Fleetwood Mac / Tusk / 8-disc super deluxe edition box set

Rhino are to release Fleetwood Mac‘s 1979 album Tusk as a sizeable 8-disc super deluxe edition box set in December that will feature a wealth of unreleased material and a 5.1 surround sound mix of the record.

Tusk was the band’s 12th album (a double) and a more experimental approach was evident via Buckingham’s production techniques and arrangements, notably on the title track which memorably features the University of Southern California’s marching band.

Following up Rumours was always going to be something of a thankless task, but despite not taking the easy option and giving the public Rumours II, Tusk was still relatively successful (it’s sold over 4 million copies worldwide) and Stevie Nicks’ Sara (irritatingly edited on the first CD pressings) followed the Tusk single into the US top ten.

A two-CD reissue of Tusk was issued in 2004 which added a bonus disc of demos, outtakes and alternates. You’ll need to hang on to that because unlike the Rumours box set from early 2013, not all of that bonus material is ported over to this new box – however what is included looks very interesting indeed.

The whole of the album fits on disc one and the second CD is similar-but-different to the 2004 bonus disc with a few single versions, some outtakes but 12 previously unreleased early versions including multiple variations of Tusk and I Know I’m Not Wrong. The third disc is an alternate version of the complete album made up of session outtakes, most of which have never been released.

The final two CDs offer 22 unreleased performances from the band’s 1979 Tusk tour with selections from concerts in London, Tucson, and St. Louis. It includes live versions of album tracks as well as favourites like You Make Loving FunRhiannon, Don’t Stop and Go Your Own Way.

Completing the Deluxe Edition is a 5.1 surround mix of Tusk on DVD (unlikely to be a lossless DVD-A) and vinyl copy of the across 2LPs. This set will be packaged similarly to the Rumours box and comes with a booklet with extended notes and new interviews with band members. A three-disc deluxe and 2LP will also be available separately.

Tusk is reissued on 4 December 2015.



Super Deluxe Edition / 5CD+2LP+DVD


Deluxe Edition 3CD


Single CD remaster


Disc One: Original Album Remastered

  • 1. “Over & Over”
  • 2. “The Ledge”
  • 3. “Think About Me”
  • 4. “Save Me A Place”
  • 5. “Sara”
  • 6. “What Makes You Think You’re The One”
  • 7. “Storms”
  • 8. “That’s All For Everyone”
  • 9. “Not That Funny”
  • 10.  “Sisters Of The Moon”
  • 11.  “Angel”
  • 12.  “That’s Enough For Me”
  • 13.  “Brown Eyes”
  • 14.  “Never Make Me Cry”
  • 15.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong”
  • 16.  “Honey Hi”
  • 17.  “Beautiful Child”
  • 18.  “Walk A Thin Line”
  • 19.  “Tusk”
  • 20.  “Never Forget”

Disc Two: Singles, Outtakes, Sessions

  • 1. “Think About Me” – Single Version
  • 2. “That’s All For Everyone” – Remix
  • 3. “Sisters Of The Moon” – Remix
  • 4. “Not That Funny” – Remix
  • 5. “Sara” – Single Version
  • 6. “Walk A Thin Line” – Song #3
  • 7. “Honey Hi” – Alternate Version
  • 8. “Storms” – Alternate Version
  • 9. “Save Me A Place” *
  • 10.  “Never Make Me Cry”
  • 11.  “Out On The Road” (aka “That’s Enough For Me”) – Alternate Version *
  • 12.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” – Lindsey’s Song #1 (Demo)
  • 13.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” *
  • 14.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” *
  • 15.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” *
  • 16.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” *
  • 17.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” *
  • 18.  “Tusk” – Demo *
  • 19.  “Tusk” – “Stage Riff” (Demo) *
  • 20.  “Tusk” Outtake Track *
  • 21.  “Tusk” Outtake Mix *
  • 22.  “Tusk” – USC Version *

* Previously Unreleased

Disc Three: The Alternate Tusk

  • 1. “Over & Over” *
  • 2. “The Ledge”
  • 3. “Think About Me” *
  • 4. “Save Me A Place” *
  • 5. “Sara”
  • 6. “What Makes You Think You’re The One” *
  • 7. “Storms” *
  • 8. “That’s All For Everyone” *
  • 9. “Not That Funny” *
  • 10.  “Sisters Of The Moon”
  • 11.  “Angel” *
  • 12.  “That’s Enough For Me” *
  • 13.  “Brown Eyes” *
  • 14.  “Never Make Me Cry” *
  • 15.  “I Know I’m Not Wrong” *
  • 16.  “Honey Hi” *
  • 17.  “Beautiful Child” *
  • 18.  “Walk A Thin Line” *
  • 19.  “Tusk” *
  • 20.  “Never Forget” *

* Previously Unreleased

Disc Four: Tusk Tour Live 1 (super deluxe only)

  • 1. Intro *
  • 2. “Say You Love Me” *
  • 3. “The Chain” *
  • 4. “Don’t Stop” *
  • 5. “Dreams” *
  • 6. “Oh Well” *
  • 7. “Rhiannon” *
  • 8. “Over And Over” *
  • 9. “That’s Enough For Me” *
  • 10.  “Sara” *
  • 11.  “Not That Funny” *
  • 12.  “Tusk” *

* Previously Unreleased

Disc Five: Tusk Tour Live 2 (super deluxe only)

  • 1. “Save Me A Place” *
  • 2. “Landslide” *
  • 3. “What Makes You Think You’re The One” *
  • 4. “Angel” *
  • 5. “You Make Loving Fun” *
  • 6. “I’m So Afraid” *
  • 7. “World Turning” *
  • 8. “Go Your Own Way” *
  • 9. “Sisters Of The Moon” *
  • 10.  “Songbird” *

* Previously Unreleased

Disc Six: DVD – Tusk 5.1 Surround sound mix

Disc Seven/Eight – 2LP vinyl edition of Tusk

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Craig T

The vinyl in this box is mis-pressed. Side 3 is mistakenly pressed with Side 1. I’ve written to Warners and waiting to hear back.

Tino Stabile

One of my all time favorite bands. They started off one as being a bonified blues outfit and then became a multi-million dollar juggernaut thanks to the addition of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to their ranks. They are possibly the best rhythm section in all of rock, hence the name Fleetwood as in drummer Mick Fleetwood and Mac as in John McVie.

I got the Super deluxe edition of Rumours and hopefully, with Santa’s help because Lord knows I have been good, would love to add this Tusk super deluxe edition to my collection. I cannot believe that many people, critics and band members feel this album was a failure. For in no way that an album that includes the songs Sisters of the Moon, Tusk, Sara and Think about me a failure.

Here’s to the incredible music and to the Mac insisting on being more experimental and making something fresher after the incredible success of its predecessor.

To all peace, love, and many more incredible super deluxe editions



Just now listening to the whole dvd- it’s not the original album mix in 5.1. Not sure if I like it or not.


Just listened to “Thin Line”, “Tusk” and “Never Forget” in 5.1- did they do the “Alternate Tusk” instead of the original mixes in 5.1? Very surprised when “Thin Line” kept going longer, and how the intro to “Tusk” is different…….someone tell me I’m not insane.

David A

From Paul’s original review: “A two-CD reissue of Tusk was issued in 2004 which added a bonus disc of demos, outtakes and alternates. You’ll need to hang on to that because […] not all of that bonus material is ported over to this new box”
Is anyone able to list those tracks (esp. those featuring Stevie Nicks) that have not been ported over to the new box? I’m a bit lost here.


The record on the deluxe edition I have repeats Side 1 on what should be Side 3. Is this common with all of these? Just wondering if it’s worth my while returning it to Amazon just to receive one with the same issue.


This is it!!!!!! The unreleased stuff is just awesome!! Brilliant, brilliant set…. <3

Graham Burbage

Very generously or perhaps in error UK HDtracks has the Deluxe edition (i.e. all 84 songs) in hi rez stereo 96/24 for £17. Apply the code HDDEC4UK to get a 15% reduction! It sounds superb.


Would have liked the live CDs as I saw them on the Tusk tour at Wembley but £45 is too expensive just to get my hands on the live CDs

Steve Burke

Retail $s:
Top 100 DVDs in 2015 – $1.6 billion
Top 100 Blu-rays in 2015 – $1.5 billion

But still, not even DVD-A? I’m out. 6 discs and you can’t do a DVD-A? This is a real headscratcher. Mike Oldfield’s new 5.1 releases since 2009 have been the lowest resolution possible for 5.1, so f’n illogical it makes me want to bash his head against his console, for I contacted UMG and they said it was the ARTISTS choice. Asked him about that, got kicked off his FB page. F’n f’r!! At least Bowers & Wilkins released the 2009 5.1 of Tubular Bells as a .flac download option but none of the others.

I think I’m going to go and crank the amazing 5.1 mix of The Chain.

Peter Anderson

SDE version down to £44.99 on Amazon UK – looking better value preorder all the time. Just need Warners to add a free download of the Tusk tour footage!


I’m usually not a vinyl lover either, but this album holds a special place in my heart. I was 8 when I got it for my birthday in 1980, and I remember looking at all of the sleeves that came with it. So this is one time I don’t mind paying for the vinyl. That is, if they replicate it like I remember.


Have to say I am very very happy with this release, even if it is criminal to have left out the Tusk Tour documentary and the video for the Tusk single, not to mention the 52 hour version of ‘Sara’ (which is still going on in some parallel universe). I guess you could say that within this package is a deluxe editon of the ‘Fleetwood Mac Live’ album, abeit missing those ‘studio’ outtakes like the gorgeous ‘Fireflies’.

Yes yes yes to deluxe editions of ‘Mirage’ and ‘Tango’ – just how long are Warners going to ignore the pleas of so many thousands of fans?! – but an even bigger ‘YES” to a deluxe version of Stevie’s ‘Bella Donna’, with full length White Wing Dove concert. Now that really would be cool!


Read last night in the Uncut Music guide to Fmac that thye recorded over 400 hours of live material on the Tusk tour- now that is a box set!


As a pushing-50 FM fan, I still just put the Bose headphones on and enjoy the Tusk “Deluxe” cd from 2004, with the demos, single versions, etc. I don’t need 5.1 – considering Lindsey’s songs are so spare and simplistically recorded, and Christine’s are, for the most part, not that memorable. The only song I think I’d ever want to hear in 5.1 is Sara, as it’s the most layered and meticulously recorded and produced song on the album. I can’t slight them, they just want to sell their music to the next generation. Considering how many re-issues of ‘Rumours’ are floating around, this just seems like another cash-in. Having said all that, I would buy a 2 (or 3) disc re-issue of ‘Tango in the Night’ or ‘Mirage’. I have a feeling there is a wealth of discovery in both of those albums.


I seem to remember there being an issue when Tusk and Prince’s 1999 were initially issued on CD … The time restraints of the CD at that time called for Sara to be edited to keep it as a single CD.

Per Wikipedia, the original 1999 compact disc omitted “D.M.S.R.”. There is a disclaimer on the back cover of the original compact disc pressing that reads “To enable the release of 1999 as a single compact disc, the song DMSR has been omitted from the original LP edition”. Later compact disc pressings (from a 1992 reissue onward) included the track.

Evolving CD technology eventually resulted in an 80 minute play time.

I still don’t know how some of the Blank & Jones so80s CDs go over 80 minutes.


Paul, your link to Amazon German has a three cd version for about 22 Euros.

Chris B

And while we are about it: Buckingham Nicks please!!

Chris B

Where the mac are concerned it has always been about Lindsey Buckingham for me so not surprisingly this is my favourite mac album although I only tend to listen to demos once or twice for curiosity. What I really want to hear are the live tracks: how about issuing them in a joint 4Cd set with the 1980 live set?

Phil Wilson

Charles, I’m not, though I have just looked them up (I did not know I had a namesake in the industry). The closest I got to pop stardom was when Wilson Phillips were popular, oh how funny people found that!

Charles Hodgson

As Phil said above, at £48.73 on Amazon.co.uk, I had to stick in a pre-order. Really looking forward to the live stuff. Also, always wanted a really long version of the title track. Maybe I can stick all those extra versions together!
(BTW, you’re not Phil Wilson of the June Brides are you?!)

Stan Butler

Amazon currently selling the 3CD version for £14 and the single CD version for £24! Bonkers.

Anna Granfors

I find it kind of hilarious that an album that, when it was originally released, fans recoiled from because of Buckingham’s more adventurous material, is now this beloved. But then the lumpenprole weren’t exactly enamored of the Velvets/Stooges/Nick Drake et al. when they were first released.

That said (and because the multinational media conglomerates rarely miss a trick if they can make more $$$), I think I might hold off until such time as I can get a stereo/5.1 combo Blu-ray.


I’m very excited for this box set. I have a feeling the US Amazon price will drop before release date. I’m glad these included the 5.1 Audio disc even if it is on DVD I agree it should be BLU-RAY but I have many of he David Bowie DVD Discs with 5.1 audio and they sounds good IMO so as long as the audio quality is the good I’ll be happy. The Rumours set didn’t have a 5.1 disc and I imported the SACD from Japan.

I’m with others though for Tango in the Night. I really want a nice box set with 12″ mixes and 5.- audio for sure! That artwork on the giant box set should look incredible if it happens. They really should prep it and the self titled album as a super deluxe box set for spring and summer 2016

[…] Tusk album, albeit the DVD gives us a 5.1 surround mix. The biggest grumble from fans judging by the comments left here on SDE is the fact that the two vinyl records are being bundled in as part of the super […]


Any chance of a standalone 5.1 release?

Derek Langsford

After bemoaning the inclusion of vinyl in the SDE, at that Amazon UK price I couldn’t resist. 5 CDs and a 5.1 DVD for £43.69 delivered is a steal. As MR T says, puts the price of other sets to shame. Thank you Phil for alerting us!


OK… something kind of interesting.

I was doing a search on the U.S. Amazon site for “fleetwood mac tusk deluxe”.

Among the list are individual songs to be released on Dec 4 that appear to point to live versions, like Rhiannon (Tucson, 8/28/80).

So perhaps it’s possible that the live material will be available digitally. Or maybe I’m reading things wrong.


And again I wonder, why vinyl in a cd set? What’s the reasoning behind that?


At that uk Amazon price this certainly does put examples like the Led Zep boxes in perspective ( see leemer’s comment above which i totally agree with). Purely on cost this is half the price of those sets – which offered cosmetically different mixes only and only 1 featured a live disc. And the prices havent slipped significantly either…£100 give or take.
Whatever the quibbles about content at least “most” of it is present here. A bit one size fits all but at the price – and i do think these things get price sensitive- its certainly a hell of a lot better than it could have been..

bruce garber

I just ordered the super deluxe with the 5.1 mix for $ 43.69 pounds delivered to the states from Amazon UK.


Phil Wilson

£48.73 on Amazon UK today


For those of us in the U.S., less VAT and including overseas shipping, the Amazon UK offer comes to £43.69 = $67.25 USD. That’s a HUGE savings of $52.73 USD (£34.24 GBP) on the current (10/30/2015) Amazon U.S. price of $119.98 USD (£77.94 GBP)! I cancelled my US order and placed one with Amazon UK. THANKS!


I personally sense the bubble bursting on certain bloated and therefore expensive ‘Super’ deluxe box sets. I specifically mean the ones with all encompassing multiple formats and immature tat to justify a higher price and where they are not selling the components individually.

A set such as this should have the vinyl and 5.1 disc made available separately as for me they are for two completely different types of buyer and appeal to different people. Why should a vinyl lover have to pay for CD’s, DVD’s and Blurays and a person who exclusively prefers high-res files on Bluray have to pay for CD’s and vinyl?

The number of people willing to spend £100 on a box set purely to get their hands on a 5.1 Bluray for instance that is only available within that box (Division Bell as an example) is diminishing. Not because of the money, but because they know they are having their hand forced, don’t like it and refuse to pay.


Charles you do make a fair point on the price, the SDE is reasonable even if some of the content remains un-played I suppose. It is more realistically pitched than a lot of SDEs out there with the same number of CDs.


Tusk, such a great album…
Thanks Jorge for the heads up – € 68,73 is quite good I think, even better with free shipping :-) And with the best price guarantee it can only get better…

David Olstein

They should have included a Blu-Ray with the tour documentary, the Tusk promo video and hi-res stereo and 5.1 mixes. What a wasted opportunity.


At the moment, the Tusk Superdeluxe Edition can be preordered for 78.35€ at amazon.de


This puts those Led Zeppelin reissues to shame. REAL alternate versions, not mixes, surround audio. I guess the only thing that would have been better was the addition of the video some are talking about.

Charles Hodgson

Shame you have to buy the vinyl – and find storage space for another big box (a personal bugbear) – to get the live ‘discs’, but if the price is really going to be around £50 – which seems more than fair – then, so what? If it was £75-£100 THEN complaints would be justified.

Slightly off-topic: being a luddite, I have zero interest in Bluray or 5:1 surround sound (I only have two short-sighted eyes and two past-their-best ears), but each to their own. My 10+ year old mid-range hi-fi separates system sounds ace to me. Loud, clear and transparent – no bass / treble knobs on my Arcam Alpha amplifier. I can’t understand folks listening back on bundled PC speakers though. Youngsters don’t know what they’re missing – literally – heh!.

Bluray might’ve caught in if movies came routinely bundled as DVD / Bluray dual layer discs. It’s the horror of buying your collection for a third time -VHS > DVD > Bluray. People aren’t having it anymore. Quite understandably. That’s why there’ll never be a mass-market ‘physical’ successor to CD.


I completely agree with what you say in the last paragraph. In the age of vinyl, all LPs could pretend to be “definitive”. Now we see there are no definitive editions of anything, all is upgradable. This blog is the best proof of this reality. If you want to have the best version available of an album, you will have to buy it again several times… and if the editions you can buy are only “provisional”, then the physical edition becomes a nuisance for the big public. Only the minority who values the packaging are buying physical items, and it would be interesting to know which is the ratio of Deluxe VS General editions in the market, both in terms of volume and margin for the industry.


Now EUR 68,73 (minus IVA) in Amazon.it

Bob G.

No interest in Tusk (too overblown and rambling for me)…I want Mirage to become available in any “cleaned up” format. This album must see the light of day again. Just a remastered single CD would be welcome at this point but even a 2-disc deluxe set or a 180-gram vinyl would be very nice to have the option to buy too.

Anyone know why this album has been held up for all these years?

Peter Anderson

So happy to see this one coming out after getting the Rumours superdeluxeedition at a great price thanks to this website. Agree it’s a shame the documentary isn’t included but happy vinyl is having recently rediscovered the joy of spinning plastic while really listening to the music. Seems like it’s impossible to please everyone as I think it’s a great idea to include live sets from the appropriate period. Are you listening Mr Page – for me LZ1 is probably my least favourite Zep LP but by far the best companion disc of any of the SD editions so happy to snap this one up even without the DVD.


I had Tusk on CD long before I got it on vinyl. On LP I found you can enjoy the album like it’s four 5-song EPs. Takes on a different context compared to the full 20 song overindulgence of the CD.

Allen Chapman

For me the live material is what makes this set. Yes, the bootlegs of these shows have been around for years, but the live material is what SHOULD have been the 1980 live album. Instead for that they used material from 1975-1980. This will be a true Tusk live album.

Marcel Rijs

Waiting for ‘Tango in the night’ still. I wonder why they’re keeping that album – and all of its 12″ mixes – so locked in the vaults.

Phil Cohen

The “Tango in The Night” sessions produced many 12″ versions, and also several non-L.P. B-side songs. I’ve made my own CD-R from the vinyl records, but someday, I’d like to have an official CD from the master tapes.


I cannot believe you have to buy the super deluxe to get the live CDs. I do not want the DVD or the vinyl but have to buy if I want the live CDs. I hate marketing like this.


So it’s Tusk again…. Was hoping for Mirage and Tango to get the deluxe-treatment!

dave parker

I know people always find a reason to complain, but this is one of my favorite records and this looks like a must buy!