Gary Numan / I, Assassin green vinyl

Remastered • Green vinyl • CD edition with bonus tracks

Gary Numan‘s fourth solo studio album I, Assassin will be reissued on green vinyl in March.

Originally issued in 1982 I, Assassin featured the singles  ‘Music for Chameleons’, ‘We Take Mystery (To Bed)’ and ‘White Boys and Heroes’. By this time, Numan had largely moved on from his synth-heavy sound and was embracing more experimental bass-heavy rhythmic electro-dance style!

The album was recorded in early ’82, following Numan’s near-death experience while co-piloting his light aircraft. He said “the round-the-world flight, the plane crash, these were big things that helped me shape a new opinion of myself. Those experiences gave me a self-confidence, a genuine strength that I hadn’t had before.”

Audio has been restored from the original analogue tapes and this is presented on dark green vinyl. A new CD edition isn’t being issued, contrary to what was posted here earlier (apologies).

The vinyl is released on 1 March 2019. Good price for it in the UK.

I, Assassin green vinyl LP

1. White Boys and Heroes
2. War Songs
3. A Dream Of Siam
4. Music For Chameleons
5. This Is My House
6. I, Assassin
7. The 1930s Rust
8. We Take Mystery (To Bed)

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Was there any reason given why this wasn’t a double LP like the Dance re-release last year. Tracks like Noise Noise, The Image Is, We Take Mystery (Early Version), Poetry And Power are strong favourites that should have been part of an expanded edition.

Derek Langsford

And the 12″ mixes of Music for Chameleons and We Take Mystery (to Bed), and the 12″ US Chris Nelson mix of White Boys and Heroes would have fleshed a second disc out nicely. They couldn’t get all the extra tracks on the single CD remaster of I, Assassin. I hope to see a mop up release of Beggars Banquet Numan rarities some day.

Alan Till

Apparently the official reason is that only the original album tape is left so the other tracks could not be remastered from a source tape so it was decided not to add the extra tracks from a so called inferior source.

Richard Shea

Great release, and like others from B.B. no doubt will be later pressed on standard black vinyl. So for those not wanting Green, just wait.

That said, I’m annoyed it’s missing the specially remixed U.S. version of “White Boys And Heroes, even more annoying that Beggars Banquet even make a reference to the fact the US did well with that remixed single, and yet as still not been released on any other format.
Makes me wonder if they lost the master on that. Shame since it’s a great mix.

DJ Salinger

Partridge has effectively cursed that song. Every time I hear it nowadays all I can see is Alan in his caravan, ‘doing a Mick Karn’…


Easy. Ordered


I recommend the Japanese Asylum CD sets. Great design, unseen photos and tons of bonus tracks. Aside from the SEs of Replicas and Pleasure Principle I’ve not felt the need to update any of the other albums on those fantastic sets. Bought them in the Beggars Banquet shop in Essex back in the day – Not cheap but they have more than repaid the investment.

Always thought Love Needs No Disguise would’ve worked well on I Assassin.


Ah yes the Asylum sets. Fantastically packaged, tons of extra tracks and the booklets were nicely done (with Spot varnish etc as I recall).
I remember buying these from the Megastore in Oxford st. I had to buy them gradually as they were way to expensive to buy all at once for me at that time.
I shall have to check if I still have them somewhere…


They really were wonderful and I bought all three from Beggars Banquet mail order but stupidly I had one of the discs in the car CD-Changer (remember them?) when it was stolen. It still irks me that I have a disc missing (the Warriors one) from the set and every time I go to Japan I keep an eye out for a replacement. Sure they’ve all been superseded by later special editions but OCD is a terrible curse.

carsten hansen

here we go again do i really need a green vinyl ?

a few years ago i had a friend ,who said they cd are go down because you can`t sell
a new cd reelase without bonus tracks or 2 cd version

he also said that the vinyl are coming back,but if the vinyl comeback would only last for a short time if record Labels start to release to many pointless realeses like old re-releases or coloured vinyl

Steve W

I got this shortly after the orignal release and have the extended cd so don’t really need this however I was tempted. I felt at the time that the sound on it was great but the music didn’t have the same zing as his earlier material – especially Dance, which is one of my all-time favourite albums.

Michael McA

Dance is a really great album – very inventive and daring and different to what came before. (Mick Karn!)
Slowcar To China – A Subway Called ‘You’ – Boys Like Me – some of his best songs.
I still play the album regularly.
I’m really pleased to see Numan being respected nowadays – that wasn’t always the case – and I personally think it started when he released I Assassin. It’s just not a good album – after 5 really great ones – it’s where he started doing that weird ‘gob full of marbles’ style of singing that was just – weird – plus – it all sounds the same. Mind you We Take Mystery (To Bed) is pretty great.

Mr X

ha! gob full of marbles!
re: Dance, my favourite Numan album. I got the reissued CD a few years ago with the extra tracks and it has never sounded right to me. One track (Cry the Clock Said) seemed to have the synthy percussion mixed to the front compared to how I remember the vinyl version. Really messes up the track.
(just gave it another listen and to the YT version and it does sound mixed way up)

Now a deluxe of this album would be most appreciated (and not just coloured vinyl!)

Ricardo D

Baffling how green vinyl is chosen, silver or platinum coloured more apt to
the front cover.

Dean O

I only like the singles off this album they stuck out like sore thumbs, but they are incredible, throbbing, funky sore thumbs. btw. Haven’t noticed anyone mentioning that the Visage debut has been remastered/reissued by a small US company. I’ve had mine for a while and they did a pretty good job – the sound isn’t knock you over the head great but a good pkg w/extra’s, old white cover, etc. – no vocal Frequency 7 though….


@Dean O
Actually the release was discussed on a thread a few weeks back as the person that reissued the album mentioned it (I think it was part of the HMV closing down discussion).
It was the mention on here that brought it to my attention and led me to tracking a copy down. I agree with you that they/he did I good job – I think it is a great re-release and about time too!

Schahram Ghods

A double vinyl edition including the bonus tracks would have been much more interesting. I can’t understand the policy of Beggars Banquet as they released “Telekon” and “Dance” each as double vinyl last year. Ok, this one is reasonably priced but as I’m not keen on coloured vinyl, I can easily pass on this one.


This was always an odd album as far asI was concerned. After the amazing Replicas (I know strictly Gary Numan), Pleasure Principle, the astounding Telekon then the subdued Dance (which I bought the recent purple one, I, Assassin was I suppose a let down. The pre album single Music for Chamelons had huge promise for another great album, and even We Take Mystery (blah blah) was another good single. But it all went wrong for me for the first time with a Gary single with White Boys and heroes. The album fell more into that camp than the pre-albums singles. Listening to it recently (CD, although I still have all my original vinyl) I found new value in a Dream of Siam but side 2 is not great. The least said about the 1930s the better. But the album as a whole just fell short of the mark. Will I buy? I dunno. I went with Dance although still had my original and I felt the purple vinyl matched that re-release. I’m not getting where the green fits in here – grey would surely have been better. May wait til its a tenner!


Sadly got rid of my original when I had to downsize my vinyl collection due to lack of space. Regretted it and spent ages trying to find a copy that was of decent quality. The one I have, although in a decent sleeve, has lots of surface noise.

I’m therefore pleased that this is being reissues. Not particularly keen on the green vinyl and I wish they had made it a double with the extra tracks on the second disc. I have those extras on one of the many CD reissues and some of them are pretty decent.

Rodolfo Martin

I respect all and each one of the record collectors, everyone in his or her own style and interest. I am also one of you guys. I just don’t get the excitement of having vinyl albums in different colors. I would be more concerned on the sound quality and the manufacturing of the vinyl itself than on the vinyl color. Yes, I agree the color vinyl looks nice. How many times can we buy a record just because the vinyl is of a different color? I think the only time when I did something like that was with Synchronicity, by The Police. There were Australian editions with different vinyl colors. I also remember that I never played those and that were one of those items that I did not regret to list on eBay some years later. Tears for Fears used to have some singles in color vinyl that I treasured but I still ask my self why I bought them. On the contrary, I was very exited with the 36 different variations of the same album cover art (I get to have many on them, not all (but some of the rarest). I love the cover art (actually I also have a collection of around 250 album cover art books). I remember the first time that I heard about the Internet (called “Computer Highways” ion an issue of Popular Mechanics magazine in the early 80s) and I was told that it would be the future of the music. I remember thinking of the album cover art. I wondered if I was going to be able to receive the music through the computers (cellphones were not even part of our dreams yet), who would provide me with the album art and lyrics? I did not conceive the possibility of music without packaging. I knew I would never go digital and still keep my word (with the exception of the stuff my children make me listen to). I think the industry now in insisting too much on the vinyl color. The industry does not know in what direction to run. At the same time that more digital options are showing up, more physical options are also around too and the variations on the vinyl color is one of them. So, this is not about the music, this is being about the packaging and the way records look like. Maybe is also the time of bringing picture discs back. I had many of those and I do not remember having played any of them because the content on the picture discs was always the same than we had on the regular black vinyl edition. So, picture discs were items to look at and appreciate.
This is one of the things that I love about SDE: how diversity and similarity can play together in peace and harmony. Something that does not happen in other levels, can easily happen when we talk about music and album collecting. I love the respect that I see when people post here. I ignore how much Paul filters but what I see is people trying to share and enjoy with others. This is a nice world and I like being part of it.

Rodolfo Martin

Thank you for asking and for the opportunity to clarify. Sometimes things don’t sound the way we think they should, especially in writing. It was nothing that meant to disrespect you. English is my second language and sometimes I lack the right word.
When I wrote about this community and the contents in the posts that I read everyday, I see a lot of respect coming from good people, I see kindness,. I assumed that it might have happened sometime that a message comes rude, aggressive, or even not totally friendly and you consider that it is not necessary to post it and you, as administrator, have that right. If there is no need to filter, it is still better. It says a lot more about the community of collectors that check SDE every single day with the expectation of finding that our favorite record will finally receive the treatment we understand it deserves (whatever the genre or whoever the artist are).
That was all I meant.


“You dirty-mouth comic Rodolfo”


Yes, sorry, couldn’t resist ;)
Any chance to shine a light on arguably the best No.41 single of all time…

And just like Lenny, Rodolfo Martin is a fine name.


I just got my Amyl and the Sniffers ‘Some Mutts Can’t Be Muzzled’ 7” all the way from Oz today, so no sorry, coloured vinyl rules.

Glen Buchanan

Well said. Of course the music is the most important part of my vinyl collection but the packaging comes a close section. I sometimes take out a few LPs without listening to them just to enjoy the covers, inner sleeves, posters etc. I have even bought some empty sleeves from charity shops because I like the artwork so much.

Dean - O

Now that’s more like it….it looks great and a half decent price, it makes buying records more fun. I get the idea that the remaster might not be so great sound wise….do people who buy coloured vinyl expect great quality sound? It’s been my experience that coloured vinyl and picture discs (I still LOVE those…) don’t offer good sound quality? Are most people now buying vinyl to reproduce great sound or to have them look great/or both?

David Houlihan

I have the original. Along with many other LP’s from G. Numan.
The new vinyls are heavier/ thicker than the old ones ! Not sure why. But it slows the tempo down on the player. Anyone else come across this ??


Not me, everything plays fine in my collection of 1000+ lp:s.
Maybe it’s your turntable that has some serious issue with the new, heavier pressings?

Jan Tore

What a beast Pino Palladino was back in his fretless days!

Ordered – thanks again, Paul.

elliott buckingham

ordered at £15 the sleeve on amazon mentions something about hd but cant blow it up enough to read the blurb

Kevin M

@elliot cunningham

The recent Bauhaus coloured vinyl releases from the same company has stickers saying “REMASTERED IN HD FROM ANALOGUE TAPE” , so it might say the same on Numan I guess?


This album had been remastered for Beggars Banquet by John Dent from analogue master tapes at Loud Mastering and reissued in 2002 on CD. Expanded edition with 7 bonus tracks. Same tracklisting. Sadly John Dent (who also worked with XTC, Police, Massive Attack, PIL, Radiohead, U2, etc.) died in 2017.

Gary Numan’s Beggars Banquet catalogue had been remastered by John Dent at Loud Mastering and reissued on CD in the late 1990s and early 2000s and they are out of print so it’s a good idea to reissue those albums. For what it’s worth, there was a 30th Anniversary Edition of The Pleasure Principle in 2009 and they used the same John Dent remasters from 1998 for that edition.

As it’s the same tracklisting for the expanded CD, I guess it’s John Dent’s remasters that were used to produce the vinyl and CD of these 2019 reissues of “I Assassin”.

Paul E.

Remastered at “Loud Mastering” … reminds me of something the late/great George Carlin said in a stand-up comedy bit about “Jumbo” Shrimp.


I doubt it will be better than this one:

I own the so-called remaster from 2002:
it is not bad mastered, but lack the bass FMPOV – and it is louder of course.

I would welcome flat transfer from original multitrack tapes in hi-res rather than umpteenth release on CD.


It was first issued on cd in 1990 as part of the Asylum 2 box. There isn’t any mastering info provided.

I have three lp copies (black vinyl) and I’ll pick this up. I prefer black vinyl, but more mportant, I want it to sound good. The purple ‘Dance’ sounds great. Especially the extended ‘Moral’.


It was actually first releases on CD in 1988 in truncated form, sharing the disc with 8 tracks from Telekon. The full album, replacing We Take Mystery with the 12 inch version plus 6 tracks was issued in 1990 on the Japanese Asylum set. It was reissued in 1993 as a double cd with Telekon on disc 1, plus all the previous bonus tracks plus This House Is Cold, but reverting to the original album version of Mystery. The final 2002 issue on CD has the same tracks as the 1993 issue, with the bonus tracks in a different order.


That vinyl colour looks sick! (like, lit)

Peter Muscutt

This was the first Numan LP I bought as a fifteen year old who was just getting into him, procured from a tatty box at a car-boot sale. Alas, the vinyl skipped and jumped everywhere, so it was a while before I heard it.

Shame Numan hasn’t re-recorded a version of ‘Music for Chameleons’ for this reissue with Alan Partridge showcasing his “air-bass” skills!!