Five Star box set track listing confirmed

Demon Music’s forthcoming Five Star box set sounded very promising but the track listing hadn’t been officially confirmed by the label – until now.

As promised, Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 (a 9CD+DVD set) delivers bonus tracks for every studio album and three further discs of seven-inch remixes and 12-inch remixes (with lots of dub mixes and instrumentals). The final disc is a DVD with 27 promo videos.

There are still some SIGNED exclusive versions of this set available. Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 will be released on 29 June 2018. Are you happy with this track listing? Leave a comment and let SDE know.


1. Love Take Over 03:58
2. All Fall Down 03:34
3. Let Me Be The One 04:42
4. System Addict 04:05
5. Hide And Seek 05:32
6. R.S.V.P. 04:39
7. Now I'm In Control 03:41
8. Say Goodbye 04:12
9. Crazy 03:58
10. Winning 03:35
11. I'm Gonna Make This A Night You Will Never Forget 05:24
12. I Like The Way You Dance [Five Star Orchestra] 03:59
13. First Avenue [Five Star Orchestra] 03:30
14. Beat 47 03:42
15. Keep In Touch 04:17
16. Love Games 03:41
17. Pure Energy 03:51

1. Can't Wait Another Minute 04:41
2. Find The Time 04:31
3. Rain Or Shine 04:00
4. If I Say Yes 04:05
5. Please Don't Say Goodnight 04:43
6. Stay Out Of My Life 04:01
7. Show Me What You've Got For Me 03:58
8. Are You Man Enough? 04:38
9. The Slightest Touch 04:30
10. Don't You Know I Love It 03:57
11. Sky 04:19
12. Summer Groove 05:25
13. (How Dare You) Stay Out Of My Life 04:24
14. Let Me Down Easy 4:30
15. Stone Court 03:48
1. Somewhere, Somebody 04:13
2. Whenever You're Ready 04:21
3. Strong As Steel 05:21
4. Read Between The Lines 04:50
5. Live Giving Love 05:03
6. Ain't Watcha Do 03:40
7. Made Out Of Love 04:27
8. You Should Have Waited 03:35

9. Knock Twice 04:11
10. Hard Race 04:23
11. Forever Yours 03:36
12. The Man 05:25
13. Have A Good Time 05:49

1. Another Weekend 05:20
2. Rock My World 04:13
3. Godsend 04:17
4. Are You Really The One 04:04
5. Let Me Be Yours 04:12
6. Free Time 04:45
7. Physical Attraction 03:56
8. Someone's In Love 04:21
9. There's A Brand New World 03:52
10. Rescue Me 04:16
11. The Mews 04:16
12. Sweetest Innocence 03:39
13. U [12 Inch Version] 05:11
14. Rescue Me [Instrumental Version] 04:18
15. Rare Groove [12” Version] 05:07
16. With Every Heartbeat [7” Mix] 04:08
17. Sound Sweet 03:38
18. Something About My Baby 03:43
1. Treat Me Like A Lady 04:19
2. Hot Love 03:30
3. I Can Show You Love 04:21
4. Feelings 04:26
5. Feel Much Better 04:19
6. I'm Still Waiting 04:57
7. That's The Way I Like It 04:29
8. Lost In You 03:42
9. Tienes Mi Amour 04:33
10. What About Me Baby? 04:51
11. Don't Stop 03:50
12. Act One [7” Version] 04:21
13. Hot Love [Extended Version] 08:07
14. Treat Me Like A Lady [Tough Mix] 05:28
1. Shine 04:46
2. Come To Me (For Love) 04:40
3. Some Kind Of Magic 04:50
4. Love Can't Wait 04:54
5. The Love You Bring To Me 03:45
6. Right Over 04:38
7. The Start Of Forever 04:14
8. I Really Did It This Time 04:16
9. Sentimental 04:20
10. Save A Place (In Your Heart For Me) 03:58

11. Shine [LP Edit] 04:12
12. Shine [New Jack Mix Edit] 04:07

1. Hide And Seek [7” Version] 03:37
2. Let Me Be The One [7” Version] 03:37
3. R.S.V.P. [7” Version] 03:26
4. Can't Wait Another Minute [The 7” Remix Version] 04:06
5. Find The Time [7” Version] 03:56
6. Rain Or Shine [7” Version] 03:56
7. If I Say Yes [7” Edit] 03:40
8. The Slightest Touch [Shep Pettibone 7” Mix] 04:17
9. Are You Man Enough [Shep Pettibone Remix Edit] 4:15
10. Strong As Steel [7” Version] 04:25
11. Somewhere, Somebody [7” Version] 04:04
12. Another Weekend [US 7” Version] 04:07
13. Someone's In Love [David Morales US 7” Radio Mix] 04:08
14. There's A Brand New World [7” Version] 04:08
15. Treat Me Like A Lady [Raw 7” Version] 04:12

DISC 8: 12” MIXES #1
1. Hide And Seek [Dub Mix] 06:32
2. Crazy [Crazy Mix] [Instrumental] 05:58
3. Let Me Be The One [Long Hot Soulful Summer Mix] feat. Grover Washington Jr. 05:49
4. Love Take Over [Dub Take Over] 07.06
5. R.S.V.P. [Original Philly Mix] 05:28
6. Can't Wait Another Minute [The Street-Groove Mix Version] 05:20
7. Find The Time [Instrumental Mix] 04:46
8. Rain Or Shine [Dub] 04:35
9. Can't Wait Another Minute [Dub Mix] 04:55
10. If I Say Yes [Dub Mix] 06:06
11. The Slightest Touch [House Touch] 06:29
12. Are You Man Enough? [12” Dub Remix] 05:34
13. Can't Wait Another Minute [Another Minute Of Breakdown] 01:50
DISC 9: 12” MIXES #2
1. All Fall Down [M & M Dub Mix] 06:30
2. Let Me Be The One [Philadelphia Mix Edit] feat. Grover Washington Jr. 03:49
3. Love Take Over [The Limit Edition Mix Edit] 04:29
4. Can't Wait Another Minute [The M-Groove Mix Version] 05:17
5. Find The Time [Dub Mix] 04:50
6. Whenever You’re Ready [Crazy Dub Jammy] 06:14
7. Somewhere Somebody [Dub Remix] 07:15
8. Another Weekend [Friday Night Mix] 06:27
9. Rock My World [Extra-Terrestrial Mix] 06:43
10. Someone's In Love [Some Dub Mix] 05:13
11. With Every Heartbeat [Dub] 05:24
12. Somewhere Somebody [Dub Beats] 04:45
13. Someone's In Love [LP Remix] 04:58
14. Are You Man Enough? [Acapella Groove] 01:23

1. Hide And Seek [Promo Video] 3:32
2. Crazy [Promo Video] 4:02
3. All Fall Down [Promo Video] 3:34
4. Let Me Be The One [Promo Video] 3:30

5. Love Take Over [Promo Video] 3:49
6. R.S.V.P. [Promo Video] 3:26
7. System Addict [Promo Video] 4:03
8. Can't Wait Another Minute [Promo Video] 4:31
9. Find The Time [Promo Video] 4:05
10. Rain Or Shine [Promo Video] 4:01
11. If I Say Yes [Promo Video] 4:02
12. Stay Out Of My Life [Promo Video] 4:01
13. The Slightest Touch [Promo Video] 4:11
14. Whenever You're Ready [Promo Video] 4:16
15. Strong As Steel [Promo Video] 5:19
(Diane Warren) Universal/MCA Music Limited
16. Somewhere, Somebody [Promo Video] 4:08
17. Another Weekend [Promo Video] 4:11
18. Rock My World [Promo Video] 4:20
19. There's A Brand New World [Promo Video] 4:03
20. Let Me Be Yours [Promo Video] 4:14
21. With Every Heartbeat [Promo Video] 4:08
22. Treat Me Like A Lady [Promo Video] 4:17
23. Hot Love [Promo Video] 3:42
24. Shine [Promo Video] 3:05
25. Another Weekend [12” Version] [Promo Video] 6:25
26. Treat Me Like A Lady [12” Version] [Promo Video] 5:31
27. Treat Me Like A Lady [US Version] [Promo Video] 4:16

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When I found out about the Phil Harding Dub was Shep Pettibone’s and Shep Pettibone Dub was the Vocal Mix I got so disappointed. Looked everywhere but no info about whether Edsel/Demon was going to retify thses. I was kind of let go. But recently I re-checked and found out someone said on Discogs that Edsel/Demon pressed & made replacement disc available in Jan 2019. I sent them an email during the weekend. And then I saw it in the Heaven 17 post also someone mentioned the same thing. And I just got email confirmation that my replacement is sent.

To: info@demonmusicgroup.co.uk & 2e.DMG.Info2@bbc.com
Subject: Replacement CD(’s) for Five Star – Luxury-Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 Boxset
Attachment: screenshot of my order confirmation email


Yes, I read about that as well disc 9 track 7 somewhere somebody plays the vocal mix instead of dub mix. That’s what we were after, paying big money for those while we got the Cherry Red reissues plus the vocal mixes already. Can you find out more about it, Paul S., please?


Has Demon replied to the problems regarding some wrong mixes ?
Will they repress the cds concerned ?


Delayed until July 13th.


Was really hoping to see an extended version of Godsend included in this set. I have looked everywhere for a 7 min version that someone has uploaded to Youtube. I’m beginning to wonder if its made up.


Yes, it’s fanmade. The same person did an extended version of ‘Rescue Me’ using the LP Version & Instrumental.

Dennis Alexis

Do we know who’s doing the remastering? The first two albums didn’t sound great on the Cherry Pop reissues, so I hope they will sound better this time around. :)


Omg! Moan moan moan!!!
If you whingers on here werw actually real 5 Star fans, you would have ALREADY purchases all the Cherry Red re-issues and have the remastered vocal mixes.
This new set just very almost completes the package for the real fans that already own the Cherry Red releases. Im hyped for this!!
P.s… Problematic? Not fussed, kinda think it sucks if im honest


There really is no need for such anamosity. I’ve been a 5 star fan since 1985 and do own the Cherry Red re-issues. However, my point of view is different to yours, I would still prefer the remastered vocal mixes together in one place. For me, personally, I’m not interested in dubs/instrumentals. A difference in opinion doesn’t automatically mean someone is in the wrong, moaning, whinging, complaining or not a true 5 star fan. It simply means they’d prefer something different on a definitive collection. I’m glad you’re hyped for this and looking forward to enjoying all the dubs and instrumentals. It’s just not for me.


You are obviously ‘made of money’, unlike many people, if you can afford to buy a box set that duplicates 6 albums that have already been reissued. As for myself, and probably many others, I can not afford or am not willing to buy a box set just to gain 2 discs of mainly instrumentals and dubs when all the previous content from the earlier reissues, especially all the original 12″ versions and extended remixes, could have been so easily added to make the box set totally complete and not the “Definitive Anthology” it is meant to be. As for us “moaning”, as you so rudely refer to it, we are entitled to our opinion as much as you are. Maybe you have money to waste, where as I and others do not. Also you assume everyone must have the previous reissues, where as maybe they do not.


You are obviously ‘made of money’, unlike many people, if you can afford to buy a box set that duplicates 6 albums that have already been reissued. As for myself, and probably many others, I can not afford or am not willing to buy a box set just to gain 2 discs of mainly instrumentals and dubs when all the previous content from the earlier reissues, especially all the original 12″ versions and extended remixes, could have been so easily added to make the box set totally complete and not the “Definitive Anthology” it is meant to be. As for us “whingers” moaning, as you so rudely refer to us, we are entitled to our opinion as much as you are. Maybe you have money to waste, where as I and others do not. Also you assume everyone must have the previous reissues, where as maybe they do not.


Anyone got any idea why the Lew Hahn New York Vocal Mix of If I Say Yes wasn’t included? I get the feeling that it’s the one mix that a lot of people were hoping to see included.


NM – That cassette-only mix was a case of ‘tried and failed’. It couldn’t be found in time for whatever reason, so yes, along with Problematic, it would’ve been a really great inclusion, I agree. If the demand is there, maybe there’s a slight chance another package can be considered… and that mix can be included there, if it can be found of course.


@Lee Anderson/Joe/Andrew/Cal M, I agreed!

Cherry Red should bundled their reissues + remixes anthology so people can get all the 12” vocal mixes with one purchase. I just hope THIS set could be a little bit cheaper. I’m buying this set just for the dub/instr/missing mixes from Cherry Red reissues. Perhaps I’ll wait for the deal alert from Paul S. hahaha. CD singles boxset is also welcome, just include Problematic (7”/12” mixes).


Cant help thinking the Dubs should and might come out in their own right as Remix Anthology volume 2?

Lee Anderson

Francis et al that are complaining regarding the vocal mixes. You have had them already on the Cherry Red re-issues. I can bet you my whole 5 star collection that had this box set contained all the mixes already released you would also be moaning, so they can’t win. If you actually took time to listen to some of the dubs and instrumentals you might actually discover some of the essence of the remixers of this time – the Somewhere Somebody Dub Remix is one of the best remixes produced for 5 Star. So if you want the vocals, purchase the Cherry Red issues – this is for completists to have these vinyl only mixes and b sides available digitally. There’s also more to come following some extra mixes that were submitted too late, so we could potentially get a singles box set containing all the vocal mixes you crave, yet i’m sure there will be complaints over that as well because it’s another release. Be happy someone is actually investing some time in this underrated group.

Larry Davis

Actually, I don’t have ANYTHING 5 Star in my collection, and I was curious enough to preorder the box to investigate…as it has most of the albums…and 1 disc of 7″ versions and 2 discs of 12″ versions and a DVD of videos…sounded great until I saw the tracklistings and saw the 12″ discs are just dubs and instrumentals… THAT was a deal breaker for me…sure it’s great that people are investing money in them with reissues and this box… BUT the 12″ discs should ONLY be vocal mixes, no matter if they were released before…so were the albums?!?! But 2 discs of dubs and instrumentals (mostly) was a bad move…should be saved for that CD singles boxset that was just proposed instead…those 2 discs in the box are no better than to be played once…a total slog…then placed in the box forever… I know my taste, and I lost total interest…at least I knew in advance rather than pay for the set, it arrives and I regret my purchase in the first place…


So for those of us fans who have collected everything should pay extra for the boxset, which it would be, if it was further expanded to add stuff already released?

This is a boxset for completest as an accompaniment to the stuff Cherry Red released. Labels already get a load of flack for churning out the same stuff time & again, with mainly the same mixes to, only add 1 or 2 exclusives. This is Edsel actually listening o the fans and giving most of them what they wanted.


Paul asked the question, are you happy with the track listing? I commented I wasn’t and clearly you are. I’m not complaining or moaning, I’m just answering the question Paul posed.


I do not want to buy this boxset and end up with all the albums duplicated which is what will happen! I am not made of money like some!!!


So let me see if I’ve got this right; if I buy this and the Cherry Red 12″ CD collection I will have everything that matters. I don’t want to buy the albums seperatly whatever bonus material might be on them. I’ll download this track listing and go through it and the 12″ collection with a fine tooth comb (whatever that means) before making a final decision. But for now, count me in!


Bugger. Looks like getting hold of the Cherry Red 12″ mixes could be a problem. No one appears to have in stock any more. Not even e-bay! Maybe a re-issue could be arranged? Over to you Cherry Red…


One on Discogs for a mere 33 quid.


Great to see so many Dubs and Instrumentals. Lots of versions missing from the previous reissues


No it’s not – they are boring.

Cal M

No it is great, some of us collect everything if you dont want it dont buy it


Not sure that I will be paying an extra £9 for the signed copy of the set. Any idea why such a large difference in price.


My preferred mixes:

7″ Mixes:

Problematic (7″ Version) (3:25)
Hide & Seek (7″ Edit) (3:32)
Let Me Be The One (7″ Edit) (3:58)
Love Take Over (The Limit Edition Mix – Edit) (4:29)
R.S.V.P. (7″ Edited Remix) (3:28)
Can’t Wait Another Minute (7″ Remix Version) (5:17)
Find The Time (Single Remix) (3:58)
Rain Or Shine (7″ with extra intro) (4:00)
If I Say Yes (Lew Hahn New York Remix – 7″ Edit) (3:44)
The Slightest Touch (Shep Pettibone 7″ Mix) (4:01)
Are You Man Enough? (7″ Remix Version) (4:15)
Strong As Steel (7″ Edit) (4:18)
Somewhere Somebody (The Pettibone Remix – Short Version) (3:58)
Another Weekend (7″ Edit) (4:10)
Someone’s In Love (7″ Radio Mix) (4:08)
There’s A Brand New World (7″ Single Remix) (4:05)
With Every Heartbeat (7″ Version) (4:11)
Treat Me Like A Lady (UK Single Mix) (4:10)
Shine (New Jack Mix featuring Def Jef) (4:31)

12″ Mixes #1:

All Fall Down (Extended Version) (5:30)
Let Me Be The One (Dance Mix by Hard Rock) (7:10)
Love Take Over (Extended Version) (6:06)
R.S.V.P. (Remix S’il Vous Plait) (5:45)
System Addict (M&M Remix) (5:58)
Winning (Extended Version) (7:58)
Can’t Wait Another Minute (Extended Version) (7:13)
Find The Time (Phil Harding Midnight Mix) (6:59)
Rain Or Shine (12″ Remix) (5:55)
If I Say Yes (Shep Pettibone Urban Remix) (5:45)
Stay Out Of My Life (Extended Version) (6:16)
The Slightest Touch (The Pettibone Touch Remix) (6:27)

12″ Mixes #2:

Find The Time (Shep Pettibone Remix – Part One) (6:16)
If I Say Yes (Lew Hahn New York Remix) (5:44)
Whenever You’re Ready (The New York Mix) (6:33)
Somewhere Somebody (The Pettibone Remix) (7:08)
Another Weekend (Friday Night Mix) (6:20)
Rock My World (Extra Terrestrial Mix) (6:44)
Someone’s In Love (R&B Dance Mix) (7:52)
There’s A Brand New World (12″ Version) (5:16)
Let Me Be Yours (12″ Remix)
With Every Heartbeat (12″ Mix)
Treat Me Like A Lady (UK Extended Version) (5:24)
Hot Love (Extended Version) (7:57)


Personally I’d have preferred newly remastered versions of the main vocal mixes to be included not all these dubs/instrumentals. I won’t sit down and listen to dubs. So for me, I’m out, not paying top wack for two discs of them. I’ll have to make do with my Cherry Pop editions. Shame.


I totally agree with you. I think they have made a right balls up of this boxset leaving off all the main vocal 12inch extended versions and mixes. I will not be purchasiung this box set however good it looks.


Since we didn’t get either concert or any BBC performances, I’m really hoping we do get the full “Strong As Steel” video too. But glad to hear the videos will be better quality. “If I Say Yes” was awful quality on their “Performance” dvd set. Anyway very much looking forward to this – I’ve ordered two. Hoping at some point we could release their last two albums and their first single “Problematic”. Also hoping for a cd single box set – they have a huge and colourful back catalogue with some great picture sleeves which capture the whole decade (and early 90s) perfectly. And lastly of course the concerts on DVD – especially their Children of The Night 1987 Ultrabrite one. Lots still to do with Five Star!


All the main 12inch extended versions and remixes that would have been on the original A-Sides have not been included but instead we get dub and instrumentals. I will not be buying this but will stick to the album reissues and the anthology remixes collection.

Larry Davis

Just cancelled my order…and preordered the new Ben Folds “Brick” box instead… I now feel a sense of relief…

paul widdows

I cancelled my order aswell,not happy with the tracklist. A wasted opportunity in my opinion. They should have done what they did with the dead or alive boxset and included all 12inch mixes etc

Larry Davis

What’s with all the “DUB” versions and instrumentals?? With remixes, I prefer original 12″ extended versions with the song structure intact…I am not big on dub mixes at all without the original 12″ included…because dubs usually do not include vocals at all, just sections looped…they should have really included the original MAIN 12″s over dubs and instrumentals…I don’t want to have to purchase a separate remix collection to get them!! This set should be one-stop shopping, period!! If it is the case, I may land up cancelling my order completely…I do not want 2 discs of dubs and instrumentals, period.


I totally agree. Dubs are just remixes with lots of the singing removed and instrumentals with all of the singing removed – BORRRRRING!


Each to their own. Some of the Pettibone dubs are the best late 80s mixes produced.


Why can’t they do a decent band like Loose Ends instead?

Larry Davis

That would be cool…I’d buy that…


I’ve had the 2011 deluxe of So Where Are You? on my Discogs wantlist for about 5 years now! Never thought it would go out of print so quickly.


The tracks I thought they were omitted are back on. So I will (pre) order it. I think it’s a licensing issue. If Edsel are repeating the Cherry Red bonus tracks/remixes this boxset won’t be green-lighted! I’m glad we Five Star fans can own all the mixes/dub/instr now. Just hope they will release Problematic 7”/12” as CD-single instead of downloads only. Or even better to put them on a CD & included it in the set as a bonus for people pre-order it like the S/A/W singles box vol. 1

Daniel ( from Berlin )

For me this is a perfect box set after the 5 star “remix anthology”. Mostly the dubs and instrumentals were forgotton on most re-releases. Here is what i want to have to complete my 5 star collection. Ordered! And many thanks for the very good selection.


It’s not really “Definitive” when they’ve purposely left off all the key remixes

Yani P

Im sure I saw these at one of those 80s revival gigs a good few years ago and there were only 3 of them on stage !


Fantastic . Thanks so very much Denise Pearson. It’s worth waiting to get something like this. . Everything is Fantastic. Thanks so very much again Denise for making this affect.


To me this should live up to its name. DEFINITIVE ANTHOLOGY. In order to do that it should either contain the very best of the band or be complete. It contains offcuts from another labels reissues. Probably left off because they weren’t that good. As for not revising stuff, why are the original albums included then? Waste of time. Massive mess up. Like the group in its current form of Deniece and four imposters.

John fairbrother

Would have been nice to finally have a version of the Peter pan medley included in this set
Could also have included it track that was released for download from Amazon some years ago


Love the collection but wish there were some new remixes commissioned to make this collection extra special. A 7th Heaven, Matt Pop, Initial Talk, Cahill, Paul Andrews, 7md Remix of various hits would’ve been amazing


As far as the mixes on disc 8 and 9, these are all unavailable on the Cherry Pop album reissues and Remix Anthology except for 2 songs. “If I Say Yes Dub Mix” from disc 8 is also on the Remix Anthology where it’s called “Lew Hahn US Dub Mix”. The timing is 6’05” vs 6’03” so I’m assuming its the same mix but perhaps not? The other mix is “Whenever You’re Ready Crazy Dub Jammy” from disc 9. That is also available on the Remix Anthology however the timing is different. On the box set it’s 6’13” but on the Remix Antholgy it is 5’12”. So overall very little duplication.

Not sure if the two remix discs are enough for me to buy the box set as I already have the Cherry Pop reissues and Remix Anthology. If history means anything, a Deal Alert from Paul will probably pull me in.


The ‘If I Say Yes’ should be the Pettibone Dub Mix, which is the same length as the Lew Hahn one. They are aware they are different so it should be the mix not on the ‘Remix Anthology’.


If I Say Yes [Dub Mix] should be the Shep Pettibone dub from the UK 12″, not the Lew Hahn US Dub Mix, but both have similar run times. Whenever You’re Ready [Crazy Dub Jammy] was edited on the Remix Anthology and not the full length mix. A similar thing happened with Are You Man Enough? [Shep Pettibone 7″ Mix]. The Remix Anthology has an edit of the 12″ mix, faded out at around 4:25, but here on the new box set, it’s the correct 7″ version, with a dead end, that appeared on the US 7″ at 4:15 .


Anthoney, thanks for explaining that. You seem to have been involved in this release. I want to thank you for not blindly throwing a bunch of crap on there but actually taking the time to see what is already available and offering tracks or remixes that currently aren’t available. Great job, there is very little to complain about here which is rare! Just wanted to add to do some quality control so Demon doesn’t repeat the mistakes they made w the Dead Or Alive (otherwise excellent) boxset.


I hope people aren’t disappointed with the DVD quality. Even after they were supposedly fixed, I thought the quality of the promo and TOTP DVD on the Dead or Alive set was lamentable.


Hi. There was a Shep Pettibone dub of If I Say Yes which was just called ‘Dub’ so I’m hoping that’s the version here. Also the USA had a slightly longer version of WYR crazy dub jammy so maybe this is the other version.


Disappointed they missed “Going Live! Phone Call (feat Eliot Fletcher)”

Darren Briscoe

LMAO!!! I remember that well!!

Lee Anderson

No surprises :( Order remains as more or less per original track listing but don’t understand the omission of Let Me Down Easy (B side of If I Say Yes), seems to be the only one missing now.


It will be on the boxset, they just haven’t added to the list. I am sure they will update.


Oh that’s definitely on there, DISC 2 should be as follows;

11. Sky 04:15
12. Summer Groove 05:26
13. Let Me Down Easy
14. (How Dare You) Stay Out Of My Life 04:24
15. Stone Court 03:46


This may sound strange, but for me, those great little (usually quite short) instrumentals often bound on their 12″ b-sides were actually the best Five Star had to offer. At least, they showed me that there was more to them then just delivering hit singles……especially, since many of those IMHO didnt deliver at all……after circa 1987…….


No BBC performances then. Shame.


I know! BBC performances would have been brilliant, but it’s very expensive at the end of the day, and on this occasion, it just wasn’t feasible. What there is however, is every non-album b-side on CD for the first time, every alternate 7″ version together (and at the same volume finally!) and lots of dubs, edits and instrumental remixes from the likes of Shep Pettibone, David Morales, PWL’s Phil Harding, etc., which makes this set a nice companion piece for any fans of Five Star who already purchased both the individual Cherry Pop album remasters and the Remix Anthology 2CD from a few years back, too. There’s very little crossover/overlapping of bonus material, thankfully. Nothing worse than re-buying the same additional content! The DVD should present the videos in a much better quality than the Performance stand alone DVD title, which relied on VHS transfers for the most part.

Derek Burgess

Are they the full length versions of the videos? Strong as steel is edited on Performance.

Was really hoping we would finally get the Peter Pan medley studio version.


“Are they the full length versions of the videos? Strong as steel is edited on Performance.”

I came here to ask the exact same thing.


Derek Burgess/CJJ – The videos have been transferred from the original tapes, which there’s even a photograph of on the inside booklet. Therefore, they should be in full and an improvement on the previous DVD. I haven’t actually seen them personally, but am hopeful!

Derek Burgess – The Peter Pan Medley could not be cleared for use on this release, sadly. It was attempted, however.