G Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology volume 2 box set

Follow-up to the acclaimed first box • 5LPs & 5CDs • Albums and rarities

G Stands for Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology volume 2 box set

This December, Domino follow up G-Stands for Go-Betweens – their 2015 box set devoted to Australian indie band The Go-Betweens – with a second box, G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 2.

The first box – long out-of-print, and now very expensive to get hold of – covered the era 1978 to 1984 and this new set, as you might expect, picks up where that earlier volume left off, with an examination of the period 1985-1989 which closed the chapter on the original version of the band (Robert Forster and Grant McLennan reformed The Go-Betweens in 2000 with a new line-up).

It contains the three studio albums released during this era on vinyl LP – Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express (1986), Tallulah (1987) and 16 Lovers Lane (1988) – and adds a previously unreleased double live album, called Fountains of Youth, recorded in London on 10 May 1987.

But as before, this is a real multi-media package and more music comes in the form of five CDs, which feature not only rare, hard-to-find and unreleased demos, recordings, radio sessions but also a collection of 28 songs intended for what was supposed to be the follow-up to 16 Lovers Lane.

This Volume two package comes with a 112-page book with all the usual historical photos and extensive sleeve notes (from founding member Robert Forster) and a Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express songbook. This was apparently prepared at the time of release by their publisher, but never actually produced. So this is the first ever printing, containing hand-transcribed sheet music of all ten songs from that album. The box set – a big lift-off lid affair – also comes with a reproduction promotional poster.

G Stands For Go-Betweens: The Go-Betweens Anthology Volume 2 will be released on 6 December 2019.

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Side A

  • Spring Rain
  • The Ghost And The Black Hat
  • The Wrong Road
  • To Reach Me
  • Twin Layers Of Lightning

Side B

  • In The Core Of The Flame
  • Head Full Of Steam
  • Bow Down
  • Palm Sunday (On Board the S.S. Within)
  • Apology Accepted


Side A

  • Right Here
  • You Tell Me
  • Someone Else’s Wife
  • I Just Get Caught Out
  • Cut It Out

Side B

  • The House That Jack Kerouac Built
  • Bye Bye Pride
  • Spirit Of A Vampyre
  • The Clarke Sisters
  • Hope Then Strife


Side A

  • Love Goes On!
  • Quiet Heart
  • Love Is A Sign
  • You Can’t Say No Forever
  • The Devil’s Eye

Side B

  • Streets Of Your Town
  • Clouds
  • Was There Anything I Could Do?
  • I’m Allright
  • Dive For Your Memory

Fountains of Youth 2LP vinyl

Side A

  • Bye Bye Pride
  • Unkind And Unwise
  • Part Company
  • The House That Jack Kerouac Built

Side B

  • The Clarke Sisters
  • This Girl, Black Girl
  • Don’t Call Me Gone
  • When People Are Dead
  • Your Turn, My Turn

Side C

  • Cut It Out
  • You Tell Me
  • Head Full Of Steam
  • Right Here
  • Man O’Sand To Girl O’Sea

Side D

  • Apology Accepted
  • Spring Rain
  • Karen
  • Eight Pictures

CD 1: THE DEVIL IS IN YOUR DRESS: Rarities Volume 5: 1985-86

  • In The Core Of A Flame
  • Living The Life At Hand
  • To Reach Me
  • Grandfather Slow
  • Spring Rain
  • Head Full Of Steam
  • Wrong Road Round
  • Don’t Let Him Come Back
  • Reunion Dinner
  • 10 Little Joe
  • 11 The Life At Hand
  • 12 Casanova’s Last Words
  • 13 I Work In A Health Spa

CD 2: RUN FROM HIM Rarities Volume 6: 1986-87

  • I Know What I Like
  • You Tell Me
  • Do It Like The Devil Did
  • Together At Last
  • Cut It Out
  • Easier Said Than Done
  • The House That Jack Kerouac Built
  • Right Here
  • Someone Else’s Wife
  • 10 The Clarke Sisters
  • 11 Bye Bye Pride
  • 12 I Just Get Caught Out
  • 13 A Little Romance
  • 14 When People Are Dead
  • 15 Don’t Call Me Gone
  • 16 Time In The Desert
  • 17 Doo Wop in ‘A’ (Bam Boom)

CD 3: TRYING TO BE A STRONG PERSON Rarities Volume 7: 1988

  • Wait Until June
  • The Devil’s Eye
  • I’m Allright
  • Was There Anything I Could Do
  • You Won’t Find It Again
  • Love Is A Sign
  • Love Goes On!
  • Dive For Your Memory
  • Apples In Bed
  • 10 Clouds
  • 11 Head Over Heels
  • 12 Casanova’s Last Words
  • 13 You Can’t Say No Forever
  • 14 Quiet Heart
  • 15 Wait Until June
  • 16 Casanova’s Last Words
  • 17 Rock and Roll Friend
  • 18 Mexican Postcard
  • 19 Rock and Roll Friend
  • 20 Dive For Your Memory
  • 21 Quiet Heart
  • 22 Clouds
  • 23 Love Goes On!

CD 4: LOVING SHOCKS Rarities Volume 8: 1989

  • Dear Black Dream
  • Danger in The Past
  • Easy Come, Easy Go
  • Broadway Bride
  • I Love You, Still
  • What You Call Change
  • Open Invitation
  • You Can Dream About Tomorrow
  • I’ve Been Looking For Somebody
  • 10 Outlaw #1
  • 11 Haunted House
  • 12 Sally’s Revolution Blues

CD 5: LOVING SHOCKS Rarities Volume 8: 1989

  • Just Get That Straight
  • 2The Days My Eyes Came Back
  • Running The Risk Of Ever Losing You
  • It Had To Be Me
  • Signs Of Life
  • How I Wish This War Was Over
  • Art Cinema
  • Nowhere By Any Other Name
  • No Peace In The Palace
  • 10 Here They Come
  • 11 Child Of God
  • 12 The Man Who Died In Rapture
  • 13 House of Snakes
  • 14 All The Time
  • 15 Send Him Back Home
  • 16 What Goes Up Must Come Down

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Just got a confirmation that my box was mailed on friday and will arrive tomorow ,…
ist this a reprint?
my order was on hold for weeks …


After my Amazon order was cancelled I ordered it at my local shop in the Netherlands. That was in December and yesterday it was delivered! I think the box is available again for € 169,99. https://www.platomania.nl/album/7334621/g-stands-for-go-betweensgo-betweens-volume-ii/go-betweens


switzerland too

Ken H

Domino have this listed again on their site for £150

[…] It’s been a busy old time for Forster of late, following a 2019 which saw a new album Inferno, and the release of the well-received box set G is for Go-Betweens Vol. 2. […]

Iain Carmichael

As of New Year’s Eve , Sanity music in Australia has this available at around £170.
I don’t know how much the shipping will be, but ii is in stock and they send around the world.


Just a note for those who got caught in the DPD shipping fiasco; after questioning Domino they eventually sent a second package to me and it arrived this morning; lovely it is too! They hope to get the original one back from DPD – I suspect the hopes of those who ordered through Amazon may depend on Domino getting their original sales copies back off DPD as my guess is that they used stock that might have gone to other retailers to fix their own shipping issues. BTW, inclusion of an HD download for the vinyl part of the set is a very welcome move and more than compensates for the (contractual) lack of CDs of the main albums.


stupid amazon cancelled my order !!!! what the hell !!!

Chris Bashuan

Hi all,

Regards stock.
Please note that I have no idea if Amazon have fulfilled any of their orders. I have had mine cancelled and rescheduled from both Amazon Italy and U.K. My guess is that they have never received any stock. I read ages ago that this set would only be supplied via Domino and Independent’s. I managed to get hold of Vol 1 directly through Domino when released, just.
I should have remembered this when ordering vol2, but Super Deluxe reminded me and I just blindly placed with Amazon. It was only when my U.K. Amazon order was rescheduled for the 21st when I panicked. Those who have seen this cheaper, don’t worry as it is the work fairies. Enjoy your purchase with pride and glee. I am now on a hope and search for a copy as Domino have sold out (of course). I feel foolish.
But goes to show that you really need to watch Amazon as it looks like they may be discounting before actually receiving any stock. Which if you are a massive fan of a band can result in huge disappointment. Saving a few quid becomes a mute point. Please let me know if any of you guys have received your Amazon order.

Cheers all and happy listening!

James F

Mine was cancelled too. Very frustrating.

Robin Rimbaud

I ordered mine back in October directly from Domino and got despatch details on 5th December from DPD but nothing ever turned up. And now Domino told me that DPD apparently have no intention of delivering packages as it’s a busy time for them (huh) and so they might send me out a replacement if they can’t get any response from DPD. And of course I’ve seen the boxset cheaper everywhere else since I bought directly from Domino too. And Friday the 13th too :-(


My copy was delivered today and it is a sight to behold. Really well done. Even included a download code for the whole thing in multiple formats, was, mp3. So can be dropped into your iTunes library. Even included a book from Roberts personal library…very old Penguin with bookmark.


Hi Jim,

Did you order it from Amazon?

Kind regards,



Looks like friends down under can still order it here: https://www.officialstores.com.au/au_en/the-go-betweens

Dave H

Preordered from Amazon. They now plan to deliver ca. January 6 2020. Sold out already? Will they deliver?

Matt Thurston

Own the first box set. And ordered this one too, as soon as it became available a few weeks ago. Can’t wait. Go-Betweens best 3 albums in this box set.

David Bly

Firstly, don’t know why I’m not on Domino’s mailing list. Need to change this post haste.

I initially missed the info on the first box but was able to get it on eBay from someone in New Zealand who had gotten the box in Australia, a box that was made in the UK, containing an American book from Grant’s collection – meaning that just that book travelled from the US to Australia to the UK, back to Australia and then to New Zealand and ultimately back to the US!
This time I ordered from Amazon Italy to be safe.

I actually knew Grant, and know Robert Forster and Robert Vickers, although it’s been ages since I’ve seen or talked to the latter two.

I was lucky enough to be there when Grant and Robert F. first did the duo tour under their own names, opening for Lloyd Cole, in whose band Robert V. was playing bass for at the time.
At one point, the tour was going from the US to Canada (Toronto) and then back to the US again (Buffalo). As Grant and Robert F. had entered the US with tourist visas, there was concern that they would not be able to get back into the US on the tour bus.
So I was deputised to drive them and all their luggage, and their acoustic guitars (the only instruments they had) over the border to the next show in Buffalo.

Before we got there we stopped in Niagara Falls, Ontario as they had never seen the falls. It was a sight that day as the falls had created an ice fog above it and you could barely see it.
At one point a couple came over and asked about getting a picture taken. All three of us assumed it was fans who recognised them, but they wanted one of US to take their picture! I believe it was Grant that took the pic.

Once we got to Buffalo, US Customs separated all three of us to interview us to make sure our stories were all the same. We made up a story that they were just travelling, and we ran in to each other and had a mutual friend in New York (City), and was going there, and offered to take them. That was partly true as Robert V. was living in NYC at the time.
Needless to say, I smuggled foreigners into the country and was proud to do it for rock ‘n’ roll!

Later on in the tour in Cincinnati, OH, I went to a record store before the show and bought a 2-cassette set of Willis Nelson’s “The I.R.S. Tapes”. This was an album recorded by Willie to save him from a tax problem. All the proceeds of the sales went to the I.R.S.
When Grant heard about this, he just had to hear it, so the next day, on the way to the next show, he and Robert F. sat in the back seat of my car (nearest the speakers) and we had a great time.

Lastly, when we were at a show in Washington, DC (at the same place The Beatles first played there), my (then) wife was with me, and it was horribly hot, and the guys came out and (mentioning our names) gave us some water and potato chips.
Those were the highlights of hanging out with Grant and Robert F.

I was very saddened by Grant’s death, and posted a message to Robert F., but since then I sort of lost track of him and others.

While I might not get one of Grant’s books this time, my memories of him will stay with me forever.

Salvatore Hastings

Great news. I really hope there will be a 3rd box covering the Friends of Rachel Worth era onwards. I don’t have vinyl copies of it nor Bright Yellow Bright Orange. And a 4LP pressing of That Stripped Sunlight Sound would be the great to include.


Thanks Paul!!
I fear this Edition G/G/Betweens Vol 2 is nearly fully subscribed world wide.
I got a box @ Rough Trade UK, it seems when I roamed the sites they are all sold out on pre-order already {world wide}!.
I no its a whinge but this GST problem with the Majors verse Australia really doesn’t help when a item surfaces like this one.
2019 Global Market, so many items still carved up into regions / deals.
Where is this Free Global Market?
Thanks again for the TipOff.


Hello Mark

Domino had a special link for Australian buyers on their website from when they started pre-orders a few weeks ago. A bit ironic when they’re from Australia!!
I’m on the Domino email list so knew it was on pre-order.
I also heard a late night DJ play them on radio here in Ireland and he mentioned it the day it went up on the net. I got out of bed and placed my order!!
Long term fans will have been taking note of the teasers on the band’s social media pages as well. It was fairly well known that it would be out this side of 2020.
I don’t know how limited the box is this time, but I knew it would be gone quickly.

Frederik Blieck

Though a fan of the band owing more than a lot, I missed on the first box set for financial reasons. I would have loved a CD only release, but Domino prefers to make happy those with lots of money and ignore fans with lesser budget. They can basically go f… themselves. They have clearly forgotten where they come from and who made them rich.


100% AGREE!!!!!!!!


I don’t.

It was Domino, who released the fantastic box of 10 cds by the equally fantastic Triffids some years ago for a mere 50€, stating it to be limited to a run of thousand (or was it twothousand, not quite sure at the time of writing) and although i’d really like to blame them for missing out on this it was just my own stupidity to not order it in time.

I think that they have to fight sometimes with the artists who seem to have no interest in dealing with record companies to make some money of their former output.

Some weeks ago i had a mail conversation with someone from the “Real Gone”-label to whom i suggested to re-release the “Rainy Day”-album from the 80s, a one off release by a band formed out of the Californian psychedelic-rock-circle at the time.
The answer was that they already had contacted David Roback, who owns the rights for this and he replied that he was not interested in re-releasing it.

So it’s not always the forces from The Dark Side Of Music who are keeping us away from what we’d like to own.


Domino are under licensing restrictions which prevent them from doing what you mention. Do a little homework before calling names; that Domino was both able and willing to do this much is a small miracle.


One of my favourite bands of all time, and like some others here, lucky enough to see them, the last time at I think the Astoria in London in August 1988 in support of ’16 Lovers Lane’. Listening to ‘Cattle & Cane’ only the other day… .

This therefore is a definite: Domino UK have it for £150.00 plus £8.50 postage, so given the initial edition with a book from Grant’s collection has gone, Amazon Italy is the best deal. Reliable to if it’s the same as with my order for The Kinks ‘Arthur’ box.


Wish there was a CD only set; I’ve never bought vinyl and talks of splitting the first set with a buddy went nowhere re price split, ….

Are there some licensing issues with releasing the CDs alone?

Wayne Klein

No they just want to inflate the price. This,is the same strategy used by Warner/Rhino and the sets are a pin in the ass. Yess. You get something additional but, given that not everything is available in one format or the other, it’s a pain. Sadly, I won’t be buying this. I’d rather one format or the other rather than combined.


Actually, I have heard that it is a liscensing issue that prevents Domino from releasing the studio albums on CD, eithet as part of the box set or individually. I believe that hi-res downloads will come with the box, ad they did with Volume 1.

Gary Fowles

Ordered mine as soon as I heard about it. This is my favourite Go-Betweens period and despite owning all the double disc reissues there are still tracks on here I don’t have. Looks like a great set and nicely priced too.

I really hope the news about the first set being reissued is true since I totally missed out on it.


One of my all-time favourite artists. I still consider myself lucky to have seen them play live about half a dozen times before the first split, during the break, when Grant and Robert played some semi-acoustic shows before re-uniting the band (i attended the show in Cologne played on the same night as ManU’s glorious extra-time return against Bayern Munich and never regretted it) and twice after the reunion before Grant’s sad und untimely passing away put an end to the band.

Those were the days.

Nevertheless i can’t convince me on getting these boxes because it’s too expensive just for getting the CDs and the accompanying books. I own the first six albums before the first break-up about 4 times each, one on vinyl, one release on cd when cds were first introduced, one re-release on cd with unified artwork for all six albums and one re-release on 2cd-sets including one disc each with rarities. Also i habe the albums made after re-uniting at least once on cd (more often if the album has been re-released later with bonus material).

So i’ll give this a pass as with the first box and still hope that Grant’s estate and Robert allow a separate release of the rarities-cds some time in the future.


I’ve ordered this (not from Amazon, which doesn’t ship to Australia) and will store it next to Volume 1. The Go-Betweens were one of my favourite bands and I saw them as many times as I could, from 1980 on. Tallulah is a great album, but their others are each unique and interesting in their own way.

Darren Lewis

Fabulous band. Managed to catch them live when they were just about to release ‘Tallulah’ – They were fantastic!


The first set was a lovely thing and was genuinely limited. Will be locking this one down early.


I’ve got a 7 inch of Streets Of Your Town. Is that worth owt!?


If you missed vol 1 don’t pay high prices…they are looking to repress the box for release in the New Year for those who missed out :)

Andy Mac

hi steve,

how definite is that or how reliable is your source? great news if it happens!


I’ve read that it’s a “maybe” that it’ll be repressed. As usual with record companies, who knows?

Stephen Gilmour

Andy Mac. It was mentioned on the Go Betweens FB site when this announcement came out…they’re in discussions at the moment with a new year repressing likely so 100 percent reliable :)

Tom Walsh

Amazing band..the only band that could touch The Smiths for guitar melodies in the 80’s. Would love to hear the tracks for the intended follow up to 16 Lovers Lane

Ricardo Sardo

Not only “The Smiths” and “Go-Betweens”. In the eighties there was another cristal clear band with guitars. They started dark and beautiful and after they emerged in pop glory. They have excelent records, by the way. “Felt”, the band of Lawrence, Maurice Deebank and Martin Duffy (latter on Primal Scream). In the late nineties another excelent band of cristal clear guitars, “The Montgolfier Brothers”, less pop orientated, more ambient but very beautiful. The first record is superb.

Mark C

Not true. Ricky Wilde (brother of pop royalty Kim Wilde) is a great guitarist. Andy Taylor of Duran is great guitarist, Vicki Peterson from Bangles, Neil Finn of Crowded House, China Crisis, A Flock Of Seagulls, Big Country’s Stuart Adamson, Alphaville’s guitarist, and a number of bassists too, but I take your point that their playing was utterly underrated and ignored, just like their songs in the mainstream.

gary oliver

box looks great ! .. i was never a huge fan, with the exception of the astonishingly good ” bye bye pride ”


Hi Paul

Ordered from Domino as soon as I heard about it, a few weeks ago now.
Hoping I get one of the books from Grant’s personal library that come with initial boxes.
I’m surprised there are links to other shops as I thought it was exclusive from Domino.
Another fantastic box from a brilliant band to look forward to for the festive season.


I did as well, and out of curiosity just checked the Domino site. I see that they’ve added the text specifying that the initial allotment of books from Grant’s collection has sold out, so it is fair to assume that any orders that were placed before that disclosure was uploaded will include the book.
I was lucky enough to get a book with the first box set. I had no idea they were being resold for that much.

Electric Sydney

What book did you get out of curiosity?