Fleetwood Mac / In Concert 3LP box set


Rhino will next month release In Concert, a new Fleetwood Mac triple-LP collection that features 22 live recordings from the band’s 1979-80 tour.

The music heard on this set was recorded at four stops during the band’s 111-show world tour promoting Tusk (two nights at Wembley, plus St Louis and Tucson). It’s a hit-packed selection and includes The Chain, Don’t Stop, Dreams, Rhiannon, Sara, You Make Loving Fun and Go Your Own Way.

This was previously released across two CDs as part of last year’s Tusk Deluxe, but this is its debut on vinyl. It’s worth underlining that everything here is unique to this set – i.e. there is no overlap with the 1980 Live album.

This material is pressed on 180-gram vinyl, and the three LPs will be presented in a ‘tri-fold’ jacket.

In Concert is released on 4 March 2016.



Side 1
1. Intro (Wembley, 6/26/80)
2. Say You Love Me (Wembley, 6/26/80)
3. The Chain (Wembley, 6/20/80)
4. Don’t Stop (Wembley, 6/27/80)
5. Dreams (Wembley, 6/20/80)

Side 2
1. Oh Well (Wembley, 6/20/80)
2. Rhiannon (Tucson, 8/28/80)
3. Over & Over (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
4. That’s Enough For Me (Wembley, 6/21/80)

Side 3
1. Sara (Tucson, 8/28/80)
2. Not That Funny (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
3. Tusk (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
4. Save Me A Place (St. Louis, 11/5/79)

Side 4
1. Landslide (Omaha, 8/21/80)
2. What Makes You Think You’re The One (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
3. Angel (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
4. You Make Loving Fun (Wembley, 6/20/80)

Side 5
1. I’m So Afraid (St. Louis, 11/5/79)
2. World Turning (Wembley, 6/22/80)

Side 6
1. Go Your Own Way (Wembley, 6/22/80)
2. Sisters Of The Moon (Wembley, 6/22/80)
3. Songbird (Wembley, 6/27/80)


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Rumours SDE currently £4.99 at Amazon! Get in QUICK!!

Manfred Stock

29,99 € at JPC.de Germany.


I’d like to see this Fleetwood Mac ‘In Concert’ triple live LP set released on CD as well. I’d buy it if it was offered on CD.

dennis f.

for the deluxe editions of the other fleetwood mac albums, my ideal would be:

a bonus dvd with the “gypsy” and “hold me” music videos and/or the mirage tour concert video, part of which aired as an hbo concert in 1982, and other performance videos from tv shows from around the world.

a bonus dvd with the “big love”, “seven wonders”, and “little lies” music videos, and/or the concert music video that was put out by warner music video with billy burnette and rick vito, and other performance videos from tv shows from around the world.

“behind the mask”
a bonus dvd with the “save me” music video and other performance videos from tv shows from around the world.

elliott buckingham

all I want is a deluxe reissue of tango with all the 12″ versions and alternative mixes


What about a release of a CD/DVD of their last tour? I’m a big fan of FM and I’m more interested in new music. Tired of getting the same music over and over again.


I hate the title. I think they should have something more generic. Like, “Live” or something. We need make sure no one distinguishes it from any other, um, live release.

Wayne Klein

Another vote for CD release. Rhino, are you listening?

CJ Feeney

This is tempting at £25 for three lps, but the deluxe box is currently £42 on amazon uk, so seems like more of a bargain, especially if you’re not into vinyl.

Is anyone able to comment on the new Tusk vinyl, as the Rumours vinyl has a poor reputation?

Todd R.

I was very surprised to see this. The SDE of Tusk is just as detailed (and expansive) as RUMOURS was before it, but I just think this item is overkill (and I am a huge FM fan). I’m happy for it’s availability, but I really wish they would move on to later albums MIRAGE and TANGO IN THE NIGHT and give them at least the 2-disc deluxe treatment (already covered here on SDE several times). Better yet – let’s look forward to that next new album the now-reunited line-up are promising….


Totally agree with Todd, and would add that with its 35th anniversary this year, Stevie’s solo debut ‘Bella Donna’ is crying out for the super deluxe edition, with dozens of unreleased demos and studio takes, the White Wing Dove concert (in full!) on DVD and CD, and a nice remastered vinyl pressing too. Of course, once you get into her re-releases there is that whole album that never was from 1984 entitled ‘Mirror, Mirror’, with at least 20 tracks unreleased, including a duet with Prince!!!!

Come on, the lady is still massively popoluar and still regularly hits the US top ten with each new album release. Surely there is a substantial market for this stuff????

Daniel L

If you have some contact at Rhino it would be really nice of them and a way to correct an oversight if they could put the version of the song Tusk found on The Chain box set into this set. That would be the USC marching band version which starts with the live and transitions into the studio. With all the bonus tracks on the Tusk SDE they are missing that one which is IMHO the best version of that song. It might also encourage sales of this new box. The Tusk SDE has the full USC and of course the full studio track but not that special remix only found in one place.

Wayne Klein

They also overlooked the alternate version of a Buckingham track on the second disc.


I hope they bring this out on CD as the vinyl within the SDE Tusk has stopped me buying it. Having purchased both 2CDand 3CD deluxes of Rumours means I didn’t have to buy the SDE of that either, again being put off because of the vinyl.


Hopefully the 5.1 surround mix will be released separately too.


Phil – if you aren’t averse to downloads, you can download the whole boxset (minus the 5.1 mix) including the live tracks in 24 / 96 quality from various HD download sites for £18

The live tracks sound wonderful, by the way :)


I always come on here early Sunday morning ever since the Deal Alert for the John Martyn box (less than £40, fetching over £240 and selling today), this will do nicely for £24.

Thanks Paul.


Hopefully this will be released on CD. The super deluxe set is very expensive and it would seem the perfect solution for those who don’t really need more demos etc. via the 3CD set. Sounds fantastic on Spotify…but you never really “own” their tracks.


Thanks Paul ordered