Fleetwood Mac / Before The Beginning 1968-1970: Rare Live & Demo Sessions

Fleetwood Mac / Before The Beginning 1968-1970: Rare Live & Demo Sessions

Two live recordings featuring Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac have been found and are being released officially on CD and vinyl as Before The Beginning 1968-1970. 

The recently discovered recordings date from 1968 and 1970 and were discovered unlabelled in the US, so not much is known about them other than they have been authenticated by experts and approved for release by Fleetwood Mac.

These live performances almost bookend Peter Green’s tenure with the band as the 1968 recording represents the band in their early stages while the 1970 recording will, in contrast, be one of their final shows before Peter left the band. The earlier set contains early incarnations of ‘Madison Blues’ and ‘I Need Your Love So Bad’ from the blues era and the likes of ‘Long Tall Sally’ and ‘Willie And The Hand Jive’. The 1970 performance includes ‘Oh Well’, ‘Green Manalishi’ and the UK number one ‘Albatros’.

Before The Beginning 1968-1970 is being issued as a three-CD set containing all the live recordings and four previously unreleased demos. The images suggest that this comes packaged in what looks like a seven-inch book format.

In terms of vinyl, this content is being split into two volumes. ‘Volume One’ is a 3LP set that features the 1968 live recording and will be issued in June with the triple CD package. A second volume with the 1970 live recording (and the demos) will be released at a later date.

Before The Beginning 1968-1970: Rare Live and Demo Sessions will be released on 18 October 2019 (previously 7 June 2019) via Sony CMG.


1. Madison Blues  (Version 1) (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
2. Something Inside of Me (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
3. The Woman That I Love (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
4. Worried Dream (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
5. Dust My Blues (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
6. Got To Move (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
7. Trying So Hard To Forget (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
8. Instrumental (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
9. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
10. Lazy Poker Blues (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
11. Stop Messing Around (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
12. I Loved Another Woman (Live) (Remastered) 1968 recording
13. I Believe My Time Ain’t Long (Version 1) (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording
14. Sun Is Shining (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording


1. Long Tall Sally (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording
2. Willie and the Hand Jive (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording
3. I Need Your Love So Bad (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording
4. I Believe My Time Ain’t Long (Version 2) (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording
5. Shake Your Money Maker (Live)  (Remastered) 1968 recording
6. Before the Beginning (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
7. Only You (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
8. Madison Blues (Version 2) (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
9. Can’t Stop Lovin’ (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
10. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
11. Albatross (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
12. World In Harmony (Version 1) (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
13. Sandy Mary (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
14. Only You (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
15. World In Harmony (Version 2) (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording

CD 3

1. I Can’t Hold Out (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
2. Oh Well (Part 1) (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
3. Rattlesnake Shake (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
4. Underway (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
5. Coming Your Way (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
6. Homework  (Live) (Remastered) 1970 recording
7. My Baby’s Sweet (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
8. My Baby’s Gone (Live)  (Remastered) 1970 recording
9. You Need Love (Demo) (Remastered)
10. Talk With (Demo) (Remastered)
11. If It Ain’t Me (GK Edit) (Demo) (Remastered)
12. Mean Old World (Demo) (Remastered)

VOLUME ONE 3LP vinyl set

LP 1

Side A

1. Madison Blues  (Version 1) (Live) (Remastered)
2.Something Inside of Me (Live) (Remastered)
3.The Woman That I Love (Live) (Remastered)

Side B

1. Worried Dream (Live) (Remastered)
2. Dust My Blues (Live) (Remastered)
3. Got To Move (Live) (Remastered)

LP 2

Side A

1. Trying So Hard To Forget (Live) (Remastered)
2. Instrumental (Live) (Remastered)
3. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Live) (Remastered)

Side B

1. Lazy Poker Blues (Live) (Remastered)
2. Stop Messing ‘Round (Live) (Remastered)
3. I Loved Another Woman (Live) (Remastered)
4. I Believe My Time Ain’t Long (Version 1) (Live)  (Remastered)

LP 3

Side A

1. Sun Is Shining (Live)  (Remastered)
2. Long Tall Sally (Live)  (Remastered)
3. Willie and the Hand Jive (Live)  (Remastered)
4. I Need Your Love So Bad (Live)  (Remastered)

Side B

1. I Believe My Time Ain’t Long (Version 2) (Live)  (Remastered)
2. Shake Your Money Maker (Live)  (Remastered)

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Andrew Greenwood

the link above goes to the £26 plastic jewel case version

if you want the £52 hardback version you need this link I got from Amazon Customer Services



Just purchased vol 1 3LP set. Sounds and looks amazing. Sad that there is no book/liner notes. Hopefully with vol2


I am curious if the liner notes indicate where the live tracks took place. The Editorial Reviews at Amazon state, “Not much is known about the live recordings.” That isn’t encouraging but this may have been a pre-release assessment and not accurate as far as the actual album is concerned.

A commenter above (William Keats) made a guess about the settings for the live tracks but he wasn’t operating from the actual liner notes. I hate to make a big deal out of this but that kind of information enhances my enjoyment of the CDs. Maybe that’s just me but there you go. Thanks.


any chance anyone as the cover artwork? It sux havng the files but no liner lotes..

Robert Dorson

To follow-up on my November 11th Comment, today I received my Amazon shipment of the $17.99 version of the Fleetwood Mac “Before The Beginning” Box Set, and it leaves me wondering what that $60+ Set ( on Amazon) of the same name would offer by comparison. But this is, initially (visually) disappointing.
I have not open ended this as yet; it is going to be a gift given to me, so I will be holding-out a bit. But the size of it is not big, as I’d presumed it would be back in the Summer, based upon the original outlay and anticipation of a, perhaps, 7” booklet. I have no idea if there will be a booklet at all. There is a sticker that only indicates contents of 3 CD’s. It is the size of a regular CD box in length/width, nearly 1” thick.

Phil Cohen

Nov. 13,2019 update: Still no dealer can supply the set as “physical product” (CD or vinyl), but the set has appeared as a download on unofficial download sites. I then obtained the music by the only possible means. Sony Music has totally bungled this release.

Kevin O'Rafferty

So you couldn’t wait, and were forced to steal it?


The Fleetwood Mac is $17.99 at amazon usa

Robert Dorson

I have a question, please, about the (finally) pending Fleetwood Mac release “Before the Beginning 1968 – 1970 Live and Demo Sessions,” to which I have been looking forward since about June I think. I hope I am not duplicating what’s already been asked/answered on your Site. My confusion lies in that on Amazon, there are 2 different releases for this, each with 3-discs and each an Import, but with different ASIN #’s. But, the first, on Sony, supposedly had a 10/2 Release Date and sells for $61.90 (and ships in 1-3 months !!); the second, on Red Label, will Release on 11/15 @ $17.99. Huh ??? Thanks so much; I love your work/website.

Peter R

Not impressed with Amazon on this one. After ordering earlier in the year (cheaper price) then being told they wouldn’t be able to supply the album. It’s now reappeared at a substantially hire price..

Phil Cohen

Now postponed until November 2019. Legal problems. And by the way, this is all material that has circulated unofficially for years. There is nothing new.

Helena Walter

Today 9th October confirmed from Amazon that will not be able to deliver this album and that all previous orders are cancelled.


Anyone know why this is now an October release date?

Mark W

I look foward to this release. I first heard Peter Green in 1969 when a school friend lend me a copy of John Mayall’s Hard Road LP. Things took a while to get to Tasmania where I grew up. I quickly obtained the first 2 Fleetwood Mac Lp’s + Pious Bird and have loved them ever since. I agree with other comments here that the Bob Welch period is neglected and as such much fine material is overlooked. Future Games and Mystery To Me are my favorite albums from this time. I have a friend who grew up in the UK and who saw the Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac live several times. He loves to see me salivate as he tells of these experiences. I have to admit I gave up buying Fleetwood Mac albums after Rumours. However all albums up to 1974 still get a regular spin. Oh Well.


I think the time is right for a Fleetwood Mac tribute CD to Danny Kirwan & Bob Welch.
There are some really good live concerts of this line up out there I know there’s a BBC sounds of the seventies concent from July 1971 if it still exists
Also they must have alt versions & demo songs from Future Games & Bare Trees
This line up was a great band it’s a shame it was so short lived


This is great news! Is there any way of contacting the label or the producers of the new set to find out the origin of the 1970 concert as to what date and concert location it’s from ? I think like most of us long time fans we don’t want to duplicate any bootlegs that we have but would welcome a much need upgrade for for 1968 and 1970 era FM concerts. I’m on this release as soon as the 3-CD comes out !

Peter Edwards

Why do fans of music believe their favourite bands music on bootlegs is worthy of buying in
terms of its content. Groups or solo artists have no say on what is ‘released’ The band receives no reward for the release. The money goes into the bootleggers pocket. This release you will see is a release authorised by the band, especially from Peter. Tracks that ‘bootleg collectors’ may see that may not be on these releases – is simply that the band (especially Peter) do not like them. With ‘bootleg’ releases the artists have no say in regard their recordings. The world of small-minded-bootleg collectors should wake up to the fact there is a side to this music business they don’t have a clue about. If Sony or any other established label release material from any source, bet your bottom dollar – it will be with the bands interest – musically and financially. So if you want to be a bootlegger ‘collector’ – just steer clear of the proper releases that the artists or band would like you to have! And stop writing silly things on all these forums!


Very small minded comments I must say. Anything they’ve found in the vaults of the best U.K. blues band that there’s ever been has to be treasured


Anything released by Sony is NOT in the band’s best interest, it’s simply where Sony can cash in with collectors of the different eras of Fleetwood Mac. And Peter Green likely had absolutely NO SAY in whether this was approved by him or not. When he left the band, he left the band. Therefore, whatever has been issued, either authorized or not, has had nothing to do with him.


Yes, I too love the era from then Play on through Penguin, and it is extremely frustrating that even with the passings of Bob Welch, Bob Weston and now tragically Danny Kirwan, Mick won’t get off his butt and reissue the Kiln House through Penguin albums, remastered and with any bonus tracks. Future Games and Bare Trees are two of the greatest albums ever, and Mystery to Me has a number of classics as well. An obvious bonus track would be the Bob Welch song “Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait),” removed from the album at a very late stage in favor of their cover of the Yardbirds’ “For Your Love.” Although Fleetwood Mac’s version of “Good Things” has never been released, it was later re-recorded by Welch with different lyrics and released as “Don’t Wait Too Long” on his solo album Three Hearts.

Heroes and Penguin weren’t quite as strong, but still had their moments. At least we got a reissue of Then Play On, even if they did manage to screw up “Oh Well” with a bizarre screw-up that repeated a section and sadly lacking any of the full-length jam recordings that were shortened into “Fighting For Madge” and “Searching For Madge,” but we did finally get the b-side “World in Harmony” on CD.


I for one would be pleasantly surprised if those albums got the deluxe re-issue treatment. Look how underrepresented they are on recent compilations. A TV documentary I saw a few weeks ago jumped straight from the Peter Green era to the Buckingham Nicks. A great shame I feel as this intermediate period is particularly interesting with some great music.

Erik van der Scheer

Again no studio version of ‘The Purple Dancer’ on CD. :-(

paul wren

Vinyl ordered and ready to do the same with the next volume. It sounds as though these are the original soundboard source tapes and therefore this will be the best sound that can be achieved from these shows. Nice tip off, Paul.


This looks like it’s very Jeremy Spencer heavy and I prefer Peter and Danny’s songs. Plus I have just about everything else from these guys so I’m not sure I need this too.

bruce kelso

hi, yes this is the carousel shows from 68. they are great sounding(at least my cassettes are) soundboard shows. how this is a legit issue im not sure. I have 29 live shows of Fleetwood mac from their debut at the Windsor jazz and blues fest in 67 to a may 1970 show , close to being peters last show. I will not purchase this as I have them already,hope the pitch is correct.

William Keats

It’s impossible to read the liner notes in the press publicity photos, but the 1968 tracks seem to be from the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco from appearances during 7-9 June 1968 there, based on the matching setlists; the Mac didn’t generally follow a standard song sequence back then, so their setlists from this run of shows were different each night. Soundboards of these concerts have circulated for *many* years. Paul Butterfield guested on several songs at the Carousel, so that would be a good clue for confirming these dates (or not) once the music can be heard. Here’s the sequence of tracks from the circulating tape — I’ve corrected a couple of title errors from the circulating tapes’ documentation as needed to show correspondence with the new release:

June 9, 1968 first set
01 cut/ Madison Blues 4:31
02 Something Inside of Me 6:00 (aka “My Baby’s Gone”)
03 The Woman That I Love 4:48 (aka “My Baby’s Skinny”)
04 Worried Dream 9:57
05 Dust My Broom 4:32
06 Got To Move 3:00
07 Trying So Hard To Forget 4:41 (aka “Worried Mind”)
08 instrumental 10:29
09 Have You Ever Loved A Woman? 7:58
10 Lazy Poker Blues 4:49

June 9, 1968 second set 36:44
01 cut/ Stop Messing Around [with Paul Butterfield] 2:12
02 I Loved Another Woman [with Paul Butterfield] 7:03
03 I Believe My Time Ain’t Long [with Paul Butterfield] 5:17
04 Sun Is Shining [with Paul Butterfield] 6:27
05 Long Tall Sally [with Paul Butterfield] 4:53
06 Willie & The Hand Jive 4:04
07 > Tutti Frutti 3:02 (not shown the track list, edited out to avoid publishing costs?)
08 thanks by Peter Green, announcer band intros + crowd noise before encore 0:32
09 Ready Teddy /cut 3:16 (not shown the track list, edited out to avoid publishing costs?)

These last tracks may be June 8, 1968, as the setlists for the other two nights of this run don’t match this sequence.
10 cut/ I Need Your Love So Bad 1:46
11 I Believe My Time Ain’t Long 4:59
12 Shake Your Moneymaker 9:12
13 Ready Teddy 2:30 (not shown the new release track list, possibly edited out to avoid publishing costs?)
14 Peter Green says thanks, announcer outro + crowd noise 0:19


I collect so much Mac stuff of this Era, because I think they, as a band, and Green as a Blues musician, were the best. I also tend to purchase releases that have duplicate and overlapping material (because there has been so much of it) and sometimes overlook mediocre quality….especially if the packaging looks exemplary, as this does!
But, will this be released on Amazon USA ?

Kevin Kamphaus



Pail, what is Sony CMG?


Thanks, Paul! I didn’t know about this acronym…


This band has been milked dry now. I wonder what a live and demo session from 1968 sound like. Fearing the worst. I bought the Status Quo early 1970’s re-issues and the live stuff on there is atrocious.

Julian H

Those Quo recordings are bootlegs though…


This release looks interesting, particularly the 3 LP Vol. 1 version, with terrific black & white photography of the Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac line-up featured on both the inside tri-fold album cover and the inner sleeves. Both the vinyl record and CD package have a nice historic look.

One added thought, and I may be in a minority, but my really favourite Fleetwood Mac period was when Bob Welch and Christine McVie were added to the band. “Future Days,” in particular, with its haunting, dreamy feeling, still fascinates me, and is the record of choice to listen to on a rainy day. My secret wish is that the Fleetwood Mac mid-period albums from 1970-1973 (which always seem to be overlooked) will one day also be offered as remastered, expanded deluxe editions.

Jim Vandegrift

Glad you said that. Always had a soft spot for Future Days. Although I will pass on this Mr. Peter Green is the man.


@Michael, if you are in a minority, then so am I. That 70-73 period is my favourite too:)

Greg Day

Future Games, I believe. One of my favorites as well as Bare Trees. And don’t overlook Penguin. Some real gems on there.


Greg, I’m glad you and other Fleetwood Mac fans have strong feelings about the 70-73 period. I thought I was the only one. BTW, I meant to type “Future Games” in my post – sorry ’bout that. I still have the original Reprise vinyl records of Penguin, Future Games, Bare Trees, and Mystery to Me, which although somewhat worn from too many spins on the turntable, sound better than the compressed sounding CDs that were later issued.

I know the band had great commercial success with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and “Rumours” in particular, being played on the radio so very often (even to this day), that a casual fan might think it was the only album Fleetwood Mac made, or the only album worth owning, not realizing, or caring to explore the earlier Fleetwood Mac albums. Still, fingers crossed that the 70-73 period will one day get a well deserved deluxe re-release campaign.


I so understand. I was in contant with Bob Welch untimely his untimely death a few years ago, and I was just as shcked as Wendy when it happened. His guitar playing was EVERYTHING to Bob, and to0 think he would have lost the lost it all due to a fucked up surgery was more he could bear..