Fiona Apple / Fetch The Bolt Cutters

Apple’s first album for eight years

American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple‘s acclaimed new album Fetch The Bolt Cutters will be released physically in July.

The album was issued digitally last week and has been garnering near-universal praise. It’s Apple’s first album in eight years. You can sample the title track below (spot the reference to Kate Bush‘s ‘Running Up That Hill’).

It’s a percussive, personal, homemade, sprawling kind of a record, which has been five years in the making. Of course you can listen to the whole thing on your preferred streaming service before committing to the physical purchase!

In terms of mainstream profile, Fiona Apple created the opening/theme song to the Showtime TV series The Affair, which remarkably, has never been issued anywhere commercially (it wasn’t even on the ‘music from the showtime series’ soundtrack album!).

Fetch The Bolt Cutters will be issued as 2LP vinyl edition, which will come in an ‘extended shorepack jacket’ which I think means a high quality ‘tip on’ type sleeve, and includes a 20-page booklet and a sticker. The CD comes in a jewel case, with a 20-page booklet.

Both are released on 24 July 2020.

01. I Want You To Love Me
02. Shameika
03. Fetch the Bolt Cutters
04. Under the Table
05. Relay
06. Rack of His
07. Newspaper
08. Ladies
09. Heavy Balloon
10. Cosmonauts
11. For Her
12. Drumset
13. On I Go

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Anthony Hesseltine

There are currently four vinyl versions of this album:

1. Black
2. Gold Barnes and Noble exclusive
3. Opaque Clear indie vinyl exclusive
4. Purple Vinyl Me Please exclusive

Anthony Hesseltine

Just found out there’ll be a deluxe cd mediabook 5″x8″: any clue about the “additional content”?


The artwork here is a close tie for bad with Michael Kiwanuka – Kiwanuka and Buckingham McVie, and the original artwork for Texas 25. There is a definite, “the artwork department is closed due to covid-19” vibe.


I love the artwork!

Sean Hewitt

A great album. Definitely among the best of the years so far. Have already bought the digital version but will definitely be buying a physical copy as well.


I’ve been listening to it constantly since it dropped and I think it is a masterpiece – blown away, even topping ‘Idler Wheel …’ She is a unique artist. It hasn’t, I think, been a vintage year thus far for new albums (I guess partly because of the lockdown etc.) so this has given 2020 a big boost. I like the cover – I think it suits the mood of the album perfectly.
Vinyl Me Please are offering an exclusive aubergine coloured vinyl with booklet – seems to be a black only release elsewhere. I’m sure this will become collectible as her albums aren’t well served by vinyl – I only have ‘Tidal’ and ‘The Idler Wheel …’ and both of them were exclusively produced by VMP.
Stay safe folks.


Very tempted by this, though I haven’t completely immsersed myself in her music. I have Extraordinary Machine (let down by a really poor pressing) and The Idler Wheel (Valentine has become a regular personal of mine). She certainly is a unique talent.
With regard to the collectability of this latest release (as suggested by Richard K), I have both the above mentioned albums on vinyl and they are both collectible for sure – however, the last release (The Idler Wheel) was released in 2012, when vinyl runs were nowhere near where they are now, which made that limited vinyl release subsequently very collectible. Having said all that, it’s the music that’s important, right?


Ordered from the SDE Shop.

Looking forward to it.

Stay safe Paul :)

Joe Kelly

Thanks for the heads up on the Deluxe Plasket, had pre-preordered the vinyl but held back on the CD just in case…and now you’ve just highlighted the just in case I’ve ordered


It’s the best album that’s come out in a number of years… Certainly the best alternative album for me since Radiohead’s “a moon shaped pool” in 2016. She’s a genius and deserves all the high marks for this.

I have ordered the media book version, vinyl and cassette. The previous album came out as a media book that looked like a recreation of her lyric book with art and a dvd so fans are expecting something similar this time….

Alexandros Alexandropoulos

Looking forward to buy it the first day of it’s release. The best album i heard the last twelve months.

joel ivins

i listened to half of it…i totally enjoyed her dogs barking on the one song…with fiona, i find that i need some kind of melody to really enjoy her songs…my favourite album is “when the pawn”, but i did enjoy some of the songs i heard on this one, however sometimes it was difficult to hear a concrete melody that goes somewhere enough times to get the song to stick in my head…still love her…she gave some great interviews recently regarding the album, how she recorded it and what she has been doing.


This was an Insta-buy for me, but I totally see where Michael is coming from. For some reason, the unpolished sounds and occasional demo quality producing are endearing to me and not off-putting. Go figure!


It’s not easy being a die-hard fan due to those long gaps between albums, but she never disappoints. I didn’t think it was possible to love her even more with each new record. Well, it is.


Long gaps? Try being a Tears for Fears fan!


Is this the same as the version that’s available through her website?


Perfect 10 on Pitchfork, apparently first time a review has got that since Kanye’s Dark Beautiful Fcuked-Up Fantasy.


Thanks, Paul, I now have to clean my screen after the spit take I just had laughing at your response.


She is selling a “Deluxe CD Mediabook” online. I suppose nobody knows anything about this?


(The album is also available on cassette.)


Fiona Apple’s title track from “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” sounds like a female Jack Kerouac reciting street poetry while randomly drumming on pots, pans, empty wine bottles and cardboard Amazon boxes that have accumulated in her home while she’s sheltering in place. The rest of the song samples I heard from this album come off as a choppy patchwork of fleeting songwriting ideas that could have been edited together by the late Frank Zappa if he were in the control room. Even Fiona’s dog had to bark at this.


What will people, which complained previously about the design of the new Rolling Stones 10” sleeve, say about this?


The funny thing is…I kind of love it. Goes hand-in-hand with the homemade feel of the album. Plus, I like the whimsical feel of it, especially her photo.

Richard K

Great news, one of my favourite artists back with a new album at last. Not all of her albums have come out on vinyl, but the ones that did went oop very quickly, so I’d recommend grabbing this one quickly too.