Foals / Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 / SIGNED vinyl edition

Foals / Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 / SIGNED vinyl edition

Foals new album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 is being offered as a limited edition signed vinyl LP in the UK.

The album is released later this week and Amazon UK have the signed vinyl up for pre-order right now with no premium in terms of cost over the standard vinyl.

The band from Oxford’s fifth album is expected to be followed promptly later this year by their sixth, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 is released on 8 March 2019

Side 1
1. Moonlight
2. Exits
3. White Onions
4. In Degrees
5. Syrups

Side 2
1. On The Luna
2. Cafe D’Athens
3. Surf, Pt. 1
4. Sunday
5. I’m Done With The World (& It’s Done With Me)

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John Williams

Preordered the “signed limited boxset” from the official store as soon as it came out (thought it was a bit pricey but went along anyway), then discovered that Amazon were stocking a standard 12″ of the album, which appeared to have been signed by the whole band (now out of stock)

Boxset arrived yesterday, whilst it is very nice and high quality I’m a bit disappointed to see that the “signed” element relates to a single numbered print , signed by (presumably) Yannis only. Can’t help but feel a bit disappointed that people paying half the price get a copy signed by the whole band??

Great album, nonetheless. And of course Ill be buying the part 2 picture disc (whatever it costs).

Andy Haines

Ordered my box set from the official site about a month ago. Looking forward to it. Let’s hope there are no quality issues with the vinyl. I’ve had to return two Art of Noise In Visible Silence blue vinyl copies as both were scratched on side 2 quite badly. Genuine sealed unopened copies. Appalling that Music on Vinyl can let these slip through the quality control check. I’m also hoping that the second album in this set is going to be a playable copy as I believe it’s a picture disc and we all know what problems with sound quality these have!


I’ve gotten their last two albums (Holy Fire and What Went Down) in their SDE formats (with vinyl included) direct from them, and they’ve been spot on each time, so I’m not concerned at all. Always well done, and the vinyl has always sounded fine.

Can’t wait for this record. Missing them on tour this time, but I caught the last two, so there’ll be an extra ticket for someone else. They’re great on record, and they are outstanding live.

Andy Haines

Received my deluxe signed box or book today. Not played it yet, but looks great! Saw them live in Manchester a couple of years ago and I’d agree they give a great performance! They should release a live album.


Got mine yesterday too. My print is signed by Yannis and was also machine-numbered. LP is a very pretty transparent burgundy and sounds great. 7” has the album version of “Exits” (which was a little disappointing, since an edit and a remix each exist – would have been nicer to have something exclusive on it) and a very nice etching on the B-side. Download card, a space for the Part 2 LP (which will be a picture disc) all in a very pretty book package.

Past Foals SDEs have included a DVD and a CD, so this one’s a bit scant in that regard, but the book is nicer than the other packages.

The album itself is excellent. “Sunday” is outstanding. Excited for Part 2.

Andy Haines

I’m not sure who signed mine! It looks just like a scribbled ‘F’ in marker pen on one of the prints. I thought it might at least look like a signature. Is it a genuine band signature? I’ve no idea!

Chad Thomas

Those didn’t last long

Tony O

not sure why but amazon will not let me order


There’s also an SDE (color vinyl, extra 7″, book) available directly from the band: https://foals.me/enswbl_deluxe?intcmp=190121/foals/wmi/spl/s_pr/but/bdy/ww/everything-not-saved-pt-1-pre-order-signed-deluxe

My understanding is the box is big enough to store Part 2 when it comes out.


AdamW, I was sitting on the fence with ordering that boxed set, It’s mighty fine!

As I didn’t get the Amazon offer – I’ve hit the trigger from their own site!

Buzzing now, I cant wait for that to arrive!


They didn’t seem to last long. I wonder if the same thing will happen with the Signed Bryan Adams CD’s where some people who bought them off of Amazon and are now selling them via Third Parties for a premium…back through Amazon :)


Hi Paul,
That second set of prices links to the cd but is headed standard vinyl lp.
I’ve not heard of this band so will have a listen.