Fleetwood Mac / 1969 to 1974

8CD box set with bonus tracks • 4LP vinyl package

Rhino will soon issue Fleetwood Mac 1969 to 1974 a new 8CD box set that covers a five-year timeframe and several different band line-ups of the band, from founding members Fleetwood, Green, McVie and Spencer; to later additions like Danny Kirwan, Christine McVie, Dave Walker, Bob Welch, and Bob Weston.

This CD collection includes seven remastered studio albums: Then Play On (1969), Kiln House (1970), Future Games (1971), Bare Trees (1972), Penguin (1973), Mystery To Me (1973), and Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974). Six of the seven include bonus tracks, with single versions, non-album tracks and some alternates.

The bonus eighth CD is an unreleased recording of the band’s 15 December 1974 concert at The Record Plant in Sausalito, California. The performance captures the band – Fleetwood, Welch and the McVies – on tour supporting their latest album, Heroes Are Hard To Find (the show was simulcast on the KSAN-FMl radio station in San Francisco).

Packaging-wise, this is a clam shell box with a 12-page booklet.

Fleetwood Mac 1969 to 1974 8CD box set (click image to enlarge)

At the same time a vinyl box will be issued. Fleetwood Mac 1973 to 1974 is a late follow-up to the 1969-1972 vinyl box from 2013. This features Penguin (1973), Mystery To Me (1973), and Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974) and the live album from December 1974. Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering has cut the lacquers for all the albums from the original analog masters, which are pressed on 140-gram vinyl and presented in replica sleeves made to look like the original pressings.

This vinyl set comes with a bonus seven-inch single featuring ‘For Your Love’ (Mono Promo Edit) on one side, and the previously unreleased ‘Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)’ on the flipside. Both of those are bonus tracks on the Mystery to Me CD in the new box set.

Both the 8CD box and the 4LP vinyl set are available to pre-order via the SDE shop using this link or the buttons below. They are released on 4 September 2020, via Rhino.

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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac (1969-1974)


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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac (1973-1974) [VINYL]


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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac 1969-1972 [VINYL]

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Then Play On (1969)

  1. “Coming Your Way”
  2. “Closing My Eyes”
  3. “Show-Biz Blues”
  4. “My Dream”
  5. “Underway”
  6. “Oh Well”
  7. “Although The Sun Is Shining”
  8. “Rattlesnake Shake”
  9. “Searching For Madge”
  10. “Fighting For Madge”
  11. “When You Say”
  12. “Like Crying”
  13. “Before The Beginning”

Bonus Tracks

  1. “Oh Well Pts I & II”
  2. “The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)”
  3. “World In Harmony”

Kiln House (1970)

  1. “This Is The Rock”
  2. “Station Man”
  3. “Blood On The Floor”
  4. “Hi Ho Silver”
  5. “Jewel Eyed Judy”
  6. “Buddy’s Song”
  7. “Earl Gray”
  8. “One Together”
  9. “Tell Me All The Things You Do”
  10. “Mission Bell”

Bonus Tracks

  1. “Dragonfly”
  2. “Purple Dancer”
  3. “Jewel Eyed Judy” (Single Version)
  4. “Station Man” (Single Version)

Future Games (1971)

  1. “Woman Of 1000 Years”
  2. “Morning Rain”
  3. “What A Shame”
  4. “Future Games”
  5. “Sands Of Time”
  6. “Sometimes”
  7. “Lay It All Down”
  8. “Show Me A Smile”

Bonus Tracks

  1. “Sands Of Time” (Single Version)
  2. “Sometimes” (Alt. Version)
  3. “Lay It All Down” (Alt. Version)
  4. “Stone
  5. “Show Me A Smile” (Alt. Version)
  6. “What A Shame” (Unedited)

Bare Trees (1972)

  1. “Child Of Mine”
  2. “The Ghost”
  3. “Homeward Bound”
  4. “Sunny Side Of Heaven”
  5. “Bare Trees”
  6. “Sentimental Lady”
  7. “Danny’s Chant”
  8. “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love”
  9. “Dust”
  10. “Thoughts On A Grey Day”

Bonus Tracks

  1. “Trinity”
  2. “Sentimental Lady” (Single Version)

Penguin (1973)

  1. “Remember Me”
  2. “Bright Fire”
  3. “Dissatisfied”
  4. “(I’m A) Road Runner”
  5. “The Derelict”
  6. “Revelation”
  7. “Did You Ever Love Me”
  8. “Night Watch”
  9. “Caught In The Rain”

Mystery To Me (1973)

  1. “Emerald Eyes”
  2. “Believe Me”
  3. “Just Crazy Love”
  4. “Hypnotized”
  5. “Forever”
  6. “Keep On Going”
  7. “The City”
  8. “Miles Away”
  9. “Somebody”
  10. “The Way I Feel”
  11. “For Your Love”
  12. “Why”

Bonus Tracks

  1. “For Your Love” (Mono Promo Edit)
  2. “Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)” 

Heroes Are Hard To Find (1974)

  1. “Heroes Are Hard To Find”
  2. “Coming Home”
  3. “Angel”
  4. “Bermuda Triangle”
  5. “Come A Little Bit Closer”
  6. “She’s Changing Me”
  7. “Bad Loser”
  8. “Silver Heels”
  9. “Prove Your Love”
  10. “Born Enchanter”
  11. “Safe Harbour”

Bonus Track

  1. “Heroes Are Hard To Find” (Single Version)

Live From The Record Plant 12-15-74

  1. “Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown)”
  2. “Angel”
  3. “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love”
  4. “Sentimental Lady”
  5. “Future Games”
  6. “Bermuda Triangle”
  7. “Why”
  8. “Believe Me”
  9. “Black Magic Woman/Oh Well”
  10. “Rattlesnake Shake”
  11. “Hypnotized”

Fleetwood Mac 1973 to 1974 

LP1: Penguin

Remember Me – Bright Fire – Dissatisfied – (I’m A) Road Runner – The Derelict – Revelation – Did You Ever Love Me – Night Watch – Caught In The Rain

LP2: Mystery To Me

Emerald Eyes – Believe Me – Just Crazy Love – Hypnotized – Forever – Keep On Going – The City – Miles Away – Somebody – The Way I Feel – For Your Love – Why – [Bonus Tracks] For Your Love (Mono Promo Edit) – Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait)

LP3: Heroes Are Hard To Find

Heroes Are Hard To Find – Coming Home – Angel – Bermuda Triangle – Come A Little Bit Closer – She’s Changing Me – Bad Loser – Silver Heels – Prove Your Love – Born Enchanter – Safe Harbour – [Bonus Track] Heroes Are Hard To Find (Single Version)

LP4: Live from The Record Plant 12-15-74

Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) – Angel – Spare Me A Little Of Your Love – Sentimental Lady – Future Games – Bermuda Triangle – Why – Believe Me – Black Magic Woman/Oh Well – Rattlesnake Shake – Hypnotized

7” Single

Side A

  1. “For Your Love” (Mono Promo Edit)

Side B

  1. Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait” (Previously Unissued)

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Jerome Reese

It’s ridiculous that no liner notes are included with this box set.
RIP again Danny Kirwan, who died in 2018. Such a shame he disappeared from the music scene at the end of the 70’s.
It was pathetic and sad the way people around Peter Green milked his name for money when he returned to the scene in the late 90’s. He could no longer play at all, the other guitarist on stage doing all the work.
PS In case you haven’t seen it, there’s an amazing Fleetwood Mac performance in 1970 at the Playboy Mansion’s “Playboy After Dark” tv show (Hefner puffing on his ubiquitous pipe, Barbi Benton on his arm) on youtube. The amused smirk on Green’s face as he looks at the audience trying to dance is priceless.


Having just purchased this new box from local record shop, can confirm ‘Then Play On’ actually has the same 18 track listing as the 2013 CD release i.e. includes One Sunny Day and Without You. One disappointment is that the David Fricke booklet notes for the 2013 release are not included. The box booklet has a one page track listing (with composers) per CD but no timings. Sleeves are very sturdy card, including gatefolds where appropriate and inserts for ‘Kiln House’ and ‘Mystery to Me’ but no printing on the spines.

Neil Dyer

Yes, I was pleased that the track listing was the same as on the 2013 release of Then Play On, and also disappointed the notes aren’t present, or indeed any notes on any of the albums. I’m working my way through in date order, and playing Bare Trees right now. Future Games nearly fills the CD, as it has the most extras. I do like the sleeves, though also miss the spine printing a little. I was able to pick this up personally from the Burning Shed warehouse which kept the price way down.


Regarding ‘Bare Trees’, unfortunately an inferior mono version of the song Trinity has been included as a bonus track rather than the excellent stereo mix with guitars panned left and right which is available on both the 2CD & 4CD versions of ‘The Chain’ compilation. (I have the 2CD version). Definitely worth a listen.

Andrew Greenwood

if you’re ordering this (which I am) then you’ll also want Stranger Blues – Live (4 CD BOX SET) which is out soon and has a different set of BBC tracks to the 2 CD Live at the BBC release plus three other concerts. I’m not confident it’s official (the label is London Calling), but it IS available ha ha for only 23 of your English Quids with colour 20-page booklet
Disc One Original Live BBC Broadcastsacross 1968
Disc Two Live At The Carousel Ballroom, San Francsico 8th June 1968
Disc Three Live In Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland, 24th September 1969
Disc Four Live At The Cue Club, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2nd November 1969

bruce kelso

for those who have interest in the danny kirwan bob welch era there is a excellant audio tape of them in seattle wash march 10 1972.also there is a very good show from 73 with bob weston on guitar from the midnight special u.s. tv show. on the german show beat club 6/26 /1971 there is 2 songs with danny. on feb 19 71 there is a complete show with peter green replacing jeremy spencer on guitar but he only plays rhythm .this was at the swing aud in san bernardio calif. all these are easy to find.enjoy!!!!!!!


For those in the U.S., the Rhino website has an exclusive coloured vinyl version of the 4LP + 7″ set:

Tim Abbott

Can understand why Peter Green is being mentioned in the comments, but he’s only on one of these albums. The focus of this set is clearly Bob Welch and to a lesser extent Danny Kirwan, two incredible guitar players/ singer-songwriters who weren’t fortunate enough to have the continued patronage of Mick Fleetwood in their twilight years, and had a lot of issues after being cast out of the Mac inner circle.

Bob Welch was cruelly omitted from their Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame induction despite being the primary vocalist guitarist and songwriter for five of the band’s albums, and took his own life under heartbreaking circumstances in 2012. This set will hopefully shine a light on both their incredible talents and bring them a bit more recognition.


Agree with you completely. Bob Welch and Danny Kirwan are underrated and deserve more praise for their contributions. “Woman of 1000 years” by Kirwan for instance is an incredible song.

Randy Layton

And now Peter is gone. Man…really sad today.

Jesse L

I’m hoping the CD set reproduces the original packaging, with gatefolds and inners where applicable. Rhino’s set of The Cars did a good-enough job with this. Ideally you’d get spines and proper inner sleeve replicas like they did with the Chic 1977-1979 set, but since this is a clamshell box I’m guessing that won’t happen here.

Larry Davis

Ok I’ll try again…but more timely…first, sadly & unfortunately, RIP Peter Green…as much as I love the Buckingham-Nicks era, it seems that when Lindsay was booted from the band, people are now discovering/rediscovering Peter Green, and how great/original he is/was, including me…I’m not really a blues fan/collector but PG turned that style on it’s head, made it cooler & more psychedelic…now the 69-74 era is in it’s own new cool blue box with bonus tracks…I wish it was announced 2-3 months ago, then I wouldn’t have bought the Rhino 5 album minibox of Then Play On/Kiln House/Future Games/Bare Trees/Mystery To Me, and standalone CDs of Penguin & the not-cheap Heroes Are Hard To Find…so I will sell them & look forward to the new set… also want the Peter Green Blue Horizon era 6CD box too…again, RIP Peter Green…heavy day indeed…

Robert Frampton-Fell

Peter Green R.I.P.

Absolutely fantastic guitarist with an amazingly soulful voice. A true great.

Saw F. Mac on their very first tour, my very first gig – unforgettable.

Mark Yon

And today I’m now hearing the sad news that Peter Green has died. RIP Peter.

graeme ewan

Peter Green has just died. What a sad loss to everyone. A true genius of the guitar and music. RIP Peter. Remember seeing you at the Whitehall Theatre in Dundee. x

kenneth tilley

Just heard the very sad news that Peter Green has died, another great gone.
Rest In Peace My Friend.
Thank You For All The Great Music.

Neil Dyer

R.I.P. Peter Green

Phil Cohen

Peter Green has passed away at age 73.

John ob

Magical stuff then play on is one of the great albums. R I P Peter Green one of the greats

Wayne C

Just heard about the sad passing of the legend who was Peter Green, one of the best blues guitar players of all time. What a legend rest in Peace

Al C.

Wow…what timing:
Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green dies aged 73 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53539989


Just read on news Peter Green has died

Naji Chmayssani

That’s amazing. I’ve been wanting this to happen for a long time. The remastered CDs are most welcome and especially for the never before issued on CD track “Purple Dancer”. Now concerning the vinyls, this is a rip-off. I just checked the first batch of vinyls which I already bought when they first came out (1969-1972) cost me around £55 at the time, now these, and the new batch are advertised for around £95. what’s happening?


The 69-72 vinyl box is out of stock on Amazon JP.


Finally! Purple Dancer gets a cd release!
I love this era of the band. Bare Trees is my favorite Mac album, so I am definitely getting this set

Steve Benson

The track listing of Then Play On changes every time it is issued. This new version omits Kirwan’s One Sunny Day and Without You which were originally on English Rose in US. But it includes Oh Well twice. I think the 2013 reissue was the most complete.

Lee Realgone

Since English Rose was the US replacement for Mr. Wonderful and all tracks pre-date the Then Play On… sessions, it makes sense that Kirwen’s One Sunny Day and Without You have been omitted this time around. (Both are available on the expanded remaster of the Original Fleetwood Mac compilation.)


On the Rhino site they have a limited edition 1500 coloured vinyl set if you are into coloured vinyl. They also have the cd set but they say availability 24th Sept? Also the vinyl sets clearly state new remasters but the cd set it’s less clear if they mean just remastered from original, so could the then play on just be the 2013 remaster on cd as the “extended” 2013 has oh well pt 1 and pt 2 as well as the other 16 tracks. I probably get one of these sets but it’s quite confusing as then play on also came out in a 50th deluxe album this last 12 months and not sure which version of “re-mastering” that used? Any more detailed appreciated. Great site Paul thanks for all the work.

joe connelly

Psyched!! Since FM started releasing Deluxe versions of their most popular albums I’ve said that this kind of a package compiling all their middle period releases was high on my want list. I honestly didn’t expect they’re ever bother putting this together, for a number of reasons. Very very pleased to see this coming out. I’m in, and looking forward to September 4 when it drops. My 45+ year old crackly vinyl of these albums will finally be retired.

John Murray

I’m another big fan of this often overlooked FM era. Future Games and Bare Trees in particular are both excellent albums. It’s a no brainer order for me.

W. Stacy

Wow! This news made my day, month, year. I actually never thought these albums would ever get reissued on compact disc with bonus tracks. These albums served as the soundtrack to my teenage years when I was first learning to play guitar (Peter Green, Danny Kirwin and Bob Welch all were huge influences). I remember reading (I believe in Mick’s book from the 1980s) about how during the making of Mystery to Me they replaced Good Things (Come To Those Who Wait) with the cover of For Your Love, which I never particularly cared for, though I am more forgiving in my older age. I since tried for years to track down that version, unsuccessfully, and had to make do with Welch’s solo version, which is fantastic.

Anyhow, this news is exactly why I check SDE every single morning as part of my daily routine. Now I can mark this off my list and focus solely on an expanded TFF Seeds of Love.

george glazener

Paul; this may not be practical, but I wonder if you’d ever considered adding short audio samples of some of these releases as a way of reminding us (well, me) of how good some of these songs were. I honestly don’t know any of their albums before Buckingham/Nicks, but a few samples might entice me to purchase. Anyway, just a thought…Cheers.

Jarmo Keranen

Amazon, JPC etc. have audio samples. Go to YouTube or Spotify and you can listen whole record if you don’t know how good some of the songs are!


I wonder if it’s safe to assume that the vinyl albums from this set will be released individually, as those from the previous box were. They’ve been out of print for a very long time. And I’m looking forward to hearing a remastered Mystery to Me—I’ve never heard a good pressing of this on vinyl. They all sound kind of tinny.

David Harold

Interested in the bonus tracks but will wait to see if this really sounds better – there is a lot of cross over with the 5 CD set that regularly sells for less than a tenner on Amazon and in Fopp (which is a fantastic bargain).

Simon Taylor

Mark G, the correct version is or was available, believe i have that correct version. 30th anniversary edition of the Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits, red cover – 1998. Believe that is the only place, i might be wrong but believe it so.

I adore this era of the band, FINALLY getting reissued. I have them all on vinyl, cd box for me but if the vinyl box goes cheaper down the line i might have to get that too.


Simon Taylor do you have a duration for the “correct” Oh Well? The verrsions that I have appear to be around 9:03. What should it be?

Mark G

I do wish they’d re-edit “Oh Well” properly.

It’s either Pt1 and Pt2 separately (fair enough), or they just stick it together as one.

But, there’s a good part of the “part Two” on the a-side of the single. Which effectively is there twice.


Finally, a remastered set of my favourite Fleetwood Mac period! Definitely getting the CD box set. The vinyl box set would be interesting too, except it doesn’t include “Future Games,” which is my absolute favourite FM album. How strange Rhino omitted “Future Games” from the vinyl LP box set. Because of that, not even the limited colour vinyl LP box set exclusive to the Rhino website tempts me.


Hey Michael,
Future Games is in the 1969-1972 boxed set…because it came out in 1971.

Paul Haze Harrison

Hi Michael, Future Games was in the previous vinyl box 1969-72

Matthew Jessee

Michael, the reason the new vinyl box doesn’t include Future Games is that it was already released in a separate 1969-1972 vinyl box set (which is also listed above). Future Games is a favorite of mine too. My favorite tracks are all from the 1970 – 1973 period so I’m glad Mystery To Me has finally been remastered.


I’m sure that Rhino will make the vinyl albums available separately, but only after they have exhausted (maximised) the sales of the box set. Anyway, this is a very good starting point, nonetheless! Great price for the 8CD set! It would be rude not to buy it!


Future games is not “omitted”.
It is featured (obviously) in the first vinyl box, 1969-1972 (4LPs as well, Then Play On through Bare Trees, plus the Oh Well single).


If you can find the 1969-1972 vinyl box from 2013, get it, they did an excellent job with Then Play On, Kiln House, Future Games and Bare Trees. And it’s heavier vinyl (180gr.)


Both Greatest Hits (1998) and Then Play On (2013 remaster) have the single version of Oh Well pt1 (3:22) en pt2 (5:39) with pt1 including a minute of pt.2. It’s actually the Then Play On (2013 remaster) included in this box set, incl. same bonus tracks.