Free / The Vinyl Collection: 7LP box

Free / The Vinyl Collection 7LP box set

Coming soon from Universal is a brand new Free vinyl box set called, appropriately enough, The Vinyl Collection

This looks to be a seven-LP box set, so it will include remastered versions of the six studio albums issued on Island Records: Tons of Sobs (1969), Free (1969), Fire and Water (1970), Highway (1970), Free at Last (1972) and Heartbreaker (1973). The seventh vinyl record is the 1971 live album Free Live! 

The Vinyl Collection will be released on 9 September 2016. Amazon Germany currently have the best price. Amazon UK also have listings for single disc (bonus track free) CDs of all the studio albums, which all use the new Andy Pearce remastering.

Albums in the box:

  1. Tons of Sobs
  2. Free
  3. Fire and Water
  4. Highway
  5. Free at Last
  6. Heartbreaker
  7.  Free Live! 

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If I were able to get an exchange of my box set with the correct pictures of the covers on the back I don’t think that I would. I think it is just as well to not only show that there can be human error but that the lack of attention to detail seems rather prevalent nowadays. This would never be allowed to happen to the Beatles, right? There is not even a booklet mere less a hardcover book for this. I was dumbfounded to find pictures of FREE performing in rather full STADIUMS during their time I think circa 1970 and yet so few people know about them nowadays. I really wish Paul Rodgers and Simon Kirke would do a new younger line-up again…I’ll be waiting…

Toni Jost

The Box-Set is not numbered! So what about the Limit. Edition ?


What do you guys think of the print quality of the albums? I think it’s so so. It doesn’t look like original picture were used. More like a copy of a copy. You can tell looking at the back cover of the second album and Free At Last. Sound is brilliant! Warm, bright, deep with highs and lows extremely well balanced.

Roger B

Just received my box set from uDiscover and think the packaging (Free Live cover error on the box excepted) and sound quality is terrific. One thing I also find is that, although the box states free digital download codes enclosed, they are missing from my copy. Not greatly worried about not having the option to download the digital versions as I already have them; it’s just a rather annoying lack of attention to detail.


Have not listened to the records yet. But, based on your positive experience I’m looking forward to it. I’m glad they replicated the Free Live envelope back cover. As far as the downloads go, mine was incl. but to be honest…I don’t care much about that. Specially if you have the CD’s. The nice thing is, The Free Story comes with the downloads as an additional bonus. I have that on CD as well, so nothing new. Enjoy your box!


Free box arrived this morning. About to unpack it. One thing right away. As I mentioned yesterday. Amazon shows a second picture of the back of the box this time and there is a missprint. In my eyes, a rather big lack of attention. They mistakenly print the Free Live cover on the spot where the Fire and Water cover should be. So, the cover for Free Live is printed twice. Maybe some folks want to wait, to see if this will be fixed on further pressings.
Happy weekend everyone!


Hey everybody!
Finally amzon revealed a second picture of the Free box. It’s of the back of the box showing the album covers. Nicely done, with a vintage look to it. Imitating those recording sheets the studios used back in the days. But, have you guys noticed that there is a huge mistake..?! Free Live cover is twice on it. Mistakenly put on the spot where Fire and Water is suppose to be! That’s not a good sign…


Yep saw it and sent it to David Clayton – bizarre mistake


Whatever happened to the live version of Heartbreaker that was on the vinyl Free Story but omitted from the cd’s? Will it re-appear on the 2016 remastered cd’s?

Philip Cohen

Universal in the Uk seems to be implementing a “no bonus tracks” policy, reissuing album catalogs that previously had bonus tracks, but now presented in “no frills” editions at full price. Who are these discs intended for? Who is going to buy them?
Universal has just issued “no frills” editions of the albums by “Free” & “Spooky Tooth”, and they’ll soon do the same thing to the Pete Townshend solo catalog.


This is one of my top five favorite recording groups!


Only 2 weeks to go until the release of Free’s 2016 cd remasters! Strangely, still no information regarding track listing, bonus tracks etc?? Frustrating as that is, I can’t wait to hear fresh, new remixes from the band that is very, very close to my heart.


Thanks for that, Paul. I found it very odd, not to say frustrating, that no one, including Universal (!) were giving any track details. I’m happy with just the original tracks as long as they sound good. Are the cd’s in miniature album sleeves or jewel cases? (I’m running out of shelf space)
Thanks again, Paul,


One more thing, do you know if the 2016 cd remaster of The Free Story will have the live track, Heartbreaker, that was on the original vinyl version but omitted from the earlier cd’s due to there not being enough space at that time?

James Pigg

Any update on these reissues? Amazon still only listing 1 disc versions at the moment. Are their going to be deluxe two disc versions?

Jon Ashelford

Amazon are listing the individual albums on CD at £6.27 each for release 9 September but there’s no further detail about remastering, extra tracks etc. Do you have any further info?


Amazon UK no bargain by any means. Amazon IT will right this ship….

Roel in Oz

Great news Paul. I too have been waiting for something like this for a long time. My wife doesn’t know it yet but she’s just bought me the best birthday present. lol. Should arrive just in time too.
ps. It’s now Amazon’s #1 seller in box sets


Fuck, yeah! :)

Simon F

Well this is a turn-up for the books (whatever that means). Okay it’s not the 14 CD set that was being touted a couple of years ago but it’s better than nothing which is the current state of the Free catalogue.
Universal did a fine job on last years Status Quo vinyl box so I have high hopes for this one. Let’s just hope that they issue Free Live in it’s original ‘envelope’ sleeve with opening back flap.
This is released the day before my birthday, so….

Philip Cohen

The ill-fated CD boxed set was going to be 19 CD’s. I’m still hoping that Universal might find an outlet for some of the archival material that the cancelled box would have contained.

Simon F

Damn! In all the excitement I clean forgot – I’ve got no more room for any more vinyl box sets! Agggghhhh! Will this get a CD box release like last years Spooky Tooth release ?

Ian Whiteford

Hi Paul. Do you know if the anticipated deluxe editions will include the 2016 remasters by Andy?


Paul, Can you find out if these are analog or digital sourced?


According to the Hoffers it’s digitally sourced. However, the feedback has been positive on these re-masters there.


Let’s hope you can also get the records back in the box once they have been taken out.


Ordered. Let’s hope it’s of decent quality.


The quality is the best I have heard. Superior than the pink island original CDs which are reputed to be the best out there, or used to be ;)


The news I have been waiting for on your site Paul!

Have been a Free fan since I was a teenager, sadly many years ago now.
As I have a birthday ending in an O this summer, this will be on my birthday list!

I have some old vinyl copies of several Free LPS and Paul Kossoff but am looking forward to this.

In my humble opinion, Koss was, and still is, the greatest British guitarist of all time.


Shhhh…. don’t let the Richue Blackmore fans see this.