Fleetwood Mac / Tango in the Night super deluxe edition confirmed

Remastered with remixes and demos – but no 5.1

Warners will issue a five-disc super deluxe edition box set of Fleetwood Mac‘s 1987 album Tango in the Night in March.

The set will feature three CDs of audio, comprising of a remastered version of the album on disc one, B-sides, demos, alternate versions on disc two and 14 remixes on the third CD.

The fourth disc is a DVD which contains promo videos and a hi-res stereo version of the album (rather than a 5.1 mix). A vinyl edition is also included with the super deluxe edition.

This reissue is scheduled for release on 10 March 2017. Update: Delayed until 31 March.



Disc: 1
1. Big Love (Remastered)
2. Seven Wonders (Remastered)
3. Everywhere (Remastered)
4. Caroline (Remastered)
5. Tango in the Night (Remastered)
6. Mystified (Remastered)
7. Little Lies (Remastered)
8. Family Man (Remastered)
9. Welcome To The Room… Sara (Remastered)
10. Isn’t It Midnight (Remastered)
11. When I See You Again (Remastered)
12. You And I, Pt. II (Remastered)

Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions
1.    “Down Endless Street”
2.    “Special Kind Of Love” (Demo)*
3.    “Seven Wonders” (Early Version)*
4.    “Tango In The Night” (Demo)*
5.    “Mystified” (Alternate Version)*
6.    “Book Of Miracles” (Instrumental)
7.    “Where We Belong” (Demo)*
8.    “Ricky”
9.    “Juliet” (Run-Through)*
10.  “Isn’t It Midnight” (Alternate Mix)*
11.  “Ooh My Love” (Demo)*
12.  “Mystified” (Instrumental Demo)*
13.  “You And I, Part I & II” (Full Version)*

Disc Three: The 12″ Mixes (super deluxe only)
1. “Big Love” (Extended Remix)
2. “Big Love” (House On The Hill Dub)
3. “Big Love” (Piano Dub)
4. “Big Love” (Remix/Edit)
5. “Seven Wonders” (Extended Version)
6. “Seven Wonders” (Dub)
7. “Little Lies” (Extended Version)
8. “Little Lies” (Dub)
9. “Family Man” (Extended Vocal Remix)
10. “Family Man” (I’m A Jazz Man Dub)
11. “Family Man” (Extended Guitar Version)
12. “Family Party” (Bonus Beats)
13. “Everywhere” (12″ Version)
14. “Everywhere” (Dub)

Disc Four: The Videos (DVD) *super deluxe only
1. “Big Love”
2. “Seven Wonders”
3. “Little Lies”
4. “Family Man”
5. “Everywhere”
Plus a High-Resolution Stereo Mix of the Original Album

Tango In The Night (Vinyl)

Side One
1. “Big Love”
2. “Seven Wonders”
3. “Everywhere”
4. “Caroline”
5. “Tango In The Night”
6. “Mystified”

Side Two
1. “Little Lies”
2. “Family Man”
3. “Welcome To The Room… Sara”
4. “Isn’t It Midnight”
5. “When I See You Again”
6. “You And I, Part II”

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Anthony Grice
Anthony Grice

Surely Amazon wouldn’t sell live bootlegs?

Anthony Grice

I really think vinyl should be sold separately. I haven’t bought vinyl in over 30 years and I’m not about to start again now. I’ve been desperate for a deluxe of this for years but not paying for something I will never use.


Yes, this has been going down over the weekend, now it’s £40.74.
Not sure when to go for it!


The super deluxe is currently £42:10 on Amazon UK, the lowest it’s been so far.


I personally loved the other Fleetwood Mac DVD’s, Mirage and Tusk in 5.1 surround sounded superb.
Tango In the Night could have been another 5.1 winner but instead we only get a Hi-Res 24/96 stereo version. What a shame! Won’t be buying this one.


Does anyone know if there’s a Blu-ray remaster in the pipeline. There’s precious little modern up to date material video wise for fleetwood mac…

Saar Freedman

FYI there’s finally a Buckingham/Nicks reissue ( Japan Only Release for now) with lots of bonuses. Official.
Paul- this probably merits a blog entry by itself..



[…] stuff from Fleetwood Mac‘s Tango in the Night as the reissue enters the UK Physical Album chart at number 14 – the highest charting archival release. […]


I absolutely love this reissue – the third disc of remixes, dubs and extended versions is fantastic!! My only complaint as was the case with Tusk and Mirage is that I wish I had the option to buy the Super Deluxe edition without the vinyl. Oh well, can’t have everything.

elliott buckingham

dont rate the boxset at all in terms of content its great but the box is cheap looking and I hate having cds stuck into the vinyl sleeve. the vinyl should have been as normal with different places for the discs to be stored. the George Michael faith deluxe boxset is far better and cheaper than this release. also wish the everywhere 12″ mix would have been fixed the vinyl version I have is awful like the speed isn’t consistant the new remastered version is the same just awful

Simon Baxendale

Been playing my copy of the super deluxe edition this weekend. Can’t fault the remastered audio, it’s brilliant. However, I think there’s a fault with the the music videos on the DVD – the sound is out of sync with the visuals – has anyone else experienced this issue? It’s disappointing but wondering if it’s one of these early pressing errors with the release?

Brian Scott

Arrived this afternoon and just finished listening to the 24/96 remaster. All I can say is WOW. Probably my favourite FM album and the sound quality is superb. Can’t wait to hear the remaining discs.

Chris Squires

Turned up this morning, lovely.

Can anybody give me guidance as to whether “Mirage” is worth an investment?

Julian Bashford

Just FYI – you probably hate streaming services here. iTunes has the audio components of the super deluxe version listed as the deluxe version on itunes store – all 3 CDs worth – but a cut down version of the deluxe with just 2 remixes and a few demos on Apple Music ‘streaming’, called the Deluxe version. Doesn’t match any CD listing – a streaming only selection.

However, up to last night, it was listing that all the tracks from the super deluxe would be available on streaming service – assuming it includes Spotify. Until this morning…. when it has yanked it all from the pre-add to your library.

Naughty – or just bad management of their files!


Well at least this version has avoided my usual problem with the FM deluxe editions……

I have wanted both the 5.1 mix and the hi-res of ALL the tracks on the deluxe edition. For previous issues, the physical box has the hi-res of the main album only, but have the 5.1 on DVD, whereas the download sites (qobuz / HD tracks etc) have the whole lot in hi-res, but obviously no 5.1.

Wayne Klein

Why, why, why do I have to buy all this crap to get the CDs and DVD (what? No Blu-ray?) high rez.

I really, really wish that Rhino would rethink this crap. I don’t need to have everything in three formats. Two will do, thank you just as those who want vinyl probably don’t want the CDs.

I have the CDs on order and maybe some kind soul will not want the DVD.

Paul Brown

Thanks for the links Paul. I had ordered this from Amazon.com for AUD$125 delivered as I couldn’t find it on Amazon.co.uk. Thanks to yor link I’ve cancelled the Amazon.com order and now have it coming to me for AUD$76 delivered. And yes to back up Pete {in Australia}I checked local vendor JB Hi FI and they have a pre order price of AUD$160. Such a huge difference in pricing between the 3 retailers. And apparently Aus retailers are not to bothered about the impeding arrival of Amazon Australia, methinks they should be.
@ Larry Davis while undoubtedly Australia is a beautiful country I have found decent record stores hard to find and anything decent charges way to much, Tango in the Night being one such example. I was in NZ over Christmas and the range and choice was 100% better there even between retailers that share stores in both countries.

Larry Davis

Oh and I want all the other Fleetwood Mac Super Deluxe sets besides Tango…was torn about Mirage, and do want the Tusk & Rumours ones…I like my sets to be the same format…not a super deluxe of one set and just a regular of another…continuity I guess…I wonder if there will be others in the catalogue in the future?? Or is “Tango” the last one getting this type of treatment?? They never had such a big record afterwards ever again…the 1980 live album got overlooked…the 1970-1974 albums never had CD remasters/reissues…the 2 early 90s albums sorta tanked…how about remastered Lindsay solo albums like “Out Of The Cradle”?? Just curious what future plans are…


More in the Future?

Larry Davis

Pete…what is it with Aussie prices?? Want the 2 Midnight Oil tankboxes but prices were ridiculous…landed up buying ONE of the sets (Full Tank) and this Mac Tango box much cheaper on Amazon UK…plus buying from the US, they take off the VAT, making it even less. I intend on coming down there next year to visit friends and family…wanna take advantage of the Aussie stores when I am there (prob cheaper to buy in stores rather than order from them I gather)…

Pete {in Australia}

Hey Larry, agree with Paul Brown {below} our Country is beautiful, but the mainstream records stores, tend to be guided by The companies here, so even Indent titles get overpriced. Some independent stores look after folks better, but in terms of local product prices…….well. So good luck with your findings, and of course depends where you are visiting. Postage can be high too at times. We miss out on so many release here in Australia, due to the record companies here. I fully get not everything is worth releasing local, but when they try and stop folks buying from Overseas, saying that it hurts the local industry, goes tooooooo far. I had friends that use to Import records 25 + years ago and got sued by one company, as they said they had the rights to the record, but would NOT release locally. Best stop, hehehehe. :)

Pete {in Australia}

THANKS Paul, for the links. I had been watching on Amazon UK, had an email link, then last week it disappeared. Here in Australia the cheapest so far has been $140Aus + postage via Warner Music Australia, a couple of retailers have it for $160/$170Aus + postage. Amazon was the cheapest, even with postage. I have been search the web, and found one for around $90Aus all up. TODAY your link shows it back on Amazon UK, so without further pondering have grabbed it for $76Aus – postage included, which is a HUGE saving on the local Australian prices. Australian record companies, wonder why the local industry IS NOT SUPPORTED at times, well for me being a Carer, and limited funds, i could not justify paying almost double for a local one. This is the first Super Deluxes, of Fleetwood Mac, that has appealed to moi.


is there a version without the vinyl? I would love to have CD3 and I do not own a vinyl player nor collect vinyls…

Michel Banen

Why DVD instead of the ‘old’ blu-ray and not even a 5.1 mix ? Now I’ll pass on this. 5.1 blu ray pure audio should be taken advantage of.

Steven J Morgan

Now showing on Amazon as :

Currently unavailable. We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

don cooper

Any news,Paul?


It’s back on Amazon UK now. I was a bit worried when it disappeared myself. It might just have been a stock issue.

[…] interesting to note that the label are pre-empting their own reissue of Fleetwood Mac‘s Tango in the Night by including the extended version of that album’s first single Big Love. Remember, […]

Gregory Daniels

Has the release day been pushed back to the END of March?


if the warner brothers/rhino people read these boards, i have one request…

please do a deluxe edition of the green “greatest hits” cd and put all of the music videos the band had on a bonus dvd! some of us super fans were not happy that the “tusk” and “mirage” re-releases didn’t have their respective music videos on those sets’ dvd’s… yes, their music video output as a band wasn’t as large as, say, duran duran’s or even bruce springsteens’, but if you’re going thru all the trouble to dig up remixes and outtakes, would it have been so difficult to throw on the music videos???

just my two cents… (or two pence for the brits…)

Larry Davis

I dunno about that green 1988 GH record anymore…it was basically replaced with the 2CD “Very Best Of” because the then-exclusive-new 2 songs “As Long As You Follow” and “No Questions Asked” were placed on the double…it does the trick as a sister piece to the 4CD “25 Years: The Chain” boxset…as for the DVD of complete vidclips, it is most welcome though…just ordered the “Tango” box from Amazon UK because with the conversion rate (and taking out the VAT) it was much cheaper ($20 or more) than all US sites, from Amazon US to BestBuy to FYE to Newbury Comics…with the shipping, it only cost me $57 US & change…great deal!!


Why do they keep changing the release date for this it’s now the 31st March ? They did the exact same with Mirage.

Paul McCartney

Seems to me that £50 for a 3CD, 1DVD and vinyl album is way too cheap – you should charge a whole lot more for that. And remove some of the physical music and make it a download card only. Sucker punters will lap that up
All the best


Agreed Macca! That has to be worth at least £200. Better still, give ’em half the physical items and the rest as MP3 download. They’ll be queuing up!!


Just pre ordered at Amazon UK £48.99. cheapest so far I think.


The Amazon UK Pre-Order price for this is higher then either the Tusk or Mirage SDE’s, they were more around £45 and by release date £50. Also they both had more discs on them, 8 and 6 respectively and the had a 5.1 mix as well. So unless the price drops further prior to the release date then we are being charged more for less. Also the Mirage SDE was only release in September 2016 and post the Brexit vote so I don’t feel that they can use that as an excuse for the higher price either.

Phil Fogel

It’s my favorite Mac album but at $122.00 Canadian it’s absolutely ridiculous, I own the original album and CD from 1987, I don’t need the new vinyl or the DVD which I’ll only watch a few times. I really want the remixes, why can’t they just do a 3 CD version like the Belinda Carlisle and Bananarama did, that only cost about $25, they had all the remixes, single versions and demos. I hate buying digital, not sure what I’ll do.


That would be the sensible thing to do to release a 3 CD version but they won’t because they are trying to get more money out of people into buying things that are useless to most. I will buy the 2 disc edition and i will seek out the remixes elsewhere. No wonder there is so much illegal d/l going on and then they have a cheek to complain.

Philip Cohen

The reason why the “Tusk” & “Mirage” boxes had 5.1 surround mixes is because they didn’t cost Warner Music anything. Those mixes had been created back in 2002-2003 and had been gathering dust on Warner’s shelves, since Warners abandoned the DVD-audio format.

Philip Cohen

But remember, this is the label that recently paid renowned surround remixer Steven Wilson to remix the 2nd “Chicago” album, only to let him remix it only in stereo!

don cooper

Can I give a hearty thumbs-up for the vinyl.
Where else are you going to see LB in all his out-to-lunch LA finery?
Not to mention SN’s tout ensemble.
Shame remastering can’t extend to attire on occasion…

Music is superfine though.

Andrew Edwards


That is why they have a 3 disc digital version so you don’t have to get “stuck with the vinyl.”

Dejan Dozic

So the 12″ mixes you only get if you buy the big package. So you are coerced in buying the big package with vinyl. Overpriced package may I add, that doesn’t really give you nothing more with any big expectation than having it on vinyl to. Which means that you will be stuck with vinyl, even you don’t want it. If you want the 12″ mixes.
I am glad that I already have those mixes already remastered on CD. This I can really be without.

alan hansen

i have little to no interest in 5.1 productions; but if there were one FM album worth fiddling with , this is it.

Matthew Collier

No Hi-Res 5.1 mix, then no dice! :(

It’s sad because I love this album, but I do already have the original on CD, and the HDTracks 24/192 stereo version, so I don’t need that in 24/96 (from the DVD), which it looks like this comes with (and sadly, not even based on the new master, according to the text… :( )

I was expecting and looking forward to this in 5.1, and really did think that would come, when this appeared. Very disappointed to find it’s “missing”.

Won’t be buying, sadly!


I am wondering why they didn’t put in a 5.1 mix in this SDE of “Tango In The Night” instead of the vinyl record. Then this SDE would have been perfect.


I just wonder how many people buying the box will have any use for the vinyl and will just be buying to get the 3rd disc of mixes and the DVD. Seems very unfair to have fork out for something that bumps the price up that might as well be a coaster to most people. If people want vinyl thats fair enough but it should be sold seperately instead of expecting people to pay over the odds for something they aren’t going to use.


And it’s a mighty bump up in price too! I might just buy the double CD & download the album off iTunes of the remixes. Even if I need to download the whole release it would be a lot cheaper than getting the super deluxe set.


Count me in as another one for the “can’t understand mixing CDs with vinyl” camp.

I’m overjoyed at the new (?) music available with this set, but have no need for vinyl (not to mention big boxes). So, I’m going for the iTunes download option, where at least I can get all the music. Of course, if a 3 CD set had been offered (or even 4 with the DVD), that’s the route I would have gone.

William M

I think they should have offered the chance to do a 5:1 mix to Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Buckingham played on the last NIN album so Reznor could have returned the favour and if anyone can outdo Steven Wilson on audio it’s yer man


You are on the right track


Yes, yes, yes, I’m glad they listened to/heard us on SDE that WE (the ones who cherish 80’s remixes)! Now I’ll buy it. If they can swap disc 3 The 12″ Mixes with disc 2 B-sides/Outtakes/Sessions I will order the 2CD set (album+remixes) right away ;)

Huh, 5 disc set: 3CD’s, 1 DVD what’s the 5th disc? Vinyl? Noooo, why would I want a vinyl? Can they just separate them in 2 different issues? If they mix the CD/DVD with vinyl I will have to think about it ;(

I don’t mind the remixes are grouped of the same song together. That’s what I would do anyway. So you can hear the difference from the one mix to another. And I would even group the remixes from the same remixer together. BTW on the CD singles boxes like Bananarama you have 10~20 mixes/different version back to back :D


We get remixes and videos on this deluxe edition – fantastic!! This is what a deluxe reissue should be. I’m not overly disappointed that the live songs from this tour aren’t on it – they just weren’t as good without Lindsey. I’d rather have the remixes. I can’t wait for this to be released and will definitely purchase it. Please note Mr. McCartney that this is how a deluxe reissue should be handled.

Guy Vitti

Missed opportunity excluding a 5.1 mix. This album exceptionally recorded.

Philip Birtwistle

Like the look of this. get to avoid the remixes if you wish by getting the 2 disc set, no random live tracks taking up a disc, just the album, the B-sides and the outtakes. Just what I want!!!


54.99 on HMV.com!!

Patrick Hannan

you can get the 3 Disc version on iTunes


Do all the boxes match in size for the FM super deluxe editions?


No, but side by side, it’s close. The Mirage box is maybe half an inch smaller (and a little thinner) than Rumours and Tusk.

alan hansen

i’m very happy (now) with the mega-5disc SDE box. however, before i spring for it, i’m going to wait and see if japan puts out the same set minus the vinyl – a 4-disc set. THAT, would be the perfect SDE for me.

Chris Cooper

Brilliant box set! So pleased with the track listing, and finally getting all of those remixes, nearly all on CD for the first time. Also brilliant to get the videos, unlike with Mirage. Shame there’s no live tracks, but maybe that’s because Lindsey had left before they went out on tour. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!!!


I have a collection of their 12 Inch singles on my website BLOG section. Search Google with site name & band plus 12ers and the you & me titles are original splits, from my FLAC collection. They should added the split versions as well of the “B” rare version of you & me. Also glad this is pretty much complete box set. Here tha McCartney?