few Eighties bands that should have gone on for longer. Top quality song writing even on album tracks (As Hard As It Is), superb covers (Suspicious Minds, Ever Fallen In Love), brilliant ‘Live’ (sadly Time Isn’t Kind Live version from Suspicious Minds 12″ Single not included – HOW BOUT PLAYING TIME ISN’T KIND asked Roland). Just brill singles Good Thing, She Drives Me Crazy, I’m Not the Man I Used To Be) and the remixes (Raw And The Remixed) gave the tunes another dynamic.

Absolute no brainer for me, ordered the 2 coloured vinyls from SDE shop with a CD Single with each one! Shame it’s not one from each album, but i’ll take the 2 CD Singles gladly.

Nice one Paul / SDE, Cheers. Released on same day as MACCA 3 which is 2 days after my 50th Birthday. Happy Day it will indeed be this year, 2020 can do one, but it will end on a high!


A bit disappointed about:
– 2 new songs from The Finest are missing (“The flame”, and “Tell me what”, which are great songs)
– remixes from Edsel editions are missing too
Ok, there are more trackcs on the new edition, but I think it’s a pity that if you want eveything, you have to keep the Edsel edition and get the new ones.
Why not a complete edition of theses great albums? (3cd editions of both?)

Tom Richardson

Superb and very underrated band! I think a reunion one day would reap great rewards. As much as these are the best versions of the two albums to date, I agree that a complete works box set would be much more appreciated! It’s quite annoying that to have both Roland’s autograph and the exclusive single one would have to buy two lots of products from different sources, and as stated by several others – there are a lot of commissions due to the restrictions of two disc editions too. That still doesn’t detract from this being a great reissue campaign from a brilliant band. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention Paul.

Graeme ewan

Not a superfan myself but I do enjoy these albums. I love the clear anoraknish, no offence, more. Its bloody brilliant that folk know which remix etc isn’t or is on via their own different historic trawls through the music. Great work to all concerned.


Thanks @AudioDile!
I did not know of the Justin Strauss Mix and the Louis Silas Jr Extended Version (with Monie Love) just found them on youtube –> NICE!

It’s also a pity Roger Sanchez’s club-oriented Time and Space mix is not included (full length mix would have been a first on CD)

Chris S

Hit “Add to Cart” in record time!

Jan V.

Thank you Paul for organising this (again). Ordered!

Simon C

In less I have missed it there is 3 major omissions. The 3 new tracks that are on the Finest compilation. Now I appreciate that they don’t belong to either of the 2 albums eras, but unless there is a Raw and the Remix reissue coming then they have being left out.


ugh – I spent some of my quarantining digitzing my FYC vinyl so I wish I had known about this sooner! To my knowledge, here is what is appearing on CD for the first time here:

Blue (Dance Version)
Johnny Come Home (Live)
Good Times And Bad (Extended Mix)
Ever Fallen In Love (Extended Version)
Ever Fallen In Love? (The Rare Groove Bootleg)
She Drives Me Crazy (Percusapella)

Disappointed the Justin Strauss mixes still don’t get a CD release. The 7″ remix is my favorite version of the track and I’ve been dying to get it on CD for decades. Also that none of the mixes from the IRS8848 promo were included (apart from the percussion mix). The radio edit from that is another favorite mix.

Do we know which extended mix of I’m Not the Man is included here? There are at least three…

Love that demos and BBC sessions are included, but it looks like there’s a number of brand new remixes which I feel are unnecessary.

They really need to put out a complete works boxed set with everything. There is so much that was never released on CD, or are scattered across too many releases to collect everything. I’d gladly pay for that.

(whomever mentioned the Good Thing 10″ with an exclusive mix… Thanks! I somehow missed that when I was filling the gaps in my collection!)

Alone With Strangers

I might have that Good thing 10″ somewhere….


I was so close!


THE Andy Cox?! ↑



Was doing a similar comparison yesterday with my vinyl and agree re your list above. I prefer CD and enjoy replacing vinyl with CD versions as new reissues and compilations come out.

Believe this mix is also new to CD (was on the 12″ and promo 12″ only):
Johnny Come Home – Mousse T (Extended Mix)


Right, I did notice Ever Fallen In Love didn’t belong in the list above. Is on the older CD single that Andy Cox (?!?) noted above as well as the 2013 Edsel 2-CD The Raw and The Cooked reissue.


Graeme Mason

So pleased you have brought these releases to our attention Paul. I missed out on the 2 Cd releases from a while ago and only ever been able to see those in a shabby state on Ebay. Strewth!….some folk’s idea of Near Mint condition is a mystery to me. Duly ordered these issues though and can’t wait for pristine copies to arrive from your shop. Cheers!


Glad that I still have my The Raw and the Remix CD from 1990. There’s way too much material on there that isn’t on these 2 CD sets.


Oh that’s right, Raw and the Remix! That has the Johnny Takes a Trip track on it… so now I guess I don’t need to keep the debut Edsel version. Nice.


While I will be getting TRATC for the new She Drives Me Crazy mixes (Dimitri From Paris should be quite good), it’s a pity that neither the 7:39 Justin Strauss Mix nor the rare promo 8:25 Louis Silas Jr Extended Version is being included. The latter has never seen CD release and the former is only available on the following hard-to-find discs:


The David Z Mix, is available all over the place.