Gary Numan / 40th anniversary reissues

2LP coloured vinyl and 2CD sets of ‘First Recordings’ (demos/outtakes)

Beggars Banquet are releasing two special titles to commemorate the legendary albums Gary Numan/Tubeway Army issued in 1979. These editions are titled Replicas – The First Recordings, and the debut under his own name, The Pleasure Principle – The First Recordings.

These releases are available on 2LP coloured vinyl and two-CD. They concentrate on the early recordings made prior to the completed albums and present the evolution of the albums. The tracks have been sequenced as they appeared on the original tapes and the audio has been taken from the high resolution digital transfers made by John Dent in 2007.

Replicas was recorded in late 1978 in London’s Chinatown. Two stereo master tapes were compiled of eleven tracks. A month later they again went to Gooseberry Studio and recorded an additional three tracks, including ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric?’ and ‘Replicas’. At the same time, the band recorded a session for the BBC’s John Peel show, taping alternate versions of three songs from the December recordings. In Feb 1979 overdubs and mixes were carried out and Replicas was issued in April. ‘Are Friends’ Electric?’ would go to number one in the UK charts and two early versions are included in this First Recordings package. Only one alternative outtake still exists (‘Down In The Park’) which is included in this release.

In a massively productive period, Numan recruited a permanent drummer and keyboard player and in early April demoed an album’s worth of new material before ”Are Friends’ Electric?’ had even been released! More sessions followed in the summer. From the surviving tapes there are six mixes marked as outtakes and these have been included in the CD package of The Pleasure Principle: The First Recordings (but don’t feature on the vinyl). The discs have been sequenced with the stronger, second Freerange studio demo preceding the first session (ie back-to-front) but all tracks are in the order of the tapes.

The label say that one of the Freerange studio tapes suffered irreparable print through damage on two tracks so they were not used in the 30th anniversary releases. However an alternative source has been located so the tapes can now be presented as complete for these 40th anniversary editions.

All the track listings are below. These are released on 11 October 2019 via Beggars Banquet. As you will see below we have the 2CD sets at the SDE shop and a specially-priced vinyl bundle available for your attention.

Replicas: The First Recordings 2LP coloured vinyl

A1. You Are In My Vision (Early Version)
A2. The Machmen (Early Version)
A3. Down In The Park (Early Version)
A4. Do You Need The Service? (Early Version)
A5. The Crazies
A6. When The Machines Rock (Early Version)

B1. Me! I Disconnect From You (Early Version)
B2. Praying To The Aliens (Early Version)
B3. It Must Have Been Years (Early Version)
B4. Only A Downstat
B5. I Nearly Married A Human 3 (Early Version)

C1. Replicas (Early Version)
C2. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early Version)
C3. We Have A Technical
C4. Down In The Park (Outtake mix)

D1. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early Version 2)
D2. Replicas (Early Version 2)
D3. Me, I Disconnect From You (BBC Peel Session)
D4. Down In The Park (BBC Peel Session)
D5. I Nearly Married a Human (BBC Peel Session)

Replicas: The First Recordings 2CD edition

CD 1

  1. You Are In My Vision (Early Version)
  2. The Machmen (Early Version)
  3. Down In The Park (Early Version)
  4. Do You Need The Service? (Early Version)
  5. The Crazies
  6. When The Machines Rock (Early Version)
  7. Me! I Disconnect From You (Early Version)
  8. Praying To The Aliens (Early Version)
  9. It Must Have Been Years (Early Version)
  10. Only A Downstat
  11. I Nearly Married A Human 3 (Early Version)
  12. Replicas (Early Version)
  13. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early Version)

CD 2

  1. Replicas (Early Version 2)
  2. Down In The Park (Early Version 2)
  3. Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early Version 2)
  4. We Have A Technical
  5. Replicas (Early Version 3)
  6. Me, I Disconnect From You (BBC Peel Session)
  7. Down In The Park (BBC Peel Session)
  8. I Nearly Married a Human (BBC Peel Session)

The Pleasure Principle: The First Recordings 2LP coloured vinyl

A1. Cars (Demo Version)
A2. Films (Demo Version)
A3. Complex (Demo Version)
A4. Random (remastered 2009)
A5. M.E. (demo version)

B1. Conversation (Demo Version 2)
B2. Tracks (Demo Version 1)*
B3. Cars (Demo Version 1)*
B4. Metal (Demo Version)
B5. Airlane (Demo Version)

C1. Trois Gymnopédies No.1 (Remastered 2009)
C2. Observer (Demo Version)
C3. Conversation (Demo Version 1)
C4. Engineers (Demo Version)
C5. Asylum (Remastered 2009
C6. Oceans (Remastered 2009)
C7. Photograph (Remastered 2009)

D1. Airlane (BBC Peel Session)
D2. Cars (BBC Peel Session)
D3. Films (BBC Peel Session)
D4. Conversation (BBC Peel Session)

* previously unreleased

The Pleasure Principle: The First Recordings 2CD edition

CD 1

  1. Cars (Demo Version 2)
  2. Films (Demo Version)
  3. Complex (Demo Version)
  4. Random (Remastered 2009)
  5. M.E. (Demo Version)
  6. Conversation (Demo Version 2)
  7. Tracks (Demo Version 1)*
  8. Cars (Demo Version 1)*
  9. Metal (Demo Version)
  10. Airlane (Demo Version)
  11. Trois Gymnopédies No.1 (Demo)
  12. Observer (Demo Version)
  13. Conversation (Demo Version 1)
  14. Engineers (Demo Version)
  15. Asylum (Remastered 2009
  16. Oceans (Remastered 2009)
  17. Photograph (Remastered 2009)

CD 2

  1. Airlane (BBC Peel Session)
  2. Cars (BBC Peel Session)
  3. Films (BBC Peel Session)
  4. Conversation (BBC Peel Session)
  5. Tracks (Outtake mix)
  6. Complex (Outtake mix)*
  7. M.E. (Outtake mix)
  8. Engineers (Outtake mix)*
  9. Airlane (Outtake mix)*
  10. Cars (Outtake mix)*

* previously unreleased

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Mark garton

Great music no complaints from me as for his modern music I think it very good some fans complain too much

Robin Smith

Received mine today having ordered a while ago, have to say the quality of the vinyl is excellent. Considering this is music recorded 40 years ago this is really excellent. The packaging is superb, well worth the money.

Ian Lasseter

Brilliant release.With this,the OMD set to be released,its going to be a great time.However,I wonder why The Human League have never reissued definitive editions of their early albums ?


I’m not a great Gary Numan fan or OMD fan but I don’t mind them…if they had sighed then I’d buy them.. unsigned they just don’t quite have the appeal.. sorry.


As someone who’s first 7″ purchase was ‘Cars’ and agree that it was GN that turned Beggars Banquet into a much busier, richer Independant Label than they had ever imagined becoming also thinks that more could have been done with this 40th Anniversary.

I would have liked a proper Box for each of these classic albums including a carefully thought out book including photos from the cover sessions and studio along with some notes regarding the making of.

The sage green vinyl almost put me off ordering… It should be orange/yellow as per the Replicas Reissue – instead of TPP – or any colour other than sage green…

Paul Taylor

Looking forward to these. I have both original albums and it’s nice to get the chance to hear demos and alternates (I haven’t got the previous CDs). In fact, I am diverting the cash in was going to spend on the 3-vinyl Abbey Road and save myself about £20 in the process. In terms of VFM, it’s not a difficult decision to make;

Abbey Road – unnecessary remix of album plus two discs of demos @ £65 (Amazon)
Numan – two coloured vinyl double albums of demos from two Classic albums @ £45 (average)

Now Abbey Road is one of my favourite albums of all time, but the big SDE is no use to me as I don’t have the audio equipment to do it justice. I will probably get the triple vinyl in due course once the price drops to a level that justifies purchasing purely for the demos. A remix of the original is surplus to requirements

Robert Lett

Ya’ll are putting out a lot of good product recently! Between this and the OMD box you gonna bust my wallet wide open but it’s OK, TAKE MY MONEY SDE!


Looking forward to these vinyl releases as I don’t have the 30th CD releases. But would it have killed them to include a booklet or something with each that maybe included original or alternate cover photo shoots etc – just to make them a bit more commemorative and special?

David Culmer

Hi, can anyone clarify what the unreleased track on Replicas is? The blurb mentions an out-take of Down in the park but that track is not on the tracklisting (I can only see the 2 demo versions which have both been previously released). Thanks

Pete Webb

Double double coloured vinyl bundle well worth it and only 3.95 postage to mainland UK. Xclent.

Simon Markham

80 quid shipping for 2 bundles to Oz?

John in Brisbane

Paul any chance you could also include links to Amazon Oz? Since the UK outfit refuse to mail to us it would be handy to have the link here.

What? Numan? Worry?

I have sent parcels to Australia using Hermes, dirt dirt cheap, Royal mail sting the shit out of you to send there.


Well said Paul, I see Hermes parcels dumped everywhere on my round.

What? Numan? Worry?

That shot me down in flames. It was a suggestion.


Was hoping these were going to be boxes with replica vinyls, CDs and a book in a slip case – like a super deluxe edition! As it is I think these look a bit poor for a 40th thing. Oh well, maybe in 10 years time?

John 79

I totally agree,this is a pitiful release for the 40th anniversary of two of the most influential electronic albums of all time ,I expected something really special for this anniversary, at least some sort of special edition box set for each album or at the very least a picture disc for each album, I am very disappointed in Beggars Banquet ,Numan was the artist that made them but seem to be reluctant to release anything really special ,I’ve never known an artist with such a lack of demos , outtakes,promo mixes, edits ,live recordings etc in their vaults or are reluctant to release them, yet in fan circles there is allsorts flying about,I guess we should be happy for small mercy’s…..
If it is a reluctance to release items, I totally don’t understand as Numan has a massive fan base ,take his last album,Savage ,that made number 2 in the charts,if my mind serves me correct, anyway like I said,I suppose we should be grateful for small mercy’s……


SDE postage to Ireland kills the bundle price


Now that would be silly! Just pointing out the case as it stands for your Irish friends

Jim Galvin

Probably do both on CD and Replicas on vinyl as well being that it’s my favorite Gary Numan album. I wish they would do a complete box remastered.


I wasn’t a Numan fan first time around so won’t get much joy from this release but having said that, the vinyl looks good as does the general package and price – a quality item(s) with a few oddities for the collector in us all……


Became a numanoid in 78 and been one ever since .still prefer his older stuff these cds will go with rest of my collection and original vynals and imports.doesnt seem 40 years .

paul griffiths

has anyone else noticed that the colour of the vinyls are surely the wrong way round….replicas should be in orange… and pleasure principle in that shitty grey…just like the 2015 re-issues

Janice Pugh

Excellent – just ordered the bundle from SDE. Pity they aren’t released till 11th October as I have a ticket to see Gary in concert in Manchester on the 10th (would have been the icing on the cake to get them signed by him for my collection). Thanks again Paul.


I went to the Southend gig and a few copies were available to buy early. Pre signed aswell – £30 each for the vinyl. CD’s had sold out though.


Are these the same track versions as the Replicas Redux and 2009 re-issue of TPP?

If so, I’ll pass on these. Hopefully they get a digital release so I can purchase just the previously unreleased tracks.

Steve P

There’s nothing new on the Replicas collection if you also have the Peel Sessions that have long been available on a couple of releases.

There are a few previously unreleased versions of songs on the Pleasure Principle disks plus the 4 Peel Sessions tracks that have been available before. Not sure if the previously unreleased outtakes are the same ones that have been floating around as bootlegs for a while, where Ced lets loose on the drums on one or two tracks, though.


Excellent news… Even though I already own the previously released 2-cd editions, I am still looking forward to having these versions on vinyl.
And given the very competitive price, I’ve ordered the “bundle” from your shop. Thank you. :)


Not sure of the provenance of these. Did John Dent do ‘hi res’ transfers from the tapes in 2007?
The 30th anniversary PP had the same remaster as the 1998-9 one. My understanding is he did fresh transfers in 2015 for the vinyls but don’t know if that included the demo stuff, i doubt it.


So that means buying the CDs for one track on Replicas, and six on PP. Definitely thinking twice about this.

David Culmer

Hi, can anyone clarify what the unreleased track on Replicas is? The blurb mentions an out-take of Down in the park but that track is not on the tracklisting (I can only see the 2 demo versions which have both been previously released). Thanks

Richard Cosgrove

Yes, these appear to be pretty much the previous releases (including the fan club extra CDs) but thankfully for me this is a godsend as I lost the extra CDs in a messy divorce :-) Take my money!

Cosmo Castanza

AFE could well be the greatest ever number one single , it certainly marked the change from the wonderful era of punk / new wave.

A very good price ….unlike certain overpriced sets ,the latest being the Factory ones.

I will be purchasing from the shop .

Richard Clark

Save your money


I suppose i’ll have to pore over my 30th anniversary versions to see if there is enough new stuff. I hate this bollocks:
The label say that one of the Freerange studio tapes suffered irreparable print through damage on two tracks so they were not used in the 30th anniversary releases. However an alternative source has been located so the tapes can now be presented as complete for these 40th anniversary editions.
why don’t they just admit that they are bleeding us dry deliberately? lol

Alan Cawthorne

Its not giving me a summary of my purchase or an email confirmation so I dont know
If they are having troubles.
Ordered the four disc bundle.

Mark H

Saw him a cupla times at Rock City over the last few, mesmeric. Ordered the LP’s, cheers Paul :)


Have you any idea if download codes will be included with the vinyl versions? If so, that’s a pretty good price, but if not, I’ll need to think about it.


So that means buying the CDs for one track on Replicas, and six on PP. Definitely thinking twice about this.

Paul Hughes

Massive fan since the 70s.i was just 12 in 1979!older family member let me hear Pleasure Principle.Still raw and fresh now.Cant wait.was even in Fan club with Gary’s mum


40 year old (can it really be that long ago? I was a yout.) demos and outtakes still more interesting than the dross Mr Webb continues to release since his wife showed up.
Gary Numan is the classic example of why so many musicians flourish under the watchful eye of a record company as opposed to trying to run the show alone. I do enjoy some of his Numa Records output with the Wave Team, but totally on his own he lost direction. The Sharpe + Numan album is also a great collaboration.
Telekon is my all-time favourite album. I’m still hoping for some kind of deluxe version with corrected track listing.


As my previous ‘sarcastic’ comment didn’t make the cut (I hope it’s merely that its tone was misinterpreted in a hurry) I’ll put it more bluntly.

It is disappointing to see inherently sexist nonsense like this. Blaming Numan’s wife – who ‘showed up’, which is an odd way of putting it – for the fan’s opinion that the artist’s work has suffered a decline in quality is sexist, implying some ‘diabolical’ female has somehow preturnaturally had the ability to dilute or taint the work. The implication is that while the work’s good it is because the artist, in this case Numan, is a genius, and when it declines there has to be an external component, a woman! This kind of thinking wasn’t new when Yoko Ono was being blamed for destroying The Beatles – it’s virtually Mediaeval. Do you want Numan to live a celibate monastic life? Or have a silent obedient wife? Or maybe the problems the ‘pram in the hall’?

(Although there’s a certain oddness in that maybe the talent really lies with the collaborators rather than the artist: the record label, the producers, etc. Poor Gary, clearly a man with no personality and will of his own!)

I’m not a huge fan of Numan: I have the early albums, a few recent ones – they’re very different, but still seem good to me.

Ian Harris

I assume the vast majority, if not all of these tracks were included on the limited edition 30th anniversary multi disc sets of these albums a decade ago?

Even so nice to have then in print again.

Richard S.

Yes, there’s only a few tracks there from the PP sessions I’ve not really heard. But the packaging looks good and we’re all suckers for buying this, I know I will be!
Replicas Redux + Fan club extra CD is almost what you’re getting again.

Peter Muscutt

Do you know if these are gatefold sleeves, Paul? Or single sleeve with two LPs inserted? Not a deal breaker, as they look excellent, but just wondered.


Think they are single sleeve with printed inners. Check out the promo video which gives a little bit more than these stills https://twitter.com/numanofficial/status/1164175719900930053?s=09


Fantastic. Long time fan looking forward to hearing these.

Tony O

Ordered two double sets, Thanks Paul