FNAC joins SDE price comparison tool

Iconic French retailer FNAC will now be available on SDE’s popular price comparison tool. FNAC is the fourth vendor to be added since the ‘widget’ (launched in April last year) which gives SDE readers ‘at a glance’ information about pricing and availability of physical music products.

FNAC – it stands for Fédération Nationale d’Achats des Cadres – sell CDs, vinyl, DVDs, blu-rays, music box sets and a whole lot more, such as as books, games and electronics, and they’ve been going strong for over 60 years. Although they have nearly 200 shops (primarily in France, but also in other countries like Belgium, Portugal and Spain) like most major retailers they’ve developed a significant online presence.

Having a powerful local competitor in a specific regions is great for music fans and much like recently in Germany, where Amazon matched Saturn’s 3-for-2 deal on music, Amazon in France will quite often react to special deals in the that part of the world, and price-match FNAC. It’s worth noting that unlike HMV in the UK, FNAC will ship worldwide.

The way this will work is that if you don’t see FNAC on a widget, it simply means the product isn’t available via the online store at that time. But if the item is on the FNAC website, it will take its place in the SDE widget and will slot into position according to how competitive the price is. Some retailers take longer than other to get pre-order listings up and running. Amazon – particularly in the UK, US and Germany – are normally very quick.

Check out the widget for the CD edition of Erasure‘s World Be Gone album (below), to see a product that has the full complement of retailers displayed. The UK, Germany and France are now all represented by two vendors, giving SDE readers a choice. FNAC sell direct, but do have their equivalent of Amazon’s ‘marketplace’ and allow third party vendors to sell new and used items as well.

There has also been some work going on recently to improve the general reliability and functionality of the SDE price comparison widget. The prices will be updated more regularly (normally within 2-3 hours) and occasional gremlins where prices go ‘missing’ (some of you may have noticed such issues in the sidebar widget) have been fixed. This work in the background also opens the door for improved functionality. Development is ongoing and one idea is to have a button at the bottom of each widget that loads a similar/popular product into the widget area. If you have a ‘wish list’ of things you’d like to see on the widget, then leave a comment and we can review and establish what the most popular are.

Paul Sinclair
Editor, SuperDeluxeEdition.com

Compare prices and pre-order


world be gone - CD Edition


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Love the widgets – but is there any way to have a blank one where we can enter an item and the widget will check across all the sites for the best price?

Ps I love your site, been a fan for many years. Thanks for all your hard work.


Sounds just like what I was thinking of Paul! I’m sure many would appreciate that tool.


Every time I visit the site I have to set the currency to AUD because after every session cookies are automatically deleted from my browser. Is there a way to have the pricing widget look at the IP address and figure out what country you are from then change to that country?


Hi Paul, congratulation for your brilliant SDE website, which is THE reference when I need information about any deluxe edition.
And thank you so much for adding FNAC to your comparison tool. As a French SDE reader, about 50% of my on-line music purchases comes from Fnac.com and the balance comes from Amazon France, Italy and Germany. Although Fnac is not always competitive compared to Amazon.fr, if you own a Fnac membership card ( which costs about 20€ for 3 years, but there are sometimes promotions where the cost is reduced to 10€), you can get free shipping to France for purchases over 20€ (when it’s over 25€ for Amazon.fr), provided you buy directly from Fnac.com, and not from one of its marketplace merchants (but some merchants also offer free shipping). The membership card also gives you access to a lot of discounts all year round and private events in Fnac stores. You can also get free shipping, regardless you are a member or not, if you opt for a pick-up in the Fnac store you like. Pre-ordered music items can usually be collected in the afternoon before tbe release day, at least in Paris and suburbs stores, which is a pleasant bonus.


As Emili stated Fnac makes great deals often in Spain, good to have them included in your widget.
I would like to suggest Dodax to be included too. They have free shipping over Europe and they have local marketplaces to buy in your own currency (.at, .de, .fr, .es, .it, .nl, .co.uk and .ch, now that I can remember)

Rich Z

feature (or technical support) request:
I’d like the currency selection I choose (USD) to stick once I select it, so I don’t have to re-select it every time I price check another release.

Ian McJannet

ER ….. Sorry Paul I’m not too hot on widgets … Can you tell me (and possibly others) where I can find this comparison widget and what I can do with it please !!!!! Thanks and keep up the EXCELLENT work you do ….

Ian McJannet

Oh I’ve clicked on that many times, it’s certainly very helpful.. I didn’t realize that was what you were referring to (I’m such a pillock) Thank you SO much for replying and explaining so quickly though, I appreciate it…


I used to buy CDs and DVDs for a long time in FNACs, but I’ve stopped for many reasons:
– Overpriced products compared to Amazon or WowHD
– Ordered products always (or I am soooo unlucky) damaged
– Most of the products come from other retailers

The special editions (like Yuksek’s last album with bonus-CD) remain rare and the only good deal I remember was a pricing mistake (the Enigma 4-CD collector box for 15€).

Even if I’m French, I’ll keep on ordering to Amazon (never had a problem with them).


This site just keeps on giving, huge thank you for all your hard work across all aspects of the site Paul. Much appreciated even if I am somewhat poorer as a result.

As you say right at the top of the page, there isn’t anything quite like holding music in your hands.


Don’t know how useful it would be for most of your readers, and how difficult it would be to implement, but I’d love to seen Amazon Japan on there too, as I live in Tokyo…


FNAC you very much


Hi Paul. the comparison tool is often wrong. For example, the new Bowie Boxset vinyl is on 152 pounds since two days, but its 198. and there are a lot more.
anyway, great site and great job. thank you


Very good news.

With a bit more development, you could really provide an alternative to Bookbutler – it would be great to be able to specify the country of delivery and factor in the cost of postage so we can *really* see who is cheaper!

Emili Lafarga

In Spain they have free one day delivery shipping if you are a member(15€ a two year membership). Sometimes they also have great discounts: 2×1, 3×2 and 70% discount on the second item you buy but mainly on film blurays.
Anyway, you always get a 5% discount on all products if you are a member.

Emili Lafarga

In Spain they have free one-day delivery shipping if you are a member(15€ a two year membership) with 5% discounts on all music and blurays. Sometimes they also have 3×2, 2×1 or 70% discount (on the second item you buy) offers but mainly on films.


Great news Paul…I am french so it will be very useful. I now buy from FNAC much more than I do from AMAZON. If you live in France , it is interesting to underline that if you get membership with them, you are being rewarded with 3 Euros (sometimes 5 euros) discount on most CD pre-orders. It is then credited to your account and once you reach 10 Euros you can it use it as voucher. Sometimes it works out cheaper than AMAZON. It is really unfortunate AMAZON never rewards their most faithfull customers in a similar kind of way.
By the way Paul, your site is really great, and I am a very keen reader of it for now many years, eventhough I don’t comment very often. Carry on the good work. I absolutely love the way that despite of some comments on other forums, you promote all kind of music for all different tastes and you certainely don’t descriminate…POP/ROCK/SOUL…You can’t be held of responsible for comments of other people.
On another subject I would also like to add how great is the A-HA MTV unplugged album, because it really deserves to be praised …the new arrangements are really beautiful. Bye for now.


I’m waiting for my fan-edition order as well. I did find a few songs on YouTube and they are great. I was a bit afraid because unplugged albums often become boring after a few songs but I don’t think this will happen with the a-ha album. Here is a link to 3 unplugged songs from a-ha at Giske in 2017: “Take On Me”, “The Sun Always Shines…” and “The Living Daylights”. All 3 are excellent in my humble opinion.


Thanks Paul, Vive La Belle France !! :)


Great. Well done, nice one.


Good stuff. btw, there are a couple of errors in your third paragraph.


Great Paul – More suppliers is more savings

Thanks for the heads up – Although after recent sales my wallet is aching :-)


As always… Big THANKS to you Paul and your team behind the (fire)wall ;o)


Great news particularly as I am now spending more time in Paris these days.
The FNAC near to where I work (FNAC St Lazare) seems to have quite a large stock of vinyl. I picked up the Eno remasters there at a price that was much cheaper than Amazon.


FNAC is very reliable. I’m ordering a lot of records from them. The good thing is that you can order items which are on pre-release in a same single order regardless of the release dates. Once they’re released, they’re shipped immediately. I usually get a shipping confirmation e-mail on Wednesdays for new releases and get the records on Thursday home. They don’t free shipping at all but shipping rates are quite affordable.


Excellent news, well done.
As said before they sometimes sell special editions (coloured vinyls).
And there are FNAC in Switzerland too…


Generally, more expensive than Amazon.
But sometimes they do Fnac Special Editions…


Awesome news! I love FNAC!

Swiss Allan

NO ONE BEATS FNAC!!! I buy all my SDE products in my SWISS FNAC…. and for many reasons;

– I really compared all the mail order and the other records companies around the world. Swiss is cheaper
– As Switzerland is out of EU; we must pay +9% VAT on imported goods and on the postage fees as well
– Our currency is stable + low compare to Euro, Pound and Dollar; so the price is cheaper (this moment)
– FNAC has an fidelity and special discount membershipcard…..