First edition of Pet Shop Boys blu-ray sold out, but standard set on the way

Pet Shop Boys / It Couldn't Happen Here standard edition

Limited deluxe set now unavailable

A week after release, the limited edition blu-ray+DVD of Jack Bond’s 1988 Pet Shop Boys film It Couldn’t Happen Here has completely sold out. Thankfully, another version is coming, albeit a ‘standard’ edition sans deluxe packaging.

The first edition was very well presented and came as a 44-page hardcover interview-filled book with outer slipcase. Blu-ray and DVD discs slotted into inside front and rear covers respectively.

The new edition comes in standard plastic case packaging and still features both blu-ray and DVD, but doesn’t include the book. The disc extras (commentary, interviews etc.) are intact.

This retails for a few pounds less than the limited version and will be released on 20 July 2020. The DVD remains region 2, with the blu-ray region B.

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Neil Tennant

It Couldn't Happen Here - standard edition



  1. Comprehensive feature commentary by Jack Bond, James Dillon and Simon Archer (2020)
  2. West End Boy: Jack Bond (2020, 27 mins): the director discusses his eclectic career as a filmmaker and his enterprising approach to the making of It Couldn’t Happen Here
  3. It Can Happen Here: Arlene Phillips (2020, 26 mins): the renowned choreographer reflects upon a life in dance and the trials and tribulations of working on It Couldn’t Happen Here
  4. Always on My Mind (1987, 5 mins): the full-length promotional video for Pet Shop Boys’ single, featuring Joss Ackland and footage from the film
  5. Actually: an unfilmed early version of the script for the film, included here in its entirety for the first time anywhere
  6. As it Happened: Image galleries including the complete final version of the script, the director’s shot lists, Pet Shop Boys reference lyric sheets and promotional materials for It Couldn’t Happen Here
  7. Original theatrical trailer (digitally reconstructed for this release)

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Well, I guess I’m lucky to have received a copy of the limited one. Nice object, well produced. But the film?
Oh dear, oh dear.
As bad as I remember it from 1988. It Couldn’t Happen Here? It Just Doesn’t Work more like. No matter how much you will it on…
The music is badly mixed with some horrible cuts in it, the two of them just look mortified throughout, clearly aware that it wasn’t working even as they shot it.
I’m a huge PSB fan. But let’s be honest, 32 years on and it’s barely watchable


My order was placed 13 May 2020. They just moved my delivery to standard edition. I guess I was too late.


Hopefully whomever owns the rights in the US, will see from this that there is money to be made and get on the ball.


Another one that looks like demand will actually outstrip supply is the Tin Machine II coloured vinyl reissue. That’s now showing as currently unavailable at Amazon UK.


I just received the limited edition, from amazon, meaning the slipcase has creases in the spines.
I can tell you however it looks great, the book has a silky finish and is quite heavy, the photos excellent. I don’t regret buying it at all, only where I ordered it from.

Kasper Andersen

Didn’t know it was limited when I ordered it.Can see it is nicely pricey on ebay so glad I pre-ordered it at that time.

Chris Squires

I think the lowest “limited” number I have seen is 107, with the Not the Nine o’clock News Vinyl boxset signed by Rowan Atkinson. Then there are the Led Zeppelin, U2 and Depeche Mode Limited edition sets which seem to be the gift that keeps on giving with endless numbers, is it 100,000 for some of the Zeppelin sets?
It is a monumental guessing game to which the only answer is, if you want it you have to buy it when you see it and then develop thick skin and a c’est la vie mentality if it disappears. I guess many here have gone both ways. Picking up something like the Five Years vinyl box set on a £120 deal alert, yes it happened (13th January 2016) would have been superb. Many would have been delighted to get it at the RRP of £229 and now it can’t be had for less than £600. Ditto Lord of the Rings red Vinyl.
“Limited” should be ignored without figures and even then I have seen 5,000 disappear in hours and 500 hang around for years. If you want it, buy it. For the sake of £10, £20 or £30 it is usually not worth the risk.


anything on the pet flamingo label only has about 50 copies and they are sold out within secs, and then sell for much more after on discogs if they are listed at all.


Hi Chris,

It might not be worth the risk, but it is part of the fun of the game. The russian roulette of when to click on purchase.

The amount of risk worth taking often depends on how much an artist means to you, or whether you believe the source of information on how limited something is. The more favoured an artist is generally means taking less risk and buying early. That can then be a bummer when the price drops like a stone, as the Kate Bush box prices did.

The fun lies in the purchase of a good item at a low, sometimes daft price, that I wouldn’t be bothered about getting at a regular price. I can sit and wait as the price bounces up and down, and if I miss out it is no big deal. Earlier this year I bought the Curtis Mayfield cd box set as it was going up and down in price every ten minutes or so, including when I went to press purchase; so I had to wait a bit longer. Some lucky people got that item for €10 this month.

Where there is a known pattern of limited numbers, like Marillion’s cd sets, then it is logical to purchase straightaway, and shrug when the price drops down. Prince’s Sign O The Times blu ray set, was well reported to be limited, and luckily for those who missed it, as with the Pet Shop Boys, there is now a less ‘deluxe’ version available.

The logical one to be aware of next will be Prince’s Sign O The Times SDE LP box set. Will there be more copies printed than there was for the 1999 8 lp set, knowing 1999 sold out straightaway; or will the record label stick to the same formulae and keep the lp box set numbers low? There’s no point taking any chances on that one. It’ll be an instant buy.

Fugazi by Marillion will be another instant buy when that one gets announced – it’ll sell out straightaway on cd, which really does make it bonkers that they don’t print more in the first place and make more money.

Just as the consumer should be smart and learn to adapt to the patterns of an artists releases, then the record companies should also adapt and figure out that in many instances there is more demand than supply.


graeme ewan

and… back to the Marillion topic! If it is “sold out” then more should be made. Bands obv love scalpers making a good quid or to at their expense/rep.

Chris Squires

There were plenty to go round as this was released a good few months ago, the main group of people who are left complaining are those who didn’t take the opportunity when it first (or second or third) arose with pre-orders back when? March? So, in general, the reason people might not have bought is that they were waiting for a price drop of a really good set from £45 to hopefully what? £20? It’s also been a deal alert at £23 to £25 at least twice since then. There are regular posts from people who say exactly that. “I like this really well made 5 disc set at a reasonable RRP price but want to wait until it drops to an unrealistically low price until I bite” And then moan about about “eBay scalpers” 4 months later with opportunity after opportunity let go.
If something is for sale originally at £45 and you think someone selling it on eBay for £70 is making a “killing” you are mistaken particularly with posting out Vinyl (if you want it to get there in one piece – or at all) and all the attendant hassle for slightly less than £8 profit and that doesn’t include decent packaging just ebay / Paypal / postage.
What is wrong with people making a “good quid” Graeme? Tell me as I am still under the impression it’s legal to buy something and sell it on, it’s what Paul does, it’s what every music dealer does.
Speculators / retailers take a risk, it’s in the name and it isn’t a killing, it’s a living for those that do it.
How is what you wrote any more on topic than Kasper, Seikotsi, Quante or myself?

Cesar Araiza B.

I just dont have the right words to describe pet shop boys, but they are “ALWAYS ON MI MIND”, forever and ever. The first time i ear pet shop boys music, was in 1984, and i keep doing this at my 55 years old. Amo a Pet Shop Boys.


I was kinda hoping for a longer delay and them adding the PSB commentary that supposedly already exists unheard…

Richard Weaver

Me too!


Paul, have you heard anything about a possible US release?

Rik Skyline

Standard edition is the way to go. Much better packaging. You simply can’t beat the old plastic case. Now PSB’s, let’s see a nice orange and neon pink splatter vinyl reissue of ‘Relentless’.

Richard Simpson

Yeah I think I read that on the BFI somewhere. Good news, because I dithered and then missed out. Didn’t realise it was a limited edition. Bah! Although looking at the reviews on amazon, this deluxe packaging doesn’t sound very deluxe at all?


One Amazon reviewer says “I find this very poor form for a BFI release. I would have been happier with a basic 2 disc set with the booklet inside but alas, we are lumbered with this bit of tat instead.”

They should have waited!


you right its beutifull i receive from uk and i love very much the artwork i dont sale is sure.

Joe Morgan

Yeah agree can’t understand why people are complaining it’s very nice. People just like to complain in uk.

Steven Roberts

Looks like the BFI underestimated the demand on this title – I wonder if they now regret not going for a bigger run on the first pressing?


It’s always tricky to estimate and it comfortably broke their pre-sales record so I’m not sure what more they could have done. A second, more standard pressing with little delay is logical and smart.


This is good news! The limited one is selling for silly money on eBay.