Garbage / Version 2.0 reissue

Remastered • ten B-sides added • Ludicrous box set

Garbage will reissue a 20th anniversary edition of their second album Version 2.0 in June.

The album has been remastered and will be available as a two-CD deluxe edition, with a bonus disc of ten B-sides and a 2LP orange vinyl package (which is album only).

A box set edition contains three (black) vinyl records and does include those B-sides on vinyl. Unfortunately, that’s it for audio (or video) content and rest of it sounds very gimmicky with other ‘stuff’ including a movie-style poster, four sticker inserts and a condom in a “matchbook style card cover”! The box will cost in the region of £65-£70 and will only be available from ‘indie’ stores.

Version 2.o was issued in May 1998 and was extremely successful in the UK. It reached number one in the album charts and all five singles all going top 20 (Push It, I Think I’m Paranoid and When I Grow Up all hit the top 10).

Unfortunately for fans, Garbage have, for the second time of asking, managed to make a hash of an album reissue. A three or four CD set featuring album, B-sides, selected remixes/rarities is probably the minimum requirement, but there’s no sign of any remixes or demos at all on the physical products, which means we may well have to endure the dreaded ‘digital’ super deluxe edition again.

Also, for better or for worse, coloured vinyl is normally regarded as premium/limited edition fare, but box set purchasers don’t get the coloured edition. It was the same situation with the 2015 reissue of their debut album.

Version 2.0 will be reissued on 22 June 2018.


Album Tracklist:

Temptation Waits
I Think I’m Paranoid
When I Grow Up
Hammering in My Head
Push It
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing
Sleep Together
Wicked Ways
You Look So Fine

B-sides (deluxe formats only):

Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
13x Forever
Get Busy With The Fizzy
Soldier Through This
Lick The Pavement
Medication (Acoustic)

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Can’t wait for the vinyl

[…] I don’t think much of the expensive and gimmicky triple LP vinyl box set edition of the recently announced Garbage Version 2.0 reissue, the 2LP orange vinyl sounds rather nice and is probably my pick of the […]


Garbage were a third rate Curve. And Shirley Manson is one of the most obnoxious people I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

Brad Breault

As a fan of the band, the 2 CD remasters offered so far have been fine, but it seems most people who would buy a 1 or 2 CD reissue would most likely buy a 3 or 4 CD version if it was made available. The easy route would have been; 1 CD remaster only, 1 CD box set with all available bonus content and 1 vinyl box set will all bonus content.
I seem to recall a few years ago Butch Vig talking about putting together a live collection for them, maybe any live tracks are being held back to to that? One can hope!


I passed on the previous re-issue and the same will apply here. Digital-only extras are just ridiculous!


Found a link


£27 for the vinyl :o I can only imagine it will be cheaper elsewhere at some point?

Dean Taylor

Please don’t forget that this is being sold as a remastered standard album or a deluxe album and as of yet not a super deluxe set . As such I am happy to buy the deluxe vinyl simply for packaging, which I am confident will be as good as the previous reissue. On the other hand I would loved to have seen a 3cd 1blu ray(audio and visual )set . The recent Rem automatic set being a great balance of content which would have been perfect for both this and the previous reissue.
I will admit my preference is for a nice concise box set and not something that contains every cough and sneeze a band makes. Just dont have the time it all .

Matthew James

Yes, let’s not fault it for what it’s clearly not intending to provide. Look on the bright side: there isn’t the usual problem of having a multidisc set and then a pared down 2-CD deluxe that inevitably doesn’t bring over the content that you really wanted. If and when a super deluxe appears, it can be in one format.

lee bowler

Adore this album and the orange vinyl will be mine! Was hoping for a super deluxe version (digital maybe) like the first album with all those remixes etc

The boxset isn’t enticing me yet but as further details are revealed it may become more desirable. In the words of Garbage, Just shut your mouth, try not to panic ……

Would love Beautifulgarbage on vinyl too (my favourite album by them)


Wow: lot’s of ‘Negative Nancies’ up in here!

Paul, i’m wondering if this is the atmosphere you envisioned for the site (which I really love visiting and learning from). I’m not suggesting a word polices, but totally surprised that a place for music lovers has become so unloving.

Personally speaking, I’ve never understood the impulse to verbally abuse or denigrate someone else’s music online or elsewhere.

If this is your thing awesome! If it’s not, aren’t there more interesting uses of time than slagging someone off?

Anyways, long live garbage! In my opinion, This is a fabulous and unforgettable 90’s album from an inventive band.
These songs are beloved by so many! Their live shows (i’ve been to several) are always packed, raucous, and full of life.

As for the music I personally don’t enjoy, I don’t post about it or buy it. I just focus on the sounds I love.


I don’t think Paul’s slagging off, just making the point that its a poor showing for a great album. At the very least this should include a remix cd. The reworked stuff from this album is amazing.

One could at least hope the packing won’t be as flimsy as the debut’s reissue.


Anyone else find it odd that the official web store does not have this up for preorder yet?


Sounds like Apple Music will be my best bet on this – just like the debut.

Charlie Waffles

I hope this was not Shirley’s idea. This album deserves so much better. Say it isn’t so, Shirley…


What makes this reissue, and its predecessor, so bizarre (and slightly depressing) is the band (and fans) cannot reasonably blame a money-grubbing monolothic multinational record company for the paucity of the content.

Garbage – via their own StunVolume – ARE the record label!

CD2 of the only physical deluxe version of the Garbage debut was barely more than half an hour long. By my calculation CD2 of Version 2.0 is a little longer but still not even 35 minutes duration.

This is clearly not a matter of coming up against the time limits of the CD format – there’s about 40 minutes of spare space! Maybe they don’t like the remixes; maybe there’s too many which they thought brilliant and just couldn’t choose between them; maybe they handed the whole project over to the work experience kid; or maybe they just didn’t really care and knocked something together at five to five on a Friday afternoon while itching to get down the pub…


Your mention of live recordings sent me scurrying to the shelves… There’s certainly a few live tracks available from this era. On a 1999 Special Edition 2CD of Version 2.0 the second disc had four live tracks (Dumb, Stupid Girl, Temptation Waits, Vow) from the 1998 Roskilde Festival – presumably the rest of the concert was recorded – that could have been the starter for a whole third disc. That four-track second CD is 20 minutes long: how times change – we now get 15 minutes extra for our money! ;)

The exclusion of The World Is Not Enough (much mentioned below) is more understandable: it was released by a different label from Garbage’s original people. Licensing problems?

However nothing embarrasses these Garbage Anniversary releases better than a comparison with the Anniversary editions of the similarly vintaged Manic Street Preachers albums ‘Everything Must Go’ and ‘The Holy Bible’ – both of which have been twice released in multidisc sets with a seemingly endless supply of extra material. And all for a more than reasonable price: 2CD+DVD for fifteen quid!

Mathew Lauren

The missing (24/96) 5.1 or (24/96) ATMOS mix is the buried lead, here.

Dean Taylor

Good luck on buying the original vinyl !…£££££


A shame – this album produced the most amount of b-sides and remixes and the band is not mining them to proper effect. Plus the Bond song, plus the tons of great live performances from an exhaustive world tour they did in support of this work. Hard pass.

Mark Jensen

I’m excited to be able to buy a vinyl version for a reasonable price, but as far as the cd goes, I agree with those who suggest buying the original album and singles – I suspect they will sound better, though I’d love to be surprised on that. I also really think “The Word Is Not Enough” should have been included on the second cd.

Dean Taylor

Ok… I give in .. ordered the vinyl box from Norman’s £65 … free postage..have seen a contents photo on the Rough Trade site .. looks good to me. Wonder if the condom is orange ..

Auntie Sabtina

Hold that thought…


i hope for a digital super deluxe edition like for the first album. with all remixes, demos etc.

what i miss is the james bond song “the world is not enough”. it’s from 1999 and was released in the version 2.0 era. would fit perfectly on the b-side CD. maybe they couldn’t use it for licensing reasons?


I’m totally buying this. And if there’s a digital download at high quality 320kbps that’s great news for me, I’ll be very excited. I thought the remastering job on the first album reissue was great! And I hope if there’s a digtal download with all the remixes that it inclides much more than is listed here. That’s too exciting! That last reissue had loads of b-sides and remixes. I love this album. I don’t mind downloads. All my CDs end up being downloaded to MP3 as well as my vinyl and cassettes. Because I’m always on the go, I’m very busy working and I need to take my music with me, and then I also like playing it at home, so I collect MP3’s just as much as everything else. But my favorite format is vinyl.


I love Garbage and I love this album…not so fond of the re issue due to the lack of content.

Andrew B

I’ll wait for the shoddy download version then, pffttt

bob peel

such a missed opportunity no demos no remixes no live stuff so frustrated , still hoping for sommat signed off there site tho


In no way does this album need remastering and you can pick up the original for less than a £1 new on Amazon. If you bought this album in the first place you are most likely to have all those singles as well and if not they can be picked up for next to nothing and at least you would get the remixes with them. As for the box set the band name just sums up what that is.


According to Wikipedia, there were six singles from this album. If people are interested in remixes, 5 remixes of the singles are on the 2cd version of Absolute Garbage.


Yep, 6th (The Trick Is To Keep Breathing) was a limited release with no new b-sides (recycled from other singles) and no video, excluded from their best of sets.


The remixes on Absolute Garbage are all edits not the full versions.


So they even managed to make a balls up of that!!!

John Lloyd

The remixes on the CD singles were edits and not the full versions – this was the time when the idiot chart company demanded CD singles be under 20 minutes in length, which in hindsight was the first step in killing off the singles market and leading to the dross streamed by idiots that counts for a chart today.


Well, I’ll probably get the cd for the b-sides and the regular vinyl. I don’t need a box with a Garbage condom, personally. Though, I guess that would be “special.”

DJ Salinger

It’s tempting to say wait a while and buy this cheaper second-hand. But then again, a used condom has very limited appeal. A bit like the overall package.

File under: missed opportunities. A bit like those Felt reissues…


I’m all in…. possibly one of my favorite albums by any artist ever… and I’m still listening to the CD I bought in 1998! Can’t wait to have this album and the b-sides on vinyl in a box. True there’s not a lot of extra content, but the debut album box is exquisite so I’m excited for this one too!

Larry D

Yesyesyesyesyes! I started to think they don’t want a reissue of this great album.


UGH how frustrating. It would have been so easy to make that second disc more worthwhile – even just filling it with a few of the best or rarest mixes, some unreleased demos, live sessions, ANYTHING. I’ll probably go for the orange vinyl, as the pink debut album reissue was nice, but really disappointing that this is really the barest minimum they could come up with, again. A shame as this album really could have used a comprehensive treatment.


The write up on Norman Records is funny!

“Rejoice! Garbage’s second album is getting the re-issue treatment. This classic album that contains hits like…..um…. I don’t recognise any, is now available in a £64.99 box set which includes a poster, sticker inserts and a condom. So if you are too nervy buying a sheath from your local chemist then this is the place to get one.”


I had to laugh at the description on there This classic album that contains hits like…..um…. I don’t recognise any lol


That’s a shame ! After the debacle of the previous reissue, nothing seems understood !
This is probably the best album of the band, it should have deserve a better treatment !
Anyone who has the singles of that era can do better…


If they don’t release a super deluxe edition with all the remixes and some unreleased stuff, like they did for the first album, then I’m out.

Auntie Sabtina

Do I need my eyes tested – a CONDOM?, a rubber-Jonnie?!


No Number1 crush ???


#1 Crush is featured on the 2CD deluxe edition of the debut Garbage album.
I’ll be getting the orange vinyl and 2CD deluxe edition, shame The World Is Not Enough is being included.


@dan: yes, i miss “the world is not enough” too…


Orange vinyl would be nice but the 2CD with b-sides will do me.

Kevin Galliford

I remember seeing them live touring this album & they were brilliant! Still got the T-shirt!


I also still have a pristine condition navy blue t-shirt from this tour. The orange globe on the front, and giant band name and tour dates on the back in uncharacteristically thick white print. A quality item.

Dean Taylor

The vinyl and deluxe cd for me at the moment. Will have to wait and see about the deluxe vinyl. I have to admit I’m rather like my Garbage box , but with postage it was expensive considering the content. A well made and good looking set nonetheless.


As with the self-titled, no need for the excess of remixes for me, so the two-disc will do nicely…

David Carter

Thanks, I am seeing them in september so a revisit very well timed.

Steven Robertson

I’ll pass….