Frankie… Say it again on UMC

New era for the iconic ZTT label and its biggest act

Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s two studio albums, and the greatest hits Bang!, will be reissued in December by Universal Music Catalogue (UMC) – new owners of the ZTT label – which officially kicks off the process of ‘working’ the band’s back catalogue.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome, from 1984, featured the group’s three number one singles (‘Relax’, ‘Two Tribes’ and ‘The Power of Love’) and the title track, which was the fourth single, and ‘only’ got to number two in the UK.

Follow up Liverpool, issued in 1986, saw engineer Stephen Lipson jump in Trevor Horn’s producer’s seat and deliver a more rock-oriented offering. Of the three singles from that album, only ‘Rage Hard’ was a significant hit. The band split in 1987.

The Bang!…The Greatest Hits Of Frankie Goes To Hollywood was the first ‘best of’,  issued six year’s later in 1993, alongside a spate of single remixes and reissues. The compilation features all seven singles, a few album tracks and the odd B-side.

The reissues fuse the ZTT and the UMC logo together

All three releases are now available again on CD and vinyl. Bang! is now a double vinyl LP for the first time. Although this clearly is not particularly exciting for collectors, it’s normal practice for a label with newly acquired catalogue to get ‘vanilla’ versions in the marketplace before moving on to mining the archives and offering more curated archive reissues and box sets.

The ZTT label was founded by Trevor Horn, Jill Sinclair and Paul Morley in 1983. Other notable acts on ZTT included the Art of Noise, Propaganda, Andrew Poppy, Grace Jones and 808 State. In the last 20 years, the catalogue has been licensed out to German label Repertoire, Union Square’s Salvo imprint and even Universal Music, who issued the Frankie Say Greatest compilation in 2009. The situation today is different to those previous arrangements however, since UMC have bought the label and all its assets outright (along with Perfect Songs Publishing).

Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Liverpool and Bang! are all issued on 11 December 2020.

Welcome To The Pleasuredome


  1. well…
  2. The World Is My Oyster
  3. snatch of fury (stay)
  4. Welcome To The Pleasuredome


  1. Relax (come fighting)
  2. War (…and hide)
  3. Two Tribes (for the victims of ravishment)


  1. Ferry (Go)
  2. Born To Run
  3. San Jose (The Way)
  4. Wish (The Lads Were Here)
  5. Ballad Of 32


  1. Krisco Kisses
  2. Black Night White Light
  3. The Only Star In Heaven
  4. The Power Of Love
  5. Bang


Side One

  1. Warriors of The Wasteland
  2. Rage Hard
  3. Kill the Pain
  4. Maximum Joy

Side Two

  1. Watching the Wildlife
  2. Lunar Bay
  3. For Heaven’s Sake
  4. Is Anybody Out There?

Bang!… The Greatest Hits of Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Side One

  1. Relax
  2. Two Tribes
  3. War
  4. Ferry Cross the Mersey

Side Two

  1. Warriors of The Wasteland
  2. For Heaven’s Sake
  3. The World Is My Oyster

Side Three

  1. Welcome to The Pleasuredome

Side Four

  1. Watching the Wildlife
  2. Born to Run
  3. Rage Hard
  4. The Power of Love
  5. Bang

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Harry Baleson

Ha. bang will be perfect for my 17yo son this Xmas.

I had looked for it before but this is good (obviously intended) timing. The albums suffer from killer/filler syndrome but this is perfect for a gift.

Lee Akerlund

I’m new to FGTH was just wondering if these releases are remastered?


Why not reissue the 5.1 mixes? Really don’t understand record companies. The work has already been done, they just need pressing. When the SACD’s were first issued not many people had the equipment to play them, now they do, people have to buy them off Ebay scalpers. Don’t the record companies want the money?

Patrick Gleeson

100% agree Paul. I have the SACD, and the surround mixes are very muddy – especially compared to how a good SACD can sound. Dark Side of The Moon, Brothers In Arms, Avalon etc. spring to mind.

Tim Hayter

So, with ZTT now part of UMC, and Island part of UMC, maybe we will finally get the Grace Jones stuff in a Deluxe Edition. Here’s hoping.

David I Butterfield

Ian Peel sort of suggests there is a sex mix 2 and was even tracks mentioned…also the Inside Liverpool (my title) is long overdue and word is some prep was done ala Inside the Pleasuredome.

Although Slave and the 12″ are out there it would be nice to have them proper and can’t believe other mixes weren’t prepped, similarly Every Kinda People. Hope this is the start of a proper deep dive into FGTH at ZTT


“Ian Peel sort of suggests there is a sex mix 2”

There is a Sex Mix, Edition Two on Zambient One, no idea if that is what he was referring to


As a couple people have said, a Slave To The Rhythm reissue would be amazing. Here’s hoping for a surround sound Blu-ray – there are so many great elements in each track that it would be a whole new listening experience.


A proper 12′ vinyl of the Two Tribes Video Destructo Mix would also be welcome.


Similar to the recent New Order reissues, let’s hope we get re-releases of the original 12′ vinyl for Two Tribes and War.

Ian Harris

All I’d like from this is a CD version of Inside The Pleasuredome and a CD singles box set of FGTH, Art Of Noise, Propaganda and Act.

Or even a complete original ZTT action series singles box set, mopping up things that still haven’t been on CD, like Das Pscyho Rangers’ Essential Art Of Communication EP. Even the 7″ version of Glenn Gregory and Claudia Brucken’s When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time is very elusive.

David S

It’s obviously great to have the albums back out there and £6.99 is a great price for the CD’s, but for Frankie fans like myself, they are not offering anything we don’t already have. Still, if this is the start, I will wait with interest but not too much hope as to what else emerges going forward. A re-press of the original 12″ singles, remastered in original sleeves would be something that may interest me. Whether that be a boxset or individually.


I think if they are seeking to plunder the Frankie back-catalogue further a 12″ boxset as per the DM campaign makes sense (on a smaller scale obviously). Personally I’d be interested in any Grace Jones or Act/Propaganda boxes though the recent “Love & Hate” and “A Secret Wish” deluxe re-issues were very good.

scott truelove

We need a cd singles box set like Duran Duran 81-85, it’s a thing of beauty!


Yes, I agree! The cd box sets that contain replicas of 12″ single sleeves are terrific and I wish more artists would put out complete singles collections in this format! Morrissey, Shamen, and Massive Attack are three others that come to mind, but I’m sure there are others.


The Duran singles box is a marvel, I agree.

A box set of all The Stone Roses 12′ singles would be superb, with Squire artwork prints like the originals. The Waterfall and Resurrection 12’s now go for ludicrous amounts on eBay. A set from Elephant Stone to the I Am The Resurrection would be great. Better still if they could somehow include the three Second Coming era 12’s as well.


I’ve always loved FGTH such a disappointment they didn’t make more than 2 albums. Liverpool holds up so well and is so underrated as an album, but didn’t have the commercialty factor of Pleasuredome. To this day I’ve not experienced an buzz about a record release more than when Two tribes was released back in 84. Went straight in at number 1 in the UK single charts and stayed there for 9 weeks, followed by Relax climbing back up the charts again to number 2. When Rage hard stalled at number 4 as the first release from the Liverpool album I knew the dream was fading. But 1984 was one hell of a year and it was Frankies year. I bought all of their records on vinyl 7 inch singles and 12 inch singles and CDs when they came out and still have them all. Also have all of the CD singles from pleasuredome when they got reissued many years ago which are stacked with remixes and the like.
If these are remastered, I will buy them on CD and maybe Liverpool only on vinyl.


A CD box set with all the digital singles released a few years back would be cool.

By all means do a DM style, vastly overpriced vinyl version to keep the trendies happy, too, if you like, UMC, just don’t forget us silver disc fans!

Philip John Birtwistle

If they want to issue more FGTH, then where is Sex Mix Vol. 2?


Perhaps someone has already commented on this but can someone explain:-
I have an Island/ZTT version of the WTTPD CD (824052-2), CID 101.
The booklet and the rear info has ‘Happy Hi’ and the 9 minute Ravishment version of ‘Two Tribes’ listed in the running order but this doesn’t match the track list printed or what plays on the CD (which includes ‘San Jose’). Was the original CD track listing altered before the packaging was revised or was this just a mistake?


To split hairs, the mix featured on the original CD release was “Two Tribes (Annihilation).”


I would like to see a Propaganda – “A Secret Wish”-boxset with all the stuff in it… but hey, we know that this is never going to happen ;-) :-)

Philip John Birtwistle

I’d be in the queue to buy it right behind you!!!! Especially if the 5.1 mix was included…..

Ian Gair

Yes #Luke I wish UMC create a Propaganda – “A Secret Wish”-boxset with all the stuff in it… Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?


Maybe not as complete as some would want but this came out in 2010


Stan Butler

I have this and it’s a nice package.
It’s a pity that it doesn’t have Duel (Bittersweet) on it though.


Bang as a double is the stuff of ‘pre-order’.

What UMC need is a boy / girl with a sensitive touch..
What we desire is One Box with Every 12 Inch.

An SD Replica Edition !

Dejan Dozic

Now were talking !
This idea is the one thing I would make a move.

Now I got all the 12 inch mixes scattered on 12 different CD’s. That is a hassle !

Complete ZTT FGTH 12 INCH COL. !!!!

The Count

Yes! A FGTH 12″ Box please!!!!!


I found this site very useful for wading through the various ZTT releases & mixes


Denis Woods

Brilliant site. Thanks for sharing.


Frankie says “Milk that cow” How about a t shirt with that on?


Intrigued at how they’ll mine/curate the ZTT back catalogue after the initial vanilla phase. An RSD edition at some point of unreleased or genuinely unavailable stuff would be great – Insignificance OST as someone else has pointed out; ‘Under The Son’ – the unreleased Andrew Poppy album for example. I think there may be some unreleased Anne Pigalle material/album also.

Shane D Collins

well there was an interview that somebody said there is like 25 or more remixes of relax in the vaults (think it was trevor horn) thats alot of relax overload but will see if they really delve deep in to the back master tapes or theyll just recycle the frankie goes to hollywood box set that was on released few years back


How about Instinct? Until the Art of the 12″ series came along, their output consisted of a single track on the Sampled compilation.

Steven Roberts

Seems to me that a large part of the attraction of Frankie is in tracking down those elusives and sometimes only minorly different remixes (“yes, it’s almost the same, but this one has extra cowbell!”)

For that reason, I don’t think we are EVER likely to see a truly complete SuperDuperWhizBangDeluxe of WTTP – because one such an item is released…that’s it.

Game over.


Yes fans might baulk, but does anyone else feel a connection between a lengthy Yes piece and the Welcome to the Pleasuredome title track? There’s an obvious connection with Trevor Horn but beyond that I’ve always felt it’s a track Yes could have done in the 1970’s. But then, I think Warriors of the Wasteland could have easily been covered by Nine Inch Nails or Fear Factory too!


Hi Andy,

Steve Howe played on WTTP track, so there is a Yes connection.

I hadn’t realised that Steve Howe played on Queen’s Innuendo track – there’s a nice story here:


Larry Davis

The Yes/Frankie connection on the song WTTP?? Maybe the middle part with Steve Howe on acoustic guitar?? It has a proglike structure…starting with the operatic/jungle intro…

Vince Williams

The only mythical track for me is Jonna Lumley’s take on Rage Hard where she did the introduction to the 12″

David Carter

That wasnt Joanna Lumley on Rage Hard it was Pamela Stephenson

Chris Squires

I don’t know if anybody else out there finds the same as me.

The posts on SDE are tending to fuel my listening habits whilst I work. I have always worked from home so it’s not a COVID thing. This morning I read this post for the first time (missed it last night as it was Bake Off) and I have been through Bang! (Vinyl), Blank and Jones ZTT (CD) and am on Wildlife cassetted (Spotify) whilst I type. I’ve lost count of how often this happens where I have a McCartney day, an Elton day, a George Michael day, a Weller / Jam / Council day , a Slade day, an ABBA day, a Soft Cell / Marc Almond day, a Tangerine Dream day and my favourite of last week was a Thin Lizzy day…. etc. etc. All because of the first post I see in any given day.
Once something gets wired into your brain it has to be listened to.
On topic: I know Frankie have been done to death but there’s just something so 1984 about them and I just don’t get tired of listening to their output, limited though it was. I could listen to the track Pleasuredome day after day (after day after day…..) – and curses to whomever it was that pointed us towards Steve Miller Band Macho City – It’s a bloody earworm-and-a-half that one!
Does SDE fuel or influence your daily listening habits?


It definitely fuels my listening habits. Without this side I would never have listened to: Nick Kamen (*), Lloyd Cole, Eagles, Belinda Carlisle, Rolling Stones live sets.

And then there’s all the stuff I would probably listen to at some point, but I actually start listening to it after reading a post about it (Prince, Bill Withers, FGTH, Tears for Fears, Erasure, John Lennon, Japanese city pop). But despite all the pushing of Paul Mc Cartney (or the Beatles) I never listen to him, with the exception of the Tug of War album which I can accept one or two times per year.

But that’s just part of the time. Most of the time I listen to house, disco or obscure albums on bandcamp or even audiobooks (Lots of listening time when working from home).

(*) check out the track ‘move until we fly’ by nick kamen. one of the best early 90s tracks I didnt know until recently. He’s such an amazing singer despite of his cheesy image.

John MC cann

No I listen to captain sensible every day,
But he or the damned won’t be popping up anytime soon !,,

Spiral Scar

Mr. Squires,
I find that the very same thing happens to me all the time. Often, I will wake up with a song in my head even before my eyes are open, and that usually dictates the day’s musical direction. But I do check SDE while having my morning coffee. It’s the equivalent of the morning paper for me. The site has jump-started my interest in so many favorite bands that I’ve lost count. Luckily, I have so much music on hand that I can grab the cd on the way out the door. Or I’ll pull out a stack of records if I’m home (like today – a holiday in the US) and indulge for a few hours. (It’s Inspiral Carpets at the moment.)
Of all the bands you mentioned, I have had a marathon listening session for each (but only a small portion of Marc Almond solo – just about complete on Soft Cell) but honestly, I can’t get my head around ABBA. I mean, I like them. I’ve liked, and bought, several singles since “Waterloo” hit the top ten here. I have “The Album” and the “Thank You…” box on cd. Just bought “Voulez-Vous” “Super Trooper” and “The Visitors” on LP (found them in near mint condition – ten bucks each) and played them, waiting for that “Eureka!” moment – and it didn’t happen. They are all decent albums and I’m happy to have them, but I haven’t uncovered the magical ingredient that makes them a phenomenon in Europe. Could be because I’m forty years late to the party. Could be because I’m American. The people I know here that love ABBA are (almost) all from other countries! ABBA remains my biggest blind spot. By the way, just played a pretty neat live cover version of “The Name Of The Game” by Any Trouble. Worth tracking down. Having said all that, “S.O.S” “Chiquitita” and “The Name Of The Game” are masterpieces. They broke through ages ago, and they all fit the template. Maybe I just can’t eat so many sweets in one go.
By the way, I’m the guy who brought up “Macho City.” Ah, hell… I feel the need to put that on.

Chris Squires

Ah, yes that *was* your fault Spiral, sorry I didn’t name check you.

I think Abba, Queen, Police and a few others have migrated into Greatest Hits only territory. Unless you are prepared to be an Uber fan late in life are you going to be that bothered by King Kong song when you have Abba Gold at your fingertips and the instant soundtrack to your life that these great singles groups have? Blondie also, maybe?

It would be interesting to know whether casual fans who bought (or had bought for them) the Phil Collins box, Dire Straits or the Police box at £10 – £15 actually listen to it or reach for the greatest hits time after time as there are only so many “throwaway” or unknown tracks you can sit through when you know the Greatest hits albums are packed to the rafters with memories. Why bother working out the power behind “The Visitors” album track when one has Abba Gold to kill an hour.

I am guilty as charged for some groups, I just don’t get the Smiths or U2 but would happily listen to an (half an) hour of hits for either. I am sure many would feel the same about my beloved Kate Bush when I want to bang on about Night of the Swallow or The Saxophone Song and all they want is “The Whole Story” at the very most.

As you say Spiral, blind spots are intriguing.


I don’t really get the appeal of Greatest Hits CDs. I’ve got a few, but for the most part they bore me – I know the hits from the radio, and often times I’ve heard them enough times already.

I know people say it’s good to have the single edits but I was kinda disappointed to pick up the Huey Lewis Greatest Hits only to discover that I Want a New Drug and Couple Days Off are not featured in the much superior LP versions. Horses for courses I guess.

Pete Cracknell

I’d like to see a CD Singles box set bringing together all the mixes of all the singles, with card sleeves featuring original artwork. (For AON & Propaganda too)

And a Slave To The Rhythm deluxe edition including Hi Def Audio!


The singles boxsets are exactly what I am hoping for.
And an expanded Slave to the Rhythm is a great idea too.

Rich E

It seems the band, or someone close to the camp, still have the power of veto when it comes to releasing archive material (hence the Liverpool reissue debacle and the disappearing STTR on the ITPD box). My concern is if something could be released Salvo would have released it. How can UMC achieve what Salvo couldn’t?

And please, let’s have STTR given the luxury treatment before further Frankie rehashes.


Would be good to get a proper master of the Video Destructo Mix of Two Tribes if one exists. It’s on the Repertoire version of Twelve Inches but sounds horrible and sounds like it was ripped from the video.


the last voice ….

is this the CIC 101 version remastered ?

Gary Tilford

I think this is a good way to start, especially for casual fans such as myself. I will probably get Bang and maybe WTTP and I already have good copies of the 12″ singles from that album. Super Deluxe Editions would be the way to go next for the real fans.


I’m always happy for FGTH to get the re-issue treatment. Like most, I would like to see more, more, more.

There are so many amazing combinations UMG could put together from all of the different formats. They will need to work hard to beat the digital re-issues that bought together so much.

For those of us who still like CDs, I would like to see the following make it onto a FGTH CD – these are on compilations but not on an actual FGTH CDs:

Two Tribes (Hibakusha-ah!)
Two Tribes (Keep The Peace) (Cassetted)
War (Coming Out Of Hiding)
The Power of Love (Original 7inch Instrumental)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix) (Instrumental)
The Only Star In Heaven (Starfix) (Instrumental)

Personally I am desperate for all of the BBC sessions to be released – these include vastly different versions and unreleased music. Back in those medium wave days the signal would drift in-and-out. So if Yazoo can do, I am use FGTH with UMG can do it!!!


Well… 5 out of the 6 tracks you have listed have been released on an actual FGTH CD, the 2xCD Deluxe Edition of “Frankie Said”:

Two Tribes (Hibakusha-ah!)
Two Tribes (Keep The Peace)
War (Coming Out Of Hiding)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix)
The Only Star In Heaven (Starfix)


Paul Foster

“Bang” greatest hits was the only physical release to include the original 7″ (now titled annihilation 7″) of two tribes and Relax. The album also watching the wildlife was different to the single and Liverpool version. Definitely need a repress 12″ issue in original artwork. The Depeche Mode reissued 12 inches with exact unaltered replica sleeves. But could they replicate the power of love envelope sleeve??


SDE of Seal albums (b sides & mixes) plus 5.1 mix.

FGTH 5.1 mixes.

FGTH live album – cd & blu ray


Oh, to be treated to some live material.

Or Frankie on TV !


@Paul Foster
It’s easy to get confused by all the versions but to my knowledge (and the wikipedia page) Bang includes the following versions of the tracks you mention:

Relax (Come Fighting) (classic 1993 version) : new remix for this compilation, not the album or 7″ single version.

Two Tribes 7″ (Cowboys And Indians) : the regular 7″ single version, not the Two Tribes 7″ picture disc (We Don’t Want To Die) version. The Annihilation title was used for one of the three Two Tribes 12″s, not the 7″.

Watching The Wildlife (classic 1993 version) : new remix for this compilation, not the album or 7″ single version.

Rage Hard appears to be the 7″ Mix (according to wikipedia) but I believe that’s the album version, I can’t hear a difference. Maybe someone can explain.

Paul Foster

Hi . I only used the annihilation 7″ title after this was used by itunes on the two tribes reissue. I guess they thought it nearest to the annihilation 12″ mix.


Incidentally I was listening to Frankies catalogue this week and WTTP in particular. I’m still enjoying the album and I think that, despite the weakness on some tracks in the second vinyl disc, it still sounds great. It’s really a masterpiece in production and package, but in the end the added value of the group was really poor, except Holly J. and that caused the short life of the project. I don’t know what else can be still released of FGTH, Inside The Pleasuredome was a great reissue, but there’s a limit from what you can extract from a catalogue made of 2 albums and 7 singles….


Frankie say… no more.

I seem to remember reading there are hours of Wishful Thinking remixes, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there are hours of rejected Relax, Two Tribes, WTTPD single remixes. If Universal want to build interest and trust, the first vault reissue has to be a banger.


Bang! There it is! I knew the cover of the Roxette compilation reminded me of something.


I also have all the ZTT deluxe 2CD’s of Frankie and Propaganda, as well as many 12″ CD collections like SexMix, Reload and the 12″es 2CD, Wishful Thinking, the Art Of The 12″ part 1, 2 and 3, So80s ZTT, etc. Other than demo’s and live stuff, I really don’t see how they are going to offer anything interesting or unreleased.

I believe the same happened with Bananarama. Someone bought their catalogue, released some vanilla versions of their albums and nothing further ever happened.
I would also love an SDE of Slave To The Rhythm but that may never happen.

Tom M

“I believe the same happened with Bananarama. Someone bought their catalogue, released some vanilla versions of their albums and nothing further ever happened.”

I guess you missed this:



What is the point of these releases? Nothing added to them, so a waste of time! YAWN!


Wow, a different label on it, worth a few pence in printing ink. Might as well stick to the original CD releases years back, as the same artwork and music content, which is more important than a different label to look at. :o)

John Drayton

Is ‘San Jose’ not included?


Im interested in Liverpool, which I dont have, but I dont need the others. I have more Welcome to the Pleasuredome than I really need! hehe
What really excites me about this is the possibility of a Slave to the Rhythm SDE. I would LOVE a blu-ray edition the same as all her earlier albums. Its such a pity there hasnt already been one of Living My Life, but a properly curated version of STTR would be awesome! :)
Fingers crossed for that.

Kevin Brown

I believe Universal acquired ZTT back in 2017, So I’m I actually seeing three years worth of work for FGTH back catalogue…Really!. I was excited when Universal acquired ZTT and thought we would see some great boxset’s and rare releases, maybe we will in time but if it’s took three years to release whats already been released loads of times before…..I won’t hold my breath for the next set of releases from ZTTs brilliant back catalogue. Can only hope they will release Slave To The Rhythm hopefully as a Deluxe Edition. Come on Universal speed things up a bit we are all going to be too old at the rate your releasing stuff. Three years worth of work and planning………….is that it!!!!!!!!!!!


How about the soundtrack to ‘Insignificance’ on CD???

Roger Mills

Good call….!!! @Mischa…


Agree – add my vote for Insignificance ST, I would love that !

Larry Davis

Well, I have the original 2LP US ZTT/Island Pleasuredome & 2CD ZTT/Salvo reissue, as well as the US ZTT/Atlantic Bang…and 1st Holly Johnson solo album CD on Uni…so right now, until new versions come out expanded, just interested in Liverpool, always loved that record, espesh Warriors Of The Wasteland & Watching the Wildlife, when it got no love…as for Grace, loved the Nassau Compass Point Alex Sadkin productions best, but never owned the Slave album, yet always dug the title track & would buy an expanded SDE of it… keeping an eye out for stuff & will get that Blank & Jones ZTT project soon…


Still waiting for a vinyl reissue (or even better SDE) of Kirsty MacColl’s brilliant, and only, ZTT album ‘Titanic Days’. Perhaps UMC will see to it.

Antony Elia

It’s a pity Lunar Bay wasn’t give the singles treatment, it’s my favourite track by them.


The World is My Oyster and Welcome to the Pleasuredome on separate discs? Really?

Mike W

There’s a 7″ version of World is my Oyster, could be that, have never listened to Bang. It’s on the Sex Mix cd though.


Will the “slave to the rhythm” frankie demo that was teased to be part of the inside the pleasuredome box set but then removed finally see an official release? Hope so


I wish they had done at least colored vinyl !! Oh well.


what they need to do is release all the fgth cassette singles on to vinyl like they did with rage hard for the record store day release, but they must keep all the original art work
now that would be a gem

Joe Atari

So, obviously, not much of real interest here…. but….
no compilation has ever managed a very simple summary of all the original 12 inch mixes, in chronological order, without either getting them in the wrong order, adding various 90s or 00s remixes, or missing most off. Reload! in 1994 got close, but as part of the marketing had to get people like Jam & Spoon in to remix things for a 90s dancefloor. Plenty of class producers have had a go at modern remixes, and most sounded phoned in. In this instance, I just dont think any kind of remix is ever going to better the originals. Blank & Jones did well, simply re-editng original parts into new combinations, but really what’s needed is a simple 12 ” collection 1983-1987, either as a 2CD or even better, a replica sleeve box. Eight singles if you count War which was double A-side of Two Tribes. That will sell out double fast, Mr Universal!

Andrew Greenwood

I think that by getting
Pleasure Dome 2CD
Liverpool 2CD
Frankie Said CD/DVD
SexMix 2CD
Reload! The Full 12 Inches
Twelve Inches 2CD
I have got all the of original version I know about. My main intention had been to get both the Carnage and Annihilation mixes of Two Tribes, but then I carried on.
anything new will have to be very special to get me to buy more


I’m not certain that Frankie needed more reissues quite so soon (though I have no grasp of timelines in COVID-land anymore, so maybe the ones we have are older than I’m thinking). Great opportunity for people who’ve missed out previously though. I’m much more excited about the prospect that maybe this will lead to some Grace Jones reissues. I know we’ve gotten most of her earliest work in some way/shape/form over the last ten years or so, but I’d love to see something that wraps up the rest of her catalogue as well as more rarities and vault tracks if they are out there.

Wasn’t she supposed o be working on a new album? Hurricane was amazing, and I’ve been dying to hear what she has in store for us next.


I have the ZTT/Salvo reissues which I’m pretty content with. Won’t mind getting Bang as long as it’s a new remaster. That awful Reportoire cd was brick walked to death. What really should be next on the Frankie reissue agenda is a cd singles boxset.


Assuming that you refer to the Twelve Inches Repertoire 2CD, this version is louder/more brickwalled than the release on the ZTT label (which has different track order, and 1 different track: (Don’t Lose What’s Left) Of Your Little Mind instead of (the rare) Two Tribes (Video Destructo Mix)).


I have the single cd Repertoire version of Bang… The Greatest Hits from 2000 which I’m referring to.

Mark Yon

Why would you want a version that’s not a facsimile of the original?

Changing one track makes this a worthy addition for those who want the track and can’t get it anywhere else, but for those who want the original version (which I suspect is most buyers) it’s a no-buy.

The earlier version, with the correct tracks, is still available, remastered and fairly cheap.

Stephen dC

A physical version of the ‘cassetted’ EP’s that appeared on Itunes would be nice [basically a mini album of each singles a’s/b’s/remixes].

As you say, this is just a flag waving excercise and I wait to see what comes next.

[And yes, yes, yes – Slave To The Rhythm SDE please, please and pretty please]


I don’t like the fact that they touched the ZTT logo.