Garbage / No Gods No Masters

New album. Signed editions sold out.

Garbage return with a new studio album, No Gods No Masters in June.

It’s the band’s seventh album and their first since 2016’s Strange Little Birds. According to Shirley Manson:

“The significant numerology of which affected the DNA of its content. The seven virtues; the seven sorrows; and the seven deadly sins. It was our way of trying to make sense of the craziness of the world and the astounding chaos we found ourselves in.”

No Gods No Masters will be available as a two-CD deluxe edition with a bonus disc of covers most of which have been issued in the last eight years for Record Store Day.

There will also be white vinyl, neon green vinyl and products and bundles are available with from the official Garbage store.

No Gods No Masters will be issued on 11 June 2021.

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No Gods No Masters - 2CD deluxe


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No Gods No Masters - Neon Green Vinyl LP


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No Gods No Masters single CD edition

track listing


No Masters Garbage /

    • CD 1
      1. The Men Who Rule the World
      2. The Creeps
      3.  Uncomfortably Me
      4. Wolves
      5. Anonymous XXX
      6. Waiting for God
      7. Godhead
      8. A Woman Destroyed
      9. Flipping the Bird
      10. No Gods No Masters
      11. This City Will Kill You
    • CD 2
      1. No Horses
      2. Starman
      3. Girls Talk featuring Brody Dalle
      4. Because the Night featuring Screaming Females
      5. On Fire
      6. The Chemicals featuring Brian Aubert
      7. Destroying Angels featuring John Doe & Exene Cervenka
      8. Time Will Destroy Everything

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Dave H

William England

Can you tell me more about the vinyl stamping story. Was there something wrong with the stamper? Did you deliberately stamp them all 0001? Were you working in a record shop and received a box of un-stamped singles?


Lucky I did not wait to get one of the signed bundle.
Over they years I managed to buy a signed cd, signed poster, signed 10″, signed slipmat and now the print, all at fab prices from their store :)


I thank God every day this band got back together after their hiatus. Garbage and their eclectic sound has meant so much to me since I first discovered them while playing Gran Turismo back in 1997. I now consider Shirley, Duke, Steve & Butch to be one of my top three all-time favorite bands. Don’t ever stop!!!

Dean Taylor

Just ordered the green vinyl from Amazon…
Decided to pass on a sighed bundle due to lack of funds .. although there very good value..
Also was one of the lucky ones that got a signed print with my Garbage deluxe box a few years ago …so I’m all covered there …
Hope this time around all who ordered one will Get there print…


I saw Shirley many times as the keyboard player for one of Scotland’s finest lost bands. goodbye Mr Mackenzie, check out the rattler. I recall reading that she suffered from severe stage fright back then, and yet a few years pass, I’m in America and she appears on stage leading a brilliant band. Well done Shirley.

Dunno about acting my age tho, having just finished my shift I’m definitely feeling my age.

Garbage Collector

Love the band, first time I saw them was at the Reading Festival in 1998. Those were the days when bands released singles with b sides I even have the rare Subhuman single stamped 0001 which must be worth a mint!

DJ Salinger

Nice to see a new release deluxe edition avoiding the demos/instrumentals option and offering essential content instead. That clinches the deal immediately in this house.

I am willing them to come out fighting with this album.

Pierre Martinez

Totally agree!!!!


Good music still exists …. It’s reassuring … Thank you Garbage for this latest innovative and amazing single!


The Neon Green Vinyl is available at HMV for £30


Nice to see they’re back… I can only assume the result will be better than “Strange little birds”, which was a nightmare to listen to (in my opinion)… Hope they’ll be back to something closer to “Version2.0” or “Beautiful” …

And if only they could think of making their reissues greater than the cheap renditions of their firsts albums…. “Garbage” and “Version 2.0” would have deserve more than the poor 2 Cds issues they were given… think of what TFF had done and make them bigger !


Currently the green vinyl is on Amazon for £22.99.
Much cheaper than Townsend who have sold out.
Hurry Hurry !!


Is the deluxe exclusive to the store?
It’s certainly not on Amazon.co.uk yet.
I just object to £4.50 shipping when it would be free shipping from Amazon….


Did not receive the email about new Garbage signed until after noon on 3/31, most comments on the 30th, yeah sold out too quickly , hope they limited them to one per person/address/card, have not yet read any comments yet, Dissappointed. Anyone know exactly when these went on sale?
Met Shirley Manson fresh off her Angelfish tenure, she wanted to take a picture with me showing the rebel middle finger the esteemed Johnny Cash to the Folsom warden. ( JC whom I was also honored to meet, NO HINT of an ego, Whatsoever, very gentlemanly like a preacher after Easter mass.) Shirley was unapproachable after the 1st tour.
Love the “Men Who rule the World” reminds me of Jeff Bezos despicable behavior against the people who work to make him money, the AM. workers.
Missed opportunity.


Great news! I ordered the 2CD Deluxe set.

Good idea to include the tracks from the last RSD releases. Unfortunately, they did not include the 2017 Cat Stevens cover “Where do they children play? ” which was on a charity CD. Such a inclusion would have made the bonus disc perfect!

John Orr

I went to the same secondary school as Shirley in Edinburgh, she’s come a long way hasn’t she, over the years.

Darren from Oz

Those signed bundles sold out quickly!!


Great to see No Horses included. I ordered the deluxe CD immediately.


It would be nice to know which vinyl is more “limited” – white ltd or striking neon green!
Anyone have an inkling?


Yes. Bought the deluxe bundle with everything. Knowing I’m never going to wear the T-shirt, to keep it mint. Never open the vinyl, to keep it mint and play the CD only once then load it on to my iPhone to play from here on in. From “The Diary Of A Nerd…aged 51 and a quarter”.

Met the band in Bristol on their Version 2.0 anniversary tour a few years ago. Lovely, natural people. A great band!


Saw them on the original Version 2 tour at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. One of my best gigs ever. Couldn’t get a programme so bought a t-shirt as a souvenir that night. I never wore it, just kept it in a draw. To my eternal shame, I gave it away to a Goth girl I used to work with! I’ve gone for the neon vinyl deluxe package – t-shirts don’t fit me any more


Really love the band abd im happy to see them back but…. christ I wish they’d start employing some decent graphic designers.
From album three on, they’ve been a masterclass in dismal artwork…. the last one was risible – this one looks fan made… Depeche and REM have some competition in the ‘Consistently Ugly Album Covers’ awards

John Archbell

Oh I think Duran Duran are the headliners for the ugliest cover artwork. Especially after the grotesque Paper Gods.

I quite like this one – very striking!

Hugh Hall

Sorry I agree with Russ. DM and REM artwork has been shocking over the years.

The Thorn

HURRAY!!! The second disc alone is worth the purchase! I’ve wanted these songs on CD for so long – it’s some of their best stuff in years.

Thank you Garbage! And welcome back! :)


to buy the signed print you HAVE TO buy vinyl – no option to buy the deluxe cd + signed print only.
THEN you have to register to order.
Why do they make it as difficult as possible???
AND, no, I don’t want the t-shirt + deluxe cd + signed print option – i’m 66 for god’s sake – WTF am I going to do with a band t-shirt???
(although I did ruin the collectability of the Subhuman single by stamping an entire box of the 7″ with “0001”)

David Bly


First of all, there IS one edition with a signed print available with a CD…

Secondly, what does your age have to do with having and/or wearing a band T-shirt? I’m 65 and I BUY and WEAR band T-shitrts all the time. Or do you get the impression you must do it at a show by the band in question?

I occasionally buy hats too. Several years ago at a Dinosaur Jr. show, they were giving free hats with any purchase. I bought 2 LPs I didn’t have, and got two hats. I had them all sign all but one of the items, so I now have an autographed hat, and one that’s not, and I just may wear that one when I go out later.

If you work where you can’t wear T-shirts, I understand that. But age is no excuse to not wear your band shirts elsewhere, whether it’s Little Richard or Roxy Music or Deerhoof or Michaela Anne
OR Garabge.


yes, I know there is one edition with a signed print available with a de…
That’s exactly what I don’t want – THE T-SHIRT – if you had read my comment properly you would have understood that.
Oh, and do act your age – all the “kids” are laughing at you!


Exactly Paul, spread the love around by giving the shirt to a good friend. I get tshirts all the time as part of VIP meet and greet packages. Not once did they offer (ehemm) big boy 3xl. I always order a medium and give it to a good friend. If he doesn’t want it, I tell him to pass it on to someone he knows.

A little less anger would make the world a better place.

Keep up the excellent website Paul. Thanks to you I got my deluxe cd and white vinyl soon as I saw the post.


Indeed, I had left out the words “Deluxe CD and” before the word “Print”, and thank you for making me re-read my submission again and thus apologise to Mr Bly.
The entire point that I was trying to make was that this was another example of Bands/Record companies making us buy a format that we do not want nor need.


I proudly wear my band t-shirts. If “all the kids are laughing at” me, they can go take a flying leap–when they have their own money, they can buy what they want. I’m happy to publicly celebrate my fandoms, and I don’t give a **** what “kids” think. “Act your age” is one of the most ridiculous ideas out there–if it’s all an “act,” then there’s nothing substantive to it other than some random rules that someone decided were “appropriate” at some point. I’m not interested in “acting.”

Love the new track, and very much looking forward to the new album–especially the covers disc. Wish we could get the unreleased duet between Shirley and Marilyn Manson on Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” that was apparently recorded for the “Lest We Forget” greatest hits project but then shelved. I think they would sound amazing together.

I think Garbage has done some amazing work over the years, but I’ll admit that when I was listening to them back in the 90s, I didn’t think they would still be around 25+ years later. Very glad to be wrong on that point.


‘Act your age’.
What a depressing instruction.
Who do you think is happier, the person doing what they want to do regardless of some pre-conceived idea of age-appropriateness or the person constantly worried about doing what’s ‘age appropriate’.
I think I know.
Looking forward to this album, saw them in Bristol a few years back, amazing gig.

Hugh Hall

“(although I did ruin the collectability of the Subhuman single by stamping an entire box of the 7″ with “0001”)” – Nope! You might have stamped more copies with “0001” than was necessary but you certainly didn’t ruin the collectability of it.


awesome first single. hope for a strong ballad for the next one.
my summer is more interesting already.


Ordered the white vinyl bundle with deluxe CD and signed print, great news about the second disc, there’s also original material on that disc like No Horses.


I just wish they could keep their excellent debut LP in print! Not sure what’s up with that, it would sell pretty well.

Adam F

$32 shipping for $49 bundle.


Adam F, you can purchase the deluxe cd and the green vinyl separately (no tshirt, no $32 shipping – but also no signed print) in the U.S.A. as Record Store indie. I imagine the white vinyl limited is only available from their store.


Adam F. I take taht back. Try their US store (found it on a thread). I just nabbed the Deluxe CD, Limited white vinyl. No signed print, but for $9 shipping versus $32, I can do without the print.


Thanks! ordered in uSA Store.


CD02 is essentially them wrapping up their one off non-album iTunes/7″ singles from the past few years onto CD format.

Gary Russell

Huge kudos to the band for that second disc giving us a chance to have the RSD stuff on CD at last! Hooray!!

Brad B.

I agree, I got Paul’s email this morning and went to the Garbage site straight away for a preorder on the deluxe CD. Nice bone to throw to the long-time fans who don’t happen to have a turntable or the means to have the random material before now. Paul, I feel you could do a great interview with the band someday, especially the gentlemen in regards to the recording/production/playing process. Nothing against Shirley as I’ve always loved her but she gets almost all of the spotlight when it comes to promoting the band so it’d be nice to hear from the others and Paul I think you’d be good candidate to talk with the band in a way other press has yet to do. Assuming that’s a thing you’d want to do, of course….


Cheers Paul! Ordered the Deluxe signed and Tee!