Gary Crowley’s Lost ’80s

After last year’s excellent Punk and New Wave box set, broadcaster and DJ Gary Crowley has turned his attention to the 1980s, by curating a new four-CD and 3LP package called Gary Crowley’s Lost 80s.

As you might expect, this package isn’t the normal 80s compilation with images of Rubik’s Cube and Pac Man on the front, and the oh so familiar big hits, rather this is a trip through the decade via some lesser-known songs (often by some still very ‘big’ artists).

Alongside quirky selections from the catalogue of Wham!, Depeche Mode, Prefab Sprout, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club and Bananarama, sit artists like The Suede Crocodiles, Friends Again, Bush Tetras, Strawberry Switchblade (no, not that song) and poignantly, given yesterday’s news, Lost 80s also includes the dance mix of Pete Shelley‘s Homosapien. Full track listings are below.

The 4CD set is a 40-page ‘media book’ package (with notes by Crowley) and contains 63 tracks while a 3LP vinyl edition features a cut-down selection of 30. This is a coloured vinyl pressing and the label have opted for red, green and blue (reminiscent of the early ‘Now’ compilations).

Gary Crowley’s Lost 80s will be released on 15 February 2019 via Demon Music.

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Various Artists

Gary Crowley's Lost 80s - 4CD set

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Various Artists

Gary Crowley's Lost 80s - 3LP coloured vinyl


Gary Crowley’s Lost 80’s / 4CD edition

1. Vic Godard – Stop That Girl
2. The Pale Fountains – (There’s Always) Something On My Mind
3. Haircut 100 – Milk Film
4. Aztec Camera – Pillar To Post
5. The Bluebells – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
6. Johnny Britton – Happy-Go-Lucky Girls
7. Prefab Sprout – Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
8. Fantastic Something – If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain)
9. The Suede Crocodiles – Stop The Rain
10. Friends Again – Honey At The Core
11. Strawberry Switchblade – Trees And Flowers
12. April Showers – Abandon Ship
13. A Craze – Wearing Your Jumper
14. Paul Quinn – Ain’t That Always The Way
15. Hurrah! – Sweet Sanity
16. The Dream Academy – Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

1. Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps
2. Bow Wow Wow – Mickey Put It Down
3. Theatre of Hate – Do You Believe In The West World?
4. The Apollinaires – The Feeling’s Gone
5. The Redskins – Keep On Keeping On
6. Carmel – More More More
7. JoBoxers – Is This Really The First Time You’ve Been In Love
8. Makin’ Time – Feels Like It’s Love
9. Hey! Elastica- This Town
10. Fashion – Streetplayer (Mechanik)
11. The Main T Posse – Fickle Public Speakin’
12. The Associates – 18 Carat Love Affair
13. Spandau Ballet – Confused
14. Matt Fretton – It’s So High
15. Depeche Mode – Shake The Disease
16. Paul Haig – Running Away
17. The Questions – Tuesday Sunshine (Jock Mix)
18. The Kane Gang – Brother Brother
19. Sunset Gun – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got
20. Altered Images – Love To Stay

1. Wham! – A Ray Of Sunshine
2. Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel
3. Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love
4. The Jellies – Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
5. I Level – Give Me [U.S. Remix]
6. Jimmy Young – Times Are Tight
7. Whodini – Magic’s Wand [Special Extended Mix]
8. Blue Rondo à la Turk – Klacto Vee Sedstein
9. Culture Club – I’m Afraid Of Me [Extended Dance Mix]
10. Pigbag – The Big Bean
11. Monyaka – Go Deh Yaka
12. 23 Skidoo – Coup
13. Funkapolitan – If Only
14. The Staple Singers – Slippery People [Club Version]
15. Matt Bianco – Matt’s Mood

1. Bananarama- Aie A Mwana [Afro Tribal Version]
2. Intaferon – GetoutofLondon [Intacontinentalballisticmix]
3. Pete Shelley – Homosapien [Dance Version]
4. Quando Quango – Genius
5. Was (Not Was) – (Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks [Extended Remix]
6. Defunkt – The Razor’s Edge
7. Chic – Hangin’ [12 Inch]
8. Gang Of Four – I Love A Man In A Uniform [Extended]
9. Animal Magnet – Welcome To The Monkey House
10. Fun Boy Three – Faith, Hope And Charity [MM Extended Dub]
11. Brilliant – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World [Extended]
12. Morgan McVey – Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch

Gary Crowley’s Lost 80’s / 3LP vinyl edition

LP1 – The Jingly Jangley LP
A1. Vic Godard – Stop That Girl
A2. The Pale Fountains – (There’s Always)
Something On My Mind
A3. Haircut 100 – Milk Film
A4. Aztec Camera – Pillar To Post
A5. The Bluebells – Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
A6. Prefab Sprout – Lions in My Own Garden (Exit

B1. Fantastic Something – If She Doesn’t Smile
(It’ll Rain)
B2. The Suede Crocodiles – Stop The Rain
B3. Friends Again – Honey At The Core
B4. Strawberry Switchblade – Trees And Flowers
B5. April Showers – Abandon Ship
B6. Paul Quinn – Ain’t That Always The Way

LP2 – F*ck Art Let’s Dance
C1. Bush Tetras – Too Many Creeps
C2. Bow Wow Wow – Mickey Put It Down
C3. The Apollinaires – The Feeling’s Gone
C4. The Redskins – Keep On Keeping On
C5. JoBoxers – Is This Really The First Time
You’ve Been In Love

D1. Hey! Elastica- This Town
D2. Spandau Ballet – Confused
D3. Depeche Mode – Shake The Disease
D4. Paul Haig – Running Away
D5. Altered Images – Love To Stay

LP3 – Dance This Mess Around
E1. Wham! – A Ray Of Sunshine
E2. Grandmaster Flash – The Adventures Of
Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel
E3. Tom Tom Club – Genius Of Love
E4. Whodini – Magic’s Wand [Special Extended Mix]

F1. Blue Rondo à la Turk – Klacto Vee Sedstein
F2. Pigbag – The Big Bean
F3. Funkapolitan – If Only
F4. The Staple Singers – Slippery People [Club

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David Culmer

Bit disappointed. Pete Shelley is the album track and Matt Fretton is a vinyl rip, albeir better than the one I had. Hope some of the other tracks that I don’t know will justify the expense


Anyone had a problem with disc 2 of this set?

My copy arrived from Amazon on day of release and disc 2 did not register in my CD player. It is effectively a blank disc. Ordered a replacement from Amazon and the same problem with disc 2 which makes me think it’s faulty batch.

Does anyone have an email address I can contact to getting a work in disc 2?


Mine is fine, although I ordered from Rough Trade and it turned up the following week, so I wonder if that was related to correcting the disc 2 issue?
I love it, although would quibble with a couple of tracks in terms of ‘lost’ status and, be careful when removing discs 1 and 4 they are in pockets that are very tight!
I hope there’s more to come.


I ordered and received mine from amazon the day after release. I’ve listened to all four discs and they are fine.

There were a few tracks that I knew but not many. So far April showers – Abandon ship, Bush Tetras – Too many creeps and Blue Rondo ala turk – Klacto vee sedstein are favourites. I’ve bought their album Chewing the fat on the strength of that. I like what I’ve heard and hope there’s a volume 2.

david culmer

Hi, I would love to know if Matt Fretton’s track sounds as though it is from vinyl or not – hope you don’t mind me asking!


Sorry but why is CD4 not covered on vinyl at all? The 3 records are basically the highlights of the first 3 CDs and then stops, frustrating because CD4 is more my thing.


Only interested if this compilation if 12″ versions and 12″ mixes.

Daniel Mason

No cassette version?


Have to get this, if only for Hey! Elastica track – somewhere I have the Eat Your Heart Out 12″, and this answers the old question of, did they ever make another record? (Note to Cherry Red – apparently Hey! Elastica’s sole album hasn’t been on CD yet, so you could fill a gap here; just please don’t do your usual trick of leaving off one or two tracks when there’s plenty of room for everything.) Given the price, I may wait for a Deal Alert.


No Faith Brothers? Thought Country Of The Blind or Stranger On Home Ground would of made it onto a Crowley compilation from that era.


Stranger On Home Ground and Eventide are wonderful records.


Welcome to the Monkeyhouse – The official National Anthem of the Black Country….
Got to agree with my fellow west midlanders this song is what would be called a “regional hit” in the US and by law has to be played at any event [along with tin tin] that consists of more than 3 people and involves rum & black.

Robert Glynn

Yikes! That’s my 1980’s right there!



What happened to ’87-’89?

Chris Squires

A great question. My 1980s ended in 1985.

Only recently confirmed by watching all of the old Top of the Pops programs. I was glued every week from 1977 onwards, but they have just moved in to 1986 and it just feels different and I have lost interest.

Probably like the previous generation might feel that the 1970s ended in 1976 / 1977 with the arrival of punk. And for some the 1970s might not have even started until 1977.

It’s all personal but if you says 1980s to me it’s 1980 to 1985. I guess it’s age too as that’s 13 to 18 for me. Peak year 1984…..


I feel very similar, it was downhill from 85, gradual but clear for me.


If you love pop & indie 80s (as I do), than its really hard to give a straight answer to that question.
As far as pop is concerned, I do agree that generally by 1986 it slowed down considerably (the output of great records), but on the indie front, a lot was just starting to happened and it continued well into the early 90s….

The peak music years for me – 1983 & 1984

As I discover rarities & obscure gems / re-discover old favorites – 1984 still proves to be the peak in every way.


“The peak music years for me – 1983 & 1984″
I would have to agree. Broadly speaking 1977—2002 and I think that has a lot to do with my age but the early-mid ’80s had something magical, particularly 1981 through 1987. By 1988, musically you could feel the decade slipping away.

Great to see compilations like this that go deep beyond the typical stuff you heard all over the radio then and now; I hope they keep ’em coming!

Probably not a perfect fit with those whose tastes align exclusively with the above tracklist, but here are some of the forgotten ’80s songs I wish I could get on a compilation:

Blanket Of Secrecy—“Say You Will” [Extended] (1982)
Boys Don’t Cry—”Cities On Fire” [U.S. Remix, UK Remix] (1986)
DeFilm—”Bitter Surprise” [Extended Remix] (1986)
Ebn-Ozn—”Bag Lady” [2 or 3 Remixes] (1984)
Heaven 17—”Let Me Go” [12″ Mix] (1982)
Wax U.K.—”American English” [Concorde Mix] (1987)
Device—”Who Says?” [Dance Mix & Dub] (1986)
Wild Blue—”International Language Of Dance” [Extended & Dub] (1986)
DeFilm—”I Saw Your Dream” [Extended Remix] (1985)
After The Fire—”Der Kommissar” [Extended & Dub] (1982)
Device—“Hanging On A Heart Attack” [Extended & Dub] (1986)
Danny Spanos—”Hot Cherie” [Album version] (1983)
Taxxi—“Metro Boulot Dodo” [Album version] (1983)

Believe it or not I deleted half the list I thought would go over least well on this thread!


My early teens were that same period and whilst I agree that the first half of the 80s was the finest half surely there must’ve been some good stuff out at the end of the decade? The Beloved appeared in ’88-’89, I reckon and I thought they were brilliant. Speaking of which, Happiness is an album just singing out for the SDE treatment. I would 100% buy that!


Chris Squires, great point about your 80’s. I always considered myself a child of the eighties but a few years ago realised that 1976 to 1985 was the period I was listening to most. And I agree, 1984 was the best by a distance. Turning to this compilation, there’s loads of tracks I’ve not heard before mixed with several that I’m more familiar with. A must buy for me. And for people complaining about the price, there’s loads of ‘100 Hits’ compilations for a fiver available if you want to listen to ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘You Spin Me Round’ on rotation!


Good to see I Level on there. Not many comps include any I Level tracks. I still own Our Song on 12″ which includes the dub mix, still one of my favourite singles of all time and never seen it anywhere since i bought the 12″ in 1984!

Robert Laversuch

Perfect – sold. Cannae wait


a lot of these titles are def lost on me…..if only I could purchase on uk amazon!!! great to see amazon us are shipping to oz again (‘tis for the heads up paul). c’mon england!

Tom from FIN

Very obscure picks, because very many of those hardly made a single or too either. Not to mention completing one album or becoming one hit wonders. I bet most or very many of thos are never heard to people also living as teens or young adults through the 80’s.

Very joyful collection indeed exactly because the picks have not been the most obvious, so differentiating delightfully from usual retro offers.

Congrats for DJ for the job interestingly done!


Just listening to some of the tracks I don’t remember or never knew at all on youtube .. yes, this is a great compilation, in the spirit of recent Cherry Red compilations, just with a bigger budget and thus a wider access to major labels.

And no, I don’t think it’s overpriced. This is not a compilation that has to rival a dozen of similar ones in the sales department.

I just cannot understand why they didn’t include the [name of remix from promo-only white label] mix of [song title] instead of [name of that other song] by [band name]. And to omit [band name] is absolutely unforgiveable!


What? No ‘Don’t You Want Me’ by Human League!

(Yes, I am joking).


I had forgotten all about Matt Fretton and decided to Google him to see what he’d been up to since. Found this brief biog on Discogs. A sad vignette.

“Eighties pop singer who had a hit with It’s So High reaching number 50 in the charts, performed on Top of the Pops and supported bands such as Depeche Mode and Eurythmic, before becoming an agent for classical musicians.
He committed suicide aged 49, on October 29, 2013, two months after the accidental death of his partner, photographer Sussie Ahlburg.”

Guillaume Bougard

No reggae or dancehall? Monyaka’s song is barely Reggae.


No compilation has yet to come close to aa good as the Retro:Active – Rare & Remixed cds. Wish they had done more.


By the looks of it, this series undoubtably has some of the most interesting / rare remixes out there, but what it also has, is a very bad reputation for sound quality (or rather the lack of it), over-compression / distortion – judging by the reviews on discogs, but I would certainly like to check it out personally.

Derek C

Nice to see Monyaka on something


Agreed Derek C, Go Deh Yaka is a cracking track

Derek C

I’d love to see The Brians “My Brother’s Famous”, The Puppets “Way Of Life, or anything by Floy Joy on a compilation…perhaps one day


First time on CD (i think) for PWL lost classic by Morgan McVey, Looking Good Diving. With The Wild Bunch (i think) is the B side version featuring a certain Neneh Cherry who turns the second half into a very recognisable hit from 3 years later…


Neneh Cherry had a real breakthrough with Buffalo Stance in 1988, but when I discovered her contribution to Rip Rig & Panic……now that was the real deal for me.


What…. They have seriously left off so much good stuff on the 3 vinyls. Why not have 4x vinyls so,we can all benefit from such great tunes.

Paul English

Do you not own a CD player? The whole point of compilations like this is to gather up loads of tracks that were previously vinyl-only releases and put them on CD (some which will appear for the first time).


As someone that does not own a cd player, this issue frustrates me too I must say.

Adrian Slatcher

This is great. Two personal favourites, Trees and flowers which I got on 7″ when it came out and Sunset Guns version of Be thankful for what you’ve got which I think was only ever on a tape compilation. Lovely.


Nice 80’s compilation for a change. From memory doesn’t the Matt Fretton track have Eddie Reader doing backing vocals before she landed the Fairground Attraction gig?


In what way is the Depeche Mode track ‘lost’? Seems a bit out of place on here.


I agree with you. Perhaps the compilers included “Shake the Disease” because it was a non-lp single. However, it was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic and has been included on many of DM’s compilations.

Dave H

I guess the thinking here is that the song isn’t taken from a Depeche Mode album apart from the singles collections. Maybe lost if you have Depeche Mode albums and none of their compilations.

David culmer

Will buy this for Matt fretton track. Just needs Floy joy track Until you come back to me.


This is a great list of songs from the 80s. I like this!

Saar Freedman

anyone knows what’s the Bananarama Aie A Mwana Afro Tribal Version is all about? is this a re-named extended or something new?


I only knows 5 or 6 tracks. Quite rare for an 80s compilation. Shake the disease is a bit weird on here. Wasn’t that a massive hit? No problem with it being included though. It’s one of my favourite DM tracks.
It is a bit expensive given the prices that other 80s compilations go for. Does it mean the artists will earn more or the compiler?


What a great tracklist. Add ‘Doot Doot’ by Freur and ‘My Spine’s The Bass Line’ by Shriekback and it’d be perfect!

Incidentally does anyone remember the cable channel Music Box?
(“Hi I’m Duane from Animal Nightlife and I think Music Box is fantastic! …okay guys you can take that gun away from my head now…”)


I’m not sure about this one, it seems like someone’s mix tape given a wide release. It’s nice not to see the same old songs but compiling random deep cuts is kind of oddball. And will Edsel follow along the Cherry Red route and “remaster” everything from vinyl or previously mastered CD’s?


First time “Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone)” AKA Limoges is released on vinyl since its original publication in 1982.


Not quite true.

LIMOGES was reissued as a 7 inch in 1983, then a 12 inch in 1984. It was subsequently used as a b-side on the “When Love Breaks Down” double 7 inch in 1985, and on the “Nightingales” 7 inch in 1988.

This will be the first reissue on vinyl since the 1980s, as far as I know.


Point still made, Fredster, it has been a long time, but wanted to let you know the song was available on a limited basis as the B-side of the Nightingales 7″ in 1988. It was really cool. They called it called the Early Years EP and had the legendary songs Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone) and The Devil Has All the Best Tunes on the flip. Gatefold sleeve with photos of the original singles and a lengthy write-up about the songs by Paddy inside. Got it right next to me as I type. Highly recommended.


Hi Fred. Check out the Nightingales 7″ from 1988. A couple of really cool songs, including this one, on the flip side. Paddy called it the Early Years EP.

Gary Smith

RIP Pete Shelley.
XL1 Brilliant album.

elliott buckingham

nice to see interferon on any release now time to reissue simon f’s solo album gun control or the American version gun because the yanks couldn’t handle an album called gun control


He’s done well to get a track licenced off Depeche Mode ( a great track at that – Shake the disease) as they are famed for not allowing their music to appear on any compilations, especially 80s related ones.


Wow, what a Brilliant selection of tracks.
But is it overpriced at 28 quid for 4 cds?


Monkey house was always played

Known as na,na,na,na you’re a fat ba**ard to us brummies


Early-80s, Midlands music ruling, Villa champions of England and Europe, Forest not far behind, even the Baggies with a decent side…marvellous #RonManager


Is anyone going to pay a fiver more for the vinyl edition which has less than half the tracks on the CD edition?!

Andy jones

Interferon get out of London what a mix new to cd I think

Enrico G.

I’ve always been in love with Carmel (not only “More, more, more”).


Great tracklist, but in what universe is “Genius of Love” an obscurity?


Have to state the obvious and say that the vinyl selection is a big disappointment compared to the breadth of CD material. Demon would have been better advised to go for a 4 lp set with an extra 10-12 tracks and kept the price under £40 to really tempt the vinyl market – as it stands I won’t be buying the vinyl, and I won’t be buying the CDs as I simply don’t buy CDs anymore…..

RIP Pete Shelley – loved the Buzzcocks and your solo material for decades. You’ll be much missed and full respect to you for representing queer identity in a brilliantly creative and humorous way within an environment and time that was really oppressive.

Paul English

Is that not cutting off your nose to spite your face? CD is the most practical delivery method for a compilation like this. In any case, all of the tracks already exist on vinyl whereas some will be rare on CD or appearing on that format for the first time.


Quite simply, some of us prefer the superior sound and gorgeous physicality of vinyl…… the CD market is in steady decline so this is an unusual example of Demon not keeping up with market trends.


I don’t get being negative about various artists compilations over what’s missing; they are what they are and, by their very nature, can’t be 100% anyone’s selection other than the compiler. This is a pleasing selection from an era just at the lip of my memory (I was born in 73) and I like the look of this.

That said, as wonderful as “Shake The Disease” clearly is, can it really be described as “lost”?


This compilation misses “Fadaway” by Loz Netto. One of those songs that is not on any compilation ever but is an incredible gem. Absolutely love that sing.
Still many great other tracks on this compilation. Will get this for sure.

Kevin M

Where is Love and Rockets and Tones on Tail – their UK careers and sales trashed in the 1980s probably thanks to Melody Maker and NME.

Unforgivable, Gary Crowley.


I like most things 80s and there’s a few hidden gems on there. Matt Frettons “it’s so high” was a favourite of a good friend back in the day and Theatre of hates “Do you believe in the westworld” popped up on a social media page the other day. There’s a few tracks that I know and an awful lot that i don’t so I’ll definitely be buying this.


Animal Magnet!!!
Sold sir! Used to dance madly to this at parties/discos all over the Midlands in the early 80’s
I will have to get this set purely for this song alone


RIP Pete Shelley.


Rest in Peace, Pete Shelley. Very inspirational to many music people. I need to check out his solo work.


Animal Magnet – Welcome To The Monkey House

BLIMEY!!!! An absolute classic, completely ignored by every single compilation ever!! Never compiled, never re-released, never on CD (except for a DJ-only promo)… I’ve always wondered why it languishes in obscurity…. If just one person is introduced to it, Gary will have done a great job : )

Chris Squires

Ha – Snap!

Matthew North

it’s always been a strange thing that welcome to the monkey house never appears on 80s compilations back in the day when I used to do a few discos it was always being requested. and in a similar vein when I used to run a record stallI was always been asked for it.