Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave

Veteran UK DJ and broadcaster Gary Crowley has curated Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave, a triple CD box set that seeks to avoid the usual ‘classic anthems’ and rather opts for a quirkier selection of  punk/new wave singles from 1977-1982.

Crowley (and Jim Lahat) bring you 77 tracks of Punk, New Wave, Post Punk, Power Pop and Mod Revival including many of which are available on CD for the first time. Artists include The Vibrators, The Saints, TV 21, Altered Images, The Fall, Fast Cars, The Negatives, John Cooper Clarke, The Collectors, The Skids and many more!

This set is presented as a ‘media pack’ (i.e. similar to the 20th anniversary reissue of Suede’s Coming Up) and comes with a 40-page booklet. This features an introduction and track-by-track notes by Crowley and Lahat, along with ‘punk memories’ from some of the artists themselves, including Richard Jobson (The Skids), Clare Grogan(Altered Images), Duncan Reid (The Boys), Jane Perry Woodgate (The Mo-Dettes) and Spizz.

Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave 3CD set will be released on 15 September 2017

Disc: 1
1. The Vibrators – We Vibrate
2. Mo – Dettes
3. Automatics – When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again
4. The Saints – Do The Robot
5. Ultravox! – Young Savage
6. Scars – All About You
7. Starjets – School Days
8. Suburban Studs – I Hate School
9. Advertising – Lipstick
10. TV 21 – Ambition
11. The Nice Men – Nuclear Summer
12. Eater – Thinking of the USA
13. Alternative – TV How Much Longer
14. 999 – Emergency
15. Altered Images – Dead Pop Stars
16. The Stiffs – Inside Out
17. The Carpettes – Small Wonder
18. The Fall – It’s The New Thing
19. The Drones – Bone Idol
20. Skunks – Good From The Bad
21. The Nips – All The Time In The World
22. The Boys – First Time
23. Bee Bee Cee – You Gotta Know Girl
24. The Circles – Opening Up
25. Glaxo Babies – This Is Your Life
26. John Cooper Clarke – Suspended Sentence

Disc: 2
1. Fast Cars – The Kids Just Wanna Dance
2. New Hearts – Just Another Teenage Anthem
3. Clive Culbertson – Time To Kill
4. The Only Ones – You’ve Got To Pay
5. Lori And The Chameleons – Touch
6. The Things – Pieces of You
7. The Negatives – Love Is Not Real
8. The Photos – Barbarellas
9. Expressos – Tango in Mono
10. The Stukas Klean Living Kids
11. Tonight – Drummer Man
12. The Quads – There Must Be Thousands
13. Shake – Culture Shock
14. Girls At Our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast
15. The Cuban Heels – Downtown
16. The Donkees Listen To Your Radio
17. Spizzenergi – Soldier Soldier
18. The Telegents – Get Out
19. The Collectors – Talking Hands
20. The Stripes – One Step Ahead
21. The Doubt – Time Out
22. Bobalouis – Go Ahead
23. The Letters – Nobody Loves Me
24. Perfectors – YT502951D
25. Fun 4 – Singing In The Showers
26. Tours – Language School

CD 3
1. The Skids – Charles
2. The Tights – Howard Hughes
3. The Form – Start Again
4. The Head – Nothing To Do In a Town Like Leatherhead
5. Pop – Tones
6. Disguise – Juvenile Delinquent
7. Dolly Mixture – Been Teen
8. The Teenage Filmstars – Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
9. Apocalypse – Teddy
10. Tinopeners – Set Me Free
11. The Plague – In Love
12. The Crack – Easy Street
13. The Smirks – Angry With Myself
14. Straightshooter – She’s So Fine
15. Bleeding Hearts – This is the Way…OK?
16. Apartment – The Car
17. Knife Edge – Say You Will
18. The Tea Set – Parry Thomas
19. The Zips – Take Me Down
20. Really 3rds – Everyday, Everyway
21. The Kicks – If Looks Could Kill
22. TPI – She’s Too Clever For Me
23. Gobblinz – Love Me Too
24. The Moondogs – She’s Nineteen
25. Generation X – Wild Dub

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[…] last year’s excellent Punk and New Wave box set, broadcaster and DJ Gary Crowley has turned his attention to the 1980s, by curating a new […]

John Hooley

Fantastic box set of lesser known artists who all mainly toured with the bigger well known punk and new wave bands of that era. I remember seeing bands such as The Tea Set support The Stranglers at Rainbow Theatre in London, and many of the others like TV21. They all had quality records which never quite made the grade but bringing these into a box set of their own is quality. The guitar riffs and underlying sound of that era is brought to the fore. For a long time box sets of the mainstream bands have been released but this set levels up the playing field for all to appreciate who was around also during this era too. Hats off to Gary.

Stuart Nolan

Just got my copy of this box set, it delivers on all fronts.
Not the usual stuff that is already available on thousands of Punk compilation, but instead at least a little more thought went into compiling this one.
The sound quality if great considering that some of those singles were recorded with a budget of a few pounds in the first place sometimes in band members garage !
For me the best compilation of it’s kind, head a shoulders above anything else around at the moment.
When is Volume 2 coming out?

[…] track played live for the first time “Take Me Down”. This can be purchased soon on new Gary Crowley punk/new wave box set. Jonzip started to thank everyone who had travelled to be at the gig only to be reminded that […]

[…] track played live for the first time “Take Me Down” which can be purchased soon on new Gary Crowley punk/new wave box set.  Jonzip started to thank everyone who had travelled to be at the gig only to be reminded that […]

Frenchy Eric

Edsel cd reissues have generally a flat sound. Was very disappointed with the Pretenders ones…
I’ll wait for posts on Amazon !

Lee Realgone

This looks interesting. Might have a go of it if the price is right later on. Now, if it had included both sides of the Johnny and the Self Abusers 7″ from ’77, I’d be there like a shot…

Ian Harris

Some great choices on here! I don’t know why people are complaining that there is stuff they haven’t heard of. Isn’t the point of these compilations to introduce you to new stuff? Or do these people just buy greatest hits albums by the same artists over and over again?

Lovely to see two of my album time favourite tracks on here, possibly making their CD debut? Tango In Mono by the Expressos and Culture Shock by Shake, who were the Rezillos, minus Eugene and Fay, with Jo Callis on lead vocals. There’s a live version of it on the Rezillos album Mission Accomplished…But The Beat Goes On.

And Gareth – Solider, Soldier by Spizz is superb. There’s much more to him than Where’s Captain Kirk.

Julian Hancock

I quite agree with all you say. Moreover, quite a lot of this was difficult to get hold of at the time. You might hear it on the radio, or see it reviews, but actually buying a copy if you lived outside a big city was another matter entirely.

Brex Tangerine

Very exciting compilation!

Frenchy Eric

yes not the usual stuff !

Neil R

Looks like a great compilation, but why do The Mob always get overlooked? They released a number of singles and a great but under appreciated album (Let The Tribe Increase) – surely one of the ‘bleakest’ sounding punk albums ever released!

Larry Davis

Hey…I used to have 1-2-3-4 with the metal buttons long ago…but it was sold…I probably do not know 90% of this stuff, which will make this a cooler fresher listen…will buy in the future…love discovering forgotten bands of the punk, new wave and powerpop variety…

Yani P

Living in Chelsea in 76 and 77 I didn’t realise Punk continued any later :)

Seriously though, some decent tracks here..I would love to see someone pull together a 76-77 punk compilation of all the bands that existed only in that short time frame, producing vinyl with runs in the tens sometimes hundreds…amazing how many of those bands were on the pub circuit at that time, shone a bright light for a couple of months then disappeared or morphed into other bands..the best of times ….

Steve Benson

I wish I had bought 1-2-3-4 when it was first issued – the version with metal buttons on box! V good track selection.

Joe Mac Pherson

I bought All About You by Scars when it was first released, and it was an expensive UK import available at the Import Section in one of the better record stores in Los Angeles. Without ever actually hearing the song first, thanks to a review, or reviews I read in Melody Maker, New Musical Express or Sounds, I was already convinced this was music I’d love. And I did! So much, I bought their (Sadly) only album, Author! Author!, which never got released in the USA. Now I own Author! Author! on UK import CD, and it’s out of print.
I recognize so many of the bands and recording artists in this compilation, but I don’t know the songs. Even better, so many artists here, I don’t know AT ALL. Enlightenment!
Even living in L.A. doesn’t guarantee that so much recorded music from Europe will ever be heard on the college station airwaves. One track I was really, truly hoping to see here:
Life’s Illusion, by Ice The Falling Rain. They created 1 absolutely wonderful record, and never again. I believe the year was 1983. For those who don’t know, visit Youtube.
I already do know, I’m buying this box set!
Thank You AGAIN, Paul!


Good man, Gary, is he still working in media?

adam shaw

Gary is on BBC radio London every Saturday.
Still does a great show .


Along with Mark P, I can’t think of anyone nicer to have a conversation about punk/new wave with!
Certainly worthy of one of your interviews Paul…

Robert Laversuch

Have Tons of punk stuff and only have about a third of the tracks – so a must have for me and yes they have tried hard to avoid all the regular suspects but was that not the point? Really looking forward to this !!!

Simon Taylor

One I’d probably go for, but when it goes cheap. Too much to spend on many unknown tracks. Tenner would be a fairer price.

Tonight – Drummer Man is now stuck in my head, I remember that one from the late 70’s TOTP repeats. Good tune.


Stevie B

Ha, I was only listening to this song a few days ago. Yeah, lots on here that I don’t know, but quite a few long forgotten classics such as the Stukas and Automatics tracks. Love to see some Six Minute War songs included on these kind of compilations.

The Tinopeners…what a great name for a band!!!

Jim H.

Interesting…..nice to see long forgotten bands like Advertising, Tonight and Starjets get something on a modern day comp……


To be honest my music knowledge is pretty good but I don’t know the vast majority of these songs. In my experience that usually means it’s a good track list. Those punk and new wave classics have been milked up and down a hundred times, don’t need another re-hashed version of that. This looks very promising. I’m going to look up these songs on YouTube, I bet I’ll end up ordering this.


Disc 1 track 2 is Mo-Dettes, but the track is called White Mice!

Paul English

Great tracklist!
A real coup would have been the inclusion of The Rezillos – Top Of The Pops (Single Mix).
Every compilation uses the album version. It’s ironic that the version of Top Of The Pops as performed on Top Of The Pops is still MIA on CD.

William K

The Rezillos – Top Of The Pops (Single Mix) is on the Rhino box set compilation……No Thanks! The 70’s Punk Rebellion. Not sure if it’s available elsewhere on CD.


No Thanks! The 70’s Punk Rebellion….

That’s a good call, didn’t even know that existed. There was a U.S compilation in the early 80’s called ‘New Wave’ and most of the songs on that are on this compilation, mixed with tracks featured on the U.K Burning Sounds double LP compilation released in 1983.
Sonic Reducer is up there with Teenage Kicks in my opinion.
I wish someone would re-release the Frontline Festival – Live At The Hope and Anchor LP on CD. Too good to have gone AWOL.

Paul English

Thanks William – not sure how I missed that, have that box but not played often…..


It’s also on a CD called Going Underground: 66 Smash New Wave Hits

Auntie Sabrina

So it’s in a book style of packaging. Well done Edsel, the less of those terrible cardboard sleeves the better…


I think a little bit too much effort was put into avoiding the usual classics.


Ha! I kind of agree. I mean I’ve never heard ‘Soldier Soldier’ by Spizzenergi, but without hearing a single note, I am willing to place a bet that ‘Where’s Captain Kirk?’ is a better track!

Frenchy Eric

Soldier Soldier was played on the radio at that period in France late at night in the Bernard Lenoir Show.


Obvious there aren’t many singles that get even close to being as inescapably great as ‘Where’s Captain Kirk?”, but actually Soldier Soldier is a very catchy and more punky single that should please most who would think of buying a compilation like this.


Sadly you’re wrong. Soldier Soldier is mint.


This compilation is a little ‘too cool for school’ for me. I’d be happier if there were maybe 10 songs I was familiar with.

Paul Martin

I pre-ordered this as soon as it was announced. A good mix of the familiar e.g. Ultravox!, Saints, 999, Eater, Vibrators, Generation X, Mo-Dettes, The Quads and (for me) the unfamiliar – all the others! Looks like both a good range and number of tracks in a decent package for a very fair price. No brainer.