Fleetwood Mac / 50 Years: Don’t Stop

Career-spanning compilation • 3CD or 5LP vinyl 

You can’t move for 50th anniversaries right now and so Fleetwood Mac will celebrate a half century of music in November with 50 Years: Don’t Stop a 50-song collection that explores the group’s entire career, from its early days playing the blues, to the superstardom and rock/pop of the late 1970s, 1980s and beyond.

The 50 tracks span from 1968 to 2013 and that means music from every incarnation of the band with musicians such as Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremey Spencer, John McVie, Danny Kirwan, Christine McVie, Bob Welch, Bob Weston, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Billy Burnette, Rick Vito, Dave Mason, and Bekka Bramlett.

The CD edition is a three-CD package, while to fit everything on vinyl means that is a five-record set. There’s 20-track single CD version that ends up being more of a traditional ‘greatest hits’. David Wild has written sleeve notes for this new release.

50 Years: Don’t Stop is released on 16 November 2018.

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Fleetwood Mac

50 years don't stop - 3CD edition


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Fleetwood Mac

50 years don't stop - 5LP vinyl box

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Fleetwood Mac

50 years don't stop - single CD edition


3CD Edition (same track listing for 5LP vinyl)

Disc One

  1. “Shake Your Moneymaker”
  2. “Black Magic Woman”
  3. “Need Your Love So Bad”
  4. “Albatross”
  5. “Man Of The World”
  6. “Oh Well – Pt. I”
  7. “Rattlesnake Shake”
  8. “The Green Manalishi (With The Two
    Prong Crown)”
  9. “Tell Me All The Things You Do”
  10. “Station Man – Single Version
  11. “Sands Of Time” – Single Version
  12. “Spare Me A Little Of Your Love”
  13. “Sentimental Lady” – Single Version
  14. “Did You Ever Love Me”
  15. “Emerald Eyes”
  16. “Hypnotized”
  17. “Heroes Are Hard To Find” – Single

Disc Two

  1. “Monday Morning”
  2. “Over My Head” – Single Version
  3. “Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)” – Single Version
  4. “Say You Love Me” – Single Version
  5. “Landslide”
  6. “Go Your Own Way”
  7. “Dreams”
  8. “Second Hand News”
  9. “Don’t Stop”
  10. “The Chain”
  11. “You Make Loving Fun”
  12. “Tusk”
  13. “Sara” – Single Version
  14. “Think About Me” – Single Version
  15. “Fireflies” – Single Version
  16. “Never Going Back Again” – Live

Disc Three

  1. “Hold Me”
  2. “Gypsy”
  3. “Love In Store”
  4. “Oh Diane”
  5. “Big Love”
  6. “Seven Wonders”
  7. “Little Lies”
  8. “Everywhere”
  9. “As Long As You Follow”
  10. “Save Me” – Single Version
  11. “Love Shines”
  12. “Paper Doll”
  13. “I Do” – Edit
  14. “Silver Springs” – Live-Edit
  15. “Peacekeeper”
  16. “Say You Will”
  17. “Sad Angel”

Single-CD edition

1.    “Don’t Stop”
2.    “Go Your Own Way”
3.    “Dreams”
4.    “The Chain”
5.    “Landslide”
6.    “Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)” – Single Version
7.    “Everywhere”
8.    “Little Lies”
9.    “Never Going Back Again” – Live
10.  “Tusk”
11.  “Sara” – Single Version
12.  “Gypsy”
13.  “Hold Me”
14.  “Big Love”
15.  “Seven Wonders”
16.  “Save Me”
17.  “Peacekeeper”
18.  “Albatross”
19.  “Man Of The World”
20.  “Oh Well – Pt. I”

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Ron Theobald

HMV £39.99 Unreal Price Vinyl Box Set…

Steven Hansen

So confused about the different track listings… 3 CD? Deluxe?? Which one has the 2018 Remaster of “Love Is Dangerous”??? It isn’t on the single CD and doesn’t appear on the 3 CD I just purchased from Amazon…even though it appears on some of the track listings… When I search for the song specifically, Amazon has it to stream, and for Echo, but lists it as “currently unavailable” to buy??? Where can I find a high-quality mp3 download???

Brian Carruthers

Hi Steven,
My name is Brian Carruthers and I have been looking on YouTube for that track and found “Love Is Dangerous” (2018 Remaster), “Family Man”(2017 Remaster), “For Your Love” (2018 Remaster), “No Questions Asked” (2002 Remaster), “Remember Me” (2018 Remaster), “Jewel Eyed Judy” (2018 Remaster) ” Warm Ways” (2017 Remaster), “Not That Funny” (2015 Remaster) and “Isn’t It Midnight” (2018 Remaster).
If you look at M Fleetwood Mac – 50 Years – Don’t Stop Brian Carruthers you will see that I have downloaded the album plus all of those tracks as well.
There must be a lot of variations of the album.
If you also look at the Fleetwood Mac site someone has listed 50 tracks that aren’t obviously the same as your copy. Five of the old Peter Green tracks are missing for whatever reason.
I hope this has been of help to you.
Brian Carruthers
Always willing to help a fellow “Mac” fan,

John Michaelson

Edits! Seriously? You celebrate one of the biggest bands in Rock history with a series of edited versions? That’s like putting out a DVD box set of a historic show and only doing of the entire series. “Sara” (Single Version). That is criminal. And lazy. “Sentimental Lady” (Single Version). That’s just a tad longer than the Bob Welch solo version.

Horrible way to give FM their well-deserved celebration.

Daniel Pitterman

On a very strange note:
The Apple Music version of this compilation has a slightly different track list than the physical product I received today.

Steven Hansen

I am noticing this as well… Ordered the 3 CD version that has “Love Is Dangerous” listed as a track….but it is not on the CD??? When I specifically search for the digital track on Amazon, it lists it, & it’s available for streaming, & Echo, but states that it’s “currently unavailable” to download?? I’m so confused…


The Chain is a dismal box set in numerous ways, from its achronological sequencing to its implied insistence that the Burnette/Vito era was a high-water mark for the band. I don’t care about the Peter Green era, but as career-spanning comps go this already beats The Chain by a long shot.


again, the missed the chance to put together a dvd with music videos to include with this set. some of us superfans would like that.

and some of us superfans would like to see “behind the mask” get the box set treatment……….

Mathew Lauren

I’m not a fan of Crowded Mac, and (in general) agree that the best years of Fleetwood Mac have been “milked” in 2-channel, so while this is another comprehensive “corporate look” at Fleetwood Mac’s entire output, audiophiles and fans of the “classic lineup” are left with this “low-rez” 2.0 re-hash, other “low-rez” 5.1 options and a longing for missing, era-inclusive 5.1 tracks — and of course, there’s the “Tango in the Night” 5.1 discography hole.

The “Say You Will” DVD-A needs a more cohesive 5.1-remix, esp. the first few Lyndsey-tracks, while the album as a whole is missing Christine McVie-contributions — this is painfully obvious to me. A redux edition of “SYW” or a “culled,” cohesive 5.1 re-release by all five from their most successful “classic lineup,” along with a “known” surround-sound engineer (so that it ALL sounds like the ONE, well-done 5.1 presentation) in the vein of: “Bleed to Love Her” 5.1 (the gem of “Say You Will”) is sorely needed.

“I’d be down” for hirez 5.1 ‘versions of:

“FM ‘75”


“Tango in the Night”

…as well as a RM’d and complete 5.1-remix of:

“Say You Will”

for the sake of consistency and higher standards (a better presentation) sans “Bleed to Love Her, “ which has already been perfectly (24/96 5.1) hirez-mixed by Elliot Scheiner — though my current, 5.1 optical preference would be to have all FMac: Japanese [PCM 2 DSD] mastered and released via multi-stereo, hybrid SACD (with OBI-strip).

That said: the above albums in hirez ATMOS (on 4K Blu) would be a wonderful offering (regardless of band politics) if handled properly, especially with ALL the viable, guitar multi-tracks (still) left off the 5.1’s, already released — as there was “no more room.” These problems are solved by presenting a larger and more expansive (breathable) sound-field — an ATMOS presentation! Yes, even and especially “RUMOURS” in hirez, 4K Blu ATMOS seems a
no-brain’r considering all that was left-out of the final 5.1 (mix) release.

This 2.0 (only) retrospective boxset simply feels like a holiday cash-grab in light of all the great surround-sound presentations being offered for the holidays (2018) – a concerted effort by Corporate Mac to re-hash the entire “hits” back catalogue in 2.0 (only), while simultaneously distancing themselves from the “heart and soul” of what was the ultimate incarnation or “classic lineup” of what is still called: Fleetwood Mac — achieved by releasing an all-encompassing retrospective of Corporate Mac’s musical output.

This effort falls flat for me, as one simply can’t get around Lyndsey’s pivotal contributions. There are just too many Lyndsey (solo) projects that became best-selling, Fleetwood Mac albums with “his” songs included here! Best thing for the band would have been for Stevie to “check-herself,” and follow Lyndsey’s (original intent) lead (and timeline), especially after he waited nearly 2 years for other “classic-lineup,” Mac-alumni to join him in making new, Fleetwood Mac studio-album music – not just endlessly tour! The Buckingham-McVie cd was to be a Fleetwood Mac studio album, but Stevie made herself unavailable for (new) FM projects, John McVie had some health issues (cutting their last-tour short), and B/M (finally) decided to enter the studio as a duo after MANY meetings at the Malibu Beach Inn to bring classic-Mac (back) together. SHAME.

The current Corporate Mac lineup, this boxset’s contents and a$k, along with the current tour (sans Lyndsey) with NO new music or surround-sound (5.1/ATMOS) proves to me that Lyndsey just can’t be replaced. This feels like a deliberate effort by Corporate Mac to move beyond the “Lyndsey years” and grab some holiday cash in the process — money better spent on 2017-2018, 5.1+ SDEs.

Given all: This is an automatic pass for me.


Looks good but they should have included the full version of Oh Well….


“Nights in Estoril” would have been nice, along with “Isn’t It Midnight.”

Mark Levy

Oops I just noticed its a live version of Never Going Back Again and also, where’s the beautiful Songbird? I think I might stick with my Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac.

Miguel Rocha

Missing “Why”, Christine McVie’s greatest song, from the Mystery to Me LP. The live version on the recent Fleetwood Mac deluxe edition is absolutely stunning.


@Miguel, totally agree, it’s the highpoint of that set. Also, anyone who wants decent sounding CDs of the 71 – 74 era should get hold of the 2013 Japanese SHM mini LPs, they are stunning to my ears and beautifully packaged.


Why is the 3cd version literally twice as much in the US than the UK ? I could understand it being more but not twice as much ?


Fond as I am of the Bob Welsh era Mac, the albums sound like someone told the engineer, “No dynamics, please, we’re British,” both LPs and CDs. Earnestly wish someone would put some life into Bare Trees, Future Games, Heroes before the tapes crumble and the fans all fade away.


Really hoped there would be an SDE CD version, lavishly packaged and with some unreleased tracks, especially from the overlooked 71 – 74 era, which is my favourite. Oh Well, thats more money saved.

Mark Levy

I must get this one. Its compiled much better and in chronological order


Wasn’t the 25th anniversary box “The Chain” set mainly remixes of songs from 1975 on with discs 1-3 of 4?

Larry Davis

Not bad…just pre-ordered it on Amazon UK and with the VAT removed, it converted to just UNDER $20 US…although I’ll still hang onto my remastered 4CD “25 Years: The Chain” & 2CD “Very Best Of”…CD1 of this set looks pretty much identical to CD4 of “The Chain”…no it’s not perfect but it does make the effort to cover most every album…I too am waiting for CD remasters of their neglected 1971-1974 period…I know they were reissued on vinyl, not sure how good the quality is, but I hear those CDs like the fan fave cult classic “Bare Trees” sound crappy & tinny, like CDs used to sound in the 80s…and I am disappointed that the “Extended Play” digital EP was not included in full, as this would be the ideal place for it as it would be too expensive to release it as a standalone CD-EP…may have to download the remaining songs and back em up on CDR with other Mac tracks to fill it up…

Paul English

Bare Trees and all the other 71-74 CDs sound fine – quiet and plenty of dynamic range.


How did you get the VAT removed?

Larry Davis

When you order on Amazon UK or other Euro countries, and you live in the US and have products shipped here, it automatically comes off in the checkout stage because it does not apply to the US…simple as that…

Stephen K

Among other singles, it’s missing the single “The Farmer’s Daughter”, whose Single/Album Version (I think they’re identical, except maybe some fading) only appears on CD on the album Fleetwood Mac Live (1980), and doesn’t seem to have been remastered since its CD appearance in 1988.

Putting out a singles collection seems to repeatedly be an impossible task for their label.

They should have called this “Songs You Know”, and put a sticker on it stating “Now featuring MORE songs you know.”

But still woefully incomplete.


Nowhere does it say ‘singles collection’ or ‘greatest hits’ merely celebrating 50 years of music-making. Maybe they just didn’t think ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’ merited inclusion for some reason.


No “Isn’t it Midnight”? Fail.


No Family Man either.

Brian Carruthers

“Family Man” is on the “50 Years” album listed on the Fleetwood Mac YouTube. page. There must be loads of different variations of this album available.

Darren Linklater

Yet another Fleetwood Mac greatest hits. Must be Christmas….

After the run of expanded box sets from the classic era it’s disappointing that we get this.


25 Years: The Chain wasn’t even approximately chronological, so this is preferable.


This is great (one of their best compilation releases yet), on a par with their 2 CD multi million selling The Very Best Of which was released for their tour in 2009! Would have liked more songs from Behind The Mask mind you featured besides “Save Me”, (which hopefully will be the next remastered expanded album from them). I like this, as it is in chronological order and spans their entire career, compared to their The Chain box set (which didn’t quite cut the mustard for me and contained too many duds, besides those classics we all know and love!


This would’ve been a better set if they included stuff from their On With The Show concert and possibly new stuff from their current line up. Also, they could’ve added a couple of more songs from Time. As bad as that album is, there is some songs that were okay. Nice to see Fireflies and Sad Angel on here. Could have added Miss Fantasy too.


This was a chance to finally put the four tracks from Extended Play on a physical format. They opted for ONE, and only on the three disc set. With three discs to work with, they couldn’t find room for three more tracks? We’re talking under 13 minutes of time.

I would have gladly paid this price if the full EP was included, but for only one of the four songs, I’m waiting until it hits a budget line. I have all the Albums post-arrival-of-Nicks/Buckingham, plus greatest hits, plus 25 Years. I’ll survive the wait.

Tom Richardson

Strange calling it ’50 Years’ and then only covering 45 years!! Would it have been so hard to include a new song or two to bring it up to date? That’s been the the typical ploy to entice die hard fans to shell out for compilations of material they already have for ages now! Especially as they have 2 new guys in the band too! Maybe even the recent Ellen TV show live versions ‘The Chain’ and ‘Gypsy’?!

Jim Galvin

They need to stop re-issuing bullshit compilations and remaster everything after Then Play On and Fleetwood Mac. (Penguin, Heroes Are Hard To Find, Bare Trees, Future Games, Kiln House & Mystery To Me) Rhino/WEA did a five disc set of a few of them and they sound like complete CRAP. Stop screwing around and get these things done in my lifetime.

Jimmy Arnett

Absolutely! How about some SACD and blu-ray audio too.


@Jim Galvin: yes!

Ben Williams

The five disc set with the 71/74 era for £9.99 doesn’t sound like complete crap.. just not as good as it could be but for a tenner worth getting. It would be good to get Heroes and Penguin on CD and Vinyl again though!

Wayne Klein

What a wasted opportunity of time and effort. Why not give us deluxe editions of the earlier years that haven’t been remastered or touched? Bizarre and a waste to my eyes and ears. For a 50 year recognition, it’s not much.

Jim D

Ho hum.

Ben Williams

Nice enough package to suit the curious and the casual but for the die-hard fans it’s a shame they just had make it 50 tracks rather than just a completely filled set of 3 discs with a couple more rare tracks, such as all 4 of the Extended Play tracks rather than just the 1 – none of those songs have been released on a physical album before nor are they on Spotify… had this set had a few more enticing extras, it would be snapped up!

Plus – are my eyes deceiving me or is there no Somgbird?!

Kieran A Caulfield

£72 for 5 LPs isn’t too bad, but the recent vinyl repress editions that you can pick up for £15 in supermarkets are great value and there is a lovely 3 cd box of the first 3 albums on Amazon for a a bargain price. The only thing I’d like to see is a reissue of Tusk, but I bought a very nice 2nd cand copy for £10 so is there any point to this? Nonetheless, this is a good price for the vinyl and I reckon would make an excellent Christmas present for any mum’s and dad’s out there (ok kids, hint hint!)

Mic Smith

As someone who only wants a Best of from all eras and in better sound than my old copy of Greatest Hits (Peter Green era) this will do fine.


No “Songbird”…???


Nothing from Time?

Ben Williams

I Do is on here

Karl Lock

isn’t ‘I Do’ from Time?


I Do.


Nothing new here. The Fleetwood Mac catalogue has been sufficiently milked. Only thing missing is a 5.1 mix of Tango In The Night. It’s pretty clear the labels are positioning themselves for Xmas with fairly boring box sets like this one and the Eagles. Come on labels, think a little more outside the box (no pun intended).


Nothing new here. The Fleetwood Mac catalogue has been sufficiently milked. Only thing missing is a 5.1 mix of Tango In The Night. It’s pretty clear the labels are positioning themselves for Xmas with fairly boring box sets like this one and the Eagles. Come on labels, think a little more outside the box (no pun intended).


Broken record I know but vinyl is more than 5 times more expensive than the vinyl. That just cant be explainable…


You certainly can’t explain vinyl being more expensive than vinyl!
Unless it’s a broken record!

Tony O

colm47 <—- lol


A missed opportunity to include the single version of “Gypsy”, yet again. At least we got the single version of “Fireflies”.

Rick Marino

They need to remaster the Peter Green catalog.


Deluxe edition ( 2 cds ) of In the skies please !!!


Now you are talking.


The four disk 25 year celebration “The Chain” is similarly themed and cost two quid less.

art m

although i prefer vinyl, it’s hard to beat the cd price.


A good set for what it’s intended to be, but I’m holding out hope that there’s eventually a box set that covers just the pre-Buckingham/Nicks years.

Iain Mac

Nice compilation, other than much bigger vinyl edition, which feels very much like the Jethro Tull 50th set, even down to the simple cover graphics and 3cd/1cd options.


Seems to be almost identical to 25 Years: The Chain from 1992 – a stark reminder that they haven’t done much worth remembering in the last 25 years.


Remix or remastered?


The tracklist looks good and I like the artwork.

Gareth Jones

The single CD should be a budget price, like £5 or something. Makes no sense to charge £9.99 when for another £4 you get another two CDs! Especially as the 2-CD edition of ‘The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac’ that was released several years ago is currently £5.99 in Amazon and HMV!

Jimmy Ringland

Nice to finally get the single version of “Fireflies” on CD.

Paul Nolan

And nice to get the first physical release of Sad Angel


Wish “sad angel” was on the single disc edition. I’m pretty sure it’s the first time it’s been released physically and it’s the only track that I’m interested in.

Charles Christopher

That’s actually a pretty great song selection if you’re trying to be inclusive of all eras and still include the big hits.