Fleetwood Mac super deluxe edition

5.1 surround sound mix • unreleased outtakes • & more

Fleetwood Mac‘s 1975 eponymous album (that features the current line-up) will be reissued as a five-disc super deluxe edition in January next year.

The original album is newly remastered and features on CD and vinyl LP in the box set. The CD also includes the original single mixes of Over My Head, Rhiannon, Say You Love Me and Blue Letter.

Like previous sets there’s plenty of unreleased outtakes and CD 2 in the super deluxe features a completely alternate version of the album (none of it ever released before), along with a handful of live tracks and a couple of jam/instrumentals.

The third CD features 14 live tracks (all previously unreleased) while disc four is a DVD which features a 5.1 surround sound mix of Fleetwood Mac, a hi-res stereo version of the album and those four single versions.

Completing the set is the LP version of the original album pressed on 180-gram vinyl. The packaging sounds consistent with what was issued for previous albums (Rumours, Tusk, Mirage and Tango In The Night) since this comes in a 12″ x 12″ embossed sleeve with in-depth sleeve notes and new interviews with all the band members.

This five-disc Fleetwood Mac box set will be released on 19 January from Warner Bros. Records. A two-CD expanded edition featuring the first two discs in the box will also be issued. At the time of writing, the box set is pleasingly priced in the UK

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Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac - 5-disc super deluxe


Disc  1 – CD: Original Album Remastered and Singles

1. “Monday Morning”
2. “Warm Ways”
3. “Blue Letter”
4. “Rhiannon”
5. “Over My Head”
6. “Crystal”
7. “Say You Love Me”
8. “Landslide”
9. “World Turning”
10. “Sugar Daddy”
11. “I’m So Afraid”
12. “Over My Head” – Single Version
13. “Rhiannon” – Single Version
14. “Say You Love Me” – Single Version
15. “Blue Letter” – Single Version *

Disc 2 – CD: Alternates and Live

1. “Monday Morning” – Early Take *
2. “Warm Ways” – Early Take *
3. “Blue Letter” – Early Take *
4. “Rhiannon” – Early Take *
5. “Over My Head” – Early Take *
6. “Crystal” – Early Take *
7. “Say You Love Me” – Early Version *
8. “Landslide” – Early Version *
9. “World Turning” – Early Version *
10. “Sugar Daddy” – Early Take *
11. “I’m So Afraid” – Early Version *
12. “Over My Head” – Live *
13. “Rhiannon” – Live *
14. “Why” – Live *
15. “World Turning” – Live *
16. Jam #2
17. “I’m So Afraid” – Early Take Instrumental *

Disc: 3 – CD: Live
1. “Get Like You Used To Be” *
2. “Station Man” *
3. “Spare Me A Little” *
4. “Rhiannon” *
5. “Why” *
6. “Landslide” *
7. “Over My Head” *
8. “I’m So Afraid” *
9. “Oh Well” *
10. “The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)” *
11. “World Turning” *
12. “Blue Letter” *
13. “Don’t Let Me Down Again”
14. “Hypnotized” *

* Previously Unreleased

Disc: 4 – DVD: 5.1 Surround Mix and 24/96 Stereo Audio of Original Album plus four single mixes

Disc: 5 – Vinyl LP
1. Monday Morning (Remastered)
2. Warm Ways (Remastered)
3. Blue Letter (Remastered)
4. Rhiannon (Remastered)
5. Over My Head (Remastered)
6. Crystal (Remastered)

Disc: 6
1. Say You Love Me (Remastered)
2. Landslide (Remastered)
3. World Turning (Remastered)
4. Sugar Daddy (Remastered)
5. I’m So Afraid (Remastered)

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Piero Capretti

Just arrived. Not yet heard, but…
I’m the first to notice the typo error in the back of the box???
CD 2, Early versions & Live FROM FROM the Warner Bros…
It’s quite a shame for a “deluxe” thing…


I am late in posting to this thread… I am just getting around to listening to all of these remasters of all the Fleetwood Mac reissues. (The most recent reissues). They sound great to me. The only recent Reissue I haven’t heard yet is the first album ‘Fleetwood Mac’, (Which I expect will sound as wonderful as the other reissues if remastered the same), I am really enjoying the sound quality. But I did a little experiment, and played some tracks side by side to compare sound quality… All these latest Fleetwood Mac remasters sound equality amazing to me, No complaint on the Fleetwood Mac reissues. But I will add, I had a listen to the recent Stevie Nicks Reissues up against the Fleetwood Mac Reissues and wow! The Stevie Nicks reissues sound awful. Just awful. ‘Bella Donna’ and ‘The Wild Heart’ are some of my favorite albums, and I was amazed at how wonderful the recent Fleetwood Mac reissues sound… ‘Rumours’, ‘Tusk’, ‘Mirage’ and ‘Tango In The Night’ all sound fantastic to me. But listening to them up against the Stevie Nicks remasters, I am so disappointed. I hope Stevie scraps any future remasters/reissues of the rest of her albums and instead starts all over again. Because they do indeed sound that bad. To me anyways.


These FM deluxe limited editions are great value, no complaints.

Anyone know how many of each have been issued, I would expect “quite a lot”

Matthew Collier

Worst fears confirmed – it arrived today and the DVD is a DVD-V and the 5.1 mix is crappy Dolby Digital only! :( At least the stereo version is full fat 96/24. What a wasted opportunity! (unless, they plan on later bringing out the multichannel version on BluRay, seperately, to double dip…. (oh cynic is me… ;) ))

Oh well (d’ya geddit? ;) :D )



Matthew Collier

Update – I’ve had a good listen to the “crappy” Dolby Digital 5.1 (448kbit / 48khz) version, and it really doesn’t sound half bad, considering! :)

It would be nice to have the full-fat hi-res of this, but what they have released is really good. The 5.1 is an excellent mix, better even than Rumours IMO (which I also love), and the toms in Monday Morning and So Afraid, are really good, in all four corners, filling the room. It adds so much to the stereo original, and I am now discovering some subtleties that I now realise were in the original mix, but hard to hear. The mix is also different, but close enough to the original to not annoy, and the extra “space” is fantastic. I now need to listen to the hi-res stereo version and see how that compares.

I’d be interested to hear from someone with a decent vinyl system to hear their thoughts on the new mix/pressing.


Matt :)

Mathew Laurn

I was heartbroken Friday night to find that this, made-for-24/96-lpcm-DVD-A-title was delivered via DVD-V DD5.1, ONLY :(

Confirming above: 2018 Warner Bros. re-release of “FM ‘75 (White Album)” is DD5.1 ‘24bit’/48khz @448kbps — ONLY!

*Guys, it simply wasn’t worth the wait (15 years) and it’s DEFINITELY not worth the ‘STREET-DATE’ money, considering what we got (even U.K. £-money, Paul)!*

Although my ‘system’ can make ANYTHING sound ‘good,’ please friends, be aware that the ‘bottom-end’ of this long-awaited “FM’75” 5.1 disc is DVD-V ‘12/1-compressed-Dolby-Digitial-5.1-MUDDY’ and requires A LOT of attention to avoid distortion at VOLUME — and as of this weekend, I can confirm distortion at volume!

Although it’s another fine, Ken Callait 5.1 mix, it is SHAMEFUL that Warner Bros Music and Fleetwood Mac Mgt. signed off on this
dross as the only 5.1 audio option —DD, a MOVIE-specific, audio codec according to Dolby themselves. FTR, Dolby refer users to their Meridian lossless codec for DVD MUSIC and Dolby TrueHd for Blu-ray Music on their own website!

All the other FM 5.1 SDE’s got dts 24/96, and another shelved, Warner Music, 5.1-mixed-for-DVD-A-title that comes to mind: “Moondance” even got the 5.1 Dolby TrueHd treatment on Blu-ray! Given all these facts and circumstances, I don’t think it was a stretch to expect the enhanced, dts 24/96 codec for “FM ‘75.”



Matthew Collier

Matthew L – which parts of the 5.1 mix do you hear distortion? I have listened to it once or twice at the usual volume (very loud ;) ), and didn’t hear anything, and my system is quite revealing and I can comfortably make it go loud enough to be unbearable without distortion, usually!

I presume you’re happy with the PCM 96/24 2.0 version (as am I : ) )

Let me know and I’ll have another listen (and have a look in Audacity).



P.S. If they *do* ever release the BluRay, I will probably be a sucker and buy it, as the 5.1 mix is nice, and the PCM 96/24 2.0 sound quality is lovely! :(

Matthew Collier

Sorry for the off-topic post (nothing much to add to this specific discussion other than, I ordered this for the usual reason, for the hi-res/multichannel part only, really). I love this album, about as much as I love Rumours, so am pleased the 5.1 is finally coming (though I will not be impressed if the 5.1 part isn’t also in hi-res (it doesn’t actually say that it is, it only confirms that the stereo version on the DVD is in hi-res – fingers crossed!)).

The off-topic part – question, as there is a lot of good ‘Mac knowledge on here – I am fairly certain I remember there being a VHS copy of the Live in ’80 concert – does anybody remember that? I have been looking for years and it seems there isn’t likely to be a DVD/BluRay release of this, even though I think it was one of the best live recordings of the “Rumours era” that they put out IMO!

Any thoughts on that one, anybody?




Hi Matt,

Yes your right it was The Fleetwood Mac Documentary and Live Concert, it was released in 1980 by Warner Bros on VHS. It shows behind the scenes look at the recording sessions for the Tusk Album and highlights from a 1979 concert from the St Louis CheckerDome. It has never been released on DVD but I have a DVD copy ripped from the Japanese Lazerdisc release. Hope this helps.


Jay Bayors

Hey Ray, i’d like to get a copy from you of that dvd. If you can call me up, my name is Jay. Thanks !!!
(410) 437-9741

Martin Power

I am guessing that a vinyl alternate mix will be a RSD exclusive again like previous years – Fingers crossed


Seems hard to find the dates for the live recordings. I know there were some radio shows at the time. Does anyone have any information?

[…] Fleetwood Mac / super deluxe edition […]

mick lynch

Is this Fleetwood Mac album gonna be available as a 3 cd set (like what they did with Rumours and Tusk) ?


Well I doubt anyone’s surprised by this release or the structure of album remaster/2nd disc of outtakes/3rd disc of live material. After FM did the exact same reissue for their other albums, this was one was inevitable (except for Tango which did not come with a live disc…presumably because Lindsey wasn’t on that tour, right? of course that’s the one tour I’d love to have, if only because they obviously didn’t do much of his material as opposed to the usual Lindsey takeover of FM’s live shows).

Think we’ll see a big reissue of Say You Will? The accompanied “Live In Boston” album from that tour would be great on vinyl (still holding my breath for a vinyl issue of “The Dance”).

As much as I’m obsessed with FM and their incredible live shows and will gladly fork over whatever is asked of me for any material, they’re starting to stray into Rolling Stones territory by releasing the SAME SONGS over and over again. Ditto for their current live shows. I’m pretty much going to buy this new set just for the live versions of Why and Blue Letter and Over My Head. Seriously, how many live versions of Rhiannon and Landslide are out there? 28? As many as Brown Sugar and Jumpin Jack Flash. I was pumped when the Stones last year announced a reissue of their Stripped live album from the mid-90s, since it contained all lesser-known and lesser-performed songs….and of course they had to swap out all those songs for Miss You and Street Fighting Man and snooooooze.

That said….I do love how the FM demo/outtake discs have actual different versions of their songs. You can really hear the evolution from demo to finished. Led Zeppelin’s “working versions” on their reissued albums? All just instrumentals or the exact same finished version but with like 2 different notes or a slightly shorter guitar solo.

william mckinley

Great to hear about this. I kept putting off the 2 disc expanded edition and it was a good thing too. Next I would like to see if they would do a Super Deluxe of Behind the Mask or Bare Trees. Behind the Mask would be very interesting since it was about the time of the break up. Looking forward to Stevie to complete her Super Deluxe sets.

Michael Stephens

Ordered the UK version…can’t believe the deal.

Long time FM & SN fan here and I’ve been pondering what could be next in the reissue game. The Dance seems like a good option but the 20 year anniversary is almost up. I would love to know what quality of HD (at the time) was used on the taping. As to sound, a reissue of the full tracks from the Dance would be cool…perhaps with any sonic tweaking needed (although it seemed so well produced). Are the demos of the new songs? Rehearsal songs that didn’t make it into the lineup?

And then where? FM Live from 1980 (would lover better sound but is it practical?) Perhaps a FM From the Vaults collection of bits and pieces like “Fireflies,” “One More Night,” “Make Me a Mask,” etc.

Stevie’s Rock A Little and Other Side of the Mirror would be nice.

Mike the Fish

Somebody was kind enough to send me the 80 Reprise CD some years back and it sounds great. I’m interested in this set and also how the remastered album sounds.


On the Big Pink Buckingham/Nicks CD, all songs have a hard cutoff at 15kHz, it’s a mp3-sourced bootleg.

steve edwards

Surprised by the omission of Silver Springs from the Rumours sessions. One of Stevie’s most intense & unrestrained vocal out pourings, which is saying something.
Richard Dashut, the engineer and co-producer, called it “The best song that never made it to a record album.”
The song was the B-side of “Go Your Own Way” in 1976. The Lindsay Buckingham song to which it is regarded as being the response.


Stevie Nicks is perhaps one of the greatest vocalists of a generation, Steve.
Notwithstanding, Rumours stays with Rumours.
Paul, I commend your position as CEO of SDE!

Somerset Grumpy

These expanded editions are great but lack consistancy as already mentioned by other contributors. For those of us who no longer have vinyl, why should I buy a package with 23 LP’s when they will never ever get played until I’m 6ft under? Surely all the packages should simply offer the orininal cd plus any demos, outtakes etc, perhaps a live cd or 2 and all remastered plus a Bluray and a 5.1 option for those with surround as well as the extra package with the vinyl.
Jethro Tull have managed to produce some excellent remasters with Steven wilson naturally, but they also are housed in a sumptuous book size package with 90 odd pages of notes etc which all add to the value of the packages and moreover all for under £20!
Nevertheless, no doubt I’ll end up buying this latest deluxe edition as I have all the others, despite the vinyl never exiting from their sleeves!
Agree with Musicmacca about the Eagles – their Hotel California package is now £84.99 for 3 discs including Bluray – what a rip off and even the 2cd version is £18.81 – another rip off and far too expensive! Haven’t the band members & record company got enough money? Why do they feel the need to rip off the public again? There’s nothing like a good old rant on a Friday!

Larry Davis

Just read a new interview with Don Henley in the new issue of Rolling Stone and he said there is nothing left in the vault worthy of release after this “Hotel California” SDE…and yes it’s way overpriced, just like their concerts are…

Mathew Lauren

That news is VERY dismaying, Larry. I’m really having trouble believing that “The Long Run” multi-tracks are missing or can’t be salvaged. I’ve been waiting for years for that album to be remixed into discrete surround. I have trouble even believing their earlier lp multi-tracks from ‘71 through ‘75, or even the tapes culled together for their “Greatest Hits ‘71-‘75” (holdover) lp, a best seller (released in the interim before “Hotel Cali” was released), are missing or “corrupted.” Shame, really. Maybe they’ll think to put out a hires-surround disc of the “Hell Freezes Over” dts-cd. As I remember, that is more of an actual 5.1, rather than a quad point one, which is what Scheiner came to favor with notable, song-specific exceptions.

Mathew Lauren

Couldn’t agree more, Somerset. The Tull cd/dvd or Marillion cd/br packages are “it” and should be the standard at this point with optional 180+ gram vinyl offerings for the long player enthusiast. I have original vinyl (somewhere) from the 70s upto mid-80s and vinyl from some of these boxsets, but only b/c it came with the 5.1 offering — darn near making me feel extorted by record execs who “buried the lead” (the surround material). Imho, many of these expensive and often redundant box-sets offer nothing new (except those extras targeted at the “completists”) save for an occasional stereo remix, RM and the “5.1” of course.

I agree we shouldn’t have to buy all this “unusable” stuff in order to get at the surround-sound material, while also agreeing that these box-sets may actually be the perfect offering for some, but not all — not most, it seems from years of SDE posts. Shame, really. Rush for example will eventually release this ‘Wilson-mixed,’ 5.1 as a stand-alone BR disc based on their catalogue, re-release history — same same Alan Parsons, however, Fleetwood Mac and certain Pink Floyd box-sets with surround material (“Div Bell” 5.1 & the discovered, buried, ‘ripped’ 5.1 files of “Meddle”), for example, finding their way onto stand-alone hires discs is probably not happening — definitely not soon. That said, A.P. has announced an eventual “Eye…” BR stand-alone, and I don’t want to wait a couple years for the current ‘SW-mixed,’ “AFtK” Rush 5.1.

I feel if a music enthusiast, who understood the market was calling the shots, these offerings could be easily tailored and optimized for fans and profit. Still to this day, when I mention Blu-ray Music in most circles, here in L.A. (even when down on ‘Sunset’ hitting the famous, music clubs or at the Hollywood Bowl or by Capital Records where the R.E.M. Atmos mix for “Automatic…” was conceived after the mixers listened to a “Sgt Peppers” Atmos mix *as yet, unreleased* in a L.A. Dolby Cinema that was Atmos optimized), I get quizzical looks — as in, “que” or “que es esto, Chico ?” Pity. Currently, we really are the keepers of the surround-sound flame. So, needs must, yeah?

Mathew Lauren

Amazon U.K. (Pre-order) lists this item at a ~43% discount over Amazon, USA (Pre-order). Really? Is that a misprint? What gives? Anyone have a “heads-up” (any news) on this a day later?

Mathew Lauren

Paul, I hear ya. I thought Amazon US and Amazon UK were always within 10% of one-another. Tells you how much, I really don’t follow this as closely as some of you; although like most, I do shop around — mostly Japanese and U.S. music sites, though, admittedly. This recent disparity, really caught me eye.

Mathew Lauren

Finally, the illusive Ken Callait 5.1 surround mix for FM ‘75 will be released to the public. Given SDE’s status, Paul, it may have been appropriate to mention the points (above) made by Derek and Philip; as these boxsets, as describe and mentioned in your article, really aren’t ALL the same with the omition of surround in the “Tango” and “Rumours” boxsets (“Rumours” 5.1 was readily available). I feel pointing this out with sympathy for the surround presentation via physical media (given SDE’s broad and influential audience), may have not only stated the obvious, but alerted or even reminded the myopic (still calling shots at these record companies), to the fact that surround-sound is wanted and many times expected in expensive – sometimes VERY expensive boxsets. Cheers, Paul.


btw: somebody knows the difference between the “blue letter” album and single remix version? I can’t hear any difference!

Alex D Falcone

Yes, Lindsey’s guitar is brought more forward. The mix amped up the solo riffs.

Inge Bratset

The album that comes closest to Rumours in quality if you ask me. Already ordered.


on disc one there’s an asterix behind “blue letter” (single remix) to indicate it was never released, but this version was already released on the 2004 remaster!


Looking forward to this. My only copy is a late 80s CD – and I don’t know where it is! I’m happy to get vinyl and surround, but that’s been the one inconsistency in these reissues: Rumours had the documentary but no surround, Tusk had the surround but no documentary. The books are never in-depth, but with a group with all the politics of FM, it’s surprising that anything gets past committee.

Also I’ll be looking forward to the vinyl Alternative Fleetwood Mac on Record Store Day.

The Rumours box is still for sale for £36, but the Tusk box has become hard to get. Anyone know why?

Alex D Falcone

Maybe Paul Sinclair can talk to someone about getting the Tusk documentary on DVD. We’ve waited way too long.


@JasonC re: Tusk availability

I agree regarding Tusk. I got the Rumours SDE for £17.49 + P&P when it was that low (as I type it is still only £25.27 on Amazon UK). I’ve managed to pick up the Tango SDE (£29.16 + P&P) and Mirage SDE (for the equivalent of £46 including shipping), but I’ve been looking for the Tusk SDE for a while now, but can’t seem to find it for much less than £75 (and strangely no VAT reduction [I’m in NZ]), which (considering I have the original vinyl album) seems too much. And I feel it is the least popular of this line-up’s albums, so colour me perplexed.


JasonC, I just got the 5CD, DVD, 2LP Tusk SDE from Amazon US for US$76.31 plus shipping here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0178JP1FY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Now I just have to wait for a deal on the new SDE!


I only wish the Eagles would release their back catalogue the way FM are doing. Yes Hotel California is on the way but there’s plenty of Quad versions of other Eagles Albums that could be bundled in the same way.

Michael Stephens

Do we know if the DVD is region free. I ordered from the UK too!

Alex D Falcone

I’ve ordered every one of these from overseas and have never had a DVD region issue. I doubt they’d change anything in the future.

Alex D Falcone

Go to amazon.co.uk RIGHT NOW. This set is priced at nearly HALF as much as the U.S. site. Go look!

Alex D Falcone

Why is disc 2 almost all instrumentals?

mick lynch

Fantastic news Paul. Still my favourite FM album. This had Buckinghan Nicks all over it. Crystal and Landslide are sublime. I have the single disc with the extra singles, but glad they’ve done an alternative disc. If its done the way Rumours, Mirage, Tango, and Tusk were done, we cant complain


39 Pounds to the States. (postage included). A no-brainer.

Alex D Falcone

Yes! Just ordered!!!!!

Mike Zlotnicki

My 5th buy since 1975. Sold an original, replaced by a Kendun. 34 days ago, I bought the Bellman 45rpm, plus there’s my 1986 Reprise CD.


Great never owned this apart from a CD rip so looking forward to this one and just now need to find an SDE of Tusk from somewhere….


Well, here’s another wasted opportunity to have included a live concert film along with the box set which in this case could’ve been live concert footage from the 1975/76 Tour to support this line-up’s debut album. Who cares about the DVD Audio for those few that may want it. Live footage would’ve been much better and any promo films, too.


I would ask again why bonus features are not in 5.1 but I assume that is for when the blu-ray audio gets a larger acceptance, eh?

Paul English

Looks brilliant – thanks Paul. Have ordered – nice birthday present to myself.

I wonder what they’ll do next?

Jeff Rougvie

Great news! Pretty sure if there’s a 5.1 mix, Buckingham is hands-on involved.


That live album will be a stunner!


The Buckingham/Nicks album got a cd release in Japan earlier this year on the BigPink label. Nice gatefold mini lp packaging with lots of bonus tracks. Not sure how legit it is but it sounds absolutely fine.


I’ll back Paul up on this–I looked into it, and anything I could find in the way of information about it was that it’s not an official release. I haven’t personally heard it, so I can’t vouch for quality of the recording, but I know some people want nothing to do with an unofficial version, no matter what.

If the sound quality is good, I’d track it down though. I’ve always wanted to have a decent copy of it.

Larry Davis

A friend of mine bought that Big Pink “Buckingham Nicks” CD…the label is South Korean and it’s not a bootleg…the label has a catalogue… They also reissued the Splinter albums…I heard the BN CD with 11 bonus tracks and it sounds and looks amazing…I may buy it myself as well as a US or UK version…on Rhino/WB or Universal, whoever gets the rights for the world…I preordered this FM reissue pronto…great price… I’m hoping for the next batch of Stevie solo reissues like “Rock A Little”… The 12” version of “I Can’t Wait” I’ve always loved and it’s on the “Enchanted” box…and does anyone think more Fleetwood Mac albums will get the SDE treatment?? I don’t think so, but I do hope their overlooked period of 1969 to 1974 Warner/Reprise albums get CD reissues/remasters of some kind…they seem really neglected and forgotten, sad…


Cue a thousand complaints about vinyl inclusivity. You know what I have no time or need for? DVD audio or Blu-Ray. I’ll buy the two-disc version like I’ve done with every other Mac reissue in this series.


Hi Paul
no word on further Stevie Nicks reissues after Belladonna and Wild heart?


I REALLY want a reissue for The Other Side of the Mirror, especially. I hope they aren’t going to forget about the rest of her catalogue.

Were there any contemporary mixes for “Stand Back” at the time? The one thing that bothered me with the reissues that came out is there weren’t any extended mixes, though it seems like they came out in an era when at least SOME of the songs would have gotten an extended version. Were there just no period mixes to put on them, or is this like so many of the other reissues where the artists doesn’t consider the mixes worth releasing?

Wayne Klein

I don’t mind th vinyl as long as this isn’t as outrageouslyriced as other sets that have been released in the past.

I think that if U.S. Pricing is mimicked for Amazon. It is reasonable but $99 is too much.


Wayne, but it from Amazon UK. Only 39 pounds delivered to the States.

Friso Pas

Very nice set, as I don’t have any version of this album in my collection.

Derek Langsford

Will wait for it to come down £10 or so on Amazon UK (<£35). All the FM sets have done so and I have snapped them up – recently got the Tango set for £32.24 including shipping to the USA :-).


At least in my view this album is superior to Tango in the Night. I for one am very happy to see this album released in 5.1

Charlie Waffles



Wait, can we get a correct listing of the discs and the tracks, with the LP shown separately? I’m confused re: the six discs. This varies, site to site. Thanks.


pre-ordered £43,90 (price seems to be going up)

Mark Carroll

SUPERB… ordered, thanks !!!

Christopher Bloom

Any word on the region code for the DVD? Preferably region-free….


Another surround mix I’d like to get, but won’t…can’t buy an entire box-set…these surround mixes ought to be released independently on Blu-Ray Audio.


I second that, Gabe!!!


I agree that it would be great if they would release the surround mixes independently, but I think the issue is that there isn’t a huge market for them, so the only way to do them with some guarantee of return is to “bundle” them with these SDE’s. I’m sure there are plenty of people who will spring for the box for the other content who wouldn’t buy the surround mix separately. Whereas many of us who are really excited about the surround mix may be willing to double-dip (or triple-dip) in order to get the surround version. Marketing decisions strike again.

Wayne Klein

I think it’s about using it as bait to get people to buy this just as the new vinyl version included is as well for those who didn’t get the previous vinyl remaster. I still find these sets a bit odd–high Rez 5.1 release with two discs at lower Rez CD (that isn’t included on the DVD when they could easily be accompanied even if they aren’t in 5.1), CDs for those who love those and then a vinyl single disc release that is probably just the digital remaster put into analog form. A little bit of this and a little bit of that to get as many people as possible to buy this is a smart marketing move I suppose but I could do without some things here and that would certainly make me happier. If the deluxe Mirage or Tango had had a 5.1 mix on DVD or Blu, I would have been there as well but it’s clear that Warner don’t want to spend the additional time or money to do this.

simon taylor

Nice. And some Bob Welch songs on the live disc, very good. I have the previous reissue with Jam2. Think I shall pre-order!!

simon taylor

And Danny Kirwan too. Great set. Playing the last cd reissue now. This set can go next to my Rumours box. Lovely.


Great news! thanks Paul!!
The only downside is that, when I was dreaming of this boxset being released, it included the never-officially-releasead-on CD Buckingham-Nicks album. I know it’s not an FM album, but it features the original version of Crystal, plus Don’t Let Me Down Again which became part of FM’s live sets, so it would kind of make sense.
A bit like when they included Nico’s newly-remastered Chelsea Girls album in the Velvet Underground’s super deluxe edition reissue of their first album…
Oh well… still extremely happy about this!