Fugees / The Score 2LP coloured vinyl

Incredible album • coloured vinyl • cheap pre-order price (for now)

More coloured vinyl from Sony as they reissue the Fugees’ 1996 album The Score on 2LP coloured vinyl.

The second and last Fugees album was a critical and commercial success, delivering two consecutive number one singles on the UK chart (Killing Me Softly and Ready Or Not).

The album is pressed on coloured vinyl – what is described as a gold/orange mix – and this is double album. You need to jump on the £15 pre-order price since that price lasted only 24 hours with Elvis from the other day.

This is out on 12 October 2018 and is part of a coloured vinyl reissue series from Sony. All of the other titles (bar Elvis) can be seen below.

Side 1
1. Red Intro
2. How Many Mics
3. Ready or Not
4. Zealots – Fugees / The Flamingos
5. The Beast

Side 2
1. Fu-Gee-La
2. Family Business
3. Killing Me Softly With His Song

Side 3
1. The Score
2. The Mask
3. Cowboys

Side 4
1. No Woman, No Cry
2. Manifest/Outro

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Peter Yarrow

So pleased I ordered the Fugees at £15!


As expected Fugees now up to £26.99 – Great start prices for these releases though!


I dont want this!!! When the more A-Ha vinyl reissues and the Duran Duran ” The Wedding album” on double vinyl??


I think we’ll have to wait. Warner’s reissued Hunting on clear and Madonna’a Virgin on white at the same time. I don’t think either of them sold well. my local HMV had copies of both for weeks. I was hoping this was the start of a Warner reissue campaign but it may have stalled already. Fingers crossed though. As for DD Wedding album, I wish they would do an SDE as with the first 4 albums.


Too many bands showing on the Kind of Blue vinyl in that photo…


Wu-Tang and Jeff Buckley are two of the finest albums of the nineties. Not sure why anyone who owns them already would want to buy them again though.

Paul Ryan

This is stupid money for any of these records ..I’m mean depending on taste theres not anything but greatness in all of them..for 14 odd queen heads!..thanks as ever Paul

Sean Davis

What week! Cheers ..enter the Wudu Voodoo hudoo..erm!


endded up being only 21 bucks USD after taxes and shipping


Wu-Tang Clan, Miles Davis and Jeff Buckley were released in cooperation with SONY “exclusively” by FNAC in France a year ago. Jeff Buckley´s Grace was pressed from a MOV laquer and is not purple but opaque gold insteat. You may check FNAC´s Homepage using the key words “vinyle couleur” and find many other SONY´s from Presley, Dylan, Stone Roses, Hendrix, J.Cash ….

Martin Power

Go on the Paul – KOL you forced me into it… Great price


This was already re-released through the Vinyl Me Please website, also as a double coloured LP and also included a bonus 7″. I have a copy of this and I believe it’s still available.

Sean Davis

Ready or not here I come wow thanks paul


Ordered the Fugees and Jeff Buckley thanks Paul !

Is there a full list of these releases somewhere Paul?

Martin Power

Nice one Paul – Not heard The Score in full for a few years and it was always a real favourite . Cheap price regardless of the colour jumped straight in.