Fly ‘songtrack’ on limited white vinyl


Fly, the album that contained ‘songs inspired by’ the recent film Eddie the Eagle was warmly received back in March and contains some fine music courtesy of Holly Johnson, Nik Kershaw, Midge Ure, Howard Jones and many more. The album is now available as a limited edition 2LP snow white vinyl set.

Fly was masterminded by Gary Barlow who, it has to be said, did a fine job in bringing all the (largely-deflated) egos from the eighties together and fashioned a great ‘mixtape’ of new material delivered in the style of the era.

This collector’s vinyl edition of Fly will be issued on 22 July 2016. You can see below that the UK price is pretty competitive. No word on the numbers being pressed at this stage.


1. Ascension – Holly Johnson
2. Eagle Will Fly Again – Howard Jones
3. Out of the Sky – Marc Almond
4. Moment – Tony Hadley
5. Touching Hearts and Skies – Midge Ure
6. The Sky’s the Limit – Nik Kershaw
7. Living in My Heart – ABC
8. Without Your Love – Kim Wilde
9. Fly – Andy Bell
10. Determination – Go West
11. Pray – Heaven 17
12. People Like You – Paul Young
13. Thrill Me – Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman
14. Eddie the Eagle Theme – Matthew Margeson


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Julian H

From what I’ve heard, the sound quality is very un-80s with heaps of compression and sounding very flat, but it’s no different to ZZ Top announcing a return to the 70s and coming out with a recording that’s so terrible distorted/clipped that it doesn’t sound anything like their 70s work. Perhaps the vinyl has better mastering?

John Archbell

Guy..it’s a disappointment to you. You really don’t have to argue with people. Just discuss. We all have our tastes and what WE perceive as what sounds like 80’s.

John Archbell

Sounds like Ralph hasn’t a clue what 80’s music is meant to sound like. It’s got 80’s stamped all over it. I bought the CD and not even seen the film yet. Barlow didn’t write any of the tunes, none the less the guy is a genius. I’ll be buying the vinyl. It’s a must.


Doesn’t make the boring stuff better. This is not Music in the 80’s style, it’s only what Barlow thinks the 80’s sounded like. Only superb track is H17, and that one is NOT written by Mr TakeThat.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Paul you are 100% right. Most of the tracks on this album are great.
My favourite songs are by ABC, Holly Johnson, Heaven 17 and AndyBell.
I hope the new ABC album would sounds like “Living Inside My Heart” !


I agree – I keep arguing with people that this is not what the eighties sounded like… and a lot of the style doesn’t match the singer. I also personally don’t think he’s a very sophisticated songwriter. The majority of the album is a disappointment.

adam shaw

Looks great , think this is one for me .

Dave Richards